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Chapter FOUR

The Battle –

Set during City of Glass


Alec had lost track of Magnus in the chaos since the Clave had decided to use Clary's rune instead of surrender. They were going to fight. This was now officially war. A battle was coming and if Alec was fighting in it, he wanted to fight side by side with Magnus.

He listened as Simon relayed information from Clary about whom Jace really was. Isabelle was very excited about it. Alec was too, he was just too busy looking for Magnus to really appreciate it right now. Perhaps he would later, and they could all celebrate the latest change in Jace's parentage later.

When finally Alec's eye locked on Magnus he walked away from Simon and Isabelle without a second glance.

"Magnus," He breathed when he approached him. He hadn't noticed earlier how simple Magnus looked. He wasn't his usual gel and glitter self. "I've been looking for you."

Magnus was reasonably surprised Alec was approaching him around all these shadowhunters. "Is everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, fine. I wanted to, I – we –" Alec stuttered. "You'll be my partner, won't you?"

"If that's what you want, of course I will, Alexander." Magnus replied.

Alec looked at him with his bright blue eyes. "There is no one else I would fight with but you, Magnus."

Magnus simply held out his arm. Alec took out his stele and taking a deep breath he began tracing the Clary's Alliance rune on the back of Magnus's hand, carefully, taking his time.

Magnus smiled at him as he worked. Alec handed Magnus his stele in one hand, and then placed his arm in the other. It was and odd feeling, Magnus thought, marking Alec with a rune. He watched Alec do it so many time, watched others, but he never thought it was an honour he would experience. When he finished, the two men looked at each other intently as they felt the magic of the rune take hold and flow through their bodies.

It was an intense feeling, and intense moment.

Alec flew his arms around Magnus and kissed him with everything he had, before he had a chance to over think it. He could feel Magnus stiffen, clearly surprised by Alec's sudden display of affection. It took a second but Magnus relaxed and returned Alec's kiss, moving his frozen lips against his.

When they broke apart, they stayed close together, hands touching.

"I don't want to die in the war without kissing you again, without my family knowing who and what I am," Alec said in a rush.

Magnus's cat eyes hardened, and he clutched Alec's hand in his. "You will not die, Alexander."

Alec smiled. He could see his parents staring at him. He gulped. "Well," He said. "I guess the secrets out. Don't know about you, but I feel great."

Magnus couldn't believe it. After weeks of secrets and arguments, this was it, they were no longer a secret. He could hold Alec's hand and touch his shoulder without Alec jerking him away, he could lean down and kiss him if wanted to, which he did simply because he wanted to, because he could.

"Don't you two have a war to be fighting in?"


Magnus smiled at her and she turned her attention to her brother. "I'm so proud of you, Alec."

"Thanks, Izzy."



Alec and Magnus held hands as the waited for the battle to begin on Brocelind Plain. They stood side by side in a sea of shadowhunters and downworlders. They could see Luke and Jocelyn in the near distance, with their hands dangling close together, almost but not quite touching. "I wonder if they'll work things out after this," Magnus wondered aloud to himself.

"What, who?" Alec said, thinking about where his parents could be in the crowd.

"Luke and Jocelyn," He said. "I've watched them for years, loving each other from afar, both too afraid to act," He replied. "Maybe this will change things for them."

"I'm glad that's not us anymore," Alec said.

Magnus smiled. "Me too," He said.

Shadowhunters around them began drawing their seraph blades and various weapons, wolfs began transforming, everyone bracing themselves for the fight as Valentine's deadline drew near.

"Promise me something," Magnus said.

Alec nodded, "Anything."

"We stay together," Magnus answered. "No matter what."

Alec barely had time to nod before it started.

Demons. Everywhere.

He had never seen so many before.

Alec drew his blades. Magnus's fingers glowed with blue sparks.

Magnus fought with a new speed and strength that he had never experienced, and Alec had never felt too powerful, like he could cut down anything with this new boost of power, his blade slashing through demons with blue sparks that it never had before, demons dying easier than ever. They fought together like a well-oiled machine, moving together, taking glances to make sure the other were safe.

It felt odd to fight without Jace by his side, but just as strong and right to fight with Magnus.

There was blood everywhere in such a short space of time.

Shadowhunters and downworlders alike fought well, but the demons, they just kept coming. Every time Alec cut one down demon he swore another three showed up in place. He swung blades with both hands, with a focus greater than ever.

He was mid fight with a particularly stubborn demon that wouldn't go down, when Alec felt like he had been cut apart from the inside, as if part of him were leaving this earth. He fell to his knees, clutching his shoulder, his parabatai rune, and his breath caught in his throat.

The demon was coming toward him, and Alec thought this was it. Jace was gone and now he would be too.

Blue sparks appeared behind the demon and it exploded in front of his eyes. "Alec, what happened, are you okay?" Alec could barely focus on Magnus, who was pulling him up and onto his feet. He was still clutching his shoulder with his other hand.

"It's Jace – my rune –"

There wasn't time to talk. The demons were still coming and they had to keep fighting.

It was bad.

Most were still fighting but bodies had begun falling, dead and dying on the ground around them.

But then everything changed.

The demons were retreating and the ones that remained were slain with more ease. Something snaped back in place within Alec. He felt whole again.

"What the hell is going on, Jace?" He thought to himself.



Things were chaotic after that.

The battle was over. Shadowhunters moved the bodies of their dead and injured with the help of downworlders while others began dispersing and going their own ways. Magnus and Alec embraced each other tightly when it was over and kissed harder than they ever had, both happy the other was alive and well.

They both had cuts and scrapes but other than that they were alive and well.

Alec found his family when the shadowhunters returned to the Accords hall through a portal Magnus created.

"Alec!" Izzy screamed, and she was running towards him. Despite the number of Iratzes she'd received her body was weak and she winced slightly and she collided with Alec, hugging her big brother as tight as she could.

"Izzy, you're all blood, what –" Alec's eyes hardened. "Have you been fighting?"

The words began tumbling out of her mouth, how she'd tracked Jace thanks to Magnus – to which Alec turned and glared at Magnus – how Sebastian had almost killed Jace, then her, before Jace killed him.

Alec could bearly process.

"Jace went to find Valentine and he sent me to warn the guard. Shadowhunters have been sent to find Sebastian's body and down to the lake," Izzy continued. "Do you think Jace is alright?"

Alec paled. "Izzy, my rune – I dont know," He settled on saying.

"He's Jace," She said, her voice wavering. "He'll be fine."

The three of them, Izzy, Alec and Magnus stayed together. Simon joined them eventually and they noticed Clary was noticebly absent. Luke and Jocelyn were terrified.

The Accords hall was full of shadowhunters hugging family members, smiling at being reunited and others crying in loss. Mayrse and Robert came over to check on their children's safety and when they were satisfied in that they were both okay they were all about business. They floated in an out of the hall, conversing with the council members and clave about everything they knew.

It wasn't long before Mayrse and Robert were alerted by shadowhunters that Jace and Clary had been found, both alive.

Alec, Izzy and Magnus – with a look of unhappiness from Robert – along with Simon, Luke and Jocelyn all headed off to see them. Clary was deemed fine while Jace was sent to the infirmary, while Clary repeated what had happened by the lake over and over.

Alec dismissed his fears of Jace's death during the battle.

When Luke and Jocelyn finally stopped fussing over her and the Lightwoods were busy concerning over Jace, Clary pulled Magnus aside.

"Biscuit," Magnus said. He felt severely tired now. Magnus had never done so much physical in his long life. "Come to tell me what really happened to dear ole' Jace down there?"

"How did you–"

"Alec," Magnus replied. "During the battle, something happened to his rune."

The lightwoods returned from checking on Jace moments later. "He's seems alright," Mayrse said. "He's sleeping."

"I'll check on him in the morning," Magnus said, reassuring both Clary and the Lightwoods.

Mayrse simply nodded, avoiding looking at Magnus. Robert looked angry, eyeing how close in proximity Alec and Magnus were to each other.

"Well," Luke said. "I think after the day and night we've all just had, we could use some rest."

Jocelyn nodded. "Yes, c'mon Clary, let's go," She said taking her daughter's hand. Clary was too tired to fight to stay with Jace. Clary, Luke and Jocelyn found Amatis and headed for her home, departing from the Lightwoods, whom began walking towards their house, along with Magnus who was gripping Alec's hand in his, despite the unpleasant look on Robert's face.

Clary smiled. Alec and Magnus deserved to be together, after all this, to be happy, she thought. It was clear how much they loved each other.