"You're serious about this?" Naruto asked as he looked out the car window, his sight catching the exit sign of Konoha, "You're gonna send me out of the city? Can't I just like go stay with Grandpa or something? I mean, that seems like a good punishment".

"Oh" Kushina rolled her eyes from the passenger seat as she stared at her son from the rearview mirror, "So you and him and laze around all day looking at porn? I don't think so, and speaking of that; don't think I forgot about you and that little blonde hussy. You've got another punishment in store for that".

"W-What?" Naruto's voice squeaked as he became red in the face, "But I'm practically a grown man. It's not wrong of me to hook up with a girl".

"You're seventeen still Sochi, and I won't even begin to discuss what I saw that night, so shut up" Kushina quickly snapped as her face too turning red. The car was silent for a second before Minato cleared his throat and asked, "I thought you and that Ino girl were together? She seemed nice enough, and her father is a brilliant psyche doctor".

Naruto couldn't help but mimic his father's sigh as he murmured, "Didn't work out. Rather not explain".

"Okay!" Kushina interrupted as she huffed, "I'm done listening about girls that my son may or may not have made mistakes with!"

"Sorry Kaa-chan/Honey" Naruto and Minato almost whispered as they tried to stop the fire that was about to start blazing.

The car was quiet again as Naruto watched his home disappear between him.

"So…." Naruto began as he ran a hand through his wild hair, "I'm still trying to decide what this punishment is. You're bringing me to the Hyuga's; but I have no idea why".

Kushina couldn't help but fiddle with a button on her blouse as she thought hard about the question. Her son may not have realized it, but this was just as hard on them as it would be on him. Minato had been against it at first, trying his best to explain how he'd make a punishment himself just as bad; as long as Naruto wouldn't have to go. The longest either of them had gone without their son was a couple days, and neither was looking forward to this.

"H-Hitomi and Hiashi are going to be very busy over the next few weeks" Kushina began as she avoided her son's stare through the mirror, "Hitomi told me she was looking for a nanny who could watch the house and her girls…"

"Wait a goddamn minute!" Naruto interrupted, "You're sending me there to be a fucking maid!"


Naruto couldn't help but damn himself as he held his cheek. His mother was turned in her seat, looking at him furiously as she retracted her hand.

"Naruto" his father's voice rang from the front, "I don't want to hear you talk like that to me or your mother again".

Naruto only nodded as his mother turned around slowly, huffing, "Sorry…but I'm right aren't I? You guys are really gonna leave me there to clean up?"

"I-It'll only be for a few weeks…no more" Kushina said as her mood dropped once again, picturing her house without her loud son around, "As soon as their schedules clear up we'll be down to pick you up. In the meantime, you'll be taking care of their house and watching their girls. It's not that big of a deal and it might teach you a thing or two about life and how goofing off won't always work out for you".

"Kids hate me mom" Naruto said as he leaned up in his seat looking between his parents, "Plus, I don't even know the Hyuga family…or clan or whatever. C'mon on you guys, there's still time to turn back. I say we all just head home, I stay in the house for a bit and we forget about all this".

Kushina watched as Minato's hands tightened on the steering wheel and with a worried look he turned towards her, "M-Maybe we should Kushina. Do we really need to go this far? I mean, isn't there anything else we could do?"

"Quit babying him Minato!" Kushina sneered as she turned her head, "All our babying is the reason we have to do this" turning her attention back towards her son she said, "And you do know the Hyuga's. They used to live in Konoha in the west part of the city. I'm not sure you were too familiar with Hanabi, their youngest; but you know Hinata".

Naruto honestly was at a lost as he racked his brain for an image of these people. He did remember a stern looking tall man and a pretty woman with a kind smile, but not children.

"Hey dad" Naruto suddenly whispered as he moved behind his father's seat, "You can't bring me there if you were to…oh I don't know….wreck!"

"NARUTO!" Minato shouted as he shook his head, all the while Naruto grumbled and Kushina laughed.

Naruto couldn't help the feeling of dread that overcame him as the two hour drive had finally come to its destination. Minato pulled the car up to a large gate and made a stop next to the intercom box that was set in front of the gate.

Rolling his window down, Minato slowly brought his arm to the machine and pressed the call button. It only took a few moments before a relatively sweet voice rang out through the speaker, "Hello".

"Hi…" Minato answered back as he looked back through the rearview mirror once last time, catching sight of his son's somewhat disappointed face, "Is Hitomi or Hiashi available by chance?"

The wait for a response took a moment as it seemed the person that had been the one to answer switched with someone else.

"Minato?" an older yet sweet sounding voice rang, "Is that you?"

"Hello Hitomi!" Minato replied back to the machine as he gave a soft smile, "Hope we're not late".

"Not at all dear" the voice rang back politely, "Hiashi and I will be setting off in a little bit though. Why don't I open the gate for you all?"

Minato nodded and a few seconds later, the large gat in front of them began to slide open.

Naruto watched his father roll up his window and casually asked, "So I guess the Hyuga's are rich eh?"

"You could say that" Kushina chuckled as their car started moving along the long drive way, "Their ancestors started a large industrial technology development business of some sort a long time ago. Since then, the Hyuga name has branched out and become global by putting themselves into other trades".

Now, Naruto would've been a liar if he said he was blown away by not only the Hyuga residence, but the large neighborhood in general. He honestly thought his father was joking when the pulled onto a road of Mansions.

He'd watched in amazement as houses of different shapes and sizes passed them by, each one being amazing looking. It seemed the Hyuga were braggers though, cause the house that lay atop the drive way was one of the nicest homes he'd ever seen.

It wasn't as big as Sasuke's house, but it definitely screamed that the occupants of the house were wealthy. They drove past two large fountains on the way up to the Hyuga household, each spraying bright clear water in arches.

Naruto could see many different types of flowers in the lush gardens that seemed to welcome guests on the sides of the many acres of lush green yard.

As they drew closer to the house, Naruto whispered, "Least I'll be living in style".

His parents either didn't hear or chose to stay quiet as Minato pulled into the large round about that stopped in front of the Hyuga mansion.

"Welp…." Minato said as he took his hands front the steering wheel as he stopped, "Looks like we're actually here".

"Yup" Kushina replied somewhat quietly, something her character rarely did.

Naruto was about to respond before he caught glimpse of the large doors of the house opening. Out walked a short woman and he was suddenly hit with memories he hadn't remembered in years.

He did in fact know the beautiful woman that was currently making her way down the home's steps towards them. Although he had only a few interactions with her, he remembered just how calm and sweet the woman had been. He almost laughed as he thought of the comparison between her and his own mother.

She was small, probably around 5'3 or so, but somehow more mousey. Her body appeared to be somewhat curvy and full as she slowly descended the steps, a smile on her pretty face. Her skin and eyes were a milky white, giving her the look of one of those old porcelain dolls. Her long dark hair lay against her back, tied neatly and looking almost fake with how perfect she looked.

His observation was interrupted as his mother suddenly threw her door open and jumped from their car as she cried, "HITOMI!"

Minato and Naruto watched the women hug, both laughing at the redheads behavior.

"Alright…let's get your stuff out while they chat" Minato said as he slowly opened his door, getting a nod from his son.

Naruto did as he was told, exiting out the passenger side and walking to the trunk with his father.

"Now remember, you can call anytime you need" Minato said as he opened the back of the car and handed Naruto his bags.

"Alright" was all the younger blond said as he looked around, still taking in his surroundings.

"Naruto" his father's voice said somewhat quietly, drawing his attention to his old man.

Minato, slapping a hand on his son's shoulder couldn't help but be taken by surprise. It seemed like just yesterday they were measuring a much shorter boy to see how far along he had grown. His son was now practically his height; and at that moment it dawned on the father that his son was going to be okay.

He was a man. Although a bit childish, he was kind and motivated when he needed to be. So with a steady look, still holding his son's shoulder; Minato said, "You're gonna be okay…I know you will".

Naruto's blues eyes somewhat widened as he watched a tear come to his father's eye, watching his dad give him a large grin.

"Thanks" he nodded as he suddenly hugged his dad; quickly pulling away as he said, "I'd be more worried about Kaa-san though, what's she gonna do if she doesn't have me to yell at all the time?"

"Who knows?" Minato chuckled as he turned away, wiping his eye and closing the trunk, "Maybe we'll finally be able to finish our date night".

Naruto was about to laugh as he brought a hand to the back of his head, sheepishly rubbing it through his hair.

"So this is him?" Hitomi's quiet voice asked, drawing the men's attention.

"That it is" his mother responded as both men turned around, "Naruto, introduce yourself".

Naruto turned to see both his mother and the Hyuga woman staring at him from a few feet away. Even though he knew all of this was technically a punishment, and he wanted to be mad; he decided to go through with this with as much ease as possible. No point in being rude to a kind woman and possibly upset his mother more than he already has.

"Hello Ms. Hyuga" Naruto bowed slightly, his tall form folding to the short woman, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Thank you for having me!"

Both parents's seemed a bit surprised by their son's response as they watched him bow politely.

"Oh my" the woman's voice sounded a bit surprised as she quickly grabbed his shoulders and began to push him up, "There's no need to be so formal honey! I've known you since you were a little baby, and I won't allow you to bow to me. Is that understood?"

Naruto saw a look in the woman's gentle face as she stared at him.

"Y-Yes ma'am" he simply nodded earning a nod from the woman.

"Good" she chirped happily as she gave him another look, "Now I must say I was a bit surprised when I saw you. I could have sworn Minato had simply brought along his young long lost brother".

"Younger?" Minato broke in, "How much younger. I say we look fairly similar. You're not calling me old, are you Hitomi?"

The woman's smile seemed to brighten as she looked at the speaking man and with a laugh gave her retort, "Still as sensitive as ever I see Minato!"

Naruto's eyes moved to the door of the house, ignoring his father's pleas and his mothers laughter as the door opened again.

This time a tall man walked out of the house. He wore a flashy suit with his long dark hair pulled back behind his ears, neatly brushed. Although not the height of his own father, the man had a few inches on Naruto, and his body was a bit leaner. He walked with the upmost confidence, yet retaining some form of fanciness Naruto had only seen on TV. Not even Sasuke's parents were this stiff.

"Hiashi!" Kushina waved as she too noticed the man walking forward, a briefcase in hand, "So nice to see you!"

"As it if to see you Kushina-san" Hiashi said as he came to a stop and gave a quick nod before continuing, "Same to you Minato-san".

"Ah come now Hiashi, there's no need to be so polite. We're all friends!" Minato chuckled as he walked forward and grasped the man's hand, shaking it lightly.

"Yes" was Hiashi's simple reply as he raised a brow at his hand when the blond let go, before simply turning to the youngest of the group and saying, "Now, I presume you are Naruto-san?"

Naruto quickly collected himself as he heard his name being used to honorably, "Yes sir".

"A few ground rules then" Hiashi said before opening his brief case and pulling out a sheet of paper that was literally jam packed with words.

"First of all, from this day forward you will be taking care of both Hanabi and Hinata as if your life depended on it, and in some way; it does. I don't think I have to explain what would happen if anything were to transpire involving either of my daughters" Hiashi began, looking at Naruto expectantly.

Said blond could only nod as he looked over at his parents who were shrugging. "Of course Hiashi-san; nothing and I mean nothing will happen under my watch".

"Excellent. I'm putting what little trust I have in you for the simple fact that I know your parents. Both of them, although a bit strange, are good people; and even more so than good: responsible. I do hope you are as well. Now, on for the second bit, Due to their private schooling, both children will be gone from eight to twelve".

"But its summer" Naruto interrupted as he gave the man a weak smile, "Shouldn't they like…be on break?"

"Education doesn't wait Naruto-san" Hiashi quickly countered as he tried his best to remain calm; the interruption causing him to take a breath, "Both my daughters are training to be the best of the best. They are both the future of the Hyuga business and out many endeavors".

"Is that what they want to do?"

The question not only surprised Hitomi, but made Hiashi raise a brow, "What do you mean?"

"Well I mean" Naruto began, bringing a hand to the back of his head, "Like, their technically kids. Don't you think they should get a little fun or something? I mean, what if they don't even want to run the company. Wouldn't you rather them study for something they like then something they've had no say in? Seems kinda unfair if you ask me".

"Well Naruto-san, nobody asked to you" Hiashi said as he once again held up the paper, "Now then, after you pick them up you are to make sure both girls do their studies and whatever homework they may have. We've set up multiply options for meals and put them by the fridge. Under no situation are you to deviate from the list as the girl's diets are very important. After their studies and meals the girls are free to do as they wish, as long as you keep a watchful eye on the both of them".

Naruto grabbed the paper from the man as he stopped talking, his eyes scanning over the other items that Hiashi didn't mention.

"Seems like a lot of bullshit" he muttered as he looked at the many rules on the paper.

Nobody seemed to hear as Hiashi closed the case and turned expectantly towards his wife, "Now then, we should be going".

"Already? Are you sure?"

"Yes, the bags are loaded and we have to be to the airport within the hour".

"Hold on" Kushina interrupted this time, "You two are already leaving".

Hitomi turned toward her friend with an apologetic look and replied, "Sorry Kushina…Hiashi got called away for the next four days. We'll be coming back to check on the children as soon as we can. The police station is only a few minutes away incase anything does happen".

Naruto noticed both his parents seemed a bit worried at the news and with a grin said, "Don't worry, we'll be fine".

"Excellent. I assume you have your license" Hiashi said as he walked towards the only car parked in the round about. A newer Porsche that shinned deadly in the sun.

Naruto's eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at the car and with a grin he replied, "Of course Hiashi-san!"

"Good" the man replied as he opened the door and put his suitcase down, "The keys to the family van are sitting by the door. You are to drive the car only under the implications that you are picking my daughters up from school or bringing them home. Is that understood?"

Naruto could only nod dumbly as the only thing that went through his mind was, "A fucking van? C'mon man!"

"Good. Now let's go Hitomi" the man said as he nodded to both Minato and Kushina before walking to the driver side door of the car and getting in."

"Alrighty" the woman replied as she looked back towards the house, "We already said our goodbyes and told the girls to behave. Although, there is one thing Hiashi left out of his notes".

"Yeah" Naruto said as he stood up straight and began stretching, "What you got for me?"

"J-Just be careful of Hanabi" Hitomi said while a nervous smile decorated her face, "Hinata is very quiet so she should be fine, but Hanabi can be a bit of a handful".

"Will do" Was Naruto's response as he watched the woman grin and then hug his mother.

"Shame we couldn't chat for a bit longer" Hitomi said as she hugged Kushina and waved at the men, "Once this is over we'll have to have a real chat".

"Just be careful on you flight" Minato said as he waved next to his wife.

The three watched the woman get into the car, and within moments the Porsche was driving down the long drive way.

"Well then" Naruto heard his mother clear her throat and turned towards her. He could see the large tear already welling up in her eyes as she sniffled, "W-We should probably be setting off two. Don't want to have your father drive in the dark".

Rolling his eyes, Naruto grabbed the smaller woman and pulled her into a tight hug, which she immediately returned full force.

Pulling away Naruto said, "I told you I'll be fine. It's only for a few weeks".

The crying woman gave a nod as she agreed, "Right!"

Grabbing his wife by the shoulders and gently rubbing them, Minato said, "Now, just remember; you call if anything at all happens and I'll be down in a heartbeat. I may not have a fancy car like Hiashi, but you bet your bottom I'll be speeding like one!"

Giving his parents a nod, Naruto walked over to his bags and gave them a nod as the approached the car. Giving their son once last look, both entered and started the vehicle.

Naruto watched as his parents drove off for a few moments, letting the situation sink in.

"Alright" Naruto huffed as he turned towards the house and began slowly walking forward, "I guess I'll try to make a good first impression or something. Don't want these kids thinking I'm so kinda asshole or something".

He noticed the door was cracked and giving another nod he began to push the door open.

"Hello! My name is Na-"


The teenage blond haired boy found himself completely soaking wet as he dropped his back and raised the bucket from his head.

"I don't give a damn what your name is!" a loud voice called, causing Naruto too look up the wide stair case that sat opposite of the door. Atop the steps stood a small girl. She had long dark brown hair that was currently tied to the side. Just like her mother she had pale eyes, although her's held a bit of arrogance in them. She was extremely small compared to himself, standi9ng at exactly four feet. Her small lithe body twisted as she raised her index finger at him. She wore a small pink shirt with a panda on the front of it and a pair of white shorts that went to her knees.


"W-What's h-happening" Naruto heard a meek voice ask quietly from his side as he noticed another girl enter the room, only for her eyes to widen in horror as she looked at his soaking form.

This girl, although not as short as Hanabi, still only stood at about 4'6. She had dark, almost purple hair that flowed down her back neatly. Like her mother and sister, her eyes were the same shade, although with a much more lavender hue. Another large difference between the two girls seemed to be their body types. While the younger of the two seemed to be relatively small and skinny, the older was a bit more filled out. She wore a large coat that seemed to cover her body, but you could tell she had a bit of meat on her compared to Hanabi. She had a pair of curvy legs that were hugged somewhat tightly by her purple pants.

"HINATA" the younger girl screamed once again gathered his attention as she transcended the steps, jumping down the last few and landing in front of the large male, "I told you not to interrupt when I'm taking out the trash".

Hinata could only look shocked at her sister's words as she said, "H-Hanabi, that's h-horrible. P-Please apologize".

Hanabi could only scuff at her sister, before her body instinctively caught the item that was tossed as her.

She looked at the small bag curiously as she raised a single brow.

"I knew it'd be a good idea to bring a few of those" Naruto's deep voice rang, earning both the girl's attention. Hanabi seemed to frown as Hinata blushed at hearing the tall blond speak.

"Oh yeah?" Hanabi said holding up the bag as she inspected it, "What? This were you keep your brain cells or something?"


Hanabi let out a small shriek as the bag suddenly exploded in her hand, spraying her with a thick green substance.

"No…that's a stink bomb. Recipe by Naruto Uzumaki"

Hanabi's eyes widened at the man's words as she took a sniff, and almost upchucked.

"Alright kid" Naruto said earning the now angry girl's attention as he dropped the bucket at his side, "I can see you got some kinda thing against people watching you or something, and that's all fine and dandy, but I don't really care. You just started a prank war with someone who is feared all across the lands, and who will do what needs to be done to win. If you think I'm leaving, you got another thing coming"

Hanabi suddenly coughed as the smell started getting worse as she watched Naruto grin, his canines showing as he looked at the two of them, "My names Naruto Uzumaki and I'll be your nanny for the next few weeks".

Hanabi looked at the man strangely as she tried to scrap off the sticky substance, only for it to spread, much to her horror.

Both Naruto and Hinata watched as Hanabi laughed with the small but evil grin returning to her face, "As if whiskers! I'll have you outta here in no time!"

Naruto could only nod as he looked at the now smelly girl, "Dually noted; now you might wanna go take a shower".

"You think this smell bothers me?" Hanabi chuckled, bluffing out her ass, but not wanting to show the man any indication that he'd won their first battle, "This doesn't affect me at all!"

"Oh no" Naruto chuckled as he looked at the girl, "The smell is just a funny eye opener, the inching powder mixed with chili spice that's mixed in is what you should worry about".

Hanabi was about to retort, but just as he finished she felt a tingle spread through her body, and tried to fight the urge to scratch.

"S-Shit" she muttered as the two watched her run back up the steps, "This isn't over you Whiskered faced fiend!"

"Yeah, yeah" Naruto waved as he watched her disappear, "See ya smelly".

Turning towards the meek girl in the corner, Naruto asked, "You gonna prank me too? Cause I only brought one of those".

The girl's large eyes seemed to widen at the blonde's words and she quickly took a step back.

"I'll take that as a no" Naruto said as he closed the large wooden door behind him.

He quickly turned back towards the still staring girl, "Seems to me that you're the good one. Mind showing me where your bathroom is. Wouldn't wanna drip water all over the place".

"B-Bathroom?" he heard the girl squeak out as he gazed around the room.

"Yeah" he replied as he held his bags up, "I'm gonna go change and then we can all have a proper meeting".

"C-Change…" he heard her mutter as her mouth suddenly opened. He couldn't help but give the girl a confused look as her face turned a deep shade of red. He watched curiously as she brought her fingers together and began twirling them.

"Y-You can use m-my restroom" the girl quietly sad as she slowly began to walk backwards, a glazed look in her eye, "S-Since Hanabi is m-most l-likely using t-the other".

"Alrighty then" he nodded somewhat slowly as he watched the strange girl walk away, body fidgeting slightly as she let him down the hall she had come from. He watched her stop in front of a closed door that had her name written neatly over it.

"P-Please m-make yourself at home" he heard her mutter as she pointed at the door next to the one she was standing in front of.

Naruto nodded and sent the girl a smile as he said, "Thanks again" only for it to go unheard. Hinata had already opened her door and walked in. With a simple shrug, Naruto walked past her door and into the restroom.

He quickly set to work on removing his clothing. Luckily the only thing that got wet were his jeans and orange t-shirt. After mindlessly throwing the wet articles on the floor he grabbed his clothing bag and began shuffling around inside for something dry.

"There we go" he smiled as he pulled out a pair of gym shorts and a white tank top.

As he got dressed, he thought about the two girls that had already both mad quite the impression on him. Hanabi seemed to be the more dangerous of the two, which was somewhat good to know. He'd play her games for a little bit, but eventually he'd have to stop the whole prank thing she'd started, before it got out of hand.

Hinata seemed to be nice. A bit weird but still nice.

Pulling the shirt over his head and the shorts over his boxers, Naruto grabbed his wet clothing and looked in the mirror.

"Guess this'll be life for the next few weeks" he muttered as he turned around and exited the room, ready to call both girls so he could talk and try to get to know them.

If Naruto had paid a bit more attention, he may have noticed the disappointed moan of a clearly frustrated girl as he finished dressing, along with the closing of an air vent.

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