Nate's POV:

"Come on, guys!" I said going to homeroom. Of course, I was sharing air with Mrs. Godfrey for 10 minutes, so I wanted to get over it. "OK, OK!" Teddy and Francis both said. We rushed down the hall to homeroom. So why am I rushing? Because Mrs. Godfrey is assigning a surprise project. I'm not excited for the project. I'm just hoping I work with Teddy and Francis. "ALL RIGHT, CLASS! SETTLE DOWN!" 5 seconds into Homeroom and Mrs. Godfrey is already yelling. When no one shut up, Mrs. Godfrey gave everyone the evil eye. Finally class started. "To assign partners for the project," Mrs. Godfrey began, "I will randomly pick your names from these slips of paper 2 at a time. So, now, let's begin." Mrs. Godfrey began randomly listing names, as I finished a Dr. Cesspool comic. Then I heard: "Nate and Gina." WWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTT?! NO! This can't be. "Is there a problem, Nate?" Mrs. Godfrey gave me the evil eye. I quickly answered, "No." I looked behind me and Gina looked Godfrey mad. "Is something wrong, Gina?" Mrs. Godfrey asks. "No, Mrs. Godfrey, ma'am," Gina said quickly. Have I mentioned how Gina is the biggest suck-up in the world? "Teddy and Francis." I sneak a look back. Teddy and Francis are acting like they just won a trip to Disney's headquarters. Lucky them, I think. "Homeroom dismissed!" Mrs. Godfrey yells. To me, this is a nightmare. How could this be?!

Gina's POV:

I can't believe I've been partnered with Nate! He's the biggest idiot in the world. He is going to ruin my perfect GPA. As we leave the room, I suggest to Nate we begin research at the library. He just shrugs. We walk in and split up. Nate returns with a book about Benjamin Franklin. Wow, he's really trying? No. He's probably just drawing comics hidden from me. Whatever. I begin my research. He leaves with a folder after 20 minutes. But I stay.

Nate's POV:

I was so quiet and pretended to read at the library so I could draw Ben Franklin comics. It turns out he's pretty cool. I get through my day without detention, even though there are some close calls. At home, I feel pretty exhausted. I go to sleep.

Nate's Dream:

I'm naked on a bed lying next to Gina. I feel happy, content and then Gina leans over and kisses me. For three straight minutes. Then we continue "it" for an hour.

Nate's POV:

Ugh, that was a horrible dream. Me having sex with Gina? Disgusting. Anyway. I eat dinner and 5 minutes after, the phone rings. I reach for it, but Ellen beats me to it. That's my cue to go upstairs.

Ellen's POV:

"Hello?" I say into the phone. "Hi, I'm looking for Nate Wright?" Dang it, it's for Nate. And why is the caller a girl?

Nate's POV:

"Nate!" Ellen yells. "It's for you."