My beautiful, Jill.

You have far from let me down. Neither have you let the children down, or The Royal or the surrounding community. What happened was beyond anything anyone could have imagined, or even predicted. I could never hate you. Together we have the most amazingly loving family, where for the first time in years I feel safe, loved and secure. You have given Katie and Tom a mother they so desperately needed, and who they love without distinction or boundaries.

Having nearly lost you two weeks ago I am more than grateful that we have been given more precious time together. To lose our child, and the possibility of any other in the future, is devastating but having you by my side for many years to come will always be of more importance to us all.

Although I was at first taken a back that you had felt you couldn't tell me of the pregnancy, but having had time to think it over I fully understand. I love our children, and would have loved more, without even giving your career and feelings a second thought. For that I will always be sorry. I miss the trio every time I leave the house without them, and can only imagine how much harder it must be you; their mum.

I realise there have to be some changes in our lives. We spend so much time at work treating our patients that we seem to have forgotten the real meaning of family time. I can't remember the last time I arrived home early enough on a week night to bathe Jonathon and read him a bed time story. Neither can I remember the last time I picked Tom and Katie up from school, and treated them to the ice cream they so regularly beg us for. Things must change, and they will− you have my word.

Yours always,