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Lana Montgomery was the daughter of Oregon State Senator, Lincoln Montgomery. While being a smart, young, charitable woman - Growing up she'd acquired the reputation of being quite the thorn in her father's side – often ending up on the opposite side of the law. Hoping, however, to follow in her father's steps in politics; Lana had no idea her life would be turned upside down by the discovery of an old box from storage. The box Lana had discovered in storage was full of old journals and photos from a life her mother lived that Lana had no clue existed. Her mother had been gone for almost ten years now and the box probably even older.

A lot of the boxes contents were full of a life that Lana had never heard about. There were old memos and receipts. Titles to numerous vehicles and motorcycles she'd rather see pigs fly than her father ever riding or owning. At the very end of her search, a photo; her mother and friends; family she's never met? The only clue to this secret life was the writing on the back, "Charming." Lana had spent an immeasurable time of her life trying to figure out exactly who her mother was. This had to be the answer. This was her chance to change her life.

Making her way through the cities, Lana picked up as many waitressing jobs as possible on her trip to Charming. She didn't know what was in Charming, or who. She was street savvy enough to know however, that she needed a little financial security to get her there though. She'd spent a month or so in Northern California before finally reaching her destination. This was the city her father forbid her to visit? He warned her that pursuing whatever secrets her mother had kept locked away in that box should stay dead. It wasn't that she was second guessing herself already, but part of her worried about any reputation she may or may not have had entering the city. It was election year after all, and her father was all over the news channels. That could hinder any chance she had at making friends.

Safety aside, Charming was just that, charming. Having landed a gig at the local pub bartending – Lana had quickly found herself under the town's spell. It didn't take long before she was able to lean on the townsfolk to answer some questions. The first being the location of the automotive shop in the background of so many photos she'd discovered. Teller-Morrow. Everyone in town knew of it. Among the answers given were murmurs about the people that ran it. Criminals. Gang Members. Vigilantes. They certainly had a reputation and the raven haired woman would be lying if ever to admit that she wasn't intrigued by it.

It took a couple of days before Lana mustered up the confidence to check it out, but when Lana had spotted the automotive shop that had been in the background of her mother's old photos, she knew that had to be her first stop.

"Here goes nothing," she whispered under her breath to the reflection staring back at her. It wasn't long before she'd taken notice of all the bikes and the men. There were a lot of men. She was clearly going to have to work hard if she wanted to get any answers around here. Luckily for her – men were her specialty. Most of them only wanted one thing, anyway.

Mustering up enough confidence to get out of the car, she pulled her long raven hair up into a ponytail and tugged a bit at the hem of her shirt. It was clear she didn't fit in here. Most of the women she did see were donned in leather and even more leather boots. No matter what she thought before she arrived or who had opinions about her being here; Charming was her end game.

"Uhm… Hello?" She called out making her way to the open garage door. She stood there watching for a moment before making her way inside what she assumed was the front desk of the shop. "Hi, I'm Lana. I called yesterday about getting a checkup for my car." Inside the office, she was shocked to find an older woman behind the desk. She was beautiful, whoever she was. Their eyes met and Lana smiled. "I didn't mean to interrupt." There was an unmistakable chill in the room and Lana became suddenly shy in its presence.

"Oh. Sorry darling." Gemma stood from her desk and the piles of papers in front threatening to bury her underneath. "Gemma. You said you were…?" Taking a moment to look her over - the elder woman had become frozen at the resemblance the young raven haired woman. Her likeness was similar to someone Gemma hadn't thought about in years. Old ghosts.

"Lana. I think we spoke yesterday?" Lana extended her hand and when it wasn't received the way a handshake normally wouldn't be, she slowly pulled it back and let her hand fall to her side.

"You mentioned that part sweetheart. What can we do for you?" Gemma looked the young girl over and walked out of the office and motioned for one of the guys. Lowell in particular, after a brief introduction moved to take a look at the vehicle she'd arrived in. There was nothing wrong with Lana's car, per say, but a regular checkup couldn't hurt. Any reason to get in the door - she thought. "Just fill these out and the guys will take a look at it for you."

Lana moves quickly to grab the papers and starts to fill them out. Gemma noticed the driver's license she was copying info off of and smirked curious. "What brings you to Charming? You're a long way from home." Leans closer, and smirks again. "Oregon."

"Business," Lana replied before jotting down the rest of the information. She smiled up at Gemma and nervously sighed.

"What kind?"

Lana looks up at her and puckers her lips some, "Yet to be decided."

Placing both hands firmly against her hips; Gemma intently stares at the young girl. "You a cop?" The question didn't offend Lana, it was actually one she got a lot. Nobody felt they could trust her because of her family being in law enforcement – more directly to her brother now being the deputy sheriff.

"No ma'am."

"Ma'am." Gemma repeated; the sarcasm in her voice dripping heavily in rebuttle. Lana then reached into her purse and grabbed out the photo. The whole reason she was here.

"Charming '78." She handed the photo over and gave a sheepish grin. "I'm just trying to dig up some old bones." She watched Gemma react to the photo, but remained quiet. The older woman's reaction towards the photo told Lana all she needed to know. They both sat in silence while Gemma held onto the photo tighter. "Nobody knows I'm here. I think if I could find some of these people in this photo…"

"Where did you say you were from again?"

"Oregon. I'm kind of on the lamb. Dad's a politician asshole who wants me dead, my mom's kind of… dead."


"Yeah, that's her." Pointing at her mother in the photo, she glanced again at Gemma. The woman in the photo had an almost identical scar on her chest. She was too afraid to say anything about it though. Partly in fear that she'd find out terrible things about her mom, or that Gemma wasn't as nice as she seemed to be. "Yeah, so… I'm going to find out who she was. I didn't really know her. She had a lot of secrets."

The conversation had ended because Lana heard the loud thunderous roar of bikes coming inside the garage. She watched in awe as the men, all shapes and sizes pulled up and were greeted like war heroes. She carefully took notice of how they treated Gemma. She was like royalty among them. She read the patches on their kuttes and smiled at them as they walked by, none of them really making contact or verbally acknowledging she was even there, except one. Clay had moved away from Gemma when he noticed Lana standing there, not too far away from where they were. She'd been staring at them like some star struck teenage; it was hard not to notice her. "Who's that?"

Gemma swallowed and turned to glance at Lana towards the garage before turning her attention back to her husband for a kiss. "Nobody."