I wrote this a few months ago but didn't have the will to continue. I reread it recently and thought that it deserved to be published instead of staying in my drabbles, because this is quite funny and original. I hope you'll agree!

A detail: I'm french and this isn't beta-ed. Sorry for any mistakes. Don't hesitate to send me a nice review with a correction.

Reincarnation was nice. Reincarnating as a crow was nicer than you would think. Especially when we were talking about the Karasu summons, beings able to talk and use ninjutsu, living in a very nice and green place where food was in easy reach and no-one bothered them.

For years, I thought I had lucked out at the afterlife lottery. Can you, little human beings, imagine a life without the stress of school and work? What a nice life that would be, uh? Yeah. Just in case that ever happens to you, newsflash: there's always a catch.

My name – my name as a Karasu – was Tsukiyo. I forgot most of my past life, including my past name, and I wasn't sad about it. It was already quite confusing to know that this was my second life, I didn't need to dwell on what I lost. The Karasu's mentality helped a lot to put things into perspective. Things were just… simpler here.

For years, I lived and learned on Ichouki, the sacred ginkgo tree, blissfully appreciating this easy life. I knew of the world around us, I knew about the shinobi and I guessed that this was a place very similar to the world of Naruto (what was 'Naruto' anyway? I wondered for days before remembering that it was one of those stories I read about, just like the one with the magic school castle or the one with the elves and the evil ring. I tried to remember those stories; they were more entertaining than the mundane life I had lived previously). I had no interest in discovering the world further. None whatsoever.

The world had others ideas.

It might have been my fault, at least a little, but I had never considered that being known as the smartest crow after our leader, Yatagarasu, could be a bad thing. Why should I hide my capacities? Why holding back my thirst for knowledge? It didn't seem to matter at the time. But I'll tell you why: because humans were annoying, that's why!

For most of my life, the Karasu's summoning scroll had been considered lost. Some of the elders thought that it was a waste, that a connection with the shinobi world was important for the status of our kind. The Crows used to be important in the summoning hierarchy, but now it was all about the Toads, the Snakes and the Snails, blablabla… Who care? Peace was more important than reputation, in my opinion.

One day, the unexpected happened. The news spread like wildfire: we had a summoner! Who's it? Who's it? The crowd asked. An Uchiha from Konoha, the proud summon first called announced proudly. And guess what? There would be another one too if the Elder allowed it!

I mentally prayed for the Elder to say no, but that was wishful thinking. Of course the Elder said yes to Uchiha Shisui and his best friend Uchiha Itachi. They were intelligent, resourceful, and they supported each other, all traits that the Karasu approved of. Then there were the rumors about their playfulness: Shisui was a joker, while Itachi was more subtle, teasing and sarcastic. Playfulness was also greatly appreciated by our species. They would have reverse-summoned themselves to the Karasu instead of finding the long lost scroll that it wouldn't have been surprising.

I am not ashamed to admit that I sulked for several weeks. I didn't want to have anything to do with those humans. I remembered enough of their story to know that they were trouble waiting to happen. Hell, if I remembered it right, they had the gall to use one of us to implant a Sharingan! That's creepy! Those were the Trouble Twins, marked my words, I used to grumble when the subject was mentioned. Apparently, my fellow Karasu thought this was so hilarious that the name stuck. Note to myself: you better kept your thoughts to yourself, your peers were the worst gossips.

So, I was minding my own business – sulking – when it happened, the thing that I dreaded: the summoning. Let it be said that being summoned sucked: you didn't have the luxury to say "oh, I'm a little busy right now, try again later", no, it was just a brief feeling of warning and then woosh, that weird sensation of being squashed into space and vlam, rough landing. I was jumping from one branch to another, okay? Of course I was going to crash if you put some ground where there was supposed to be air!

I rubbed my beak with my wing and glared at the little crow laughing at me. The runt quieted down quickly, jumped on the other shoulder of his summoner – short hair so probably Shisui – to be as far away from me as possible and cleared his throat to explain: "They asked for the smartest of us, so I gave them your name." He thought I would be flattered.

I cawed back at him surly.

He turned his beak up. "Well, that's just rude."

I could feel the curious gazes of the humans on me, but I wasn't interested in them. I hopped around and inspected the surroundings. It looked like a training ground. There was no-one around except for the two Uchiha so this couldn't be a fight emergency. Good because I would have bailed on them if it was. The nice thing about summoning was that even if you couldn't resist it, you could leave anytime afterward. You weren't supposed to of course, unless you had been dismissed by your summoner or you had a good reason, because contracts and all that jazz. Some crows would have been disapproving, but I was relatively high on the hierarchy and not combat-oriented so I could have gotten away with it.

"Hello." The long haired one stepped in front of me and crouched, offering his hand. "I'm Uchiha Itachi and this is Shisui."

I stared at them for a few seconds, enough to deduce that they were prepubescent. I would say eleven for Itachi, thirteen or fourteen for Shisui. That meant they weren't going to kill their clan anytime soon. Great. Not my problem then. I hopped farther to inspect some berries. Were they blackberries? There weren't any like these near Ichouki, I wanted some! But there were thorns. Not nice.

"Here." Itachi carefully took some berries from the bush and offered them to me. Of course the kid was nice and patient… Ah, damn. Pff, resistance was futile, I guessed. I ate the berries – mh, yummy! – and hopped on his forearm. "I never met any crow with eyes like yours," he noted as he walked back to Shisui.

"She's the only one with eyes like the moon!" The little sneak agreed. I finally managed to remember his name: Higarasu, one of the many grandkids of the Elder.

"Well, I guess the name makes sense then, grey eyes and black feathers with a blue hue… Moonlit night, uh? That's a pretty name," Shisui noted with a smile.

I sighed and shook my wings. "Flattery will get you nowhere." I glanced at the bushes and added: "Bribery, however, I might condone. What do you need me for?"

That's one of the reasons I didn't want to explore the world: I had a weakness for discovering and trying new food. If I started, I would end up disappointed by Ichouki's abundant but limited choices.

"Well… we mostly wanted to meet the one calling us Trouble Twins," Shisui explained cheekily.

I immediately turned my attention on Higarasu and glared.

"It's not me!" He shouted quickly. "It's not me! I swear! I didn't tell them!"

"Another crow told us that the smartest lady crow called us that way," Itachi explained.

"Great, so you just gave them my name, idiot. As long as they didn't know my name, I could have had some peace and quiet," I grumbled. They could only summon specific crows based on names or special abilities; I had made sure to check that detail with the elders.

"Aww, you don't like us, Tsukiyo-chan?" The infuriating Shisui pouted.

"It's in your nickname: you're trouble. I don't like trouble. I like peace."

"How do you know that we're trouble?" Itachi asked curiously and calmly. "We never met before."

I hopped on his shoulder and settled down. "I just knew."

"How?" Shisui insisted.

"Look, you might be our summoners, but I don't trust you yet."

"That's understandable," Itachi accepted without a blink. "I look forward to working with you, Tsukiyo-san."

That sounded foreboding to me, and it was because, for reasons unknown, I ended up being Itachi's go-to crow. Just my luck.


I had a doubt (the story's chronology was a bit fuzzy in my head, and I wasn't totally sure that it was only because I forgot things), but Itachi was already in ANBU indeed.

The next time he summoned me, I was proud to succeed my entrance and doubly so when I noticed who was around: ANBU everywhere, and oh, look at that, grey hair and a pug, hello Kakashi and Pakkun. I kinda liked them a lot so go me for not embarrassing myself on our first meeting!

It was the middle of the night (they were lucky that I liked watching the moon more than I liked to sleep, I wouldn't have been an happy crow otherwise). There were six ANBU that I could sense, hidden in the trees around a mansion. No pleasantries tonight then, there was some work to do. Urgh, goodbye peace.

Itachi held out his hand to show three almonds. Oooh, almonds! There were no almonds at Ichouki. Sweet almonds, I missed you so much. Fine, since he had such good tastes, I wasn't going to embarrass the kid in front of his coworkers by whining too much. I shook my wings in a pleased manner as I savored the nuts and looked up to show that I was ready to listen.

"I need you to do some recon, Tsukiyo-san. We're looking for the master of the house. He's always changing his room so we don't know in which one he is. Find him, his exact position, the number of bodyguards watching over him and any other information that you can collect."

"Don't you need to describe the target to it?" asked a bird mask.

"Please," I said, offended, "like it's hard to find the most obnoxious human in the place. And I'm a she. If you're going to wear that mask, do it with a little more respect, will you?" I took flight without a glance back, barely hearing Kakashi as he noted:

"Your summon has some cheek, Yasu."

Damn right. I knew humans: they thought they were the brightest species; they had to be taught better. Wait a second... Yasu? That was Itachi's code name in Anbu? "Calm"? Ah! Not bad. I wondered who had chosen it.

Anyway, this recon work was new for me, but I was determined to ace it, at least to shut the bird mask guy up. Being quiet and discrete wasn't hard, it was how I flied and lived every day. Finding the master of the house was a little trickier, no matter what I said, mostly because this mansion was huge. Eavesdropping ended up being my best option. After that, I kept watch until I was sure to have localized every bodyguard by chakra sense (one of my specialties).

Then I had to find Itachi again, using mostly my chakra sense since I didn't have a great night vision. I nearly crashed in a branch as it was before Itachi caught me.

"Don't ever call me during a moonless night, okay? Like, ever. Crows are not nocturnal, kid."

"Noted," Itachi replied before offering me two more almonds, probably to apologize, even if I was pretty sure that he already knew it and that he only summoned me because the sky was clear and the moon full. Urgh, I was getting fond of him, that was bad.

I reported dutifully, informing them that their target was awake and busy doing the naughty with some male company. I got two other almonds in return and savored them gleefully while they conferred about their plan.

I was asked to transmit a signal between two teams which seemed fine by me, that couldn't be very dangerous. I perched on the tip of a rooftop and watched for the glint of the sword I was told about before cawing twice. That might have been suspicious considering that my kind was supposed to sleep at this hour, but I wasn't expecting all those hired muscles to know much about birds' habits, and rightly so. I didn't see anything of the fighting or murdering, but I heard enough. Urgh, shinobi… Thank every kami that I wasn't reincarnated as one of them.

After a few minutes (that was surprisingly quick but, well, super-secret ninjas assassins, you knew…), Itachi appeared below and raised his arm in a silent invitation for me. I flew down, perched on his forearm and accepted two more almonds. I was going to be too fat to fly at this rate, but I didn't care.

"Thank you for your help, Tsukiyo-san, you may go," he murmured.

I was ready to do so when I noticed the drops of blood on his mask. It hid his face, but he was still small, too small to be a killer. Eleven and an assassin, when he was a pacifist at heart, this was heart-breaking. I didn't know how he managed to stay sane. On a whim, I hopped on his shoulder and put a wing around his head before patting it gently. Mh… hugging was definitely harder in bird form. That was embarrassing. Ignoring his puzzled glance, I reverse-summoned myself.


Sometime later, I was summoned in daylight but most importantly in the fucking middle of a battle.

"Don't panic," Itachi told me, "we're hidden by a genjutsu."

Well, that was reassuring, but only because he was supposed to be a genius at them so he better not disappoint. "Fight is not my specialty," I felt obliged to remind him nonetheless.

"That's not what I need. We're in a trap that can only be deactivated from the outside, I need you to do it."

"Oh. Ok, that's easy." I eagerly took flight, getting away from flying kunai and shuriken in a hurry. Now, remember when I said I should stop talking sometimes? That instance was a good example. Easy was definitely not how I would have described it in retrospect.

The ANBU team was trapped in a canyon, the stone walls being death traps and the two entries being sealed shut. I only managed to get away by flying high and for that I had to dodge more weapons than I would have like to ever meet in all of my lives. When I finally got out, it was to find that the enemies – missing-nins apparently, very organized missing-nins might I add – had left a guard near the seal. I had to draw him out, drop a very heavy stone on his head from high enough that he fell unconscious, and then I used my beak to free the paper seal from a boulder, taking a small chakra shock in passing when I accidentally touched the ink. Once it was finally done, I cawed loudly to signal Itachi and ended up announcing my position to enemies in the process.

Before a katana could slice me in half, I was swept away on a shoulder by an ANBU with silver hair as he killed the bad guy in two moves. I held on and made myself as inconspicuous as possible while the group of ANBU fled the death trap, taking refuge in a forest after five minutes of running.

At a silent signal, they stopped on the branches of an oak. I huddled against my savior's face. "You're now my favorite human ever."

That seemed to break the tense mood as several of them chuckled, Hatake Kakashi included. He carefully stroked the top of my head with a finger. Yep, definitely my favorite. "I was just returning the favor," he said. "Thanks for getting us out of here. Yasu, good call on summoning her."

My little summoner, perched a branch away and a little lower, nodded and held out his arm. I flew to it and greedily accepted my reward, savoring it as they talked about their mission. I kinda shut them out, more preoccupied by almonds than by missing-nins working together.

"Tsukiyo-san," Itachi called.

Mouth full, I looked up and made some noise in answer.

"Can you carry a message to Hokage-sama?"

I swallowed and asked warily: "How far are we?" My inner GPS said "very far" and "home is north-east, summoner's home is south-east". The Karasu GPS was infallible but not very precise at long distance.

"We should be there in two days."

So basically a day for me since I wouldn't be able to fly all night. Great. "You owe me so much food," I grumbled.

"Ask Shisui if you see him at home," Itachi offered, but I could sense a little annoyance in his tone. Ah, so he wasn't imperturbable!

I patted him on the head with my wing. "Don't pout. You're my favorite summoner, alright? And the Silver Head has a preference for dogs, I won't go and fly away in the sunset with him."

There were some more chuckles as Itachi shook his head (in embarrassment? Hard to tell with this mask).

"I'm sure that Pakkun would love you," Kakashi replied as he finished his message and rolled up the small scroll.

"Wolves are good friends. I suppose dogs could be nice too," I pondered.

Itachi tied the scroll to my leg then poked me between the eyes. "Stop fooling around."

"Whatever you say, favorite summoner of mine," I chirped before taking flight.

I had mixed feelings about playing messenger. On one hand: peace and flight, two of my favorite things. On the other hand: having something tied to me was messing up my habits and it was annoying. I nearly got caught and eaten by a hawk because of it! Stupid hawk and stupid scroll...

I was quite pleased with my rapidity since I arrived at Konoha the following morning, a few hours before what I had planned. I went to the Hokage tower and took a few seconds to identify the right office before landing on the windowsill. I tapped on the glass, attracting the attention of a tall man with pineapple hair. That was Nara Shikaku, the jounin commander, if I wasn't mistaken. I liked Nara: they were my kind of not troublesome people. Too bad they weren't the ones who had found our summoning scroll.

Shikaku opened the window for me. I greeted him politely: "Hello. I have a message for the Hokage from Yasu." I had no idea if there was some kind of protocol for those things, in doubt politeness and brevity couldn't hurt.

The commander offered me his forearm and removed the scroll tied to me before holding it to the Hokage without a word.

"Mh. I see. Thank you for your diligence, Karasu-san," the Hokage said after reading it.

I took it for the dismissal it was but replied before immediately unsummoning myself: "You're welcome Hokage-sama. May I say? I love your hat, but that smoke can't be good for you."

I never liked the smoking smell, sue me.



Our Elder had three legs, but in truth he didn't use them much. He was far too old to move without help. He lived on the top of the sacred ginkgo tree. It was an exercise in flight and balance to visit him. It was however quite worth it considering that his mind was still as sharp as ever.

"Ah, Tsukiyo-chan, come, child, and tell me what troubles you today."

Let's be honest, no-one, not even his own grandchildren, came to bother him with as many questions as I did. I always had a great fondness for him, ever since I asked him, when I was only a fledgling barely knowing how to fly, if he believed in reincarnation. "Of course, my dear," he replied to me without hesitation, "your grandmother was one in fact, and she told me a lot about living under the seas. Isn't it a fascinating idea? That you can explore the underwater world in one life and the airs in another? Fascinating, truly. So I suppose you're one too, uh? You certainly have the sharp mind to be one. Tell me all about it." My grandmother was a dolphin in her past life. Could you believe it? That's awesome! I wanted to be a dolphin in my next life, if I had one. Ah, it was too bad that my grandmother died before my birth, when she was helping one of our early summoners, I would have loved to talk to her.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Back to the problem at hand.

"It's about our summoners, Yatagarasu-sama."

"Aah… The Trouble Twins."

I nearly faceplanted. Did everyone know about that nickname? Apparently, yes. Keep your mouth shut more often, Tsukiyo, you're embarrassing yourself.

"I suppose this has something to do with the book you told me about, the story happening in this world…"

"Yes, Yatagarasu-sama. They're both characters of the book."

"Tell me about them."

I was desperate for advice, so I gladly did. It was hard to make some sense of it, since the Uchiha massacre was a complicated plot that was fragmented in the books as well as in my mind. Nonetheless, the Elder followed and nodded his head in understanding.

"I see why this troubles you. Two paths are upon you: either you let it happen as you think it will or you intervene. What does your heart tell you?"

I squirmed. That was the problem: I was getting fond of those boys. "To do what I can to help them."

"Then do so." Before I could protest and explain my doubts, he added: "You can't change the past nor can you predict the future, even with the knowledge you have. The only thing you can act on is the present. Here and now, would you rather wait and worry or would you help? That is the only question deserving answer. What will come as consequences of your actions will be dealt with as they come. The Karasu will help you on this path if it's the one you chose."

Well, seen from this angle… how could I let the lives of my summoners go to hell?


Let it be said that changing the world as a summon wasn't easy. With my fuzzy memory, I had only been able to remember some of the events, and I had no idea when they will happen.

By now, Itachi was twelve and Shisui fifteen. I knew those details because some of the crows were way too much emotionally invested in the life of our summoners. They liked to chatter about playing with Itachi's brother too, which made me very glad that Itachi had enough sense to not call me for that. He only summoned me for important things (because I'm an important crow! right, fine, no preening), which I always thought was great but didn't play in my favor right now.

I had two options: acting all by myself, in which case I had to wait to be summoned in Konoha and given some leeway; or talking with the Trouble Twins, in which case I had to wait to be summoned in non-urgent and non-hostile conditions which basically meant in Konoha. As time passed by without offering any opportunity, I had to provoke one.

Itachi had summoned me for recon once again (without bragging, I was becoming great at it) for an Anbu mission. I didn't know what they were doing in Sand, but that wasn't my business. This place had way too little trees for my taste. Not enough shadows, too hot, nothing interesting to eat... Zero stars, do not recommend. The only interest of this mission was meeting Kakashi's biggest dog, Bull, who let me rest in his shadow, between his paws.

"I take note: ninken are a good alternative to wolves," I announced very seriously as Kakashi stroke my back. I could get used to this.

My favorite summoner sighed. "Please don't spoil her, taichou."

"Maa, don't be jealous, Yasu-kun," Kakashi replied playfully, although he let Itachi take me back. Messing with the summons of others was bad form after all.

Before I unsummoned myself, my job being done, I rubbed my head against Itachi's hand and said: "Tell Shisui I need to talk to him urgently."

In my basic chronology, Shisui was the one in immediate danger. I didn't know when but I knew that he would be the first to die, and that his death would be dramatic for Itachi and any hope to prevent the Uchiha Massacre.

For several days, I waited expectantly until I became quite impatient and frazzled. This business was bad for my nerves.

"Finally!" I shouted as soon as I appeared in the back of a garden in Konoha.

Crouched in front of me, his forearms on his knees, Shisui stared at me with amusement and a hint of curiosity. "Hello to you too, Tsukiyo-chan."

Behind him, Itachi was leaning against a tree. "I'm sorry Tsukiyo-san, but our schedules didn't match for a while."

"Okay, fine, you're forgiven," I mumbled, dismissing the matter. Shisui was still alive and with both eyes, so everything was fine, I couldn't take it out on them. I had better things to focus on, like how I was going to explain everything to them, since that was the path I was on. I shook my wings.

"You look agitated, Tsukiyo-chan," Shisui noted more seriously. "And it's unusual for you to ask for me. What's going on?"

"Remember when we first met? You asked how I knew that you were trouble…"


"Well… I… know things, like what's happening between your clan and your village, and–" Before I could react, I was lifted from the ground, and we disappeared from the garden to reappear in the middle of the forest several seconds later. Shisui put me down once again.

I took several steps to regain my bearings. "Urgh, I don't like that shunshin business," I mumbled, wings widely spread for balance.

"Are you a seer?" Shisui asked. Itachi, having followed, pinched his lips.

"No, no, nothing so fancy. I just know things about the past and about the future as it's set right now. Let's not waste time on technicalities, alright? Back on track. As I was saying, I know what's going on and what you're planning to do to stop it with those fancy eyes of yours."

Shisui suddenly burst into laughter.

I eyed him carefully. "Did he snap? Is it madness setting in?"

The corner of Itachi's lips rose slightly. "Your casualness toward the Sharingan and especially Shisui's ability is… refreshing."

"Right," I drawled. Humans were weird. "Anyway, stop interrupting me, Trouble Twin number one! I was going to say that you're in danger, you doofus!" I slapped a wing on the top of his head... no, I wish, the only thing I managed to reach was his foot.

All traces of amusement left Itachi's face. "How so?"

"The elder with one eye all bandaged… what's his name again?"

"Shimura Danzou?" Even Shisui stopped laughing at that name.

"Yeah! That!" I pointed at Itachi with the tip of my wing, triumphant at finally having his name! This had bugged me for weeks and impossible to remember it. "Let's call him Cyclops for short!" No need to pollute my brain with this after all. "So, Cyclops wants to steal your eyes, Shisui, before you use them on your clan. He wants them for himself," I announced, glad to have finally say it and warn them. "And if he succeeds…" I hopped from one foot to the other. "Well… nothing good will happen."

"Tsukiyo-chan, we need to know more than that. What did you see… know?"

I sighed and fluttered my wings. "If your plan doesn't succeed then you'll die, Itachi will be pushed to kill your clan, everyone in it, except for his brother. He'll have to flee Konoha and be hated by his brother. That's what will happen if you fail."

A heavy silence lingered in the forest until Shisui chuckled. "No pressure."

"Oh, don't fret. It's easy. Don't let Cyclops anywhere near you, put your clan under that fancy technique of yours, warn the Hokage that Cyclops is after you, let the Hokage handle Cyclops, bask in peace and a happy life forever and ever. There, easy peasy." I had thought about this a lot, alright?

Because Shisui lived to contradict me, he announced: "I have a meeting with him tomorrow."

"What?! Then don't go!"

"He's an elder, Tsukiyo-chan, you don't just ignore an elder."

I glared at him in vexation. "You're so much trouble, number one. A life supply of almonds isn't worth so much trouble."


Despite my best efforts, I was unable to convince Shisui to stay away from Cyclops until he had brainwashed his clan. Apparently the reunion during which he was planning to do so was in five days, too long to play hide and seek with the leader of Root.

As such, I ended up playing bodyguard. I, a little crow, was the last stand between Cyclops and Shisui's eyes. Oh dear, we were screwed.

Pretending to sleep, curled up in a small ball to minimize any interest in me, I stayed silent and listened carefully during the start of the meeting. It went as I remembered. Cyclops made his move a few minutes after we walked in. Shisui subdued him easily at first. I straightened up and caught sight of Danzou shifting. Knowing that he was getting ready to retaliate by pulling one of his forbidden techniques, I flew at his head, talons first. "Go!" I shouted at Shisui.

Shisui and I had planned this situation. He knew what he had to do. Although the Cyclops' men tried to intercept him, he wasn't known as Shunshin no Shisui for nothing. He was out of here in a flash.

I… was terrified. Let me say it again: little crow me not combat oriented!

Only driven by desperation, I focused with tunnel vision on the idea to do a maximum of damage to buy time for Shisui. It was all a blur of feathers, claws and bloody bandages until pain broke through panic, and I reverse-summoned myself.

I landed roughly on the branch reserved for summons reappearing on the Ichouki, pain increasing tenfold. There were always crows around, ready to ask all sort of questions, to learn things about our summoners and their missions. They saw me appeared, a bloody mess, and burst into motion, calling for a medic. I vaguely remembered them taking out senbon of my wings, careful not to damage anything more than it was.

"Don't remove those in her body before the medic gets here, she might bleed out," one of them said.

"Just patch me up as best as you can," I mumbled, slurring badly, "Shisui is going to summon me again."

"Is he going to bring you to a medic? They have good ones! Itachi brought me to one of his female friends when I broke my wing in training, once. She was really nice, and her ninken were fun," one chattered. I was pretty sure that it was Higarasu, but I couldn't be bothered to check.

"Here. Eat this for the pain and to stop the bleeding!" Several crows who had left in a rush at my arrival dropped leaves and berries in front of me. I wasn't the first one to come back bloody from a summoning, we knew what to do by now. I ate without enjoyment, feeling like hell.

I felt the warning for a summoning and made sure to keep low to the ground to escape any nasty surprise.

"Tsukiyo-chan! Shit! I mean… Sorry, Hokage-sama! I don't know any iryou-ninjutsu."

Apparently, even though I couldn't see anything because opening my eyes took too much effort, the Hokage was somewhere around. Good. Trouble Twin number one had followed the plan. Considering that Itachi was supposed to be on guard duty with Hatake Kakashi and Tenzou during this shift, that was the most secure place where Shisui could be right now. Danzou had failed.

A chuckle shook my small and battered frame which made everything hurt.

A warm hand hovered above me and chakra wrapped around me, easing the pain and making it easier to breathe and function.

"That's as much as I can do," a small voice said, "I'm too unfamiliar with birds' anatomy, she will need a vet." The Anbu who had stepped forward to help me disappeared once again in the shadows.

"Thank you," Shisui whispered before carefully lifting me in his arms.

I was finally able to see the Sandaime behind his desk. He was smoking with a somber expression.

"Tsukiyo-chan, I already explained to the Hokage what happened, could you report what followed my departure?" Shisui asked.

I chuckled again, this time without shrinking in pain. "The Cyclops is blind."


"I clawed his face and gouged his eye out." Now that I had time to realize what had happened, I was pretty proud of myself. Well, it was kinda gross, I have to admit, but it was one of the basic Karasu's fight tactics and I had rocked it. They were going to love hearing about it at home! The Cyclops who threatened our summoner had lost his eye to the fury of a crow! Hell yeah! That was definitely the kind of stories we liked.

"You… Are you sure?" Shisui asked, a bit startled.

"Oh yeah, I definitely felt it pop, which was a little disgusting. But, anyway, it's not like he will really stay blind."

"What do you mean?" The Sandaime asked, his thoughts carefully guarded.

"He'll get another one implanted. Like the ones on his arm."

"On his arm?"

I hummed, keeping my eyes closed and my body relaxed. I was going to bluff there because I hadn't really seen it, but it was for a good cause. "Yeah. On his bandaged arm. He has eyes on it. Sharingan eyes. There was something else too, but I didn't get a good look before I had to reverse summon myself." To be honest, I didn't really remember what creepy Cyclops had in store. My memories were too vague. They would have to see it by themselves.

"Hokage-sama," Shisui breathed, turning to his leader, wide-eyed.

"Call in all ANBU," the Hokage ordered, standing up slowly. He put down his hat first before removing his robe. "It seems an intervention in ROOT's affairs is overdue."

When the Hokage put his mind to something, there wasn't much that could stop him. Gone was the old man: here was the veteran, leader of thousands deadly shinobi.

Slowly, I relaxed, comforted by the idea that the Hokage was dealing with it. No matter what came out of it, history had been changed.

"I'm going to sleep for a few days," I mumbled. "Don't get killed, Trouble Twins."

I probably won't continue this. You can pretend that everything was resolved: no more Danzou, no Uchiha massacre, and no Madara either because I can't stand him and his storyline anyway. ^^'

I hope you liked this! For information, Yatagarasu (the elder crow with three legs) is part of the japanese mythology.