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The Diary of Love pain and terror and Betrayal Summary: An Entry from Piper Phoebe and Leo mostly entries that has Cole and Paige in ***********************************************************

Paige Diary entry

They didn't listen to me they didn't believe me if they did we could of saved Cole from the source but instead we vanquished him even though I disliked him because of what he was before I hated doing it but I knew I had too here what I thought about my brother-in-law before I knew who he really was

He was really handsome probably a guy I would of fallen for too if he wasn't dating Phoebe and that I was with the halliwells when Cole came, He a was a decent man but then he became the source and we had to vanquished him. Yesterday the seer tried to get Phoebe baby which she did but Me Piper and Phoebe defeated her and the council leader and members but Phoebe lost someone else, the baby poor thing she just lost the man of her dreams and now she just lost her baby Piper also found a letter with Cole handwriting Yesterday as I was writing this Diary entry Phoebe is probably reading it.

And today Phoebe heard Cole voice calling her needing her help to get out of the wasteland as if that wasn't enough a guy name Jack hitman or whatever knows who we are and threatened us to help him or he will exposed us

And now the Angel of Destiny offers us a chance of been normal even thought I disagree with it Phoebe and Piper wants to think about it well I gtg we need to thought this Jack loser out