So, first, I'd like to admit, I have been slacking a lot with writing. I've been getting more into gaming. With these stories that I have posted I've somewhat gotten writer's block with them. I want to get back into them though, at least one or two of them for now.

So Age of Zombies will most likely be one. I may or may not rewrite the chapters a little bit to make it more senseful. When I first started writing that I didn't know how to write too good. Although, outside of these stories that I've posted I have learned a few things and hopefully I can fix my stories up :D I will definitely rewrite chapter 3 of AoZ though.

Now I do not know when the next chapter will be, but I will be fixing AoZ up very soon. I'm not sure what other story I will be redoing or just straight up continuing, but I will make an announcement soon when I come to a decision 3 I will be posting this same announcement to the other stories to let others know. Please be patient with me though I'd very much appreciate it. Be safe out there everyone, wash your hands, don't get into to much trouble and have a good day :D 3