Devin watched as the dancers battled, trying to one-up each other at any opportunity.. her eyes followed every movement and jump, slide, or just the simplest hand move as they continued. Soon enough the dance battle ended, the points were tallied up and the winner announced.

"Better luck next time chumps! You will never compete with any other dance crew you amateurs!" Said the leader of the winning crew as the loses sulked away.. devin mustered up all her courage and walked up to them..

"Um.. h-hey, do you think I could be a dancer like you? I.. you inspire me so much!" She said, trying to keep a smile off her face but failed as she looked up at the dancer, who looked at her and just.. laughed.. "You? Please. Only talented people can dance, not just any kid off the block who probably just flails around like a moron" they said as they laughed and walked away..

Devin frowned. "And I though all dancers weren't suppose to be cocky dickheads like you ya ass!" She spat and the crew stopped in their tracks and looked behind them at the 5 year old with such a fowl mouth, shocked, the leader visibly pissed. Before Devin could say anything else she was being dragged away quickly by her father.

"I'll show you! I'll show you guys! I can dance and lead the best crew in all the city!" She yelled as she shook her small fist at the leader.. having just sparked something.

Devin quickly skidded to a stop, just barely as a car honked loudly at her as she did, the person driving away as she backed up away from the crosswalk.. she blinked and then shook her head. It had been 5 years since that happened, she had began to really dance at 7 years old. It was kind of hard but it came naturally to her. She decided to dive head first into the world of dance however, pushing herself to her limits and it paid off, she could pull off most dances she practiced a few times.

She looked both ways then quickly biked to the other side and continued towards her destination.

She chained her bike to the tree, making sure it was secure before walking over to the usual meeting spot, the large oak tree in the middle of place. "GET EM! KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" The group chanted as a young girl was chasing a boy while she giggled.

"Come on Luke! It's just one kiss!" The girl yelled as the boy climbed up a tree, "No Eliza! It's gross!" He whined as he sat on a tree branch, looking at the girl warily.. Devin looked around confused. "What did I miss? Someone losing a bet?" She asked. "Yep. And Eliza lost fair and square." Said a bright green haired girl as she smirked.

"I bet your the one who bet them in the first place Dy.." Devin said as she looked around again, noticing a few noticeable faces missing.. "Where's Ty and the others?" She asked. "They're on their way. Just being slow pokes" Dy said

"Who you callin' slow poke, cabbage head?" Said a voice, Devin turned her head in the direction and saw the other 4 standing there. "Cabbage head.. that's new" Dy said, snickering.

"Well, now that everyone's here.. should we take a vote on what we're gonna do?" Devin asked. After getting the twins to stop with the bet for now, the group gathered in a circle and began voting.

"Alright. Just hanging out got 3, doing nothing got well, none. Practicing our routines got 6 so..."

"We've been practicing for days! It's not like we're going to some club or anything." Whined Ty as she pouted, "Why are we practicing so much? Is it for a good reason?" Ty asked.

"Of course it is. You guys always thought of being in a dance crew, right? Being the best of the best and top crew in the entire city?" Devin asked and everyone nodded. "Hell yeah! That's like, my only dream! Besides... being a lawyer or... something..." Eliza said as she played with her ponytail.

"What are ya getting at...?" Asked Luke.

Devin smiled brightly, unable to keep it off her face. "I.. was thinking maybe WE could be that crew! I mean, come on! Just imagine it..." Devin said, her eyes sparkling. Everyone at first, stared at her like she was crazy until their imaginations took over...

Eliza began nodding. "Yeah... I can actually see it.. and it looks AWESOME!" She exclaimed, her eyes bright and a wide smile on her face. Everyone began nodding and Devin smirked. "I knew you'd see it my way! Alright. But of course, we need to figure out what the heck our name is and crew colors. I mean, what's a crew without em?" Devin said.

"Psh. We can do that later. If we don't practice, we'll be known as a terrible crew... a crew who can't dance! Imagine that!" Ty said and Michelle shivered. "Yeah. I don't want to go through that.. sounds worse then being late for school"

"Like you give a rats behind about school..." Ty said as she gave her older sister a look. The older sibling giving the younger one a look also. "What about you who "Always" shows up for every class but one?"

"Guys, your missing the most important thing.. who the fuck should be the leader?" Dy asked.

"Devin" Eliza said.

"What! Why her?" Luke asked. "Uh... hello? She was the one to pitch the idea first. Plus she can dance really good. You've seen her!" Eliza said.

"And, let's face it.. she's basically the magnet that holds this group together at times" Michelle said. Dy nodded in agreement and so did Ty. Everyone then looked at Luke, waiting for his response.

"...Alright. I'm in agreement to." He finally said.

Devin smiled warmly. "Thanks guys.. I'll do my best!" She said, then held her hand out. "Let's make a promise.. no matter what happens, no matter how difficult life gets or anything, we will make this dream happen... who's with me?" She said, it didn't take long for everyone to place their hands in the circle.

With a collective, "Let's do this!" They cheered and raised their hands up in the air before letting them drop, saying their goodbyes and heading off to home.