It wasn't long before Artemis discovered what "manual" Holly was talking about before. The one that his parents had kept from him. A few clicks and one search online were all it took before Artemis was reading it.

The Fairy Manual: Steps to take when caring for your Pet.

Artemis was already disgusted with that. Fairies didn't need to be referred to as pets. He clicked the next page, going into the Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: History of Fairies

Chapter 2: Feeding your Fairy

Chapter 3: Playing Outside with your Fairy

Chapter 4: Sleep

Chapter 5: Magic Prohibitions

Chapter 6: Punishing your Fairy

Artemis sighed, not sure where to start except the beginning. It was a rather short manual, probably because of the lack of rules when it came to Fairies. Honestly, it was all about the morals of the Master.

Chapter 1: History of the Fairies

All Fairies are alike, whether it be a Pixie, Elf, Centaur, Sprite, or any other species. They are all manipulative, conniving, and over all any Fairy will try their hardest to destroy the human race.

Fairies hid themselves from humans for centuries, building their power and offenses to attack us while we were helpless. Out of pure luck, we advanced in technology some ways that The People did not anticipate. Humans captured all the Fairies out of their underground camps before they could begin infiltrating the surface of the Earth and take it away from us.

Upon research before capture-a dissection of every species of Fairy-we discovered that some types of The People had access to harmful, dangerous magic. Scientists found a way to drain magic from all Fairies except certain bred ones that work in hospitals-as one of their powers are healing the wounded and sick.

After all the dangers of having Fairies roam the Earth were removed, we decided that the best chance The People had of survival in our world was most likely capture and imprisonment for treason, as over an outstanding 80% of the population agreed upon. However, after careful consideration, we elected that there wasn't enough confined containment for everyone of the Fairy race. So instead, Fairy shelters were created. One of the top center's being the infamous brand: Fowl Pet Industries.

Artemis rolled his eyes when he was done with the chapter, completely agitated. Almost none of that was true about the Fairies. They weren't deemed as a threat to humankind. No, this was all a ruse that people like his family set up so humans could...Oh, what did his father say before? "Keep a thumb over Fairies?"

Fairies did nothing to deserve the treatment the way they usually got. They weren't mindless animals, like people make them out to be. They're almost human. Artemis thought it was barbaric the way humans treated these creatures.

He sighed, turning to the next chapter on the web page.

Chapter 2: Feeding your Fairy

Most Fairies take deep pleasure in ripping apart the meat on bones of many animals, being carnivorous. Some, even when given meat, will deeply refuse because it is such a treat and should be rarely given to your pet to keep it under control. They're diets should include light greens once, or even twice, a day if you wish for your pet to be natural. Pellets are sold at many stores all over the world.

We discourage any human eating habits out of your pet. This includes eating at the table, sitting in a chair, and using utensils such as spoons, forks, or knives. Fairies should eat out of their own bowl on the floor, to keep them from taking any normal human food and spoiling them.

Artemis nodded, already forming plans in his mind for Holly. He skipped the rest of the chapter, not wanting to read anymore and knowing he needed to get back to her sooner rather than later.

Chapter 3: Playing Outside with Your Fairy

We strong suggest that any owner of a Fairy should keep your yard enclosed with locks to keep your pet from trying to escape. At any time when your pet goes outside, a standard Fairy leash should be around his or her neck at all times. Newer issues will have the shock treatment included in it if your pet is a bit rambunctious.

Artemis remembered when they put out that newer feature, keeping the Fairies tame when there was a rumor that there was to be an uproar. He chuckled, partially wishing that it did happen. He shook his head, skipping that too. And the next chapter.

The genius almost shuddered when he remembered Holly's reaction when she was going to sleep. Artemis knew that most Fairies slept in cages, and it made sense that Holly had never slept on pillows or that side of the bed. She hadn't even taken a shower before. Most places just hosed them off.

He noticed that he kept reading less and less of every chapter, and closed his eyes. Artemis took in a deep breath before starting the next chapter.

Chapter 5: Magic Prohibitions

Fairy magic was discovered with scientific experimentation before the capture of The People. All Trolls and Goblins were destroyed, as they even posed a threat the Fairykind, but many other species were deemed useful to the society of Humankind.

Centaurs don't have any magic, not a drop in them. However, they proved to be extremely smart and technology-savvy. All of them now either work in tech shops around the world or they were somehow demoted to work in fairs giving pony rides to children when they weren't as useful as they should have been. Much of the newest technology advancements have been placed because of centaurs.

Dwarves were more tricky at the matter. They have magic, and were all drained just like the rest of the Fairies, however they are excellent at tunneling. Most dwarves are now in construction, doing the work for free to build new structures everyday.

And the rest, such as Pixies, Sprites, Elves, and Gnomes were drained. Sprites, given the special circumstance of having wings, had their wings clipped as a bonus. Most of these creatures are now house pets companions of many around the world. However, out of all the species of Fairies, Elves have the most dangerous powers.

From what the scientists gathered, many Elves and some pixies had the powers to take over the human brain and make humans their slaves. Do not worry, we eliminated this threat a very long time ago by draining every pet found. Your family is in no danger whatsoever.

A select few were shipped to hospitals to harness their powers of healing, as that is another power. However, these are human hospitals and no fairies are allowed in them at any time nor for whatever reason.

WARNING: It is completely and utterly Forbidden to attempt to give your pet it's magic back. The secret to do so has been dead for quite some time, and is buried in the heart of the government.

Artemis didn't want to waste any time reading the next chapter, flipping to it immediately. However, a knock at the door stopped him, and Artemis closed out the browser. He cleared his throat before announcing, "Come in."

Artemis Sr. opened the door, looking into his son's office. "Are you done?"

The younger genius raised an eyebrow and sat back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm on the last chapter."

"Ah." He replied, closing the door. "The one you were so eager to read." His father looked at Artemis, taking a deep breath before walking into the room some more. "Look, Artemis.." He began, "There are a lot of complicated matters when it comes to Fairies."

"There are no complications at all," Artemis retorted, "That's why people do as they please with them. Humans beat, rape, and torture fairies like they amount to nothing. It's because of these loose rules that people treat them like that."

His father shook his head, "Artemis, don't you understand how much of a threat The People are to humankind? That's what that whole manual is about. Fairies are ruthless and can hurt all of us when given the chance. I started this business to protect people. To protect my family, you and your brothers." Artemis Sr. tilted his head, raising his eyebrows. "I am helping people, Artemis."

"But you are hurting fairies." Artemis repeated, "I can't move an inch without my elf thinking that I'm going to beat her. Fairies share emotions that humans have. They bleed, and they feel."

"Is it my fault that her last owner most likely tortured her?" He protested, "I don't tell people to do that."

Artemis sighed, shaking his head in disbelief at his father. "No, you don't." He started, "But you don't tell them not to." Artemis swallowed, looking away from their intense debate and heading for the door. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to tend to Holly." He said, leaving his father in the office by himself.