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What sort of compilation, you ask? Well, hold on to your hats, because this is nothing short of A-MAZ-ING!

More than 70 authors!

Oh, yes, you read that correctly.

More than SEVENTY ... 7-0 ... fabulous authors contributing from various fandoms as well as original fiction. Who are they? Well let's see, there's:

MrsSpaceCowboy EdwardsEternal Ericastwilight & kyla713 A.K.A. PlotbunnyWranglers DarkNnerdy ooza IamBeagle

Sparklymeg Maplestyle Ms. Kathy Hoodfabulous bornonhalloween Myonlyheroin JennaRay Lolo84 anhanninen

GemmaH Winterhorses MissJanuary GeekChic12 PattyRose Bled Dry Cars1 LyricalKris Jayhawkbb JDifrans

Samrosey Tufano79 CullensTwiMistress ceceprincess1217 Fairusa84 Littlemissnorty Robsyummycabanaboy

Compass54 Twiaddictanne addicted-to-romione-bedward Annie-Eliza CookieBun SunshineSally Tagsit Faith in Bones

DH78 Ellie Jacks Jenn0615 Marie One TwificLovah StillDreaming85 Amber L Johnson (107 Year Old Virgin) Ladylibre

bulletproofsuitkink FleetSparrow IDream3223 judolin JMolly MinaRivera Romantic Medievalist ShellThimbles TallulahBelle

NCBexie25 Spidermonkey321 TwilightLadies WeeKittyandTat ForeverRobsessed Jill (pushme_pullme) Speklez meekobb

TheDarkestFallingStar BuggyFiction alaskangirl Rebadams7 magan bagan Purlysurly

So check out this fabulous cause.

Now, here's my teaser for Demolition Therapy (the full one-shot will be posted in September):

Bella takes a deep breath, steeling herself for an unpleasant, judgmental interaction with the stranger. She looks up to face the man and is taken aback by his demeanor. He is unquestionably handsome, with messy bronze hair, intense green eyes, and a strong jawline. What gives Bella pause, though, is his expression. It doesn't hold judgment or disdain for her seemingly abysmal parenting skills. In fact, it is the complete lack of judgment combined with the genuine concern etched in the lines of his furrowed brow that strike her momentarily speechless.

"Are you okay?" he asks gently.

She nods. "Yeah, I'm okay, thank you."

"You, um, have some blood on your lip," he says, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket and holding it out to her. He takes a few slow steps forward, acting as if she's a skittish horse ready to bolt.

"Oh!" Wiping her finger across the tender spot on her lip, she pulls it away only to confirm his observation. "I guess I do. Thank you." She accepts his offering and presses the cloth lightly to the cut.

"So, that seemed pretty intense," he says tentatively. "You're sure you're okay?"

"Yes, I will be." She glances over her shoulder and notes that Alec is watching the interaction intently through the van window. She's certain he can hear at least part of the conversation even though the window is closed.

When Bella turns back to meet the man's eyes, his gaze slides slowly to Alec's window then back to her.

"Could I talk to you for a moment over here?" he asks, gesturing to a spot behind her van.

"Sure, of course," she replies, stepping forward quickly and brushing past him to reach the place he suggested. She's had conversations with "helpful" people before and just wants to get it over with. In her experience, these conversations are never actually helpful.

"Look, my son—"

"I don't mean to intrude—"

They talk over each other, then stop, tossing awkward smiles toward one another.

"I'm sorry. Go ahead," he says.

"Right. Um, so my son has some behavior issues . . . clearly. He's seeing someone and we're helping him learn the skills he needs to better manage his anger. I know this looks bad and I'm sorry if it was upsetting to you—"

"Upsetting to me?" the man interrupts, his tone full of disbelief. "I didn't come over here because I'm upset. I came over because I want to make sure you're okay." He dips his head, coming eye level with Bella, and lowers his voice. "Listen, I saw that he landed some good hits on you. Along with your lip, I see the welts on your arm and what looks to be a bite mark. Frankly, miss, if he was a bit older or any bigger, anyone who saw what happened could rightfully call the police. I don't know what challenges your son has, but I do know there's a name for what I just saw, and that's 'assault'."

The man's gentle demeanor and his frankly spoken truth is nearly Bella's undoing. She looks down at her feet, blinking rapidly to hold back the tears welling in her eyes.

"I'm not here to judge you as a parent," he continues. "Or to judge your son. I'm just here as another human being who wants to make sure you both are safe."

Bella garners the courage to look him in the eye.

"Thank you."