Chicago Fire, PD, and Med belong to Dick Wolf and NBC. I only own the situations I put them in. An alternative to "Born Into Bad News". Obviously this would never happen in the show, but I got to thinking "What if Bunny really was trying to turn her life around?"

Hank walked into the bar and then looked at Bunny as she walked up to him.

"Thank God you're here. I can't talk any sense into her. I never meant for her to get tied up with Landon again. When I told her, it was as a warning and now-" the woman gestured to the table where her daughter was nursing a beer.

"I get it," the sergeant stated.

"I didn't give it to her. I swear. I am trying, Hank. Honest. I know I've had a few slip ups but-"

"It's okay. You did the right thing by calling me." Bunny smiled in relief as Hank went to sit with her daughter. It'll be okay now. She'll listen to him, she thought. If anyone could talk sense into her, it was him. She had never been the best person and she sure as hell wouldn't win any mother of the year awards, but she knew that she couldn't let Erin go down this path. It'd be easy to manipulate the situation into her favor, but she knew she couldn't do that. Not if she wanted to have a real relationship with her. Not sure what angle she's playing here, but she did call me at least, the man thought. Not that he was expecting the good judgment to last. This was Bunny Fletcher, after all. Her whole life was a series of mistakes. Okay, that wasn't fair.

"Little early isn't it?"

"I had a rough night."

"Yeah I think we all did. What do you say we grab a coffee on the way back to District?" Damn it, kid. Don't do this. Fight, would you? he wondered.

"I've been thinking. I'm nothing but bad news, you know? I was born into bad news and I just can't seem to get away from it." I got Nadia killed and now even my mother's given up on me. At least I have Landon, she thought. Maybe she should just get drunk with Landon and let the chips fall where they may. Hearing this, Bunny flinched. Is she really this broken? she wondered. Had losing her friend done this to her? Maybe she should've plied her with alcohol after all. It'd help numb the pain. Hell, it always worked for her.

"You've gotta stop being so hard on yourself. What happened to Nadia is not on you. It's on Yates. It wasn't your fault."

"But that's just it. It's the people that I care about-the ones around me that end up getting hurt. Not me-them. I do that to people. Nadia would've been fine if hadn't been for me."

"She would've been killed baby." After her outburst, Bunny shot Hank an apologetic look. Quiet. She needed to stay quiet. She wouldn't be helpful in this situation.

"She's right…surprisingly. You got her clean, made a difference in her life."

"Fat good it did her. She ended up being killed by a psycho." Erin took a long swig of the beer.

"I've talked to you as a friend, as a father…now I'm talking to you as your boss. Get off the stool and let's go to work."

"Actually, I quit." Hank's eyes flickered and Bunny's eyes widened when the younger girl unclipped her badge and placed it on the table.

"So you're going to just give up?" Hank asked. "Even after your mother-a woman who hates me-called me for help?" he continued. At this, Erin's head shot up.

"She called you?" she echoed. She hates him! Why would she call him? she wondered. It didn't make sense.

"She was worried about you," Hank replied. Erin's mind raced. She called him. Bunny had called Hank for help instead of plying her with liquor. And Bunny hated Hank. She had gotten the one man she knew would knock some sense into her. I should go with him, she thought to herself. Squaring her shoulders, Erin gripped her badge.

"Okay, Hank. Let's get to work," Erin stated, standing up. At this, Bunny got two cups of coffee to go and handed them to them.

"On the house. Take care of her."

"I will." With that, the two members of the Intelligence Unit walked out of the bar.