Myra Smith

Myra Smith is the twin sister of Morty. She has brown hair that reaches her shoulders and has one side shaved, with the tips dyed blonde. Even though she's 14 she started puberty early and has already started to achieve her womanly curves, having an above the average chest size. She's the exact same height as her twin Morty.

She inherited her grandpa's genius mind, and unfortunately some of his cynical attitude. With her being so smart she's in her final year of high school but doesn't even pay that much attention in school anyway. With her genius mind she finds high school to be a meaningless stepping stone in life and is ready to attend college so that she further pursue higher education. She has no idea what she want's in the future and hopes college will help her pick. It's hard for her to connect to others her own age and typically steers clear of her peers.

She takes a great deal after her mother, Beth, in looks and in attitude. She's sassy and sarcastic but has a sweet side to her that she keeps under wraps. She loves to stick behind her mother in most conflicts and agrees with her side in arguments.

She finds her father, Jerry, to be quite moronic and takes great joy in watching him act out. All though she enjoy's making fun of her father she will not allow anyone outside of the family to do the same.

Her sister, Summer, and her don't always connect or spend that much time together. Myra refuses to admit it but she does look up to her sister Summer.

When it comes to her Grandpa Rick it can go either way. She can either be on his side and totally agree completely with him, or they can be pitted against each other like mortal enemies. Because of their clashing personalities she doesn't always go on adventures with Rick and Morty. When her and Morty are with Rick he sometimes calls them his to M's or MM.

Myra is very overprotective of her twin Morty. She can easily tell that there's not something right with him in the head and constantly has her eye on him. She becomes very explosive if anyone attempts to harm him.

Myra typically wears a yellow racerback flowing tank and blue jean shorts, with black canvas shoes. She had two earlobe piercings and one cartilage piercing in each ear.