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Boden's eyes flickered as he waited for the two men to come into his office. Can't believe they were so stupid! What were they thinking? he fumed to himself. Oh right. They weren't thinking. They were too busy trying to one-up each other and prove that either Squad or Truck was better than the other. And he couldn't have that. The door opened and he watched as the two lieutenants walked into the office.

"You wanted to see us, Chief?" Kelly queried.

"I tried to let you two work this out. I know you're both grieving for Andy and you told me it wouldn't be a problem. But Cruz nearly died because the two of you were too busy having a pissing contest!" Boden yelled.

"Chief, I-" they both chorused.

"Enough," the man interrupted angrily. "As of now, the two of you are suspended without pay. Relief lieutenants will be brought in," he told them.

"For how long?" Matt wondered.

"Until I say otherwise. Right now, you're both lucky I don't fire you outright," came the curt response. "Now, get out of this station and use this time off to think about how you want to proceed in the off-chance that you're let back." The two nodded and walked out. After the door closed behind them, the fire chief blew out a breath and slumped his shoulders. Hated doing that, he thought to himself. But it had necessary. Casey and Severide had put one of their men in danger. Hopefully the suspension would serve as a wakeup call for them and get them back to where they could work together. If it didn't, he would terminate them. While it wasn't an idea that he was particularly fond of, he had an entire station to think of and he wasn't going to place them all in danger.


I'm ending this fic here as I haven't really felt inspired for it. However, there's a good chance that I'll come back to it someday.