Hello there, folks.

Well, here's a bizarre Yuletide gift for you. I imagine you all had a collective heart attack when you saw this pop up in your notifications, so once you've recovered (CPR might be wise) do read on.

I'm gonna have to disappoint you one last time, as this isn't a new chapter; it is, however, an update, since many have asked for one. And as they say, ask and ye shall receive.

It's come to the forefront of my mind lately that I've pretty much been engaging in radio silence since around July, and for that I owe you an apology. All 351 of you. That blows my mind.

I can't give a firm date for the next instalment, since my workload and personal obligations in other areas continue to stack up, but I can give you my word that the rapid pace of updates I maintained at the outset will be resumed in due course. Thanks to some wonderful help and motivation from writers far more talented than I, as well as the continued support of the amazing people over on the Zootopia Discord server (sup, Cutt) I'm just about back in the driver's seat mentally to bring this baby home. Y'all deserve closure. Closure.

In other words, consider this a firm reassurance that this story has officially NOT – read: NOT – been dropped at all.

When the next chapter comes, and it is coming, I'll explain what the hell's been going on more in-depth. I will say for now, though, that I'm so thankful for the support this story continues to receive, be it in the form of reviews/followers, or the fic actually being recently featured on ZNN! How about that?! Cheers, DarkFlameWolf!

Ta muchly, folks. Expect chapters soon. Nick and Judy's fate shall be revealed!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, too.

- Basil