You were abandoned by your parents in Mt. Ebott, left alone to be slaughtered by the vicious monsters who inhabited the caverns. At first you were so terrified you considered laying in the flowerbed for the rest of your pitiful life, allowing yourself to painfully starve and dehydrate, or perhaps even eat some of the buttercups and let their deadly toxins save you from meeting your doomed fate with the monsters.

That is until a little flower found you weeping in the bed of buttercups.

Flowey seemed friendly enough, but when it was revealed all he wanted from you was your SOUL you felt strangely numb, almost to the point of accepting your fate.

But once Toriel saved you from the little flower's wrath and showed you mercy, you were completely flabbergasted. Everyone up on the surface told countless tales of horrible monsters who wouldn't wait a heartbeat to shred any disobedient child they found in their domain, so... what had Toriel saved you?

Toriel wasn't the only one who showed you mercy. After you reluctantly left the kind goat monster you came across a pair of rather goofy skeleton brothers. Sans was laid back and enjoyed cracking puns and jokes here and there, and even though his younger brother Papyrus was intent on capturing you to grant him access into the Royal Guard he had no true intention on hurting you, let alone killing you. And you had to admit, the little "date" the two of you shared was kinda fun and amusing.

The only ones who supposedly tried to kill you were Undyne, Mettaton, Muffet, and Asgore, but that was only due to desperation to escape, being programmed to hunt down humans, protecting family, and having a duty to fulfill, respectively. In time they all grew quite fond of you, and you of them, and you even conquered your fear of spiders thanks to Muffet.

At the end of your journey, you learned the tragic story of how these completely innocent and desperate monsters ended up Underground in the first place, and you felt so deeply sorry for the poor creatures. In a way, they all reminded you of yourself: harmless and compassionate living beings who wanted nothing more than to live in peace, but were instead treated poorly and were ultimately banished for reasons that were not their own.

After battling Omega Flowey, you were even more determined to save these poor monsters, knowing they lived alongside a horrid beast whom they didn't even know was so dangerous. Whether you deserved such awful treatment from anyone was debatable, but you knew in your heart and in your SOUL that these monsters did not. So, heeding the advice given to you, you RESET.

Despite going back in time to the point where Asgore hadn't been killed by Flowey, everyone remembered you - save for Asgore of course since he didn't get the chance to get to know you. When the time came for you to repeat your battle with the king of all monsters, you noticed a strange turn of events that weren't present the last time you fought: Toriel stopped Asgore from having the first move. Undyne persuaded him not to fight. Alphys calmed everyone down. Papyrus and Sans lifted the mood back up.

You were surrounded by those who legitimately cared about you.

It all felt too surreal. Living with your parents taught you that no one in the world was ever going to like you or want to be your friend, and that whatever you said or did was just going to cause problems for everyone else in the long run. But now, you are seeing that perhaps your parents were wrong all along. You did deserve to be happy. You did deserve to be embraced and comforted and uplifted by people who did want to be your friends. And ironically, though definitely without complaint, it wasn't humans who had given you the love you so craved your entire life, but monsters.

For once in your life, you felt genuinely happy.

About a year had passed now since you were abandoned, and after you set the monsters free from their imprisonment thanks to the long-dead prince of the monsters Asriel - who to your surprise was originally Flowey - you settled down with your new family on the surface. You now resign in the dip of the valley next to the town you grew up in. Asgore wanted to call the place New New Home, but Toriel decided a better name would be Buttercup Valley. Monsters worked long and hard to build houses and buildings, and it took no time at all to build a brand-new town just for the monsters.

You now lived in a two-story house, painted white with a red rooftop by your request. You lived with your new mother and father, Toriel and Asgore. It took them a while, but the two boss monsters had finally made up, and even though they knew they could never have the same relationship they once had, they agreed to be friends and work together to raise you properly.

Sans and Papyrus also lived with you. They played the roll as your honorary older brothers. Not a day passed where you wouldn't spend time with the two skeletons, and no matter what kind of negative mood you were in they always found a way to cheer you right back up. You had even convinced the family to get a kitten. You wanted a puppy at first, but after remembering how poorly Papyrus got along with the meddling canine who kept stealing his bone attacks you settled with Sarah the sphynx cat.

Your life was finally everything you absolutely dreamed of. No abusive parents, no scraps of food for dinner, and no bullies. Just love and attention from all your friends and family.

You were busying yourself with homework. Toriel had opened her own school for monster children, and once humans moved into Buttercup Valley the school would be open for human children as well. Right now you were the only human attending the school - you were the only human in the entire town rather - but you didn't mind. The monster children were incredibly nice to one another and even more nice to you, which made you feel very happy. You've never had as many friends at your age. Your best friend was Monster Kid, an armless monster who was born male but also preferred gender-neutral pronouns. Perhaps that was a reason why you got along so well with them.

"Frisk, dear!" Toriel's call sounded from downstairs. "If you're not too busy, would you mind coming down to the kitchen?"

Your very first thought was that you were in some kind of trouble yet again, and you were going to be severely punished for it. It took you a little while to calm yourself down and remind yourself that you were no longer living with Nick and Summer, but Toriel and the other monsters. You take a deep breath, yet you were still on edge from the startle, and you return your mother's call with a loud, "Coming!" You haven't been told to keep quiet by your new family, but rather they encouraged you to express whatever was on your mind verbally, and your voice rang out clear as day as opposed to the previously low rasp. Climbing from your chair, you slowly make your way downstairs, nervously fiddling with your shirt.

Once you reach the bottom step you stop to take another deep breath to calm yourself. It was all going to be okay. You were not in trouble. Toriel will not scold you with nasty words. Asgore will not beat you senseless. Sans and Papyrus will not bully you to tears.

But what if they will?

A sob began to painfully rise in your chest, threatening to break free, and tears started streaming down your cheeks. You hoped with all your heart that living with the monsters would set you free of the endless torture and agony you've had to deal with from your birth parents. You just couldn't go through the same kind of abuse again.

Reluctantly you headed to the kitchen, and before you even saw the faces of your new family, expressions darkened with fury at whatever you did wrong, the sob broke through.

"Happy birthday!" A chorus of shouts rang through the house, causing you to jump in alarm. You look up and see your family not angry, but very happy.

The kitchen was decorated with streamers and cut-out hearts taped to the walls, colorful confetti dappled the white tiled floor, and the delicious aroma of freshly-baked birthday cake wafted through the room. The monsters themselves wore party hats and held boxes wrapped in colorful paper in a variety of sizes. They had even invited Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Napstablook, and Monster Kid to the party, and all five of them were grinning just as brightly as Toriel, Asgore, Sans, and Papyrus.

You were not expecting this. You had expected birthday beatings, a "birthday tradition" that involved the minutes being as long as your age was of beatings. You didn't know a real birthday party consisted of cake and presents and colorful decorations.

If your family didn't notice you sobbing before, they sure would now, as your emotions collapsed in on you and you fell to your knees, weeping uncontrollably as teardrops plopped to the floor.

"Oh, my Goodness, Frisk!" Toriel placed the cake on the counter and whipped off her oven mitts to kneel down next to you and wrap her arms around you in a gentle hug. "My child, whatever are you crying for?"

"Did we startle you?" Asgore frowned guiltily.

"Or perhaps there aren't enough decorations?" Mettaton suggested.

"Or maybe there are too many presents for you to go through!" Papyrus declared.

You shake your head as you sob over Toriel's shoulder, hugging her broad, fluffy neck gently as to not choke her. Why were they fretting over if you were scared? Why were they concerned about the number of presents or decorations? Why were they caring at all?

"Do you wish to tell us what's wrong?" Toriel invited gently as she glided a paw up and down your back, which did wonders in soothing you.

You sniffle and try to wipe your tears away even though they refused to stop falling. You let go of your adopted mother and your breath hitches as you struggle to contain the sobs.

"What's wrong, Frisk?" Monster Kid fretted with a frown. "Why are you sad?"

"I... I'm not sad," you choked out, forcing a quivering smile. "I'm happy."

"But tiny human, if you are happy why are you crying?" Papyrus asked as his sockets slightly narrowing in confusion.

"Those're called tears of joy, bro," Sans piped in, his casual smile drooping a bit in concern.

You nod slowly in agreement. "It's just... I've never had a real birthday party before."

"What do you mean you've never had a real birthday party before?" Undyne exclaimed. "You should always get an awesome party with a ton of food and presents!"

You shake your head. "That's not what I've had... My birthdays weren't celebrated. They... They were... just another excuse my parents had to punish me."

The collected sounds of confusion filled the kitchen as the monsters exchanged stumped glances.

"Whatever do you mean, child?" Toriel asked.

You did all you could to keep what had happened with your parents to yourself as to not worry your friends, but everyday it was getting harder and harder to keep your emotions of the tragic childhood bottled up inside. You would often become either very saddened or so happy you cried in response to activities the family shared with you, wishing your birth parents would've given you the same love and affection. You never knew the life of a child could actually be a lot of fun, or that you had to walk on eggshells around your family.

With a heavy sigh, you realized things weren't going to get any better for you unless you spilled out exactly what you had gone through in the past. Perhaps if you did so and your family would listen, you could finally let go of the past and be at peace with your new life. Slowly you took in a shaky breath. "You see..."

A knock at the door interrupted you, and you nearly jumped out of your skin. Toriel looked in the direction of the front door with a look of confusion. "That's funny, I don't remember inviting anyone else. Please excuse me." She gave you one final supportive squeeze before letting you go to answer the front door. Still sniffling, you decided to approach the others.

A familiar voice at the front door made you freeze in your tracks and your heart fill with dread. No, it couldn't be...

"May we come in?" a woman's voice asked gruffly. "We have important matters we must discuss."

"Um, please come on in?" Toriel's puzzled voice replied. She stepped aside to let the guests in, and they headed straight for the kitchen.

You could've sworn your heart stopped beating for a moment or two.

"NO!" you shrieked at the top of your lungs when you saw your birth parents standing at the doorway, and you scrambled to hide behind Sans and Papyrus.

"Whoa, whoa, kid, what's wrong?" Sans gasped, completely taken aback by your sudden outburst, as was everyone else.

"Hello there," Summer greeted as politely as she could muster. "My name is Summer Turr and this is my husband, Nick Turr."

Nick gave a curt nod before picking up where his wife left off. "We have come to take back our child."

"Goodness, is Frisk your child?" Asgore replied in surprise.

"Tabitha is indeed our daughter," Nick confirmed through gritted teeth. You noticed his hands beginning to ball up upon hearing someone use your preferred name as opposed to your birth name. "We will be taking her back now."

"No, please no!" You grip Sans' jacket tightly, clinging to the smaller skeleton for dear life, the tears falling down your cheeks once again. "Don't let them take me! Please don't let them get to me!"

"Oh, come now, Tabitha, you're making a scene," Summer glared down at you. "Nick, you can retrieve her."

Nick began to quickly advance on you, and you let out a horrified shriek.

In an instant, Undyne leaped in front of the man to cut him off. "Hold it! First off, their name is Frisk and they are gender-neutral. Also, it's pretty clear they don't want to go back with you."

"Tabitha is my daughter, and I will be taking her back to our home where she belongs," Nick snarled, glaring dangerously at the bipedal fish monster.

"We are her parents, and thus it is our legal right to take her back," Summer added.

"Don't let them take me, please!" you pleaded desperately. "I don't wanna go back! They beat me and shun me and send me to bed without dinner!" You flinch heavily at the loud gasps that filled the room, each monster's face portraying utter disbelief, horror, and fury.

"How dare you lie about us!" Summer barked angrily. "We do not beat you!"

"Yes, you do! You beat me every birthday! Last year when I turned nine, you beat me for nine minutes straight! I couldn't sit right for a month!"

"You are a filthy little liar," the woman scowled. "Nick, grab her!"

Quicker before anyone could react, the man lunged out for you and fastened his strong hand around your wrist, nearly crushing the bones as his arm trembled in rage. You shriek in a mix of pain and panic as you struggle with all your might to tug away. "Let go of me!"

Nick's SOUL immediately turned blue and he was flung into the air, instantly letting go of you. He let out a pained shout as he was slammed into the ceiling.

Sans held his arm out, his left eye glowing electric blue, and he grinned at the man dangerously. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, buddy. Kid doesn't wanna go, so they're stayin' right here."

"You will not keep us away from our child! We own her!" Summer bellowed, quickly approaching you and reaching out to grab you.

Undyne lunged forward and shoved the woman away, knocking her to the ground. "You will not touch this child! If we have to FIGHT to the death to protect them from you, I will FIGHT until my last dying breath!"

"She has been taught well, so I wouldn't advice challenging her," Asgore warned as he shot the hostile humans a glare. "I suggest you two go back home and leave us in peace."

"You realize it's illegal to take our own child away from us, do you not?" Summer snapped.

"If I recall, child abuse, neglect, and abandonment are also illegal," Papyrus retorted coolly, crossing his arms.

"And if we make it obvious that this child is in pain, the authorities will agree that keeping them away from you would be the best thing for them, legal or not!" Mettaton added, too enraged to throw in a flashy pose.

"With that being said," Toriel finished firmly, "I must ask you two to leave our home."

"Not without Tabitha." Summer spaced out her words in pure rage, each one more forced than the last, as she struggled to keep the last thread of her patience in tact. If looks could kill, every single monster in the house would be turned to dust in an instant.

"What will you gain from taking them back with you?" Toriel challenged. "It's clear they don't want to go back with you, and judging by how they ended up in Mt. Ebott in the first place you didn't want anything to do with them, as utterly horrible as that may be. You'll have nothing to gain by taking Frisk back, rather you will just put all our lives in misery, including your own. Why should a child go back to a place where they aren't loved?"

Summer glared dangerously at the goat monster for a while longer before clicking her tongue in disgust, finally giving in. "Fine. Keep the little rat. We don't care. She wasn't any use to us anyway, all she did was cause us trouble."

"Then why did you come after them in the first place?" Undyne exclaimed.

She got no answer as Summer stomped towards the front door without looking back. Once Nick was released of Sans' spell, he collapsed to the ground with a groan and looked up to scowl at you, almost as if he wanted to kill you. You whimper and tremble in Sans' embrace, watching as the man got to his feet and continued glaring at you.

"That includes you, good sir," Toriel growled.

Nick kept his murderous gaze on you for a while longer before finally breaking away, heading to the front door after his wife. He slammed the door behind him, causing the house to tremble.

They were gone. Nick and Summer were finally out of your life. You were finally free from their abuse and torment. You could finally live the live you have always yearned for. Tears slid down your cheeks as you whimpered, overjoyed giggles mingling with stressful sobs.

You were finally at peace.