Chapter 2: toadette's way

Toad when to the drinking to get a water. Toad got done drinking water he went back to the bedroom to check on toadette. After toad opened the door he didn't see her. Maybe she went to the bathroom said toad. Toad checked the bathroom to find toadette but she not in there. Then toad checked the closet, toad opened the door found toadette sleeping. Toadette wake up said toad. Then toadette woke up. How long you been in the closet? I been puting clothes in the closet and the next thing I know I fell asleep. Toad help toadette to the bed. You should get some rest toadette. No I be fine toad.

Do you need water toadette? Sure toad. Toad go get toadette some water, while toadette lie on the bed and rest. Then she got a good game for toad. Toad got back with a bottle of water for toadette. Thanks toad. Let play game. But toadette we didnt bring any boardgame. Don't worry I got the game to play. What are we playing? Truth or dare toad that what we playing. Ok said toad. I go first, truth or dare toad? I pick truth said toad. Do you love me? Yes said toad. Your turn toad said toadette. Ok truth or dare? I pick dare said toadette. Toad think for her dare until he got one. Show me your swim suit. Uh I think iIpack them in, let me check. After 3 minues toadette said i can't find it. Ok IO guess it your turn. Truth or dare toad? I choose dare toadette. Toadette got a good one for toad. I dare you to strip off my clothes im wearing. Uh ok said toad. He began to remove her shose first, her sock, her pants, her underwear, her shirt and her bra. Ok im done taking off your clothes toadette said toad. Shouldn't you put your clothes back on? After one last dare lick my boobs. I not going to do that toadette. Then you are going to have sex with me toad. Ok ok, I go lick your boob. Toad start licking het boob. That it toad keep going until I say stop. Toad keep licking her boobs for five minutes and then toadette told to stop. That was good toad I like it. Now let get some thing to eat toad.

Toadette get dress while toad wash his mouth from toadette's boobs, then they go to the dinner room. Chapter 3 next page.