Harry began to open his eyes and he noticed a figure in front of him. The figure was distorted since Harry's eye sight needed to adjust and that is when he gets hugged. His vision returns to normal and sees it was Mavis, his vampire mother. Around him was Dracula and another vampire, who looked different. He had light blue skin, he had pure white hair but looked bald, he wore a cape similar to Dracula's, and his eye color was light blue.

"Ah, my grandson has awoken from his slumber." The old vampire, Vlad Dracula, stated with a smile "Mavis thought she had lost you. But that Sorcerer's Stone is quite powerful enough to keep both you and Winnie from dying."

"Grandpa Vlad?" Harry asked, his voice was very hoarse like he hadn't used it in a long time.

"I invited him to Hogwarts to watch over you." Mavis admitted, tears were still streaming down her face. She must have been very worried.

"But why did you go down there to stop Voldemort?" Dracula asked in curiosity "You knew the risk but why do it anyway?"

"Because," Harry replied "I know it wouldn't matter if Hogwarts was destroyed and the old man was killed. But who is to say that he won't go to the hotel to slaughter us all? I wasn't doing this for the safety of the wizard world, I was doing it to protect the hotel as well as my friends and family. Winnie was with me on this, we wanted to show you all that we are worthy of your heritage and we didn't care about the wizard world."

Vlad and Dracula smiled at the bravery and the loyalty of Harry and looked at the bed next to Harry. Harry followed their gaze and sees Winnie sleeping peacefully on a bed as well. Around her was Wayne, Wanda, and the entire werewolf family. Mavis was now crying tears of happiness on Harry and he smiled, embracing Mavis in her crying state.

Harry was now wearing his vampiric clothes. He had missed the feeling of his vampire cape, shirt, pants, and more. Winnie was wearing her normal pink shirt. They were still in the Hospital Wing and they were talking about how they loved their adventures in Hogwarts. However, when Harry was finished with his list of things that he liked about Hogwarts, the doors opened and two looked. They see Professor Dumbledore coming in and Harry and Winnie held an aggressive glare at him.

"I see you two are up and about. How was your recovery?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry kept glaring "You can't fool us, Dumbledore. I know for a fact that you allowed Voldemort in the castle."

"Oh?" Dumbledore asked, all innocent "How would you know this?"

Harry smirked "I connected the dots. I know you had Hagrid take the stone from the vault, because you knew Voldemort was after it. So, you took it to Hogwarts to get Voldemort close as possible to me to have me be the 'savior' of Hogwarts and defender of the Wizard World. You knew that I was smarter than most students, even better than Hermione Granger that had a vast amount of knowledge of the wizard world. So, you knew that I would figure out where I would find the stone and who Voldemort would disguise himself as." Harry kept his smirk as Dumbledore had a surprised expression "I also know that Snape told you about who Voldemort was and you decided to use me to defeat the dark lord. But I have a question. Supposed to what would happen if Voldemort did get the stone and both me and Winnie didn't do anything?"

Dumbledore didn't respond. However, he was thinking 'I didn't think that far ahead. I just took a gamble that Mr. Potter would defeat Voldemort.'

"I knew it." Harry stated, getting Dumbledore's attention "You didn't have a backup plan in case of that situation. You took a gamble. Well, let me tell you this; you old coot." Harry walked in front of his face "Gambles sometimes means that you lose. So I'm going to tell you this just once. 'I will not be a pawn in your grand plan. The next time something terrible will happen and that it involves my family, I'll lend the aid. But unless it doesn't involve my friends and family, I won't help you. I will only lend you aid for my own benefit. I'm not doing this for you or this plan of yours. Screw me again and I'll make sure I ruin your reputation utterly and completely.' Do I make myself as clear as I can possibly can, Dumbledore!?"

"Crystal." Dumbledore stated. He had no doubt that Harry could do just that so he knew he needed to tread lightly.

Harry nodded and both he and Winnie walked away from the Hospital Wing.

"I'm going to miss you all." Hagrid stated as students were boarding the Hogwart's Express.

Harry, Winnie, Hermione, and Ron smiled at their half giant, half human friend "There is always next year." Harry stated.

"I thought you hated the school." Hermione replied.

Harry answered back "I don't hate it, I just hate certain things. Besides, I need my wizard degree."

The four boarded the train. Harry and Winnie went into the seat they were on when they first came to Hogwarts. Ron attempted to join them but they 'banished' him since he called it the 'Monster' apartment. Hermione went with Ron, who the two sat with Ron's older brothers: Fred and George.

Harry and Winnie were relaxing and when the train came to a stop, they got off and went through the barrier. On the other side, they see Dracula, Mavis, and Wayne (who was wearing his disguise bracelet).

"Welcome back!" Mavis stated with a smile "Let's get back to the hotel."

Harry and Winnie nodded and the two began to follow their parents back. They did, however, ignore the Weasley family wanting their phone number to call them.

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