Elf couldn't believe her eyes when Rose handed her the envelope. Rose smiled down at her with a giant teasing grin on her face, eyes sparkling.

"I know I could have just told you since I'm the headmaster and you live here, but I thought you'd like to have your own like the other students!" The little house elf reached up and took the letter and broke the seal bearing the Hogwarts crest. She opened the letter with trembling fingers and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Mistress Rose! You've… you've accepted me to Hogwarts?" Elf asked apprehensively. "But… I'm a house-elf! It's unheard of…what will people say about you?" Elf was nervous but she looked trustingly to Rose for an answer.

"What anyone says about me doesn't matter. It's about time someone put a stop to all this discrimination. I only wish I could change the laws. The fact that houselves are still enslaved is appalling! You'd think in Britain of all places our society would have moved beyond that!" Elf didn't know how she could ever thank her new mistress enough! The chance to get an education…to make something of herself…it was more than she ever dared to hope for. Her little heart swelled over with gratitude. Even if Rose had never given her that chance, she was lucky to be with her. She was so kind to her and actually paid her for her work. It was such a contrast from the way her old mistress had treated her, working her nearly to death, beating her, all the while mocking the fact that she couldn't do a thing about it… One day she'd had enough. She used her magic on White Diamond. She didn't even know how that was possible given the enchantment over her, but she did it; however, her mistress made sure she paid for it. White Diamond used the cruciatus curse on her, right there in front of her guests, all of whom just laughed as Elf writhed in agony, except for Rose Quarts-a work associate of the pureblood Diamond family, who could only watch with silent pity. After it was all over White Diamond Raised her wand again, threatening the death curse. Elf's desperate pleas only fell on deaf ears.

"Anyone here want to buy a lightly used house-elf for a few galleons or should I just exterminate this little pest?" The others, relatives of White Diamond only chuckled darkly but Rose, quickly offered up the gold, much to everyone's surprise. Since that time, Elf had been living with her rescuer for a couple of months. She was so grateful toward her but questions about her new mistress still ate at her mind. It was beyond her why someone so wonderful had anything to do with that awful family. And she was almost afraid to ask but…

"Mistress Rose, may I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Why…if you think it's wrong to have houselves… haven't you given me clothes? Elf glanced up nervously, wondering if she'd said too much.

"You'll find out soon, my pearl." Rose walked out of the room with a wink. Elf loved it when she called her that. Pearl- like a precious gem, like she was something special. Elf was the only "name" she'd ever known. She sighed and wondered what the other students at Hogwarts would say. "An elf named Elf? How incredibly original." She wished she had a proper name to call her own. "Oh man!" she realized. "It's so obvious!" The tiny six-inch tall elf climbed up onto Rose's vanity and said with conviction, "My name is Pearl."