"hey dad. I'm home, *yawn*" the man with greying hair and glasses turned from the seat he was in and smiled at the teenager lazily entering the doorway. The young man casually placed his backpack on a small glass table resting by the entrance to the living room.

"Sora, nice to see you, but if you get late you really should call and check with me" Sora raised his eyebrows.

"you're one to talk, they've got you working late again right?" as he looked out of the near window he could see the sky was pitch black, littered with small pinpricks of light and a bright full moon. The house itself was dimly lit, only a small table lamp was powered on, and it cast an amber glow over the room.

"yeah, unfortunate isn't it." Sora's father smiled, but his eyes darted away before they met contact. He looked away and sighed.

"those people are pushing you too hard. Money is nice and all, but you're looking pretty pale. Ever since you got back from that trip a week ago you've seemed a bit different." He examined his father closely, studying the details on his face. "did your other family leave you or something?" Sora said with a devilish smile. His father made a fist and gave him a playful bob on the head.

"your mother wouldn't want you saying those kinds of things you know." Sora listened as he opened the fridge and tossed his father a can of soda. He walked back to the couch with his own and cracked it greedily. "sometimes the company needs to send us away. And, again unfortunately, we've been busy, so that means extra overtime. It will probably be that way for a while, you won't see me till it gets dark." Sora gave him a harsh stare.

"tell them to piss off." He said as he took a big gulp.

"mom definitely wouldn't want you saying things like that." He gave the teen a stern look.

"where is she by the way?" he said as he flipped on the television. "I know she's been pretty sick these last few days. Is she in bed?" he sighed as he sprawled out on the couch, stretching each of his limbs until they started to pop out of their sockets. His father looked away nervously as Sora asked him the question.

"she's…. uhh…. going to stay with a friend for a few days, the woman apparently got surprise pregnant or something and needs the support." Sora flipped the lamp off and laid back.

"so SHE has the second family then." His father gave him another playful punch, but this time hard enough to hurt. "damn, I was just joking." He said as he rubbed his arm.

"she'll be back soon." He said with a noticeable lack of conviction in his voice. Sora got up and headed in the direction of his room.

"whatever. Tell her to get more orange juice on her way home" he shut the door without a second thought and undressed. He shook himself a bit before he crawled into bed. Almost instantly the blackness of sleep overtook him.

the next morning

"ughh…" Sora slowly awoke. His head hurt. In fact, it was throbbing harder than it ever had, he was starting to see afterimages whenever he moved his eyes. He tried to lift his legs, but they felt heavy. "I feel really weak" he thought matter of factly. "da-ad... I-m staying home from school today, I feel pretty sick…maybe whatever mom had was contagious." There was no reply to Sora's strained shout. No retort about how school was important and that you should go even if you feel bad. Sora's father would normally make him go even if blood was dripping from his eyes. He scratched at a couple of red bug bites on his arm and slowly forced himself out of bed. He walked over to the sink and splashed water on himself in an attempt to halt his fatigue. He still felt just as tired, and gasped at how haggard and scraggly he looked when he saw his reflection. His lips were cracked, there were bags under his eyes and his skin was starting to look pale. He shook off the uncertain thoughts plaguing his mind and went back to bed.

Later that night

"please." Sora could hear his father's voice faintly from beyond the door to his room. "two more times will kill him. Please don't make me!" he could hear shuffling from outside his door. Another voice replied to his fathers. This was a small voice, one that Sora assumed belonged to a little girl or something.

"you have to realize that you need to do this to live. Do it two more times and he might rise, and you two can spend as much time together as you want. All the time you missed when you were alive." He heard the voice giggle.

"what? When he was alive? What does that even mean?" Sora leaned in the direction of the voices.

"my wife never rose! And you said that this was genetic, what if Sora doesn't either?! I've already lost so much thanks to you; why do you have to take my family from me too?!" he heard his father shouting. He tried to move in their direction but the fatigue and pain was too intense for him to do anything more than squirm.

"relax, you rose so there is a high chance your son will as well." He heard the voice reply snidely.

"I refuse to gamble with the lives of my family!" a crash echoed throughout the house. Then Sora heard another voice, a mans this time.

"listen here, you already did with your wife, so your son shouldn't be much harder. And besides. If you don't… I certainly will, and I promise, I won't be nearly as gentle."

"Sora would never want to live like that! "he heard another crash. And a thump.

"as it stands, you have no choice in the matter. Either you feed or Tatsumi here will"

"Tatsumi? Who is that?" Sora thought weakly. "damn… I need to go out there. But…sleepy. I'm really sleepy." He tried to turn over and walk in the direction. But his limbs felt like they were full of lead. He couldn't move them more than an inch before letting them drop to his side. "am I in some kind of danger? I- "he wasn't able to finish his thought as he drifted back to sleep.

Sometime later

"i…feel….so hot" Sora's slowly drifted back to consciousness. He opened his eyes slowly and saw his father leaning over him. He also noticed an orange light filling the room. It seemed to shimmer and shake and as it grew more intense. Flames started to lick the ceiling and the room got hotter. It was so hot it was unbearable and Sora could feel his skin starting to sear. In his numb state the pain didn't faze him much. "dad?"

"in here son" Sora's father said as he placed a hand on his son's shoulder.

"Why do I feel so hot?" he whispered hoarsely.

"it's okay. everything will be fine." He leaned into Sora's neck and a bone chilling sensation overtook the teen. It was so cold the heat and flames surrounding the room didn't even bother him.

"in sorry we weren't able to spend more time together." He said as he pulled away. Sora could feel tears dripping on to his face. "but with this, you'll never have to experience this curse, and I can finally end mine." Sora felt himself slipping away.

"don't worry. We can do more in the future…when you aren't busy…" Sora whispered as he was once again overtaken by a wave of fatigue. The last thing he remembered before he slipped away was the red in his father's eyes, a red he'd never noticed up until that moment.

"This one is still alive!" Sora snapped awake. "hey don't move! That rubble is unstable" Sora pushed away a large chunk of debris as he leaned upwards to face the firefighter who was busy clearing rubble and slag away from him. Sora rubbed the dirt from his eyes and stared at the man.

"what happened here…. I had the weirdest dream." The man helped Sora to his feet and put a towel over his tattered clothing.

"how don't you remember the huge fire you were trapped in…this guy doesn't have a scratch on him…" Sora's eyes lit up.

"fire?!" he looked around in horror at what was once the home he'd always known. Now reduced to a smoking pile of ash and slag. 'dad! Is he-" The man shushed him and moved his head from side to side. He pointed to a pair of body bags laying outside of an ambulance. Sora fell to his knees, unable to utter a word. In an instant the world he knew was shattered.

"two? But mom was seeing a friend." He said blankly as his eyes stared emptily at the sight. A police officer walked up behind him. And put his hand on Sora's shoulder.

"this is going to be pretty hard to hear...but I want you to come with me. We have some questions about your father."

Sora walked instinctively with the officer to a secluded corner.

"did you notice anything strange going on with your father within the last few weeks?"

"…. he seemed pale, and I got some strange vibes from him. He was working lots of overtime too…. but that was pretty normal for him." The officer jotted down a few quick notes.

"strange vibes? Explain that/"

"I…I don't know how to quantify a gut feeling. What does this have to do with anything anyway?!" the officer scratched his head and sighed.

"from what we've gathered it seems like your father went through a severe psychosis. He killed your mother a few days ago, and we think he burnt the house down to try to hide the evidence and you with it. This is a lot to hit you with all at once. And I understand it will take a while to process it."

"a while to process it? What a fucking idiot that cop was" Sora drifted back to reality. He was sitting in the passenger side of a car that was driving through a pine forest.

"what are you thinking about Sora?" he looked overt to the man wearing a suit driving the car.

"what do you think genius?" he spat.

"true….it certainly is hard to forget something like that." The man slowly turned on the winding dirt road. "But that's why the caseworker decided to send you to live with your only next of kin. His name is Seshin muroi, same last name as you actually." Sora looked up irritably at the man.

"in surprised this Seshin person decided to even consider it. This is a huge burden, and I could work a job and move out on my own you know. I'll be 18 in a couple months." The man sighed.

"yeah, you told us that at length. The caseworker decided that a whole new change of scenery would be best, after all, that incident was all over the news. She thought people might give you a hard time. But when we realized that Seshin lived in a secluded village far away from the commotion of Tokyo, she immediately contacted him. Apparently when he heard the story he wanted to take you in immediately. He said something like "it will be nice to see a new face in sotoba, that's something rare indeed." He spoke eloquently.

"I don't even know anything about this guy, how do you know he isn't some sort of freak?" the man put a hand out to Sora in a silencing motion.

"he's he junior monk at the temple in sotoba, that's what the village is called by the way." Sora grunted angrily.

"he better not expect me to carry on the family business. I'm not really a traditionalist kind of person."

"I know you've been through a lot, but try to keep an open mind." The man said as he pulled up to the village gates.

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