because I am a nice human bean, I have decided to give you a little preview for the next chapter of this story. I also need your help, I require some characters for Len and Barry to have been before they went to Hogwarts... they have to be blond and Dark haired and gender does not matter at all.

AN: I have been woefully neglecting the version of this story for some bizarre reason, as this and two others have been on AO3 for months (as well as the first chapter of the spin off) so I'm just gonna block post for like the other two chapters.

"I am really getting sick of these new realities every few years"

"I know how you feel…. Do you think I can be the bad guy next time?"

"Why the hell do you want to do that scarlet?"

"Because you always look like you're having fun when you're being evil."

"Well I'm sorry but I don't think that we can control where we go."

"Damn… well we could ask"

"Well it wouldn't hurt, but I think that you're just sore that Umbridge called you a liar"

"You know what Len, Fuck you"

"You won't get away with this Disappearia… really Cisco"

"Sorry Flash, but you need to slow down a bit, it's nothing personal just business"

"OH but my dear you do need to chill, these are my streets and I have rules about making people disappear"

"Oh but my dear captain it seems that you are the one who needs to chill"

"Well what do you say flash, a little team up to take down little miss magic"

"You know, while I would love to get a name from the great Vibe, imma have to decline his chosen name and say that I already made my own and while it's not his level of awesome, it does give a slightly better hint toward what my powers can do."

"Well what is it?"

"The name that I go by is that of Rhein"

"Wow…I have no idea how that would relate to your powers."

"Oh you'll find out captain, you'll find out."

"Human where the hell is my jailor"

"Uhhh…I'll get back to you on that big guy"


"Please just don't go around telling water puns the ice ones were bad enough."

"You know Barry what you are doing is highly illogical"

"Don't you go all Vulcan on me Len"