Hadrian Black - WWE's Next Superstar Book 2 - The Main Roster

Chapter 43 - Royal Rumble 2018

The Dynasty relaxed for the rest of the week training for the Rumble Sunday.

Hadrian was told ahead of time he was entering last a minor benefit to being 'Vinces Pet Project' Shane had joked

First the Match of most importance was Finn vs John Cena for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

Finn had pretty much rested all week doing light training by day.

By night was a different matter Everyone was kept awake for the First day until Paige and Aleister convinced Hadrian to cast a silencing charm on the walls to muffle Becky's … Enjoyment.

Finn stood in his gear sans paint tonight

In his Leather Jacket

He stretched and after a brief good luck kiss from Becky left the room.

John's Locker Room

"Here goes everything, It's me and Balor next" Cena said as He did final stretches

His girlfriend Hadrian's adoptive sister Mia Black(formerly Hermione Granger) nodded and wished him luck.

John had spoken to Hadrian about seeing Mia asking if Hadrian was ok with it

The Black Dynasty leader only warning John he would suffer the consequences if he hurt his sister.

In Gorilla Renee waited for final words from the competitors

Finn arrived first

"Finn Tonight you try to reclaim your spot atop the WWE how are you feeling?"

"I never lost the Title Renee let that sink in, Now i have no beef with John Cena, in fact i respect the man but Tonight it is all business excuse me" Finn replied Walking towards the curtain


Finn's music hit and he walked out and down the ramp entering the ring awaiting Cena who was with Renee backstage.

"John Cena tonight you defend the WWE Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor who never lost the title, your thoughts?"

Cena smiled

"Finn you are one hell of a competitor I'll see you in the ring"

Cena walked off and made his entrance.

WWE Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs Finn Balor

John and Finn circled each other in the ring facing each other and eyeing up their opponent

Cena having the strength advantage took control in the early part of the match.

The Domination lasting for a good 15 minutes of the match with the larger bostonian beating down on his Irish opponent.

Cena lifted Finn up with intent of dropping him with an attitude adjustment, but finn kicked his legs and slipped out catching cena with a gut kick and delivering a bloody sunday to the bostonian.

Finn and John both struggled to their feet

Finn caught John with a slingblade and Motioned for coup de grace with he delivered getting the pin fall on John Cena.

Winner and WWE Heavyweight Champion Finn Balor.

Finn celebrated in the ring

" and now we know who the WWE heavyweight champion is going to be at WrestleMania in 2 months time now for the main event of this evening we need to find out who will be the number one contender for that championship 40 people will compete here tonight in the Royal Rumble match the winner has a title opportunity against the Heavyweight Champion of the World Finn balor" Mauro Said

Royal Rumble Match

The rumble match was a wonderful affair

The world's weirdest and wonderful appeared in the match including Vince McMahon himself at one point.

As the final countdown began the announcers discussed the match.

"We all know who's next number 40 is Hadrian Black returning to the main roster"

"My nephew vs the best wrestler in WWE for a second year running i can deal with that" James said with a smile as the countdown finished and Hadrian's music played.

Hadrian didn't appear

His music kept playing

Hadrian didn't appear

"where is Hadrian?" Mauro asked

"I have no idea… wait a second who's that on the stage?"

On the stage was Triple H in his hand was Hadrian's ring Jacket

Triple H dropped the jacket and approached the ring

In the ring the two remaining wrestlers Rey Mysterio and Brian Lawler(Because RIP) Went over the top rope at the same time.

Triple H slid into ring grabbing a microphone

"That's right I'm number 40 your little hero Black isnt coming i saw to that"

"So little miss Mexican announcer get your tiny little ass in the ring and announce me the number one contender"

Jojo got up into the ring and

Sighed "Ladies and Gentlemen Your Winner and Number One Contender Triple H"

Triple H celebrated by raising his hand

Before Raising the Microphone

"Y'know I don't think i can wait till wrestlemania, Little boy Balor, You and Me Tomorrow night if you can tear yourself away from The hospital"


Finn ran down a corridor and found Hadrian laid out covered in blood handcuffed to a Pipe his wrist clearly broken

"It's ok mate I'm here, I'll get you help"

Medics rushed to the area cutting Hadrian free and taking him and Paige to the Hospital.

Hadrian would be out of action until at least No Man's Land.

This infuriated the former champion who desperately wanted to get Hunter back


Hadrian was warming up ready for his return stretching his back he suddenly felt pain shooting through his hand.

"Hunter said you needed to die" Dunne mocked as he drove the sledge hammer into the hand of Hadrian

Hadrian blacked out from the pain.

Flashback End

The following night Vince called the Dynasty into his office

They agreed Finn would defend the title against Triple H that night In the Royal Rumble Winners match in exchange for Triple H signing a Contract for 1 match with Hadrian at Wrestlemania inside Hell in a Cell.

Raw's main Event was Set.

Next Time


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