I got this idea from a post on Tumblr, something about reincarnated enemies and one of them was last seen at the bottom of the ocean or something like that... I can't really remember, oh well.

Also please don't expect frequent updates as I am still only halfway through my first semester of University that also goes for my other stories…. I'm technically not supposed to be writing my stories as I have to do an assignment to write so…shhh don't tell anyone.

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The first major thought that Barry Allen had upon waking was 'please don't be a dick, Dear lord please don't let me be a Dick'.

The Second major thought Barry had happened when he looked around the large dark and dreary room and spotted the large family portrait, 'shit, I'm a dick' seriously how could he not be with a smirk like that.
Barry's next major thought went along the lines of 'Holy mother of fuck, what the hell is that?' This is because standing right in front of him was a small creature of indiscernible gender with eyes as large and as green as tennis balls.

Taking a few moments to calm his erratically beating heart, Barry tried to figure out why the people in the portrait and the creature looked familiar. Finally after his heartbeat calmed, everything clicked, he was Draco Freaking Malfoy and if the theory he and Snart had come up with in their last incarnation that would mean that… shit he needed to get to Snart before people died.

The First major thought that Leonard Snart had upon waking was 'please lord don't make me a hero this time'.

The Second major thought that Len had happened not long after he opened his eyes and looked into the mirror in his cupboard it went something along the lines of 'oh Fucking Hell NO' because there being glaringly obvious on his forehead was a freaking lightning bolt.

Len's thought process for the rest of the morning happened to go along the lines of 'Fucking hero types and their need to have tragic Fucking lives and backstories' all of these thoughts were happening while he was making breakfast for his 'Family'.

Len didn't like this family, they were arrogant and wasteful, an observation he made within five minutes of meeting them. The larger one seemed to also be slightly abusive if the aborted move to whack Len upside the head proved anything, he'd have to look into that see if there was anything there that he could use against others.

Distracted from his musings by slightest of sound displacements, Len quickly piled the (Perfectly cooked) bacon onto two of the three plates and went to go answer the door (ignoring the frustrated grunts of the family behind him) just as the doorbell rang.

"Hello Scarlet, to what do I owe this pleasure?"