What happens when the Cullen's AND the wolves have to leave for a while leaving Bella all alone, once again. Her cousin comes for a visit and she learns a dark secret about her family. How will she cope?

This story takes place a few months after Bella, Alice, and Edward return from Italy. After returning from Italy, they go back to their everyday lives by going to school. Charlie had grounded Bella and will get over it this first chapter. ;)

For this story, neither Eclipse nor Breaking Dawn ever happened. *Disclaimer* I will only say this once and only once. I will not post it in any other chapter. I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT. ALL TWILIGHT RIGHTS BELONG TO STEPHANIE MEYER. THE STORY LINE IS ALL MINE!

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Chapter 1)

Sighing, I lay my book on my bed. I'm reading the words, but not actually reading the book. My mind was going a hundred miles a minute. It's hard to focus. Why is it so hard to focus? Of course, Edward. I roll my eyes.

I've been trying to read this book since this afternoon. Charlie picked me up a book he thought I would enjoy while he was in Port Angeles last weekend. Thinking about Edward threw me off balance. He, along with his family, did not show up for school
today. It wasn't a sunny day, so the only other explanation was that they were out hunting. That had to be it, right?

When I returned from Italy, Charlie forbade me from seeing the Cullen's. I understood completely. It was stupid of me to just run off after a family that hurt me. But Edward was in trouble and he would not have understood. Even though I was eighteen and
left a note, I made him worry himself to the point he collapsed. I came home to him in the hospital because he thought I was running away, even though I said I would be back. That night scared me.


I slowly opened my eyes to the hushed whispers of Alice and Edward. As soon as they realized I was awake they became silent. I sat up slowly in my seat and stretched as best as I could in the small back seat. Looking around, I noticed we were in the hospital parking lot.

"What are we doing here?" I asked Alice since she was the driver.

"Nothing, love. We came to see Carlisle." Edward replied without giving Alice a chance to.

Ignoring Edward, I focused my attention to Alice. "Alice, why are we here?" I tried again.

I heard Edward groan before Alice muttered, "She'll find out soon enough." She turned the car off and faced me from her seat. "Bella, Charlie is here."

That was all I needed to know before my eyes grew wide and I threw my seatbelt off. I flew out of the backseat and headed for the hospital doors. Running down the halls, I reached the nurse's desk out of breath. "Where's my dad? What room?" I hurried out.

"Floor 2. Room 226."

I pushed off the desk and headed for the elevators. I hadn't even realized Edward and Alice were next to me again until one of them pressed the up button. I glanced at them and nodded my thanks.

When I got to Charlie's room, I hesitated with either knocking or entering. I went with the later in case he was sleeping. I opened the door quietly not wanting to disturb him and peeked in. Charlie's brown eyes met mine. I gulped and pushed the door open some more.

"Bella," he sighed in relief.

I moved in slowly not worrying about closing the door. I came next to him and threw myself at him. My arms circled his neck and I squeezed. "Are-" I didn't even get to ask my question before I felt him get tense. I glanced up and noticed his clenched jaw and red face.

"Out!" He growled. I stumbled back a bit confused. Had I gone too far by leaving? "Not you. Them." He spat.

I looked behind me to find Alice and Edward standing in the doorway. Alice had hurt written all over her face while Edward held understanding. "Leave. You've caused enough damage." Charlie finished before turning his head away from them. I heard the door close behind me as I stared at Charlie.

*End Flashback*

When Charlie got out of the hospital and realized the Cullen's would be back for good, he put his foot down. That was when he refused to let me see the Cullen's outside of school. He knew he couldn't stop me at school. But with Alice always stopping by
when Charlie was home and sweet talking him, it soon it turned into just Edward being banned. That didn't stop him at night though. He would still come through my window and lay next to me in bed. Last night he stayed the night, but was gone before
I woke up.

It was this morning that Charlie informed me he was lifting his ban on Edward. After a month of being grounded, which he made clear he wanted longer but Renee chewed him out, I was finally allowed to have Edward over at the house after school or go out
with him. But the catch, my curfew was nine o'clock. Not a minute later.

I glanced at my phone on the nightstand, the phone Charlie finally gave back to me before heading to work. I bit my lip in hesitation, wondering if I should try giving him a call. After thinking about it for a second, I reached over.

Picking up the phone, I scrolled to 'E' and clicked on his name. It began to ring which made my heart race in anticipation. My brows furrowed as it kept ringing. Finally it went to voicemail and left me in shock. I would think if his phone was ringing,
he'd answer it or at least look at it. And if he'd look at it he would see it was me and realize something was up. My brows furrowed together in confusion as I hung up and lay my phone back on the night stand.

I groan as I roll onto my back and turn back to the beginning of the book. Maybe actually trying to focus will make time go faster. And if Edward is hunting, he'll see my missed call and return it.

"The boy with fair hair lowered himself down the last few feet of rock and began to pick his way toward the lagoon. Though he had taken off his school sweater and trailed it now from one hand, his grey shirt stuck to him and his hair was plastered to his forehead. All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat. He was clambering heavily among the creepers and broken trunks when a bird, a vision of red and yellow, flashed upwards with a witch-like cry; and this cry was echoed by another."

I read the first paragraph over and over trying to get myself to focus, but it was no use. I stand up and toss the book onto my pillow. Growling to myself, I stalk over to my sneakers and pull them on. I'll just head to Edward's. Alice will see and tell
him. He'll just meet me there when he's done.

Heading down the stairs carefully so I don't trip myself, I make my way into the kitchen and grab the sticky note. Heading to Edward's. Be back by 9. Leftovers in the fridge, I left for Charlie. Hopefully he doesn't manage to burn the house down
by reheating the damn food.


After driving the fifteen minutes to their house, I pull into their slender driveway. I park in front of their garage and cut my engine. Getting out of my truck, I head up the porch. I let myself in and head to the living room. I flop onto the couch to
make myself comfortable. Leaning my head back in relaxation, I unintentionally drift off to sleep.


When I wake up, I can already tell it's dark outside. Confused, I glance down at my phone; eight-oh-seven. I was here for over four hours. Edward would have been back by now. I'm sure that Alice would have seen me here waiting and sent him back. Since
returning from Italy, the family hasn't been going on their family camping trips where they are gone for days at a time. They've been sticking to the area.

I heave myself off the couch while opening my recent call log again. I click on Edward's name as I bring myself to stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the forest.

After two rings, he answers. "Bella?" Edward asks confused.

"Where are you? Hunting?" I ask not giving a second for him to comprehend or for me to answer that it was me.

"Uh, no. I'm not hunting. I'm at home."

I wonder if any of you know what book Bella is reading? This was one of my favorites in High School