Ok. So before I get to the story I need to say some things. I'm new to this fanfiction site, and have read the guidelines. I might be a little rusty on writing so any comments on my story are a big help. This is a Zootopia based story. Saying that most of the what the movie showed will be canon. But with some tweaks here and there. Ok maybe some major tweaks. One is that humans do live in the same world as the animals in Zootopia. But live on a separate continent called Humana. Might be a little cheesy but it's the best I got. This does take place about 6 months after the movie so that's the timeline I'm going off of. Also about the humans. Most will be explained in the story, but I should clear up some right now.

The continent of Humana is basically take Eastern continents and Western continents to one. Which yes its very big, but we may have to dim down some of the sizes. Like Asia for example. I should also point out that Humana has its good parts and of course it's bad parts. Most of it however is not the best. Violence, drug lords, sex rings, and territory wars are a common thing. Everything else will be explained in the story. I will also change some human things as how they act and all of that. Make it interesting.

Next thing is a warning. This story will have violence, murder, sex, drug use, and anything else you can think is bad. So if you do not want to read something like this then please don't read. Oh and before I forget this is a romantic/adventure story. Ok now I'm done. Hehe.

It was a cool breezy morning in Zootopia as Judy sat in her squad car. Waiting for a certain fox to come out of the coffee shop they stopped at. With another couple minuets rolling bye he came out. Holding two Frappuccinos as he did so. Judy went and helped him by opening the passenger door. "Alright Carrots. One for you." He handed her a extra small cup with a small straw with it. "And one for me." He said getting in and shutting the door.

"Thanks Wilde." She said simply. Hitting one end of the straw on the steering wheel to pop it out of its wrapping. Then putting it in her coffee drink. Wilde smiling as he did the same soon after her.

"So. Now that you have coffee you are gonna cheer up? Little grumpy bunny." He chuckled as she stared at him in annoyance. Then hit him with a small smile.

"I'm always annoyed do to you." Wilde nodded and put on his shades. Sipping on his coffee.

"You know you love me." He said as the bunny rolled her eyes and pulled out of her parking spot.

Meanwhile in Humana.


A dark hooded figure ran into an alleyway as gunshots could be heard. He jetted and ran as fast as he could. Jumping a fence as a dog barked at him as he ran by. He kept running. With only one thing on his mind. Don't get killed. Turning a corner sharply he found his brick apartment as he ran up the stairs and through the wooden door. Slamming it shut as he painted on the other side.

"Fuck…god damnit." He said as he panted for his breath. Sliding down on the door as he sat down. Still catching his breath.

"Vixy baby? Is that you?" He heard his mother call from the top of the stairs. Looking up to her as she was standing at the top of them. "I heard gunshots. Wanted to make sure you are ok." He nodded and got to his feet. Walking up the stairs to his mom.

"I'm fine mom. You know they can't touch me." He said with a sly smirk. Slipping past her and up more stairs to their apartment room.

"Uh-huh. You keep messing around they will. And its not gonna be the cops." She said as she followed him. Opening the door to 214 he held it open for his mom as she walked past. He shut the door behind her and headed to his room.

This was Vixle's life. Being a sneaky criminal and then running away when things went south. He carried a gun, but for some reason he forgot to grab it before he left this morning.

"Can't believe I went out with out that." Vix went and got it from under his pillow. A nice steel 9mm as he put it in the back of his baggy jeans. Then hiding it with his hoodie by pulling it over the gun. With that he walked out and into the small living room. His mom was in the kitchen to his left. Sounding like doing some dishes to keep the place as clean as it can get. "Don't work yourself to hard now." He said and sat down on the old beaten up couch.

"I'll stop when I drop." She said and got a small chuckle out of him. Turning on the small box T.V he flipped through the channels. Till he stopped on the news. A young looking woman was talking about some shootings near Palatic Ave. Which was only a few blocks away from his home. Which was also the same place he fled a few short moments ago. After that she went on to another story talking about the new bridge that connected Humana and Zootopia. This was a big deal because Humana hasn't stepped in Zootopia for centuries. And his would be the first time many people seeing the animals in real life. They have had movies with some actors from there, but flew over by plane. Only Some have gone over like famous actors, presidents, and other national people who are in high power.

"Hey mom. You hear about the new bridge? Looks like it could be interesting." He said as she nodded to herself.

"Yes I did. Heard free entry too. Anyone can pass through." Vix chuckled to himself as he watched the T.V. He got up and looked around for his backpack. Seeing the black hiking backpack he went and put it on.

"Ok mom. I'm heading out for a couple days. Be back soon. Love you." He said as he headed for the door.

"Love you two. Don't get killed now." She said as he walked out the door.

Vixle stepped out into the streets of Baltmer. Before he left he grabbed his blue hat. Walking to the nearest bus stop and waiting for it to come. After a few minuets it showed up and opened its doors.

"Hey Vixle. Where too?" The bus driver asked as he got on and paid his fifty cent fee.

"Take me to Zootopia. See what that's all about." He nodded and closed the glass doors behind him. Vixle found a spot to sit and waited for the long bus ride there.

Back in Zootopia

Judy and Nick were sitting at their desk typing away some reports they have to finish up on. Nick turned to here after he got one done. "Hear about that new bridge?" Wilde asked as he rolled over to her in his chair.

"Ya I did. You ever seen a human before?" She asked as she sent her report. Shaking his head at her question.

"Nope. Well…want to see what we can find about them?" She as him as she was already typing into her computer's search box.

"Sure." The fox replied as he looked at the computer screen. Judy pressed enter and up popped info of the human race. She clicked on a link and it sent her to a website called . The two read about the human race history. Ranging from the stone age to the present. The info explained how humanity has evolved. In different way than you think. Humans and animals used to co-exist with each other. Families with animal and human were common in those times, but something changed as humanity started killing animals for trade goods. After a couple years of fighting they moved to what is now Humana. They stopped making animal furs and went with cotton or other materials. The info ended telling them how humanity fights with each other more than any other species. This making them the most dangerous species on the planet.

The two stared at the screen for a bit as they looked at each other.

"Sounds like us almost. Besides the multiple wars and animal fur trading." Nick said as he sat back in his chair.

"Well seems to me that we are ok with them coming over. I mean I haven't heard anyone talk down about them. And this bridge just finished after a year and a half build." She said as she turned to him. "And we worked with them on making the bridge so hopefully its not going to be that bad."

Judy was right about it not going to be all that bad, but she nor did her partner know. That it may not be bad, but it was going to be a wild next few weeks. As the first human to cross the bridge since it opened was not a goody-to-shoes type.