"Hey, I'm gonna take my break," Laurel said to her manager as she finished sweeping the floor. The old woman nodded as she continued to water the potted plants in the greenhouse. Laurel took off her smock and walked out of Sherwood Florist to the café across the street for a quick sandwich. Despite having a law degree and being the assistant district attorney in Star City, her days were now mostly spent arranging bouquets and managing the cash register. For half an hour, however, she would eat alone at a table outside while flipping through twitter feeds about what was happening in Star City. The mainstream media had been silenced thanks to Damien Darhk, the reason she was now in hiding.

After considerable arguing and refusing to leave, a failed attempt at her life caused the team as well as her father to push her out of the city, in fear that Darhk would find her and kill her for Quentin's betrayal and disobedience. By the time she realized what they were doing, Laurel was being escorted to a train and on her way to Coast City. She had tried to immediately get back to Star City, but it seemed that Felicity had set up multiple barriers in various transportation computer systems in preventing her from coming home. She had no idea who the old woman of Sherwood Florist was, but it was here that she was directed to go by Oliver, and she suspected that the woman would give her team updates if she tried to leave.

As she browsed through updates given by various citizens, she noticed that Green Arrow and the rest of the team seemed to be gaining an upper hand against Darhk. Her heart pounded as she thought of somehow getting back to help her friends.
"Now why would the pretty flower girl be looking up grim details of what's happening over at Star City?"
Laurel whirled around in her chair and looked up to see a man wearing a Ferris Aircraft jacket grinning at her. "Reasons that don't involve you," she said as she took a bite of her sandwich. The man slid into the seat next to her and flagged the waiter to get him a coffee. Hal Jordan frequented Sherwood Florist regularly, almost always for a different girl. "Listen Daisy,"
"It's Dinah."
"Sure. If you're thinking about visiting that town, my friend I think you should reconsider."
"We're not friends."
"Sure. Look that place seems to have more masked vigilantes running around than any other city, and it's still falling apart. I don't understand why the National Guard hasn't been brought into that place yet."
Laurel looked at Hal as he took his cup of coffee from the waiter. "They're going to win. The Green Arrow and his team, they'll win. They always do."
Hal peered over his cup as he took a sip of coffee. "You sound like you have personal experience. You have a boyfriend living there or something?"
"My father lives there. And some friends," she took another bite of her sandwich.
Hal gently put his cup down and stared at Laurel. "Are you from Star City? Are you like a refugee of some sorts?"
"Of some sorts I guess. Oh look at that, my break is over, gotta get back to work, I'll see you later." Laurel stood up to walk back to the flower shop.
Laurel turned around.
"Welcome to Coast City then," he smiled.
Laurel smiled back and crossed the street to return to her shift. If only she could return back to her life.