Summary: Tony survived the alien invasion He survived making sure that his son, Peter, survived, so far. The Avengers are a thing, and most of them are living in his Tower, including Steve Rogers. Peter thinks it's exciting living with so many superheroes, and living so close to his Daddy. Tony just wants to get Peter through school, and ignore all the signs of his growing attraction, and attachment, to a certain Super Soldier. Easy to do when old enemies are trying to take apart the Avengers. Why is Hydra so much closer to Tony's personal life than he ever wanted it to be?

Sequel to "Proof Positive". Follows Captain America: TWS.

A/N: I'm back! I couldn't wait! I started working on this almost right away at the end of Proof Positive. What can you expect from this story? More adorable Peter, more Tony feels, more Steve feels! More Fluff, and more Angst this time around! We'll for sure see some Winter Soldier action and some Hydra action. I'll probably be touching on some Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Age of Ultron. There will be no Civil War in this story, that's not happening here! Peter is going to grow up before your eyes, making his way to becoming Spider-Man. I've got some big ideas for this story, so let's see how they play out, yeah?!

I've posted a playlist to Proof Positive over in the last chapter of that story, and throughout this story I'll be keeping, and updating, a running playlist for this story. It's fun, specially for the first chapter.

Let's party!

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September 2011

Tony hummed, nodding as the bakers brought in the cake to the kitchen space. Blue ombre, with blue and purple butterflies streaking up the side. "That is a beautifully done cake."

"It should be for the price you paid for it." Tony smiled when Pepper walked into the kitchen. "All the tables have been set, the flowers in place, and the DJ has set up her stuff." Tony nodded and took the tablet from Pepper's hands.

"All the food is about to be taken out of the oven, or being prepared now, so it'll be fresh when the reception starts." Even the coffee the team he had assembled had been heaven in his mouth that morning. Tony turned to look at Pepper and smiled. "You look good in that blue dress."

"A birthday present from you, Mr Stark," she smirked back at him. "Everything looks beautiful. The chairs are going up outside as we speak."

"I'm not worried about Agent or Mary getting dressed on time, but I feel that I must ask about my wayward son, and his best friend." Tony groaned when Pepper just smiled at him. "Where are they?"

"Steve is with them, trying to get them to, stay, dressed." Tony rubbed his face, handing the tablet back to Pepper. "Third door, on the right," she said brightly as Tony left the kitchen, before snagging one of the crème puffs.

Tony could hear the excited laughter coming from the room before he even reached the door. Tony knocked twice before opened the door. Peter and Wade were jumping on the bed that was in the room with their pants and shirt on, while Steve was sitting in the corner chair, still in his clothes from when he woke up, looking exhausted.

"Rogers, you've only been up for three hours," Tony said as he stepped in the room, hands on his hips. "There's no way that two kids have exhausted a super soldier."

"You're assuming this super soldier got sleep last night," Steve said, his eyes closed in the chair.

"Jarvis did tell me that you were up all night," Tony said, grabbing the two pair of socks that Peter and Wade should have had on by now. He turned towards the bed, and Peter jumped towards Tony with his arms out. Tony caught the boy in his arms, then flopped him down on the bed, making him giggle. Wade flopped down next to them, smiling. "Talking to a friend."

"I told you, I have friends outside of New York," Steve said with a slight smirk. He pushed himself up from the chair grabbing the two pair of shoes from the bench. He grabbed Wade around the waist before the older boy could scramble from the bed. He laughed in Steve's arms as the blonde put the socks on him. "They do like to talk to me occasionally."

"Apparently not during regular waking hours," Tony said with a smirk. He grabbed Peter's converse and started to put them on the squirming boy.

"You never had a bad night?" Steve said, holding onto Wade, feet pointed towards Tony. Tony raised an eyebrow at him, but grabbed the other converse and put them on Wade as well. "Bow ties are going to be near impossible to get on these two."

"That's why I've got clip-ons!" Tony said with a grin, tickling Peter. "Come on, kiddo, if you finish getting dressed we can go see Mama before everyone else gets here."

"Okay!" Peter said with a grin, hopping up to his feet. Tony chuckled and pulled out two red clip-on ties. He passed one to Steve and they put them on the boys. "I have taken two wily, scrappy, little boys, and I've turned them into handsome little men!"

"You did?" Steve looked at him. "Excuse you, I helped!"

"Mmm, I don't know," Tony turned his eyes to Steve. He got up, standing behind Peter and Wade. He crossed his arms, Peter and Wade copying him, all three looking at Steve now. "I don't know if we can turn this scrappy blonde into a handsome man. I may have used all my magic on you two boys. What do you think?" Steve turned a deadpan expression to Tony.

"We can do it," Peter proclaimed.

"Yeah!" Wade agreed. "I mean, we'll try our best, no promises Mr Tony," He looked up at Tony as Tony looked down at him. "It's a lot of work." Tony let out a laugh and Wade grinned.

"You're going to be dangerous when you get older kid," Tony said ruffling his hair a bit. There would be no saving either boys hair for the wedding. "Alright, get to work you two." Tony dropped into the chair that Steve had been sitting in earlier.

Wade went for Steve's suit and Peter hopped back up on the bed. "Wade, I need a comb!" Tony smirked, watching the boys work with a ruthless efficiency that Peter never even gave to his homework.

"I feel like this should be a violation of my basic rights," Steve commented, but didn't move from his seat on the bed.

"A lot's changed since your time, Cap!" Tony called out. "This is a whole new beast to contend with."

"I think I've been doing pretty well with the Twenty-First Century, Tony," Steve said back to him.

"I was talking about kids!" Tony laughed. "Heaven help us all if the day comes that you have a child of your own."

"I think it should be a little girl," Steve said with a soft smile. Tony let out a groan, dropping his head back on the chair. "What?"

"You with a little girl? We would all be doomed!" Tony straightened in the chair, watching the boys push Steve to the bathroom to get dressed. "Can you imagine, some blonde girl running around, the same spit-fire nature in her as Captain America? And I would give just about anything to see the first person who dares ask out Cap's precious little girl. Would polishing your shield be the equivalent of cleaning the rifle?"

"I'll let you know the answer to that later," Steve called out from the bathroom.

"This is one reason why I'm glad I have a boy," Tony continued on. "I'm a boy, so I have an idea on how to handle boy stuff."

"What kind of boy stuff?" Peter asked, looking at his Dad curiously.

"Stuff that you'll find out in a couple of years, I'm sure," Tony told him with a smile. He held out one arm to Peter, patting his leg with the other, and the boy ran over to him, hopping up in his lap. Tony wrapped his arm around Peter. "Nothing to worry about, Petey-Pie." Tony bit back a laugh when he saw Wade open the bathroom door, pushing Steve's shoes and socks inside, hearing a surprise yelp from Steve. "You're usually supposed to knock first, Wade."

"But, we're all boys here," Wade said, looking suspiciously innocent. "We all have the same boy parts." Peter giggled in Tony's arm. "And no one takes that long to put on pants."

"Oooo, someone was using logic, I see," Tony said, pointing at Wade. "Next time, knock though. How's he looking in there, though?"

"I think he's almost done. Not great yet, though," Wade said before walking into the bathroom. Peter scrambled from Tony's lap to follow his best friend, and crush, into the bathroom. Tony rolled his eyes a little before shutting them for a few seconds. As he shut them, he saw a little blonde girl, a toddler, with curly hair, running around. Bright blue eyes as she giggled, running as Steve chased her, both grinning. Tony sucked in a breath and his eyes shot open.

Steve stepped out of the bathroom, adjusting his blue tie, the boys smoothing out his jacket and pants. Tony blinked and swallowed. Steve's hair was swept back and when he looked up, Tony swore that his blue eyes were a little brighter, and his smile was a little wider.

"How'd we do?" Peter asked, hands behind his back, rocking on his feet.

"Keep this up, and you boys might have a future in fashion." Tony stood up, buttoning the first button his jacket. "I think we all look good enough to go visit the bride now, what do you think?"

"Yeah!" Peter exclaimed, he and Wade running for the door. Tony followed them, Steve stepping up next to him.

"Through all of that, how did your suit not wrinkle?" Steve asked as they walked out into the hallway. "You were holding onto a less than still Peter, rolling around on the bed, then in the chair. How do you still look this good?" Steve willed himself not to blush at his choice of words.

Tony grinned, putting his hands in his pants pockets. "It's a carefully cultivated skill."

"Something tells me that you didn't need that much time," Steve said.

"You haven't seen the pictures from the Nineties," Tony warned him. Peter and Wade were waiting by the door where they knew Mary was getting ready. He leaned over the boys, and knocked twice. "Announcing four handsome men to see Ms Mary Parker one last time before she becomes something else!" Steve elbowed Tony gently, but he just grinned.

The door opened a little and Natasha's head peeked out, her red hair pulled back. She looked at Tony and Steve, then down at Peter and Wade. "There are three handsome men out here, and then there's Tony." Tony opened his mouth a little. They could hear Mary chuckle behind the door.

"Let them in Tasha," she told the spy. Natasha glanced down the hall, looking to see if there was anyone else, before opening the door for them. When Tony and Steve walked in last, Natasha shut the door again. Mary was sitting down at a vanity, Rachel behind her, finishing her hair.

"Hi Mama! Hi Granma!" Peter greeted happily, running over. Rachel turned to hug Peter, smiling, moving out of the way a little and Mary got up. "Whoa. You look really pretty, Mama."

Tony let out a soft breath, giving her a smile. She did a little spin, and the knee length, lace covered, dress flowed out a bit. "Agent is a lucky man, that's for sure."

"Thinking that you didn't get there in time?" Rachel asked with a little smirk. "Missed your chance Stark?"

"I may have," Tony said with a little chuckle. Mary picked up Peter, kissing his cheeks.

"Tony? Did you put the boys in Converse?" Mary saw the shoes that Peter and Wade were wearing.

"You said that you wanted something more casual, and small," Tony said. "I've got little suit jackets on the boys, and we all compromised by wearing Chucks." Tony rocked on his feet, and when Mary looked down she saw that both Tony and Steve were also wearing Converse sneakers. Tony grinned back at her, hands in his pockets.

"I think Peter and Wade look very handsome," Rachel said, leaning down to straighten Wade's bow tie. Wade beamed with a wide smile. "I wonder though, how did you get talked into wearing those shoes, Captain?"

"I wasn't going to wear them at first," Steve admitted, looking down at his matching blue converse. "I tried on the dress shoes, then tried these on, and I have to admit that these are far more comfortable."

"Comfort wins out!" Tony said in triumph. "Little do you all know that my very slow plan to completely corrupt America's national icon is in full force, and I'm winning." Mary snorted with a smile, putting Peter back down on the ground, but still holding his hand. "In three years I fully expect to see him getting arrested for disturbing the public." Steve elbowed Tony's side, dropping his head a little.

"Shouldn't you be greeting the arriving guests?" Rachel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I was checking on the other arrangements, before I had to step in to get these three delinquents dressed," Tony defended. "I was actually on track, for once! All of the food is on schedule, and the outside seating is almost all set as well. Your officiant has her own room and getting ready herself. The guests are allowed to roam the vineyard, but the gate to the ceremony area hasn't been opened yet." Tony stretched out his arm to pull his suit jacket over his watch to glance at the time. "We still have seven minutes until those gates open." Rachel was staring at him, and Mary was smiling. "What? I usually meet all my business deadlines, and I was a fairly competent CEO of a multi-billion dollar company for several years."

"It just has to be something that you care about," Steve said not unkindly, and Tony shrugged a little.

"Depends on the importance," Tony threw in. He glanced at his watch again. "Rachel, can I entrust the boys with you? We've got to check in with the groom as well, then I'm going to rendezvous with Pepper." Rachel shooed them off, and Tony hooked an arm with Natasha to pull her form the room as well, Steve following.

"I'm assigning you and Barton to making sure the guests make their way to their seats," Tony told Natasha. She shot him a glare, but Tony didn't seem to notice. "We're keeping this wedding low-key, and I think putting myself or Steve up at the front will draw attention from those that did not receive invitations. Also, you're like a bodyguard and beautiful greeter all in one." Tony flashed her a smile and she rolled her eyes a little.

"You're lucky you snuck that compliment in there, Stark," Natasha said to him.

"No need to sneak that in, it's true and you know it." Tony kissed her knuckles a little. The red head looked unimpressed, but didn't pull her hand away. "You're also the best chance we have at pulling Barton away from Agent's room. He'll try to hide away in there."

"Try?" Both Natasha and Steve said with a snort.

"Yeah, yeah," Tony said with a wave of his hand, the trio stopping by another door. "Get your archer boyfriend out of there."

"Not my boyfriend," Natasha said as Tony knocked twice, then opened the door to the room. Clint was perched, almost like a bird, on the top of the couch in Coulson's room, with the man himself finishing his tie in the mirror.

"And here I thought that the only kind of suit you owned was black," Tony told the groom. He was wearing a white suit, rather reminiscent of his work outfit, with a black shirt, and a white tie.

"I hold a lot of surprise, Mr Stark," Coulson said before turning from the mirror, tucking the tie under the button of his jacket. "I assume the boys have been wrangled into their clothes."

"With very little help from the good Captain," Tony said with a grin, and Steve groaned a little.

"Extenuating circumstances," Steve claimed.

"I'm just getting my brownie points for being on top of things today," Tony said, glancing at Steve. "Let me build my ego before the magical moment shifts to someone else." Natasha had gone over to the couch, pulling Barton off of the couch and back to his feet.

"You're so kind, Stark," Barton quipped, smoothing down his own jacket. "To willingly give away the attention like that."

"I know!" Tony put on a grin, giving a wave as Natasha pulled Clint from the room. Tony sat down on the arm of the couch. "The boys are dressed, your bride is nearly ready, and I've just sent the greeters out to get the guests herded."

"There's less than fifty guests," Coulson told Tony. "Not much herding to do."

"You're right, most of them are probably SHIELD agents anyway," Tony said with a little sigh. "They'll know exactly where to go, they probably already have a map from spy surveillance." Coulson hummed with amusement. "That hum says that I'm probably right." Tony's phone pinged and he pulled it out. "That's Pep, gotta go." He hopped up from the chair, then pointed at Coulson. "You've got twenty minutes, and I expect to see you out there with the boys." Tony pointed to Steve as he headed for the door. "You are in charge of getting the boys form Mary's room so Agent doesn't see her yet, and making sure that they're dressed. Don't fall asleep on me, Rogers!" Tony saluted before leaving the room, shutting the door.

"Is it just me or does he seem-"

"Anxious? Yes." Coulson nodded. "Luckily I was able to stop him from planning the wedding, we just let him take over the actual set up."

"He seems to be taking to it very well," Steve commented.

"It's what he does," Coulson told him. "I also think it's a way for him to cope with the wedding in general." Steve hummed a little.

"Glad to know I wasn't the only one who noticed it." Steve crossed his arms over his chest, watching Coulson grab a corsage from the desk. "Although it certainly made being stuck in the Tower interesting, while trying to avoid cameras."

"Thanks for taking one for the team," Coulson said with a little smirk.

Steve watched him for a couple minutes. "Are you hiding your nerves? I thought people were still supposed to be nervous at their weddings." Coulson looked at Steve. "This is why I refuse to play poker with you, you know that right?"

"I thought it was very smart of you to not play with us," Coulson commented. "I would start off slow if you wanted to get into poker, work on your poker face. I can teach Peter and Wade how to play Poker." Coulson's lips twitched up when Steve gave him a very unamused look. "I did skip breakfast though," he added and Steve raised an eyebrow. "I probably would have thrown it all up by now. I'm sure there will be very little food left after the reception."

"You'll have eaten it all?" Steve asked and Coulson nodded. "For a small second I thought you were going to say that Mary was pregnant."

"I like living in the Tower," Phil told Steve. "I really don't want Tony throwing me out."

"He wouldn't-" Steve stopped when Coulson looked at him. "Okay, so he might." Steve pulled out his phone when it buzzed in his pocket.

'Sorry about messing up your sleep last night. You still good to go for the reception?'

Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out another phone, a bigger one, then tossed it over to Coulson who caught it without looking.

'No worries, you know I don't need a lot of sleep anyway. Everything is still set up, camera should be in place. Thanks for helping me work out the details.'

'I didn't do much, I'm just in it for the camera feed. Have fun!'

"I'll give you the signal before the song start," Coulson said as he finished getting the corsage of lavender straight. He walked over to Steve, tugging a bit at the end of his jacket, and nodded. "Probably time to get the boys." Steve put a hand on Coulson's shoulder and smiled at him.

The weather for the wedding was perfect, something that Tony and Mary had fretted about. Just a light enough breeze, not too much to drown out the voices at the ceremony. The sun was out, but too bright, fluffy white clouds lazily gliding through the sky to cover the harsh glare, but keep the day looking bright. There was no wedding party, and forty-two guests were in attendance, not including Peter and Wade who stood up front with Mary and Phil, (respectfully), each holding onto a ring. Pepper had accepted Tony's handkerchief to keep dabbing at her eyes, in an attempt to keep her makeup from running. She said that nearly everyone cried at weddings. Tony wiggled his nose when the newly-wed couple shared their kiss, swearing that he was just chasing away a sneeze. That awful burning feeling, of a sneeze, of course.

Steve had disappeared with Mary and Coulson, and Tony assumed that he was showing them their cake in private before they would have to cut into it. That was fine by Tony, as he was currently trying to walk with Peter attached to his left leg, and Wade attached to his right leg.

"You boys are starting to get too big for this," he grunted as he made his way towards the reception area. That was inside. Tony hadn't wanted to take any weather, insect, or bird related chances with the food. Dancing was always more fun inside anyway. "Wade, you already reach my waist!"

"You're just short, Mr Tony," Wade said with a cheeky grin. Tony looked down at the boy, then back up with narrowed eyes at the delighted laugh of Wade's mother, Julie, just in front of him.

"He certainly doesn't hold back," she said to Tony. Julie Wilson was looking good for someone who had just went through another round of radiation and chemo two days before the wedding. Tony was glad that his stylist was able to help her out.

"That's nothing new," Tony said, still making his way towards the building. "His personality is dangerous." Julie hummed with a smile as she nodded, falling into step besides the child-laden man.

"Hi Mom," Wade grinned over at his mom. "Did you see how I stood up there, and stayed quiet, and didn't even fidget that much!"

"You did perfectly, sweetheart," his mom replied proudly. "You and Peter were the picture of perfection up there." That made both boys beam proudly.

"What about me?" Tony asked, looking over at the woman. "I stayed in my seat the whole time, and I didn't even speak up at the, 'Speak now, hold your peace' shtick."

"Did you really want to speak up at that part?" Julie asked, looking at Tony.

"Well, no, but that's just something that would be expected of me," Tony argued weakly.

"Were it anyone else's wedding, sure." Tony let out a sigh and Julie chuckled. "The sooner you reach the reception hall, the sooner you get your legs back." Tony let out a shout and tried to move faster, making the boys laugh loudly at the movement. Tony certainly wasn't going to be winning any races.

Dinner was a hit, and Tony made a mental note to keep the catering company in mind for the future. He was becoming more and more surprised at how everything was coming together, and flowing like he and Pepper had planned. Mary and Coulson were able to literally just enjoy their wedding, not having to worry about any of the details or anything that might go wrong.

Tony had made a quick scan over the music that the DJ was going to play, and was very happy to see that Coulson had indeed not managed to sneak in the Captain America theme song. That had been a very legitimate fear for Tony, Mary, and Steve. They compromised that whoever Steve married in the future would have to have their first dance to the 'Star Spangled Man'. (Steve had no intention of actually remembering that if he got married.) But Mary and Phil's first dance, (Everything by crooner Michael Buble, even Tony could agree to that), went off without a hitch. Agent had some moves that could admire. Just for a second.

Mary smiled, watching Peter and Wade at the table with Tony and Bruce, all of them leaning in looking like they might be performing some kind of experiment with the carbonated water. It wasn't her problem tonight. Phil leaned in behind her, kissing her cheek, and pulled out a piece of lavender from his corsage, slipping it behind her ear. He slipped something into her hand before turning around and heading towards the table where her parents were sitting. Mary raised an eyebrow until the thing in her hand started to buzz and ring quietly.

Mary lifted up the, very old, clunky, cell phone and flipped it open, putting it to her ear.

"Hey gorgeous, having a good time?" Mary bit her lip a little as Steve Rogers's voice came through the phone. He had been trying to keep it low, but she would know his voice anywhere.

"Very much," she replied with a smile.

"That's not the line," Steve whispered, then cleared his throat a little.

"But I am," she whispered back.

"Then skip to the next line."

"I did what I came to do," Mary continued.

"You split up?" Steve said, going back to his low voice.

"No, I said I do." She looked around the room, trying to spot the blonde. There weren't that many people there, it shouldn't be that hard to find him.

"Good girl, I'm proud of you." Was he really doing this right now? "I'd be prouder still if you were dancing." Apparently he was doing this. Mary really should have expected it, especially after calling him George for two weeks after they watched 'My Best Friend's Wedding'.

"I have big plans for dancing, just give me thirty, thirty-five minutes." Steve chuckled a little over the phone, clearly trying to stay in character.

"Oh, the misery, the exquisite tragedy, the Susan Haywood of it all. I actually know who she is," Steve whispered that part before continuing. "I can just picture you there, sitting alone at your table in your white dress and lavender flower."

Mary bit her lip a little. "Did I tell you I was wearing a lavender?"

"Hair swept up, you haven't touched your cake-"

"Because we haven't cut it yet."

"-probably, uh, not drumming your fingernails on the mostly white linen tablecloth." Mary chuckled, looking down at her nails. "Perhaps even looking at those fingernails and thinking, 'God, I should have stopped in all of my wedding plotting to have that manicure.' Too late now."

"Steve, I didn't tell you I was wearing a lavender." Mary's eyes widened a little when a song started to play. "Suddenly a familiar song." That asshole had this planned out. It was even the cast version of 'I Say A Little Prayer.' She stood up, looking for him now, forgetting that she playing into the scene. "Then you're off your chair, in one exquisite movement, wondering, searching, sniffing the wind like a dapple deer." Mary noticed that Phil was dancing with her mother on the dance floor, a little familiar smirk on his lips. He had even helped! Mary decided to go with it, moving towards the dance floor, other couples still there.

Tony glanced over when he saw Mary move from her chair, an ugly phone pressed to her ear, looking around. He thought he heard Steve talking at the table next to them. "Has God heard your little prayer? Will Cinderella dance again?" Tony looked over, watching Steve in his chair, smiling, looking over at Mary. Why did those lines sound familiar?

"And then... suddenly, the crowds part." Steve smiled as Coulson moved to show Steve to Mary. She smiled at him, shaking her head a little. "And there he is, sleek, stylish, radiant," Steve was damn proud he could roll that R, "with charisma. Bizarrely, he's on the telephone. But then, so are you." He even did the point in the air.

Tony watched as Steve stood up from his chair with more grace than he had seen in the man. He blinked, lost, and maybe a little turned on.

"And he comes towards you... the moves of a jungle cat." Mary was trying very hard to not laugh, grinning at him. "And although you, quite correctly, sense that he is..." Steve paused, looking side to side with his eyes, then back at Mary, "bi, like most devastating handsome single men of his age are, you think," Steve closed his phone, then took her phone, setting them down on the closest table, the table that just happened to be the one that Tony was sitting at, "what the hell, life goes on. Maybe there won't be marriage, no you've already done that," Steve smiled, taking one of her hands, "maybe there won't be sex," he made a shocked face and Mary could keep her laugh in that time. "But, by God, there'll be dancing." Steve spun her out, keeping a hold of her hand.

Mary laughed as she spun back in to him, taking his other hand. "You said you couldn't dance!" She accused.

"I said I have two left feet," Steve told her, grinning. "And if you'll notice, I'm not really moving that much." It was true, he was just moving side to side, occasionally spinning her in his hand. Mary grinned and pulled him back in a spin towards her, making his eyes go wide at the change up. He stumbled a little, but somehow managed to get his footing back. "I think it took more time memorizing those lines than it did to learn a few simple steps."

"You're still a little wobbly, like newborn calf," she giggled at his face at the comparison. "I can't believe you even managed to get Phil to help with this," she said as they went back to simple moves.

"I needed to get the lavender in there somehow," Steve smiled at her.

Tony's phone buzzed on the table with an alert. Had anyone been paying attention to the groom, they would have seen the wink and nod to the hidden camera Steve had set up a few seconds earlier. A new song had been added to Steve's playlist. 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody.'

Tony looked up to see Coulson stepping in to take his bride back from Steve as the song came to an end. Had Steve added that just now? Was the alert late, or had he simply missed it? Was it a question, or just a coincidence? Was Steve- Oh shit, he was coming to the table!

Steve grabbed the two old phones. "Did you just pull a movie on Mary?" Bruce asked.

"It's kind of an inside joke?" Steve said with a shy little smile. "Coulson helped me find some phones that looked like ones from the movie, and that would still actually work. I'm pretty shocked that I managed to pull it off, honestly." Tony watched Steve for a second. He had set-up, and pulled off, a well-timed stunt, without Tony's help. "I thought I was going to fall right on top of her trying to dance."

"Not a fan of dancing?" Tony heard himself asking.

"Dancing's not a fan of me," Steve replied, looking at Tony now. "Never could get it down, two left feet and all that."

"Even after getting your new build?" Tony said with a motion to his body. "You've got some hidden grace and footwork in there, I've seen it."

"If anything I think I became more awkward when dancing," Steve admitted. Tony's ears perked a little when he heard the guitar of a song start, everyone recognizing it immediately. Except Steve of course.

Tony glanced at Bruce, before hopping out of his chair. "I've got something that you can learn easily, and it doesn't matter if you have two left feet, or no feet."

"Tony," Bruce said, still in his seat, but looking faintly amused. "You aren't thinking about taking him out to this song, are you?"

"Not thinking about it Bruce," Tony said, putting his hands on Steve's shoulders and directing him back towards the dance floor. "Doing it!" Steve looked vaguely scared, not sure what was going on. "Alright, Spangles, just listen to the song, and watch everybody else. I have faith in you."

'It's just a jump to the left.' Tony jumped a little bit, looking at Steve, amusement practically burning in his eyes. 'And then a step to the right!' Tony stepped right, purposely bumping into Steve's side. 'With your hands on your hips.' Tony moved Steve's hands to his hips before doing it himself. 'You bring your knees in tight.' Steve watched as everyone else was doing all the same moves, then his eyes slid back to watching Tony. 'But it's the pelvic thrust, that really drive you insane!' Steve was hoping that he wasn't actually blushing. 'Let's do the Time Warp again!'

"You think you can remember that, Cap?" Tony asked with a smirk.

"I think I might leave the dancing to you, Tony." Steve chuckled a little, putting his arms down.

"Nope! Everyone dances to this song." Tony wrapped his arm around Steve's when he went to move from the dance floor. "Even Agent is doing the dance!"

Steve closed his eyes for a second, then looked at Tony, letting out a soft sigh. "Alright, I'll do it. But if I look stupid doing it, it's all on you!"

"Everyone looks stupid doing this dance, that's the beauty of it!" Tony laughed, pulling Steve over towards Mary and Coulson. They all needed a front row to Steve Rogers, Captain America, doing the Time Warp.

Now Tony just needed to get Steve to watch 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show.' That would be entertaining.

Tony sat at his table, a glass of champagne in his hand. The staff was cleaning up the room, pulling tablecloths for washing, and folding up the food tables. Everyone else had left, the married couple gone off on their honeymoon, Julie taking both Wade and Peter back to her house for a sleepover, and all the guests off with their leftovers and wedding favors.

He took a drink from his glass as someone sat in the chair next to him. He smiled a little. "You're a planning guru. No wonder I made you CEO of my company." He held up his glass as Pepper clinked the drink together.

"You had your hand all over this," Pepper said to him. "Don't ignore your part in making this special day." Tony nodded a little, still not looking over at her. "I thought that after the wedding I would either find you still here, or running back to the Tower."

"Peter won't be back until dinner time tomorrow, and I've got no alcohol in the penthouse." Tony held up the glass again before taking another drink. "It would just be a shame to let this leftover champagne go to waste."

"There was an open bar," Pepper said, tilting her head a little.

"Less likely to get a buzz from the champagne," Tony told her. He let out a little sigh. "It's been a long time since I've even had a buzz, much less get drunk. A hell of a long time."

"When was the last time you even had a drink before tonight?" Pepper asked him.

"Two weeks ago," Tony answered automatically. "Peter's second day of school. Before that, I hadn't had a drink in four months, one week, and two days." Pepper raised her eyebrows, and Tony glanced over at her. "Summer break is always the hardest on my drinking habit."

"I don't know if you can call it a habit anymore." Pepper took a sip from her own glass, watching him.

"Makes your job a lot easier," Tony commented. He finished his glass and set it down on the table.

"For the day of a wedding, you don't look too terribly joyful." Pepper turned more towards Tony.

Tony just sighed a little and ran his hand through his hair. "Just tired, is all. It really was a perfect day, for them. They deserve it, specially after this summer." He glanced over at the dance floor, someone starting to sweep the floor. "Everyone had fun." Pepper leaned over, rubbing the back of his neck a little with her fingers. When Tony closed his eyes, he saw a laughing blonde trying to dance, sparkling blue eyes. Everyone had fun. Tony opened his eyes again. "Now it's time to plan Peter's birthday party. Never a dull moment in my life."