Kamine Island.

Lelouch was in somewhat of a daze as he, Suzaku and C.C. exited the Thought Elevator. All that he could think about was that he had done it, after nearly nine years since his exile he'd finally done it! He'd killed his father, Charles zi Britannia, the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, at long last.

And yet, so much that he hadn't foreseen had also been revealed...his mother - no, she didn't deserve that title - Marianne had been just as involved in everything that had happened to him and Nunnally as the emperor. Her culpability was part of the reason why he was so out of sorts right now; even though he'd heard and seen the proof in C's World, it was still a blow to everything he thought he understood. How? How could she have done that? Were he and Nunnally so unimportant that she could so easily throw them both aside?

In the end it didn't matter, she was now truly dead along with her husband, adding to the list of the dead Lelouch was responsible for. And what a list it was: Rolo, Shirley, Euphie...even Nunnally. They were all gone now just so he could obtain victory. And that wasn't all he'd lost recently, the Black Knights had betrayed him to his brother Schneizal after being told of his Geass, and now he didn't even have Kallen anymore (never mind that he'd done it to save her life).

So many dead...so many betrayals...had it all been worth it?

"Lelouch." Speaking of betrayal, the voice of his childhood friend pulled him out of his morose thoughts and he turned to face Suzaku Kururugi, traitor to Japan and the memory of their friendship. The man who swore to kill him, but instead dragged him before the emperor and assisted in violating him in the worst possible way. The one who pulled the trigger on that monstrous weapon that killed Nunnally.

"What will you do now?" He asked presently, though there was an undercurrent of tension in his voice as if he was preparing to pounce.

The question also brought the third member of their group to a halt, the green haired immortal witch C.C., and who also noticed Suzaku's stiff posture and immediately tensed as well.

Don't die looking like that! You should come to death smiling! I promise you the smile you never had!

This boy had taken Lelouch from her once already, that wasn't going to happen again.

As for Lelouch himself, he initially remained quiet. But then he turned to look his old friend dead in the eye, his own amethyst orbs flaming alight with the red crane symbol of Geass. The inhuman appearance was enough to send a shiver down Suzaku's spine, it was as if Satan himself was staring down into his very soul. Expression wise Lelouch was completely blank, however that was simply to keep the vast sea of emotions within him from running wild.

What he truly wanted was Jeremiah's presence. His Geass Canceller would be very useful right now, Suzaku's irritating 'live' command was getting in the way of another one that he so desperately wanted to give. As it stood however, his faithful knight didn't even know if he was alive right now meaning that particular brand of vengeance was out of his hands.

Therefore, all Lelouch could really do was shrug before turning on his heel. "What I do with myself now is of no concern to you, Sir Kururugi." He threw over his shoulder as he made his way to the exit of the cave, C.C. immediately falling in line beside him.

They didn't get too far though before the fallen knight rushed ahead of them and barred the exit with his sword. "You murdered Euphie!"

And you killed Nunnally.

"And?" Lelouch as simply, not betraying anything, though his casual response threw Suzaku for a loop. "If that's all you have to say to me, then I'll be on my way."

"NO!" The traitorous knight yelled angrily, his face overcome with pure fury and hatred. "I thought you realised the consequences of your actions, but you're still the same!" He raised his sword up, taking it in both hands and directing its sharp tip straight at Lelouch. "I'm going to do what I should've done the last time we were here!"

Without another word he lunged forward, his focus directed solely on the man in front of him who had taken away so much for something so petty. However, because he was focussed only on Lelouch, he completely forgot about C.C. who had up to this point remained silent. No more though as suddenly she was in between the two of them, looking to take the blow herself.

"C.C.!" Lelouch's distressed cry caught them both by surprise, but it turned out to be unnecessary as moments before the blade could pierce her, C.C. grabbed it between her palms. Using his momentum against him, she redirected the sword off to the side forcing Suzaku along with it, tripping him with a well placed leg just as he came passed her.

The end result was the Knight of Seven falling end over end, his sword clattering out of his grasp and far from Lelouch. For a moment, both knight and revolutionary stared at her before C.C. focussed a cold glare on the former. "You heard him, boy. We are leaving. Do not stand in our way again."

Her threat snapped Lelouch out of his stupor, though whether it was because of his partner's voice or the fact that she was calling someone else 'boy' for a change even he wasn't quite sure, and he let out a little chuckle as his witch returned to his side. He spared Suzaku one final glance, regrets of the past - where he was concerned at least - finally washed away, and then exited the cave, C.C.'s hand in his own.

The world they returned to was considerably much quieter than when Lelouch had gone inside. Bismarck and his reinforcements must have finished sweeping away the Britannian 'rebels' he had acquired upon his arrival on Kamine Island. What he hadn't expected to see was the other airship flying alongside the Great Britannia. The Black Knights' Ikaruga battleship was flying in formation with the Britannian airships, their Akatsuki Knightmares returning to their berths.

If I needed any further proof that my soldiers are now the puppets of my brother. Lelouch thought to himself as he led C.C. towards where he'd hidden the Shinkiro. He let out a heavy sigh which caught his partner's attention.

"You're not thinking of stopping now are you?" She asked him, leaning in against him. "You've killed Charles and Marianne, so what of our contract? Are you simply going to forget what you owe me?"

Her question brought a small smile to his lips and Lelouch decided to surprise her by letting go of her hand, only to wrap his arm around her and pull her close to him. C.C.'s little shocked squeak was music to his ears and he couldn't resist placing a small kiss on her brow, right over her Code. "I haven't forgotten, my witch." He murmured into her hair "Did I not promise you the smile you've always deserved? But I must know: Will you stay with me?"

He pulled away so they could look each other in the eye, both of them needing complete honesty on what each of them were asking. A moment later, C.C. gave him her classic smirk and asked him, "How's this for an answer?" Before he knew it she'd leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips. Unlike the last two times she'd done this, however, Lelouch returned the chaste gesture giving her his answer in as intimate a way he could.

The kiss only lasted a moment, but it was more than enough for them to reinforce their contract with each other. When it ended Lelouch kept his arm around her, whilst C.C. wrapped hers around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder, and announced his intentions. "Very well then. In that case, we should make all speed to Pendragon."

"The capital?" C.C. blinked at him, curious. "Why would you want to go there?"

A very familiar grin suddenly streaked across Lelouch's face as they resumed their leisurely walk. "Well as far as I know, it's bad form for the new emperor to miss his coronation."

A month later. Pendragon.

The great throne room of the emperor was filled to capacity. Almost every prince, princess and noble in the empire had been called into attendance by command of His Royal Majesty the Emperor after over a month of silence. Why he'd been quiet for so long, no one was quite sure, but today he was to give a statement to the whole empire at once. What this statement involved however was just as secret as where he'd been all this time and so understandably many of the attending parties were rather concerned.

Looking around the vast hall, it was clear to some of the more astute nobles that key members of court were missing. For starters, Bismarck Waldstein, the Knight of One and the emperor's personal bodyguard, was missing. The only thing anyone had heard from him was over a month ago when he'd announced the emperor had gone missing. But if he'd been found then why was Bismarck still not present?

Possibly even more important and therefore worrying was the lack of attendance of Prince Schneizal. As Heir Presumptive, not to mention as Prime Minister of Britannia, it didn't look good if he was missing. More worryingly was the fact that he'd been missing almost as long as the emperor, leading many in the nobility to suspect his involvement in his father's sudden disappearance.

Princesses Cornelia and Marrybell were also absent, though this was far less concerning for those in attendance. Both of them were soldiers and therefore much more easily explained. After all, Cornelia had thrown away her claim to the throne when she went off on a fool's errand to prove her sister Euphemia's innocence for the Massacre of the Special Administrated Zone of Japan.

All speculation fell silent however when a royal guard stepped forward and announced, "Presenting His Royal Majesty, the Emperor of Britannia!"

Everyone froze to attention, awaiting the ominous arrival of the most powerful man in the world. They were in for quite a shock when that man revealed himself.

Ashford Academy.

"Wah!" Rivalz almost fainted when he saw who it was taking his seat in the emperor's throne. "It can't be!"

Bridge of Ikaruga.

The entire command group of the Black Knights stared at the large screen before them, shock and terror running through their systems as the emperor sat himself down.

"How..." Kallen was the only one able to manage a coherent phrase, and even then it was an effort, "how did he manage...?"

Pendragon, Throne Room.

The man who took his seat in the emperor's throne was not the large imposing figure of Charles zi Britannia, nor was it the charming silver tongued Schneizal el Britannia. Instead a ghost sat before them, dressed in the black uniform of Ashford Academy, the long believed dead Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, eldest child of Empress Marianne.

"It's impossible." Carine voiced the thoughts of many who were staring at this unexpected return.

"Lelouch?" Guinevere asked, "Is that really you?"-asked first princess Guinevere de Britannia.

The Black Prince glanced over at her, allowing an imposing smirk to carry over his face, "Yes, indeed it is me, sister. I have returned from the depths of hell intact, and now prepared to begin my duties as 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire."

His announcement was met with the beginnings of low muttering that threatened to turn into outcries of incredulity, however the mediocre Odysseus quickly stepped forward. "Lelouch, it gladdens me to see you alive and well. When Nunnally was found, we did begin to hope that you would be discovered to. But now, don't you think this little joke's gone on far enough? That's the seat of the emperor, our fath-"

"Charles Zi Britannia, 98th Emperor, is dead." Lelouch cut in, silencing the entire hall - and indeed the rest of the world as well - at once. "And I am the one who took his life. Therefore, by the rites of conquest, that makes me the new Emperor of Britannia!"

The mood of the assembled aristocracy suddenly changed again, going from shock and disbelief to outright fury. How dare this little upstart try to worm his way into power?!

"Guards!" Guinevere called, "Seize this murderer at once!"

A detachment immediately rushed to carry out her commands, their loyalty to Emperor Charles even now burning with a righteous fire. However they never got anywhere near Lelouch. Before they could even set foot on the first step leading up to the throne, something descended from above, striking down on the halberds that the palace guards were holding, sending their blades flying off and embedding themselves in between them and this new assailant.

"HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR HANDS IN DEFIANCE TO HIS MAJESTY?!" Barked the madly loyal cyborg where he landed, standing straight and glaring down on all of them. However, if one looked closely they would notice he was glaring directly into the lens of the camera that was broadcasting this drama worldwide. "I advise you all to hide yourselves away and pray for mercy, for none are safe from the might and loyalty of Jeremiah Gottwald!"

Such a display had the nobility freeze up again as the man himself took up a defensive position on Lelouch's right. The prince himself just chuckled before waving his hand at his servant. "I suppose introductions are unnecessary now, but for the sake of principles allow me to introduce you all to Jeremiah Gottwald, captain of my royal guard."

His words seemed to have some unspoken command as suddenly behind him ten more figures descended. Dressed in scarlet robes and wearing pointed helmets they were a foreboding image to behold, made even more so by the fact that their faces were completely mask by black visors. They too moved in front of their master to defend him, now outnumbering the guards who had tried to assault his person.

For even the slowest of individuals now it was clear what was going on; this was a usurpation of the throne, and Lelouch had done it without even trying.

"Lelouch, please," Odysseus tried again, hoping to end this foolish action before it got out of hand. "This simply won't do. Pulling a stunt like this on an international broadcast-"

"Is that so?" Lelouch asked, once again cutting his brother off, before standing up and walking forward so that he was in front of his faceless guards. "Then let me make this simple enough for you all to understand." And then he reached up and pulled away the purple contact lenses that kept his Geass at bay. "Now, acknowledge me as emperor!"

"Lelouch," the Crown Prince tried one last time to reason with his little brother, "I must insist that you stop joking around and-" but it was too late. Lelouch had set his gaze upon the entire hall, taking the minds of every one of the nobility. A moment later, Odysseus snapped to attention with a frantically loyal grin. "We hear and obey, Your Majesty!"

"All hail Emperor Lelouch!" His sisters uttered, hands on hearts.

"All hail Lelouch!" The rows behind them chanted.

"All Hail Lelouch!" The 99th Emperor grinned evilly at his new subjects' unquestioning loyalty to him and his vision.

"ALL HAIL LELOUCH!" It was time to get to work.



The gathered court in exile stared silently at the transmission, reactions varying from surprise to confusion to outrage. The Knights of One and Seven fell considerably into the third category. So this is it, Lelouch? Suzaku seethed at what he saw the usurper doing on screen. This is your response to everything that's happened?! Will you not be satisfied until everyone does exactly what you say?!

At his side, Gino was particularly more shocked than anything else. "Lelouch is royalty? Our Lelouch? The guy who Milly ordered around like a slave is one of our princes?!"

At the head of the table, two of the three missing royals watched the broadcast with considerably differing expressions. Cornelia was fuming at the sight of Euphie's killer now controlling the empire he'd sworn to destroy. As for Schneizal however, he held an amused smirk on his hand whilst twirling a white king piece through his fingers. "My, Lelouch, you truly know how to put on a spectacle. But now that you've returned the game can truly begin. I wonder, what will the world choose?"

Throne Room.


I could get used to hearing that. The man in question thought to himself with amusement as he overlooked the entire hall. Many of these faces he didn't recognise...but the ones he did were faces he'd burned into his mind nearly a decade ago. Those who had called him 'Commoner Prince' now bent the knee before him. Oh how beautifully ironic!

How long he had wanted this, this position of absolute authority! The whole empire was now his to do as he pleased with it, which was exactly what was needed for the next step of his plan. Raising his hand, he was further gratified to see the entire hall go absolutely silent. But this next statement was not for them, it was for those watching him at home in the supposed safety of their living rooms or their beds. It was for those who were currently drinking their sorrows away in dank hovels that dared to call themselves inns. It was for all those who the strong had stood upon, now to rise at last.

"As we all know, my late father, Charles zi Britannia, believed that all men are not created equal, that the strong were destined to rule over the weak and thus maintain the world order. He was only partially mistaken. No single man is equal to another in any sense of the word. There are the strong and there are the weak, there is no denying this truth. Yet does this mean the strong have the right to trample over the weak without a care in the world? I say it is not so!

"Emperor Charles cared only for power, and see where that path brought him: death at the hands of one whom he stood on. He cared nothing for his people, or even his own family! And yet I, who had no power all throughout my life, was able to stand before this tyrant and bring him to his knees! Let this be a lesson to all those with power who abuse their stations or betray their vows! The strong exist to aid the weak! If they do not, then we weaklings shall rise and destroy them and march on to create a gentle world! The world my late sisters Euphemia li Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia wished for: a world where we are all united in peace. I say now is the time that we must make that world a reality!

"I call upon all weaklings in the world, rise! And together, we shall take the future for ourselves!"

And then, raising his fist to the heavens, Lelouch uttered a phrase that he thought would never pass through his lips.


Somewhere in Europe.

Deep in one of the more hidden regions of what was once the EU, the command team of W-0 unit watched the global transmission in varying degrees of awe. None of them had anticipated returning to military service after their campaign against Euro Britannia ended, but certain changes in the world had necessitated their return - namely the unexpected return of Area 11's menace Zero. However, after Britannia completely annexed the European territories or the leaders broke away to join the UFN, the elite unit had found themselves and a quandary over what to do now.

Even their commanding officer, the blonde major Leila Malcal, was at a loss now and while she was grateful for their continued support she just didn't have any clue over what use she was to anyone anymore...until now. The news that Emperor Charles was dead set of cheers of joy all throughout their base, only to be hushed when the bearer of this news declared himself the new emperor. Many couldn't believe what they were hearing, that spindly little kid killed the giant of a man Charles zi Britannia? Ridiculous.

Yet somehow Leila found herself believing it the more Lelouch vi Britannia spoke. And as his speech continued on into his declaration that the weak held true power, she noted others were becoming transfixed by his speech, enough to ignore the fact that this was technically a usurpation. But it was more than that, there was something about this young man, something familiar.

It was his eyes. Something about them struck a chord with Leila, something she'd seen long ago when she was just a little girl, barely surviving on her own...but what was it?

Prison Alcatraz

In Britannia's worst kept secret prison for political opponents, even here the broadcast reached the ears of its inmates. Emperor Lelouch's words stirred up a powder keg and now any number of prisoners were cheering his name, finally a royal who stood against Charles zi Britannia's madness! It didn't matter when the guards came in to beat them silent, their plight had been realised at last! The guards kept hitting them, and they kept chanting the same thing over and over again: All hail Lelouch!

But in one cell was a special prisoner. He was a particularly large man, well into his forties, sporting violet hair. When he heard Lelouch declare the emperor dead, his strong silver eyes went wide with awe before descending into tears as he realised the meaning behind all of this.

"Young prince," he whispered to himself, barely containing his sobs "You've done it. You avenged your mother!" Tears still streaming down his face, the man suddenly broke into insane laughter and he rushed over to the bars, pressing his face as hard as he could against them, yelling for all his worth, hoping the warden himself heard him. "YOU HEAR THAT YOU FOOLS?! MY PRINCE HAS AVENGED LADY MARIANNE!"

Boston Military Academy.

The trainees had gathered in the main hall at the behest of headmaster Ozpin to see what their glorious leader had to say. By the end of it, each and every one of them were talking amongst themselves about what this could all mean. A pair of girls in particular, a dark skinned girl with silver hair and a pale ravenette, were discussing the new man in charge.

"What are you think about the new emperor, Cinder?" The former asked the latter.

The girl in question glanced at her, though her amber eyes immediately flicked back to the screen where Emperor Lelouch had raised his fist in determination, chanting the nation's motto. "I think," she began softly, "that the world just became a lot more interesting."

Very interesting indeed, she considered to herself privately, sending him her unspoken gratitude through a small smile. After all, it's not every day you find out that the man you've hated all your life was murdered by his own son.

Area 24

In her office in the government building of Area 24, the 88th Princess of Britannia, Marrybell mel Britannia followed the broadcast with an open mouth. It was one completely unbelievable piece of news after the other. By the time it ended with the new emperor declaring a new stance for the empire, she was completely dazed - which probably summed up how the rest of the world felt right about now.

She probably would have stayed in that shell shocked position had it not been for her childhood friend and knight of honor, Oldrin Zevon, snapping her back to reality. "Your Highness, are you alright?"

Shaking herself out of her stupor, Marrybell got up from the chair she'd been sitting in behind her desk and gave her old friend a shaky smile. "Oh yes Oz, I'm perfectly alright. After all, my half brother only just returned from the dead, announced he killed our father probably a month ago, and has taken the throne with next to no effort. Nothing strange there."

And then her words caught up to her...and Oldrin had to move quickly to catch her as she fainted.

Throne Room

Lelouch now sat alone, having dismissed his small armour of aristocratic pawns shortly after the broadcast ended, save for his royal guard and C.C. who had been watching everything from the shadows and was now curled up in his lap, his left hand absently playing with her long hair.

The new emperor regarded his small detachment for a moment, it hadn't been easy to find these guys; after the Knights of the Round these were some of the most elite soldiers the empire had to offer. Tracking them down without drawing attention to himself had been quite the challenge, made even more difficult because they had been spread out all over the world.

However, his labours had borne fruit and now he had not only Jeremiah but an entire team of lethal killers at his command ready to die for him without a moment's pause. Of course, unlike Jeremiah, they had to be 'persuaded' first. He made a mental note to make sure they weren't in his Guard Captain's range should he need to use his Geass Canceller...that would just be awkward.

"Lelouch," his witch's voice cut him out of his contingency planning and he returned his focus to her. "Are you sure about doing this?"

It was an empty question, they both knew it. The path before him was the only one he could take if anything was to be achieved. Nevertheless, Lelouch also knew he had to say it so she knew just how serious about this he was.

"C.C," he whispered so only she could hear him "if I am to create the world I just described: a world of peace and unity - a gentle world that Nunnally wanted - then.." closing his eyes, he rested his brow against hers before completing his answer "this world must answer only to me."


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