A/N: Smut is so awkward for me to write, but it's there. So... Warning?

Reciting the story word for word from her visit with her brother - Lana looks on at the old man awaiting his response. Unser wasn't on the best terms with the club, but despite it all; she trusted him. She wasn't sure what she was hoping to get from their meeting - peace of mind, maybe? She watched as Unser rose from his seat and shut his office door to process all of what she'd just told him. Part of her wondering which part brought him the most curiosity. Jacob Hale trying to do away with the entire Charming PD, or Jacob Hale being the reason Hale was dead.

The raven haired woman glanced out of the window – her morbid curiosity getting the better of her. Her own mind playing the story once or twice over trying to find something she missed. Putting the blame on someone new this time around. Jacob Hale. Jacob Hale killed his own brother; well, his greed did. His agreement with her father came with conditions and rules he wasn't used to abiding by. There's another story - she thought. Her father... is keeping his hands clean by paying someone to do his dirty work.

"Do I want to know what the club plans to do with all of this information?" Unser finally spoke and Lana glanced up at him before clasping her hands shut tightly in her lap; her silence giving him his answer.

"Do I need to be worried about what you're going to do? Lana... sweetheart. You can tell me. I know how much you and Hale meant to one another." Lana finally looks him in the eyes and loosens up a bit.

"The club doesn't know - this was free information, for you." Clearly lying to him, she lets out a huge sigh. "I'm hoping you do what's best for all of us here." Lana gives a cautious glance over and then places her hand over her stomach. The act, as simple as it was, doesn't go unnoticed and Unser groans wondering how far along she is. "I'm hoping," Lana continues before catching his gaze, "that you stop me from doing something regretful."

"Lana," the tone in the old man's voice cracked, he was clearly now worried. "What are you planning on doing?" He met her eyes and saw something wild in her, something almost unrecognizable. They were interrupted by Stahl before he had a chance to say another word.

"If I don't hear from you," the raven haired woman trailed off before walking out of the office. She and Stahl come face to face and Lana has to stop herself from letting out a snicker. "Wish I could say it was a pleasure seeing you."

"Sweet as always Miss Montgomery," Stahl replied - the tone of her voice emotionless and almost a little too stoic for Lana's liking. The tension between the two women had only grown worse since Hale's passing. "You wouldn't have happened to hear from the Club at all? Have you?" Lana smirked a little and her answer given with a shrug before turning to leave the station.

Knocking on the door of her home - Tig stood in the doorway. He wasn't really known for his apologetic nature. Something about Lana brought this out of him. There was always a range of emotions he felt when dealing with the raven haired woman. She made him irrationally angry and turned on almost the instant of opening her mouth. Her being Clay's daughter - albeit, Clay himself not telling him. It was all a mess. The guys being in Ireland - his fight in the clubhouse with Lana - the responsibility of the club - it all weighed on him. Tig found himself knocking again, but was quick to realize that nobody was home when he saw a car pull up to the driveway.

"Lana," the man called out softly before pointing to the direction of the biker standing on her porch. Jacob Hale got out of the car after his brothers' widow had given him the okay, and both men exchanged looks. Tig immediately trying to register the sight in front of him.

"What… the fuck?" He angrily said before walking over to the both of them. "You, get away from her." He grabbed ahold of Lana's forearm and pulled her close to him; her reaction not at all what he was expecting.

"Jacob, go inside." She ordered before pulling her hand away from Tig. "Let me go!" Her response only confused him and made him tighten his grip around her. "Tig," She finally cried out before pulling her arm free.

"No," He whispered, really going out of his mind with this shit. "WHAT... do you think you're doing? Bringing him to your home? Lana, why? Explain something to me for Christ's sake." His look matched his tone while he pleaded more and more with her. "I know you are trying to keep Hale close, but this…this is gross, even for me?"

The statement fueled a rage deep inside of her, "DONT!" She screamed at him before pushing him away from her. "Don't you dare touch me!" Her eyes swelled with tears and she took a few steps back to really make sure he understood what was coming from her lips. "I'm done."

"You're done?"

"You were right," she whispered before turning to look at her door. She could see Jacob Hale staring at the both of them through the window. She visibly upset, and he confused about the whole situation. "This will never work. Not while I'm who I am, and you..." Tig met her gaze again and his eyes were filled to the brim with tears.

"Don't do this baby," he reached out for her and she pushed his arm away. "Doll, I came over here to apologize about what happened at the clubhouse."

"... and I'm telling you I don't want anything to do with you... or SAMCRO." She said before turning to open her front door. Her hand turned the knob before something stopped her. She gave a look back and her lips trembled before she pushed them tightly together. "Hale deserved better, and so do I."

The truth about Maureen and John had come to a foot and Jax had now found out his old man not only cheated on his mother, but had a kid with Maureen to boot. He had a sister. All of this truth was too much for him - he knew his mom was bothered by it all. Gemma glanced over at Clay - all of this 'truth' and all of these old bones being dug up at the forefront - rather than finding her grandson. She promised Jax she was alright with it all - even if she wasn't. He knew.

"Hey baby," she called out to Clay who was sharing a beer with the guys. "Can we go outside for a bit." She didn't wait for an answer, but a few seconds later he was following behind her.

Wrapping his arms around her from behind - he pressed a kiss against her neck. "You okay with all of this shit?" Nothing. Often a good indication that Gemma wasn't. He let out a sigh and moved so that they were facing one another. "What's up?"

"Lori Roberts." Gemma said plainly, having been haunted by her ghost ever since Lana had come to town. She caught Clay's stare and her eyes filled with tears. The thing she suspected so long ago - coming to head. Along with all of this shit about John, it was almost too much "I see a lot of her in Lana," Gemma snickers before her lips settle into a smile. "Someone else though that I couldn't quite put my finger on..." She was in her feelings. This truth had to come to the surface.

Clay's heart was pounding at her inquisitive speech and kept his eyes on her. "Probably that dick head Montgomery." Gemma looked up again to meet his eyes and was almost offended that he'd really stare her in the eyes and lie to her. After finding out about John, she couldn't take anymore lies. No more secrets.

"Were you sleeping with Lori when she got pregnant with Lana?" Gemma plainly asked and she could tell by the heavy sigh that escaped Clay's lips that he was. She nodded her head not giving him a chance to lie to her. "I always knew she was messing with someone. Always thought it was John. They were always too damn close. He said she was like a sister to him... I always thought it was bullshit. Always thought she wanted what I had."


"She did," Gemma corrected herself; now speaking for her own benefit in an attempt to convince herself. "You knocked her up... she couldn't tell her cop boyfriend. He'd kill her and SAMCRO would be done, so she left." She gives him a look and then continues. "I always thought it was funny that my best friend would just up and leave. We were going to raise our kids together, after all. She probably knew I'd see you in that little baby."

"Gem. Don't dig this shit up." Clay's voice was low and his wife could tell that she hit a chord in him. She could hear it in his voice that she'd made him upset. Good.

"I have to Clay because I am so god damn sick of all of these secrets. John and Maureen. You and Lori." Gemma was more angry than hurt at this point. "You gonna continue to lie to me too?" Clay stared up at her and let out a breathe.

"Start talking."

"You seem to know it all." Clay quietly responded with his arms folded across his chest. "Don't do this Gem, it only leads to more pain; for both of us." He reached over and took her hand in his and his mouth went wide when she pulled away. "Jesus Christ Gem. We're not doing this here."

"I'm an idiot." She nodded her head before turning to face him. "She figure it out yet?" Clay shook his head, lying to his wife. "Good. All that shit does is dig up old bones. Lori knew what we did to John." Clay moves to wrap his arms around his wife. "She didn't mean anything to you?" Gemma questions before leaning into his touch.

"No. I've only ever had eyes for you baby." Another lie.

"Hey Tig," Unser whispered into his phone while watching the raven haired beauty from a distance. "Yeah, uh - she's at the cemetery. I'll hang with her until you get here." Hanging up his cell phone he gave a heavy sigh before walking over to Lana realizing that she was very upset. Lana was so entrapped in her own emotions that she didn't even realize anybody had been there to witness it.

Everything about the day had just overwhelmed her. Unser stared down at the headstone and gave the top of it a soft pat. He couldn't bring himself to attend the funeral longer than he had to and hadn't made it over to visit Hale once buried in the ground. He hadn't really mourned him at all. He couldn't, not when he felt that he had failed him - that his connection to SAMCRO had caused this.

"I..." Lana started, "I keep asking myself 'Why him?'"

"Yeah, me too."

"Why..." the woman's voice cracked and paused for a moment.

"Listen, Lana... I've uh, I've really been thinking about everything you've told me." Unser started but Lana quickly stopped him by placing a hand firmly on his forearm.

"I held a gun to Jacob Hale this afternoon." Lana confessed while glancing sheepishly over at the old man. "I can't figure out who to blame. I want to blame SAMCRO. Jacob. The Mayans. The Senator. I REALLY wanted someone to blame."

"Jesus. Must have been why he called me this afternoon." With a sigh, Unser glanced back at her –worried she was heading down a dark path. "You know... it's okay to be upset with him. Hale, I mean."

"Why would I be upset with Hale? He didn't want to die." The raven haired beauty could hear her voice cut out and as upset as she was - she was angry. "Why would you even say that?" She points her finger at Unser and shakes her head.

With a heavy sigh, she moves her finger across a tear, wiping it away, ashamed. "I know…Samcro didn't kill Hale. Jacob's dealing with my father might have, but… my dad didn't kill Hale either. He died because he was doing his job at a funeral… that just so happened to be a drive by hotspot." She could feel humor rising in her tone and gives him a look.


"I didn't mean to upset you Lana, but sometimes... it makes the passing easier. Be mad at him. Be upset. He'll be okay with it if you are. Hate him if you have to, but for god's sake, get it out." The old man saw Tig walking over towards them and he continued to push Lana to show some sort of emotion for it all. She'd been harboring all of this anger towards everyone that cared for her. "It's okay to hate him Lana."

She opened her mouth and her voice cracked before she almost choked on her tears. "I can't."

"Yes, you can." Tig spoke up, his voice soft before he motioned for Unser to take a hike. He looked over at Hale's gravestone - knowing it was the first time Lana's been here. "You want to scream at somebody? Scream at him. He left you."

"Shut up," She cried out in a whisper, tears streaming so fast that they felt like they were burning down her cheeks. "Why did he... he was supposed to protect me, why did he... go?" Lana cried out and before she knew it - she was in Tigs arms as he held her up when her legs went weak. "How did he think it'd be okay? Why'd he think I could live without him?!" She screamed crying harder than she'd cried up until this point. Unser quietly watched the both of them before letting out a deep sigh of his own before leaving.

The car ride back to the clubhouse had consisted of very little conversation between the raven haired woman and Tig; which he was almost thankful for. What happened back at the graveyard was… heavy. It'd been the first time since Hale had passed that Lana really dealt with all of this shit. Reaching his hand to hers – he gently took it and gave a little squeeze. Letting her know he was here – not that she needed him. He knew she didn't. She wasn't like the rest of these tarts that stuck around here.

"I'm sorry for what I said to you earlier," Lana whispered before glancing over at him. "I just really had to find out if what Landon said about Jacob and my father having a deal was true."

"… And?"

"Everything he said was true, and I don't know if that makes me feel better… or worse." Lana sighed before being the one to comfort Tig by squeezing his hand. "My fath… killed Hale. However you want to spin it. He hired someone to do it, whatever. He's still responsible. He has to pay Tig."

The both of them exchanged a knowing look and Tig moved to get out of the car. He let out a sigh before moving towards the passenger's side and opening the door for her. She takes a hold of his hand while he leads the way into the clubhouse. It's quiet – which she has been so preoccupied with her own life – she hasn't had time to really notice.

"Come on baby," Tig whispers leading the way towards his room. Once inside he shuts and locks the door. Lana lets out a heavy sigh before helping herself to the bathroom in his room. Tig watches the woman undress in the bathroom; his eyes moving towards her protruding stomach where Hale's baby is currently taking up space. It's small, but noticeable. He clears his throat before tossing her one of his shirts.

Lana changes into his shirt and makes her way over towards his bed. All she really wanted to do was sleep. This was all starting to feel like a bad dream. Hale was gone and her heart had just processed the news. It all hurt.

Lana shut her eyes and turned her back to the man on the other side of the bed. She stared into the darkness surrounding the room and let out a small gasp when she felt his arm across the skin of her body. The bed dipped a little beside her, and she could hear him moving closer to her.

Tig was careful moving towards her in his bed. He'd done a lot of fucked up things in his life, but he knew when a woman was fragile. His next moves could make or break her. Pressing his chapped lips against the milky skin of her neck – he quietly hummed against it. Turning to look at him – Lana was taken aback by the man staring back at her. It wasn't the smart ass, whiskey breathed man always picking fights with her and calling it flirting. This time – it was different. His blue cerulean eyes bore into her, and she felt… different.

"I love you." Tig whispered, his hand coming up to softly stroke her cheek, and his heart swelled when she leaned into his touch. Tig took that as all the reassurance he needed, but when he hesitated, it was her that moved her hands down between them. He moved his hand up to cup her right breast giving it a gentle squeeze, trying harder to get closer to her. He gasped feeling her hand wrap around his already hard cock.

Groaning, he moved to kiss her, nipping here and there – wherever he could reach. Sloppy kisses left against her skin. "You're so beautiful." He started nibbling on her earlobe pressing his area closer to her with every thrust. Growling her name, the biker wrapped his arm around her. "Please don't let me wake up if this a dream." Lana laughed into his lips before pulling his bottom lip between her teeth and pulling her hand free from his pants.

Tig propped himself up and looked her over again, his mouth practically salivating at the sight of her. Her. His best friend's daughter. Hales widow. His. Lana moved her legs wider for him and Tig wasted little time sliding his hand inside her panties to finally cup her pussy. "You getting nice and wet for me baby?" The moaned response was everything.

"You love this, don't you," the smile was evident in his voice as he breathed against her shoulder, letting two fingers slide in between my folds. "Jesus Christ," he sucked on her shoulder and both of his digits started to rub my clit.

"Tig!" Lana's throat was dry but she still managed to let out a moan, her hips starting to move in sync with his stimulation. Before Lana had any chance to return what was happening, Tig moved away from her and pulled his hand from her, making sure to lick whatever juices he'd gotten from his fingers.

"What are you doing?" Lana breathed out turning on her back to see what he was doing. Tig was entranced by her. God he didn't want to wake up from this. He moved to the end of the bed and reached for her hips to pull her panties off – leaving her bare and vulnerable from the waist down. Biting her lip – Lana opened herself up more for him. "Are you going to fuck me or what Tig?"

Lana felt his chest rumble with laughter against her thighs. His head dipped slowly between her legs, making her spread them further. Tig could see her glistening with arousal, wanting, ready for him, almost to the point of begging. This was a real turn on for him. Let him know he wasn't the only one suffering all this time.

And then he dragged his tongue flat across her pussy, starting at the bottom and going up until the tip of his muscle circled my clit. The raven haired woman's body jerked and she couldn't help the loud moan that flew from her mouth, both of my hands grabbing his ears and squeezing them, the ache on her womanhood growing every second. He went for it again, this time stopping her entrance, and flicked his tongue between my folds, using his lips to kiss me there and suck on my skin.

"Oh… fuck! Tig!"

"Alex… call me Alex."

Lana spread her legs even further while her hips started to roll against his face. She didn't quite know what to do with her hands anymore, so she moved to hold his head closer to her, his grunts and groans making her blood boil and juices flow more and more.

Tig hummed and worked his tongue against her clit using his right hand to spread her lips to him before sliding a single finger inside of her. His blue eyes were fixed on her watching her reactions to his intrusion, her juices covering his thick fingers while he pushed not one, but two inside of her.

"I'm gonna… Alex," Lana panted, whatever control she'd thought she had flying out the window, she gripped Tig's hair with both of her hands and moved her hips towards him. He continued to suck and kiss her, his fingers starting to thrust faster. Tig could feel her body giving away, before Lana had even a chance to verbally exercise her right to scream her orgasm. Tig took his fingers from her and sucked the excitement from them – his eyes never leaving hers.

"You better get comfortable baby, it's going to be a long night."