"You're supposed to be laying low," Quentin sighed on the phone.
"Didn't know Star City had the time to report on other cities' crimes," Laurel said as she leaned against the register counter. "How did you find out? Only two publications reported that there was a female that assisted in the capture of the criminals. Not one publication mentioned anything else about me."
"I had a sneaking suspicion that you just confirmed," Quentin replied. Laurel kept silent, waiting for his lecture. "We have our eyes on Coast City's media as well, just so we're aware of what's going on in your part of the country. Should've also realized that you might go looking for trouble as well."
"I didn't go looking for trouble, I was at a restaurant and men stormed in. I'm not going to stand by while people are victimized, I wasn't raised that way," Laurel snapped. She could here typing and murmuring in the background. "Are you in the bunker?" She heard the typing and the whispering stop.
"Yeah, I'm with everyone else. They're worried about you too. Just, be safe, okay?"
"I'll try to be on my best behavior," she sighed. "How are things going over there? I heard that Team Arrow captured a good amount of Ghosts in the past two weeks."
"Yea, we're getting there. We were able to confiscate that dumb statue and destroy it again," Lance said. He paused and then muttered, "Don't understand why it was put back together in the first place."
Laurel heard the bell ring in the front of the shop letting her know a customer had come in.
"Anyway," Lance continued, "the pieces were scattered across the country thanks to Allen. But Darhk's still in the wind."
Laurel didn't say anything. Finally she whispered "Dad, a customer's here, I have to go."
"Okay, love you,"
Her eyes welled up. "I love you too." She quickly turned her phone off and wiped her eyes.

She looked up to see Hal Jordan in front of her. "You okay?" he asked.
"Never better. Was wondering where you went after last night," she said with a smile, tears still trapped in her eyelashes.
"About that, I hate that I abandoned you. Hope you don't think I'm too much of a coward."
"Only if you don't think I'm too stubborn and hard-headed."
"Well then I guess we both don't think too highly of each other, huh?" he said smiling. Laurel crossed her arms and smiled back.
"But seriously, I'm sorry. All I could think about was getting help and-"
Laurel shook her head. "No," she let out a deep breath. "You did the right thing. I was the one that was reckless." She slouched down on the counter and put her head in her hands. "I'm just, I, well I have a hard time leaving people. It's become a habit for me to fight back when the lives of others are in danger."
"That's a pretty exhausting habit Dinah," he said as he walked to a wall of ordered bouquets that were waiting to be picked up. "But I think I understand what you're saying."
"Third row, fourth one from the left."
Hal followed Laurel's directions and grabbed the sunflowers that were bunched together with coral roses. "How much?"
"$65. Ferris must be paying you well," Laurel said as Hal reached into his pocket.
"Well enough," Hal replied.
"Hal, what is a Green Lantern?"
Hal looked up from his wallet to see Laurel's furrowed brow staring back at him. "That's what they've been calling him on all the news stories. What is he? How did he know where to find us?"
"Yea, I bumped into him when I got out and was on my way to the station, he's our city's hero or as you call them our 'mask.'"
"I didn't know there were more vigilantes outside of Star City and Central City."
"He's not a vigilante he's a hero, Dinah. Same as the Flash. Actually, probably even more powerful than the Flash," Hal said snidely. Laurel tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at Hal's enthusiasm.

"What?" he asked.

"Why does he call himself Green Lantern?"

"Well why does the Green Arrow call himself the Green Arrow?" Hal asked, clearly annoyed. Laurel was a bit taken aback at the sudden outburst.

"Cause he wears green and shoots arrows," Laurel easily replied.

"Well what about Black Canary? She wears black but does she shoot out little birds at people?" he asked. Laurel was silent. She had known that Green Arrow had been known outside of Star City but other than Cisco, she didn't realize others had picked up on her name as well.

"She has this scream?" Laurel didn't want to explain the meaning of her name. She knew it would giver her away. Hal looked at Laurel suspiciously. "Had a scream right? Cause last I heard, she had died."

"Right, I just, it's still hard to believe she's gone, you know?" Laurel said quickly.

"You know her personally?" Hal asked. He started to look at her hair which she had dyed back brown the day she had arrived in Coast City.

"No, but she saved me. I was heading towards a path of no return and the Black Canary pulled me back," Laurel said honestly. She knew that if she hadn't put her energy into becoming the Black Canary, she would have probably returned back to alcohol after losing Sara. She looked back at Hal. "It's really strange that I haven't heard of this Green Lantern before. Especially since he's flying around and shooting green laser beams from his hands," she laughed.

Hal decided to ignore the fact that Laurel had changed the subject and tried not to look offended at the fact that no one had heard of Green Lantern. "Well he seems to have popped up around the same time the attacks on your city started. I would think the terrorism that's going on over there sure overshadows a guy in a green suit zipping around the city." He grabbed a glass vase that was sitting on the side of counter and handed it to Laurel. "Can you fill that with water for me?"

Laurel took the vase and turned to the sink on the back wall. "True, my city has bigger issues but I think a man flying would be enough to garner national attention." She took the vase now filled with water back to the register counter. Hal unwrapped the plastic wrap and placed the flowers in the vase.

"I'm not sure what to tell you Dinah," Hal shrugged. "But you're right, the Green Lantern does deserve national praise."

Laurel shook her head and crossed her arms. "You speak as if you know him."

"I've bumped into him here and there especially during an aircraft accident when he first came on the scene."

Laurel was curious now. "And what did he say? How did he get his powers? From the particle accelerator explosion?"

Hal shook his head and casually said "No he's not part of that mess, he's from space."

"He's an alien!?"

"NO, wait what? I don't know, uh, he said he's something like an officer of space. What's with the questions?"

"An officer of space?" Laurel was unconvinced. She noticed Hal fidgeting. "You know, I was a lawyer in Star City. A pretty good one. I can tell when people are lying to me," she said with a slight smirk. Hal stopped moving and looked at Laurel with a smile.

"A lawyer? Well that explains it. No Dinah, you're used to criminals lying to you. And I'm no criminal."

He then pushed the vase towards Laurel.

"For you."

Laurel stared at him. "Uh, I thought last night wasn't a date."

"It wasn't," he said as he took the plastic and threw it in the trash. "But, as a friend, I thought maybe some flowers would brighten up that abysmal apartment upstairs." He smiled and gave Laurel a quick wave before walking towards the front door. "Thank you," Laurel said quietly, but loud enough for Hal to hear.

She watched the pilot walk out the door knowing he was keeping something from her. Lay low. Her father's words echoed in her head as she continued to stare at the door thinking of how to find out more about Green Lantern.