Title: AU: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Author: Artemis Luna Diana

E-Mail: artemislunadiana@yahoo.com

Rating: PG-13 (cursing)

Pairing: none

Time: begins the night of James and Lily's deaths and continues through Harry's first year of school

Summary: Harry grows up under the watchful eyes of Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Arabella Figg.  When Harry was still little, he had a nightmare and woke up screaming.  When his guardians arrived in his bedroom, he told them that he would be coming back.  Knowing instinctively who Harry was referring too, the three resolved to train Harry to defend himself before he left for Hogwarts.  They figured that everyone would dismiss Harry's vision as a simple nightmare.  So they kept the whole matter a secret.  Now it's time for Harry's first year of Hogwarts.  He's been trained in secret to be cunning, strong, and quick-thinking.  So where does he end up: Slytherin.

Disclaimer: I own not a thing.  Due to the fact that this story covers one of the years already written, the majority of the events and some of the dialogue comes straight from the book. 

Thanks to: snapeysnapesnape for the excellent beta

Chapter One: Et tu, Brutus?

{October 31, 1981}

"Remus, where is my jar of bat droppings?"

"Sirius had it last."

"He's not here; how am I suppose to find it?"  A pause.  "What did he want it for?"

"I don't know, and I don't know."



"Get your lazy ass off that couch and get in here right now!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" he replied and jumped off the couch.  He entered his companion's workroom. 

"Well, don't just stand there; help me find it!"

"What do you need it for?" Remus asked peering into one of the cabinets.

"Shut-up and keep searching."

"Somebody is in a bad mood."

A sigh.  "Sorry, Remus.  I've been having a really bad day."  A pause.  "I just have this feeling something awful is going to happen."

"It's your paranoid auror instincts."



"Shut up and look for the bat droppings."



Sirius paced the length of the room.  Five steps.  Turn.  Five steps.  Turn.  He glanced out the window.  Nightfall.  Five steps.  Turn.  Five steps.  Turn.  "Bloody hell!" he yelled.  He grabbed his jacket and ran out of the small cottage.  He couldn't take it.  He needed to know if James, Lily, and Harry were alright.  He jumped on his motorcycle and flew to Peter's home.


Peter apparated to his Master's side and disclosed the location of the Potter's home.  His Master disapparated.  Peter sagged in relief.  No curses had been sent his way.  He shuddered.  He had just betrayed his childhood friends.  He had signed their death warrants.  They would die because of him.


"It's weird without Sirius here."

"You mean it's quiet for once."


Silence.  "I hope you realize that now I am feeling paranoid."

"Sorry, Remy."

"No, you're not."  A sigh.

"Do you want to go check on Sirius?"

"And lead the Death Eaters to him?  No thanks."

"Fine, then we'll go see Peter."

"You don't like Peter."

"I can tolerate him if it will make you happy."

"Okay, let's go."

Arabella and Remus stood and went to the cheerfully burning fireplace.  A pinch of floo powder and one yelled destination later, found the two standing in Peter's living room.


Sirius landed the motorcycle in Peter's yard and quickly ran up to the house.  He banged on the front door.


Arabella went to the front door while Remus went looking for Peter.  She was shocked to see Sirius standing there.  "Sirius!  What are you doing here?!"

"Where is Peter?" Sirius demanded.  "Is he here?"

"Remus went to look for him, we just flooed here.  What is going on?"

The two gasped in shock and doubled over with nausea.  "Fuck!" Arabella cursed.

"The charm is down!" Sirius panted.  "Peter betrayed us!"

"Peter?  What are you talking about?"

"He was the secret keeper!"

"Sirius, wait!"


"…It's him!  Take Harry and go!…"


"JAMES!"  Sirius screamed at the flaming ruins of his best friend's home.  "LILY!"  Over the sounds of the crackling fire, he could hear the screams of a baby.  He ran through the open door and into the blaze. 

"Oh, God," he sobbed.  "James!"  Laying on the floor was the body of his best friend.  "Lily!"  He ran up the stairs, where the sound of the baby was coming from.  He went into the nursery, and found Lily's body laying beside the screaming Harry.  "Harry." He picked up the one-year-old and drew his wand.  He managed to choke out the spell through the smoke and his tears to levitate Lily's body.  He fled the house.

He set Harry next to his mother's body and reentered the house.  He wouldn't leave James in there to burn.  The house collapsed just as he left with James in tow.  He fell to the ground, sobbing, next to their bodies.  He couldn't comfort Harry when he himself so desperately needed comforting.

He heard the pop of a portkey and whirled around, wand drawn to defend the bodies of his friends and their still crying son.  "Hagrid," Sirius choked out.

"Sirius," Hagrid said, shocked to see him there.  He saw the bodies of Lily and James and instantly broke down in tears. 

Sirius picked up Harry.  "Hagrid," he said, his grief beginning to turn into rage.  "Take Harry to Arabella, please.  I have to…" he managed before his breath hitched and he couldn't go on.  Harry was beginning to calm down.  He recognized the arms in which he was held.

"Dumbledore wants me to take Harry to him," Hagrid said in-between great sobbing breaths.

Sirius didn't bother to question how Dumbledore knew Harry was alive.  The old wizard always seemed to know everything.  This wasn't a new situation.  He nodded to Hagrid and passed Harry over.  "I'll be back for him," he promised.  "Take my motorcycle.  I'll apparate."

Hagrid got on the motorcycle and took off.  Sirius looked down at the bodies of Lily and James one more time.  The Ministry would be coming any minute.  He wanted Peter for himself, and he didn't want to be held up by bureaucratic nonsense.  He apparated.


Sirius spent all night tracking Peter.  It wasn't until noon the next day that he caught up with the traitor in Muggle London.  Before he realized what was happening, Peter was yelling at him that he betrayed James and Lily.  The spell was cast and the blast wave knocked Sirius off of his feet.  He sat up quickly, Peter was gone.  He had transformed.  The bodies of at least a dozen Muggles littered the street.  His brain slowly caught up with him.  Peter had set him up and faked his death.  Sirius began to laugh.  It was the bitter laugh of someone who knew that no matter what, they would take the fall for another's actions.  He was still laughing when the Ministry showed up.


Remus and Arabella stood in Dumbledore's office.  Both were yelling at the old wizard.

"It wasn't Sirius!"  Arabella shouted.

"He said it was Peter!"

"Tell them to stop hunting Sirius!"

Dumbledore stood.  Even his patience had limits.  They fell silent.  "I have just received word that Sirius has killed thirteen people on the streets of London, including Peter.  The rest were Muggles."

"What?" Arabella asked shocked.

"What does that mean?" Remus asked.  "He said…"

"He lied," Dumbledore replied.  "Sirius was James and Lily's secret keeper."

Remus left the office in a daze.  Arabella turned to Dumbledore.  "Are you sure?" she asked quietly.

"What other explanation do we have?" Dumbledore asked tiredly.  "Those were innocent Muggles.  The witnesses said Peter was shouting at him about betraying James and Lily and that Sirius responded by blowing up half the street."

"What about Harry?" she asked after a moment.

"He's with Lily's sister."

Arabella's mouth dropped open in shock.  "You left him with those Muggles?!"


Arabella was speechless.  She turned and left Dumbledore's office before she could give in and yell at the old man once more.


Remus stood just inside the main building of the Ministry.  He must have been standing there for ten minutes before someone stopped beside him.  "Remus, you should go home."

Remus looked up and saw Arthur Weasley standing in front of him.  "What?"

"Remus, go home."

"I need to…  I want to hear…" Remus choked. 

Arthur sighed.  "Alright.  Come with me."

Arthur led him down to the sub-basement where the prisoners were kept before trial.  They weren't even going to trial with Sirius Black, but he was there until the mess at Azkaban was straightened out.  Arthur opened the door to the last cell and entered; Remus close behind.

Remus stared at Sirius, and Sirius stared back.  "Why?"

Sirius sank back on the cot, his eyes closing in pain. 

"You killed innocent people and Peter, our friend!  You betrayed James and Lily!  You made Harry an orphan!  Why, Sirius!  Tell me why!"

"I didn't!  I didn't do any of it!"

"Arabella told me you said it was Peter.  You killed Peter and twelve innocent Muggles!  How can it not be you!"

"Peter isn't dead!"

"They found his finger!  That was the biggest piece they could find!"

Sirius chuckled hollowly.  "Clever bastard."

"What?" Remus asked shocked.

He straightened from his slouched position.  "Don't you realize that of any of us, Peter could have faked his death the easiest.  He was the smallest."

Arthur's gaze flicked back and forth between the two former friends, totally confused.  For Remus, however, realization was quick to come.  "Oh, God."

"Yes," Sirius hissed.

"Arthur, we have to dose him with truth potion.  We have to make sure!"  Remus grabbed the other man by his robes, pulling him till their faces were inches apart.  "He has to go to trial, if nothing else!"


Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Barty Crouch, Albus Dumbledore, Alastor Moody and Sirius Black were in one of the Ministry's interrogation rooms.  Moody was not gentle, by any means, when he dosed the suspected murderer with Veritaserum.

"What is your name?" Crouch asked, a quick-quill scribbling the question down beside him.

"Bartholomew Sirius Black."

"Where did you attend school?"

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Were you the Potter's secret keeper?"


"Who was their secret keeper?"

"Peter Pettigrew."

"Did you kill Peter Pettigrew?"


"What happened in the streets of Muggle London when you and Peter met on November 1st?"

"He yelled at me that I had betrayed James and Lily then blew up the street behind him with his wand.  The shockwave knocked me off of my feet.  When I sat up he was gone and there were Muggles dead on the street."

"What do you think he did when you were knocked off of your feet?"

"He transformed into his animagus form and went into the sewers."

"What?" Moody asked, shocked.

 "He transformed into his animagus form and went into the sewers."

"Was Peter Pettigrew an animagus?" Crouch continued.


"What was his form?"

"A rat."

"Was he registered?"


Dumbledore stepped forward.  "I think we can stop here.  It's obvious that it wasn't Sirius."

Crouch nodded.  "I'll have the aurors on the lookout for Pettigrew."  He glanced at Sirius.  "Your possessions are restored to you, Sirius Black, and your job is restored as well.  We need all of our aurors to gather all of the remaining Death Eaters."


Arabella and Remus took Sirius home and made him get in bed.  They sat down on the couch, unsure of what to do.  They weren't sitting there long before Sirius came down.  He held up a hand, stopping them from speaking.  "I can't sleep, so I might as well make myself useful.  Where is Harry?"

"Dumbledore took him to Lily's sister," Arabella replied, cringing.

Sirius ground his teeth together.  "Why didn't you two get him?"

Remus and Arabella looked down at the floor.  "Dumbledore wants him there.  Who are we to argue?"

Sirius stalked out of the room and they jumped up to follow.  "Where are you going?" Remus called after him.

"To get my Godson!"


Dumbledore stood in the living room of the Lupin-Black-Figg home.  "Sirius," he tried to reason.

"No.  I'm his Godfather.  He stays with me."  Sirius bounced a giggling Harry on his knee.

"I don't think it would be wise to raise him in the wizarding world.  All this Boy-Who-Lived stuff could go to his head."

"I won't allow that."

"How will you prevent it?"

Sirius glared at him.  "I will.  He is my responsibility.  I will take care of him."

"Know that I disapprove."

"I do."

Dumbledore sighed.  "There is nothing I can do to prevent this."  He sat down heavily on one of the chairs.  "Let me see him," he said and held out his arms.

Sirius smirked and passed Harry to the older man.  Harry found Dumbledore's beard fascinating.  He gave it a few quick tugs.  Sirius laughed.