Hey, sorry it's been a while. I've been busy with online school and all. So I learned something cool about the houses. JK Rowling says you are whatever house you choose no matter what you got on Pottermore, so this is the work of a proud 'puff. Also, the Ilvermorny quiz is up and I got horned serpent!

Pearl jumped from stair to stair on her way down to the dungeons to get her things. She only hoped Lapis wouldn't be angry with her for leaving. She would need help taking her luggage back upstairs as she was too small to do it herself. Of course, even if Lapis said no, she could always ask Garnet, but she was determined to climb these stupid stairs as few times as possible. She had to either leap down or pull herself up, and after a few days of being at Hogwarts she was achy and exhausted from doing it so much, although she could usually hitch a ride on one of her new friends' shoulders. She had tried on numerous occasions to use the engorgio charm to make herself bigger, but she hadn't gotten the hang of it yet. She knew she could have just asked Rose to do it, but she had made up her mind she would do it herself. The way she saw it, the inconvenience was just all the more motivation to get the spell right.

She said the password for the Slytherin common room and stepped inside, where Lapis was apparently already studying. Lazuli took no notice of the elf's quiet entrance as she looked intently down at her assignments, but as Pearl approached her she noticed that what she was staring at was not homework at all, but what appeared to be a large shard of glass or mirror. She must have been examining her bruised face. She looked so miserable; it made Pearl want to cry. However, as Lapis changed the angle at which she was holding the mirror, she noticed something curious. In the broken surface of the glass, the battered girl's face was free of bruises and cuts and her eyes were shining a clear and beautiful blue, such a contrast from the actual tired look that the brunette wore now. It was almost as if the mirror contained the girl's very soul and she was longing to set it free.

"Lapis…?" Pearl finally spoke and Lapis nearly jumped out of her skin. She quickly attempted to hide the mirror and muttered a string of profanity upon being discovered in such a vulnerable moment. "Oh. It's you." She glared. "What do you want?"

"I…I'm sorry. I…"

"Spit it out!" Lapis said angrily, and Pearl wished she hadn't been eavesdropping.

"I need help moving my things." Pearl said, who decided to go with the simple truth. "I'm moving into gryfindor tower."

"How is that even possible?" Lapis asked, sounding more confused than angry now. "Was the sorting hat wrong? That's never happened before!"

"No, it's just a problem with living arrangements." Lapis looked less offended than skeptical, but allowed Pearl to continue. "The headmistress told me to move." Pearl said simply, not really caring to have to explain herself.

"Fine." Lapis said bluntly. "I've always been a loner anyway." Lapis' expression was unreadable, but she helped the elf anyway. Pearl sat on the luggage as Lapis carried it up to the entrance of the gryfindor common room. They took the whole trip in an uncomfortable silence and Pearl only hoped her new roommate wouldn't be so standoffish. "I don't know the password, but knowing gryfindors, it probably has four letters." Lapis said, rather hypocritically, Pearl thought. "You'll have to wait until someone comes by and says it." She then turned on her heel and left without another word. Pearl sighed. That was… awkward.

As it turned out the password was four letters (lion), and the first student who came by had no problem saying it in front of Pearl. He simply told her to do a better job cleaning or get back to the kitchens, apparently thinking she was one of the help. Pearl of course, was not happy at all with this, but it got her in, so she couldn't complain. Besides, if this guy was the one who came up with the password, (he was) he was too stupid for his opinions to matter to her anyway. It was fairly late at this point and no one else was in the common room, and Pearl doubted this guy would help her carry her stuff. Then she had a brilliant idea. "Yes, sir! I certainly will! Would you just be so kind as to help me carry these… cleaning supplies to the girl's dormitories?"

Pearl laughed to herself as she put up her stuff. "What an idiot!" she thought as she was finishing up and the door opened. "That must be my roommate." she thought and turned to see who it was.