I've had to do this far too often

But once again a wrestler has died

This time a pioneer of women's wrestling who was and probably still will appear in the story

RIP Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer

1970 - 2016

There's more RIP Balls Mahoney

Balls wasn't set to appear but still a wrestler i liked has died.

Onto the story with a Reminder of what happened last time


Triple H began a beat down on Hadrian the bigger man able to do as he wished on the most part after a vicious beatdown that bust Hadrian open Triple H indicated for a pedigree pulling Hadrian to his feet and into the position dropping him with the signature move that had beaten men like The Rock, Stone Cold and John Cena.

He then pulled him back up for a second Pedigree but the lights went out…

A gong sounded and the lights came back on triple H had released hadrian but his biggest worry was the figure of 6ft 10 309 lbs of The Undertaker standing in front of him, Triple H took the understandable back steps away from the intimidating Lord of Darkness, walking into the recovering Hadrian who grabbed the Neck of Triple H and dropped him with a Black Death Neckbreaker.

Throwing himself onto the fallen King of Kings the referee dropped down counting 1 2 3

Undertaker performed the throat cutting gesture and vanished as the lights flashed once more.

Announcer Howard Finkel took a few moments to speak as Hadrian's music started


"Here is your winner and the Soul Survivor Hadrian Black"

Hadrian Black - WWE's Next Superstar Book 2 - The Main Roster

Chapter 1

The weeks following Vince and Shane taking control of WWE was a whirlwind for Hadrian Black him and the entire alliance were offered WWE main roster contracts, Sam had refused and been offered a commentary position which he had taken Renee being promoted to ring announcer "I've been thinking about retiring for a bit I'm married and need to spend time with my wife and daughter sorry Hadrian" He'd said before going home.

Hadrian and Paige had grown closer, Paige deciding he should meet her parents and Brothers after a tense afternoon where Paiges mom had threatened to Rip his undesirables off, he'd been accepted by the family.

Draco had done some deals in the American wizarding world to arrange an RV

That had similar enchantments on it to the knight bus.

"Woah Dray I bet this cost a bomb" Emma exclaimed

"Babe you underestimate how much money Hadrian and I inherited, This is a small investment in our careers and comfort because Hotels are annoying, We park up in the arena parking lots, whats more it's expanded on the inside we have two master suites and a living space, Just don't 't brag to others it's charmed to look like a regular bus"

"So what are you going to do now you're a singles wrestler again?" Paige asked

"I've made plans Raven, don't worry" Hadrian said cutting his girlfriends question off with a kiss

"You can keep all the secrets you like if you do that more often i went weak at the knees" Paige grinned.

Monday Night Raw


Dean Ambrose's music rocked the Arena and Dean emerged his music changing to be independent of the shield and his attire of Dark Blue jeans and a T-Shirt with his new logo on it topped with a leather jacket.

He entered the ring and grabbed a microphone from Renee

"New here's a man i know really well the new look for Dean Ambrose and i have to say Guys i like it" James Evans commented as he sat central of Mauro Renalo and Jerry Lawler

"Y'know i've been here a while i lived through the Triple H ego trip year and i remember life before that too, Well that all ended and since then WWE has been back in the capable hands of it's father and that's the guy i've asked to join me on the Ambrose Asylum tonight, i'd do an intro but that's not my job and we gave a gorgeous new ring announcer so if you would Renee?"

The blonde stood and smiled at Dean's joke lifting the microphone

"Ladies & Gentleman please Stand and Welcome the Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon"


Vince walks out onto the Stage

His Suit a cream colour with a blue business shirt

He stands atop the ramp with a microphone

"Thank you Dean, You performed fantastically. as did each of my team

However i may be in charge but day to day I'm letting someone else take charge, he too performed in the main event and i couldn't be prouder, My son Shane.

Music - Here Comes the Money

Shane Shuffles his way through the curtain, Vince chuckles at his antics as Shane walks to his dad and the two McMahon's shake hands before walking down the ramp entering the ring and shaking hands with Dean.

"We can't take all the credit, as we all know The match ended when Triple H was pinned by Hadrian Black with help from the Undertaker, wherever you are deadman you have mine and my Dad's thanks and gratitude, so shall we bring out the Sole Survivor?"

The fans roared in the affirmative Shane indicated Renee who stood once again

"Ladies and Gentlemen The Soul Survivor Hadrian Black"

Music - Just close your eyes - Bedlam's Gate

Hadrian walked out onto the stage, having shed his fallen Angel tights his Gear now read Soul Survivor and his titantron the same

He had a pair on sunglasses on as he walked to the stage

Scorpius followed behind him

Down the ramp they walked around the outside of the ring Shaking hands with James on the way before entering the ring

A handshake from Vince and a one armed hug from both Shane and Dean.

"Tonight marks my cousin's arrival officially to WWE's main show, We're excited to be here, and with it being almost Christmas Hadrian would like to make a challenge, Next Year at Wrestlemania…"

Hadrian cut Scorpius off

"At Wrestlemania theres one match i want, With all due respect for bringing me here and making me a wrestler"

Fans started to put 2 and 2 together at this

"I challenge you Deadman, At Wrestlemania in your home state My first Wrestlemania Match Hadrian Black vs The Undertaker"

"Holy S**T" The fans chanted

Vince looked shocked, Shane echoed it Dean has a smirk on his face that said 'you upstaging little'

"that being said Tonight I'm facing Dolph Ziggler, and I look forward to the match"

"Wow that was a big challenge Jerry, James" Mauro said

"The Undertaker is unbeaten at wrestlemania and my nephew intends to change that" James replied


"You could have clued us in Babe" Paige said as she sat across from Hadrian

"I wanted it to be a surprise Raven" Hadrian replied Leaning in and giving the gorgeous diva a searing kiss his hands Beginning to roam

Paige pulled away

"As much as I'd like to continue this, I've got a match with Cameron to win"

"Want company?, I'm all warmed up for my match already, the wonders of a stunning Girlfriend"

"I'll be fine you be sure you're ready for your match, cheer for me Babe" Paige replied as she walked through the door for her match


The first chapter in the books

Hope you're all excited for Mania i know i am…

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The poll was Unanimous Hadrian X Paige and Draco X Emma remain

Another pairing is the cards when i bring Finn Balor back