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The Diary of Love pain and terror and Betrayal Summary: An Entry from Piper Phoebe and Leo mostly entries that has Cole and Paige in *********************************************************** Phoebe Diary Entry

The Pain was just too much I already lost everyone I lost Mum Grams Dad Prue and now My baby and Cole. So many times I nearly lost Piper and Paige and Leo. We have lost innocents ever sine we become a Witch, So many times that I nearly died Yesterday we just vanquished the Seer long with all the other warlock But I lost someone else my unborn baby. I don't know I could bear it I vanquished the Man of my dreams I missed him a lot. Every day I keep waking up thinking that it was a dream but it wasn't it was real.

All the times Paige kept telling piper that Cole was evil and we inrgoned her. All these things the job the car the tickets Probably even the chocolate and Him not wanting us to look for Paige when she turned into a Vampire and the penthouse and the no orbing thing

I am starting to think he was the one who made that power broker to infect her. I am also starting to think that Cole wanting to distroy Paige.

Why didn't he tell me I could of helped him I asked him is their something I should know after my Future self and past self were here but he said no Aw! I just can't bear it anymore, Anyway I should go Piper's calling, I just miss him so much