"so... anyone have any good excuses for me to use in order to get out of getting in trouble when my parents get home tonight?" - Devin

"I actually came here to get one from y'all... I have none" - Ty

"Me and Luke also... no one has any good excuses...?" - Eliza

"I can say I went to the store or out for a walk since I do that anyway" - Dy

"Would saying I went to nightschool work..?" - Devin

"Devin... do you really think your parents will buy that? Do you even know what night school even is?" - Luke

"Its going to school at night... right?" - Devin

"Sure..." - Luke

"Burned..." - Eliza

"Ill just use the night school excuse... that should be enough, right?" - Devin

"Ill use it also, I got nothing better" - Eliza

"By the way, where are your parents even going?" - Michelle

"Work" - Devin

"Same" - Eliza

"I'm gonna get ready and head down there.. ttyl!" - Devin

"so, everyone ready for possibly the best night of their lives?!" -devin


"I don't know about this guys... what if we get caught by the owner or something?" - Luke

"Dont be a scaredy cat Luke! Besides, I'm surprised that you got kicked out of that club so many times considering who your parents are Devin, like seriously, do they know who you are?!" - Ty

"Its only cause he hates kids except his own daughter...also, me and a friend accidentally caused a riot there one time so... yeah..." - Devin

"Dude! You should have recorded that! Bruh, imagine all the views it could have gotten... WE COULD HAVE RULED THE INTERNET WITH THAT VIDEO AND BE SO KNOWN!" - Eliza

"You mean to have our reputation destroyed by one video like so many...?" - Devin

"Uh..." - Eliza

"Yeah, thought so." - Devin

"Fuck off Devin..." - Eliza

"Pfff sorry... PRINCESS" - Devin

"Oh your so dead when I see you irl" - Eliza

"Bite me idiota" - Devin

"Damn, being kinky tonight are you?" - Eliza

"...Eliza" -


"Cállate antes de que acabe empujando mi pie hasta el culo!"


|Devin has left the chatroom|


"I think you pissed her off Eliza... besides you know how she hates talking about... that"



"Eliza quit spamming damn it!"

Devin looked around for any of her friends as the line for the club got steadily longer, the guard by the back door was there again also, but now the owner was standing outside by the entrance... of course people were getting rejected like normal, but now there were even more now that the owner was there...

"Pssst! Devin!" A voice whispered and Devin looked and saw Eliza and Luke, who where crouched behind her. "Where's the others? We might not have much time left to do this... the owner is outside tonight.." Devin whispered

"THE-" Eliza began to yell but Devin quickly slapped her hand over her mouth, "SHHHHH! Idiota! Do you want us to get caught?!" Devin hissed as she kept her hand on her mouth and Eliza shook her head no, Devin sighed and removed her hand from eliza's mouth. "Like I said, where are the others? Did they get here early or what?"

"Hold on, let me check.." Eliza whispered as she took out her phone and looked through the group chat they were all in.. "dy isn't coming... she accidentally slipped about going to the club... so is Michelle and ty" Eliza said frowning

"That sucks" Luke said frowning. "Alright, you guys ready?" Devin asked and the twins nodded. "Ok.. see those windows over there?" She pointed to the medium windows on the side of the club walls, "we can sneak in through the bathrooms.. when we get there, roll the garbage bins under them, and use them to reach the window.. meet me.. by the bar"

"Yes captain!" The twins said at the same time and they all split up. They managed to get in without trouble this time, the club was packed as usual, but it seemed smaller then last time.. "the owner must really not want anyone in tonight or something... or is he just a party killer?" Eliza asked as they slinked through the crowd towards the bar, keeping an eye out for Luke

"I dint know... maybe. I never liked the look of him anyway, he's really shady" Devin said as they reached the bar and went to one of the corners in order to be hidden better, Eliza decided to go somewhere.. Devin didn't ask questions.

"were in the club right now.. but the owner is in the front this time, and it's emptier then last time when I was here"

"Lucky you.. I got busted fowhen I tried leaving... ty decided to be an idiot and spill the beans"

"Hey at least I didn't mention the others! That's somewhat redeemable!"

"The only thing redeemable is me shoving my foot up your ass!"

"Michelle I'm sorry!"

"Hey luke, where the fuck are you anyway?"

"I got caught by one of the stupid guards... there calling mom right now"


"luke, you better hope your sister has some type of mercy for you later"

Devin looked up and looked around for Eliza and saw her walking back with drinks in each of her hands, "I swear I'm gonna pummel his ass later..." she muttered as she offered one of the drinks to Devin who took it and looked at it curiously

"Are you sure we should be drinking this stuff? What is this anywsy..?" She asked as she stared at the clear liquid, "It's just water" Eliza said as she sipped hers, Devin took a sip of hers and nearly spit it out.. "ugh! What IS this?!" Devin asked, grossed out. "I.. don't know, but it taste alright to me" Eliza said as she continued to sip hers

Devin took a sip of it again, it was better to drink at least something then nothing..

Eliza continued going to the bar and grabbing more drinks for them, Devin could have sworn her vision blurred once but ignored it, she didn't know how many she and Eliza drank, they lost count at about 5 or so... the music was slightly muted and vision blurred for both of them, giggling like idiots at this point.. Devin felt her phone buzzing in her pocket and fumbled with getting it, dropping it a few times before she got a grip on it and awnsered the call

"Hello..?" Devin asked

"Devin! Where the hell are you?! It's 10 PM!" Devin blinked, she knew that voice. .. it was the angry voice of her mother... ok devin.. play it cool.. just.. use the excuse you came up with earlier..

"At nightschool..."

"I know your not at nightschool... devin, do you even know how that works?"

"Uh... I just ask if I can go?"

"Devin, where. The. Hell. Are. You."

"I told you! I'm at nightschool!" Her voice slurred towards the end

"Devin you- wait... what's wrong with your voice?"

"Nothing..." again, her voice slurred

"Devin, I know your not at nightschool at all, get your ass home NOW!"

"I am!"

"I can hear music in the background and people chanting 'shot! Shot! Shot!'"

"Uh.. that's just my classmates and... teacher... he was.. dared to drink a bottle of whiskey if we all finished our work in record time!"

"Alright... keep using that little excuse, but I know your at that club because I've been there before Devin. I'm not stupid."


"Then prove it. Let me talk to your teacher."

Devin went silent, Eliza was talking with her mom, and had also reached the same point...

"Devin? Let me tall to your teacher if-"


Devin hung up and put her phone in her pocket and sighed, putting her face in hands... "let's go.. i.. don't want to be here anymore.." Devin sighed and Eliza nodded and they left through the back door, and ran, although she didn't realize she wasn't running in a straight line..

"Well, we're dead. We're fucked. We should just run away with the clothes on our backs... let's just go.. let's go... it's just fucking over..." Eliza said as she kept her eyes on the ground, beside Devin as they sat by a wall, their backs against it. Eliza rested her head on devin's shoulder

"What do you mean it's over...?" Devin asked.

"I mean... it's over... it's just over..."

Devin sighed, it was kind of over... she pretty much just demonstrated that she was careless, an idiot.. a troublemaker... and many other things.. she sighed and took her phone out, "well, I'm gonna call my parents to pick me up... I don't feel good... or feel like walking home..."

"Same.." Eliza said as she got her phone out and dialed her mother's phone number, Devin doing the same..


"Mom.. can you and dad come pick me up?"

1. Idiota - idiot

2. "Cállate antes de que acabe empujando mi pie hasta el culo! - shut up before I end up shoving my foot up your ass!