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I'm new to 50 Shades fanfic but I'm a massive fan. I've finally decided to write my own story. I'm new at this, so hopefully it will be okay and something someone will be interested in. Basically, Ana is obsessed with Christian Grey, and as it will turn out, he'll be a bit stalkerish himself. Not sure what you'll think, but I would love to know.

Stalking Me, Stalking You


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a little thing for Seattle's most richest, eligible bachelor Christian Grey.

I think it all started when, one night, he was on a live interview on TV for a talk show. He seemed so personable and charismatic, and I was literally glued to every single word he said. Not to mention, he looked so handsome in the interview. When they asked him to clarify whether he was single and he confirmed that he was, I think I was well and truly hooked then. There was just something about him.

Months later, my crush on the man hasn't dwindled any. Kate, my roommate, likes to tease me constantly about it. She says that if only Christian Grey appeared into my life, then I would be happy and no longer single. She likes to call him my husband as an inside joke between us- and God, there are so many times where I wish that were true. Whenever she tries to set me up with a guy because she feels its weird; me, twenty-two, single, in the end she always teases that I'm just saving myself for Christian Grey. And maybe I am?

It's unrealistic, I know. I would never meet him, and if I even did get the chance to, I would probably come across as a total fan-girl, his biggest, weirdest stalker. Plus, he is way out of my league, but a girl can dream, right?

Every time I find out he is going to be in an interview for a magazine or for the Seattle Times newspaper, I always have to get my hands onto it. I've started a collection- a folder, if you will- with various articles and pictures of him, which I like to read in moments when I'm feeling depressed or a little overwhelmed. Something about staring into his deep gray eyes just tends to soothe me and take all my stresses away. If you looked on my Google history, Christian Grey would end up being my most searched.

But I don't think I have any sort of problem, being infatuated with a man I am more than likely never going to meet or have a chance with. I hear it's a real serious problem if it starts interfering with your daily life, and with mine, it really doesn't. I'm not in denial. I can study and focus on doing my assignments for English Lit, which I'm studying at Washington University. I can work part-time at Clayton's hardware store and not have my work suffer due to my obsession. My obsession with Christian Grey doesn't consume my mind or take over my life to the point where I cannot function properly, so it mustn't be that bad, right?

After all, I could always be worse. I could make a pillow and sow a picture of his face onto it to snuggle next to during the night- which I haven't. I could even drive towards where I know he works at his ultra-successful, multi billion-dollar business and camp out on the street like a crazy person, waiting to catch a glimpse of him- but I haven't. I consider my obsession with Christian Grey to be something harmless and it doesn't make me suffer or interfere with my daily life. It's just a hobby. He's just someone I find so inspirational. Okay, and maybe sometimes I feel like I'm in love with him. I feel that if we ever met, if he knew me, he'd see that I'm the girl he's waiting for.

I'm the one for him. He just doesn't know it yet.

My world changed and it seemed as if my dreams were coming true when Kate came home from her journalism course at University, beaming and excited for once.

"Ana, guess what? You wouldn't believe what I get to do for the student paper project! You're going to be so jealous!"

"Jealous about what, Kate? What's happening?"

Her hands were flailing around and her cheeks were flushed; she was that excited. "I get to interview your husband!" Kate always referred to Christian Grey as my husband and, honestly, a part of me, deep down inside, loved it when she did. In my eyes, he was my husband. I'd been committed to him for over eight months, and he didn't even know it.

"What do you mean, interview him?"

"For the student newspaper! I get to write an article on him!"

As understanding slowly sunk into my brain, I grew just as excited as she was. I jumped around on the spot, and we both high-fived each other. "You're right, Kate. I so am jealous!" Then an idea formed, and I felt like I was hyperventilating. "Oh my God, Kate! You have to let me do it!"


"You have to let me interview him!"

Her face fell and she cringed. "Ah, I don't know about that, Ana. Your kind of a bit too intense about him!"

"Please!" I was not above getting on my knees and pleading with her. "You know it's been a big dream of mine, meeting him! Spending time with him, seeing him standing right in front of me... I need to be the one!"

Being the greatest friend ever, Kate eventually caved in, allowing me to sit in and do the interview for her instead. Finally, for once, it seemed as if my life was going to go the way I knew it was supposed to go. I would meet Christian Grey, and it would be like love at first sight, and he'd see I'm the perfect one for him.

Or well, if he doesn't see that, I was determined to make him.

Today is the day I get to interview my husband and I'm both excited and nervous. I just hope I won't put my foot into it and say something a bit too crazy and forward, but Kate assures me that if I stick to the written notes and questions she has for him, then it will all work out smoothly.

It still feels so surreal to think that I am accomplishing one of my dreams, all thanks to Kate. I'll be meeting Christian Grey, something I have admittedly fantasized about in private. Only unfortunately for me, my plans are already failing badly when I try to straighten my hair. I want to look so good for him, so presentable, but since I went to sleep with my hair wet last night, it refuses to straighten properly.

I need to look great for him so he sees I'm the one, that we're destined to be together. But it can't be that way if my hair looks like crap.

By the time I'm done, I find Kate sitting on the couch. I stare at her unhappily in my clothes and with my hair.

"You look good," she assures me, but I don't believe her.

"No, I don't, Kate. My hair looks terrible."

"It's fine, Ana! God, relax!"

"I just need him to like me," I tell her desperately. "I've been dreaming about this for months. Fantasizing about it, in fact. I've been wanting to meet him in the flesh for so long that I just... I won't be able to handle it if it doesn't go the way I planned!"

She tells me to sit on the couch next to her, and I do. Kate looks almost sympathetic when she takes both my hands in hers. I can feel a speech coming on. "Um, this is just an interview for the student paper, Ana," she says, like she wants to calm me. "Not to be mean and I know you're such a lovely girl and he'd be crazy not to like you, but... if it doesn't work out that way, don't take it so badly, okay? Reality is that it's just an interview for the student paper, it isn't a date. So if it doesn't turn out the way you envisioned it would, meeting the guy, it won't be the end of the world."

"I know, Kate."

"Good. I just don't want you to get your hopes up."

But how can I not get my hopes up?

"I bet he's so much better looking in person, if possible," I say to her dreamily. "And when he sees me, he'll just be like... bleh." I know I'm nothing special, but I also know how perfect we would be together, in my eyes.

"Well, it's just for an interview, okay? It's not like you two are walking down the aisle together so please don't expect too much."

"Okay. I won't. I won't even say anything about my crush on him, I promise. I'll just act all... cool and professional."

"Good girl. You won't set yourself up for disappointment that way." She turns to look at the time on the clock. "Shoot, you better go or else you'll be late. Take my car." She hops up from the couch, finding her car keys. Then she hands me her little machine to record the interview. "Don't forget to record it, okay? You just press the round record button. It's easy." Little does Kate know, is that I'll probably steal the recording later once she's finished with transcribing the interview so that I can listen to Christian Grey talk while I drift off to sleep.

She gives me the paper with all the questions I need and then I'm ready to go, shivering with excitement. I cannot believe I'm actually meeting the man of my dreams in person today!

"I'm here to see Mr Grey. Anastasia Steele for Katherine Kavanagh."

Already, I feel anxious when I stand in front of the reception desk, the knowledge that he is somewhere in the building at the forefront of my mind. In a few minutes, we'll be near each other. We'll be close, and he most likely will touch my hand when I shake it. After he does, I know I'll never wash my hand ever again.

"Miss Kavanagh was expected for the interview, but you'll need to sign in here, Miss Steele. Then you'll have to take the elevator over there on the right up to the twentieth floor."

I sign my name, my hand shaking.

Then I find the elevator and take it up to the twentieth floor, my heart pounding. I haven't felt this nervous in a long time. I just want it to go so well, and I'll feel really disappointed with myself and frustrated if it doesn't.

Once the elevator door opens onto the floor, I find another desk where a woman is sitting behind it.

"Miss Steele, if you could just sit yourself into the waiting area over there. Mr Grey will be with you shortly."

I find a place to sit, looking outside the windows, trying to distract myself as a way to calm my nerves. The view this high up is truly beautiful. I just need to focus on what I'm mainly here for; It's for Kate, to do the interview. Not to gush or proclaim my love for the man. I need to steer clear from mentioning any of it; My crush on him that's lasted over eight months, how I collect articles and pictures of him and stash them away in a folder. How I fantasize about him. How Kate refers to him as my husband.

"Miss Steele," the woman behind the reception desk calls, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Mr Grey is ready to see you now."

Okay, oh shit. Here it goes.

I stand, moving towards the only door on the floor that I am assuming is his office. I stop, glancing back at the woman uncertainly. She smiles.

"There's no need to knock. Just go in."

I push open the door, my heart rate increasing. Surely enough, there he is, my husband, in the flesh. He stands from his chair to greet me. He is so much taller than I was prepared for because photo-shoots can't properly show someone's height. I'm startled by how so much better he looks in person. So attractive and handsome and taller than I realized, dressed in a tailored blue suit, with a white business shirt. He smiles at me and god, this feels like some fantasy all inside my head. It doesn't seem real somehow. Hell, his eyes are even a more piercing gray up close. The photos were lying on how amazing his eyes are. He looks so much better than in all those photo-shoots from the articles I have of him in my collection. I like him much, much better in person. It's where he belongs, standing right in front of me.

"Miss Kavanagh," he says, extending a hand out towards me. I'm so lost in staring into his eyes that I don't even care that he thinks I'm Kate. "I'm Christian Grey. You're here for the interview?" His voice, it's so compelling and lovely. I could listen to him talk all day.

"Um, no actually. I'm Anastasia Steele. Something came up with Miss Kavanagh, so I agreed to fill in for her. I'm her substitute."

"Oh. I see."

I place my hand in his, and we shake. His hand feels so nice and right holding mine, his grasp strong and confident. Yep, definitely not washing my hand ever again.

We end up shaking hands for longer than necessary, which is partly my fault. I just don't want to let his hand go. I want to feel it everywhere on me, but I know I can't. Total wishful thinking. I forcefully pull my hand back, embarrassed.

"I've been waiting for this moment for such a long time," I gush before I can stop myself. I feel heat rise to my cheeks and around my neck area. God, I'm doing the one thing I swore I wouldn't do.

His brows furrow and he looks confused. "You have?"

"Meeting you, I mean," I breathe breathlessly. God, it's like my mouth isn't obeying what I want it to do. Stop, stop talking, my head is screaming, yet it's like my mouth and voice are their very own separate entity. "I just... I find you to be so inspirational and I'm, um..." I want to be your wife. "I'm a huge fan. I consider you to be one of my role models in life, in fact. I just really find your work ethic so inspiring and how you donate to multiple charities as something so generous of you. You're just so..." I trail off, pressing my lips together to stop myself from fangirling.


My fantasy man. My future husband.

God, what am I doing? Kate will be so angry. I had promised her that I would keep myself in check.

To my relief, he smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling so I know that the smile is genuine and not forced as if he's thinking secretly that I'm nuts, and it's like my heart is bursting in my chest. He doesn't seem to mind my gushing at all. "Then thank you. That's... very nice to hear." He clears his throat loudly, gesturing with a finger to his desk. "Shall we sit?"

"Um, yes. Sure. We probably should sit, shouldn't we?"

Your going to be my husband. Yes, I know that sounds slightly creepy of me, but it's true.

Sooo what did you think? It's going to get a bit crazy- crazy as in both of them will think its perfectly fine to spy on each other, break into houses, stealing panties and trophies, etc. Ana will be stalking Christian and he'll be stalking her, so they'll practically be a match made for each other. I would love to know your thoughts on whether it is something worth continuing? This will be both Ana and Christian POV :) Most likely M rated too for lemons