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"If that's how all of you feel, then I've made my decision."

All eyes were focused on Kagome as she spoke, practically demanding that she choose one or another. She had to admit, this was one of the hardest choices she'd ever made and that included her time in the Feudal Era. Closing her eyes, she walked from her spot in the middle of the room to stand behind a couch. Thanks to her heightened senses, she didn't even have to open her eyes as her hands reached out to take the ones she sought.

"My grooms shall be Shu and Subaru," Kagome said confidently as she opened her eyes and looked around the room, first at the two she had accepted and then at the four she'd rejected. Subaru appeared absolutely floored, he obviously hadn't expected to be chosen and his mind was still trying to catch up to the situation. Shu didn't seem as surprised, but there was a soft smile on his lips, letting her know that he really was happy.

The others were not so happy with her decision, not that she expected them to be. Kanato and Ayato had started yelling and demanding that she choose one of them. Laito was glaring dangerously at the three of them, as though trying to decide who to kill first. Reiji, although silent, appeared absolutely furious. His brothers grew louder as the whole situation threatened to get out of control until Reiji raised his voice, yelling for the first time that Kagome had seen.

When the others had gone silent, he turned to glare at her. "Explain yourself," he demanded.

"You told me to choose, and I have," Kagome stated, knowing that her answer would annoy the dark haired vampire.

"I instructed you to choose a single groom. You dare to try my patience?" Reiji growled as his eyes glowed red with anger.

Trying to act nonchalant even as her hands squeezed Shu's and Subaru's for support, she shrugged at him. "Your opinion has little to do in this matter. As a vampire and a youkai, I'm looking at this from a survival standpoint. With two grooms instead of one, my children and I will have twice the protection and support. And they've already said that they were fine with sharing me, so I don't see what the problem is."

"Yours Truly shouldn't have to share, you should be mine!" Ayato growled as he stood from his seat next to Laito, whose face was shadowed by his hat.

She shook her head. "I understand, but that's not in the cards."

When Laito stood, Kagome wasn't sure what to expect since she still couldn't see his eyes. As he stepped towards the three of them, she noticed the glint of his fangs as he smirked at her before he tipped back his hat. "If that's the way it's going to be, Miko-chan, then I'll be joining you."

Surprised by his declaration, she didn't know or even have a chance to respond before Ayato grabbed his brother's shoulder and forced him to turn around. "How the hell can you agree to that?"

Laito smirked as he turned his head and winked at Kagome. "It's a numbers game. Either I agree to share and get her to myself some days, or I act stubborn and I don't get her at all. And I will have her. Won't I, Miko-chan?"

Not missing the suggestive look he gave her, she giggled and nodded. "That's the deal. I make time for all my grooms and they'll all have equal access to my blood, but they're not allowed to keep me from my other grooms if I want to go."

A chuckle rumbled in his chest as Laito stepped away from his brother to wrap himself around Kagome, although she kept hold of Shu and Subaru's hands. His warm breath tickled the skin of her neck before his tongue snaked out to trace her vein. "Then, I'll just make sure you want to spend all your time with me."

Kagome giggled again, half because of the way Laito tickled her skin and half because of the look on Ayato's face. The other redhead seemed absolutely livid that he might not get her anymore. She knew that he was better at sharing than Kanato or Reiji, but he was probably the most prideful since he always had to prove that he was the best in the family. She was tempted to provoke him into joining the four of them but held back. Their choices had already been laid out, and the final decision had to be left to them.

It wasn't long before Ayato let out an impressive growl and he wrapped himself opposite of Laito, glaring at his brothers the entire time. "If you think that Yours Truly would let Birdie alone with all of you, you're idiots! She's mine too!" Then he was turning her chin to face him and kissing her. Kagome couldn't help but hum with delight as his tongue forced her lips apart, demanding that she submit to him.

Their kiss was quickly interrupted when Ayato was struck repeatedly over the head with Teddy and Kagome struggled not to laugh. Kanato looked less than pleased as he forced his brothers to release her before backing the brunette against the wall. His hooded purple eyes conveyed just how annoyed he was as he stared at her.

"This idea of yours is very selfish and greedy," he told her, his small body blocking his brothers from approaching her. "What's in it for me if I agree?"

Unable to help herself, Kagome chuckled and smiled at him. "You won't have to wait for years for another girl to come along that might possibly survive the Awakening and become a Bride. You'll also get my blood, eventually an heir to continue your bloodline, and I'll keep making you sweets."

His eyes narrowed for a moment. "No one gets them but me?"

Her lips quirked a bit more. "I get at least two out of each batch, just to make sure that they're good enough for you."

Kanato was silent for a moment before looking around at his brothers and then back at her. "I hate waiting, and your sweets are decent enough, so I'll agree to being one of your grooms."

Her smile grew brighter as she reached out to take the purple haired vampire's hand. It was hard to believe that five out of the six brothers had agreed. She'd honestly thought that only two or three would have agreed, Kanato and Ayato were a complete surprise. It was as she thought of that, her eyes went to the final brother.

If she were still human, she might not have noticed, but her vampire eyes were able to catch the minute tremors in his hands and the way his jaw clenched. Reiji didn't have control over her or his brothers in this situation and it pissed him off. A part of her wanted to comfort him, but she knew she couldn't do it at that moment. To comfort him, to walk away from the others and put him first, was to choose him and she couldn't do that. He had to come to her.

When his furious red eyes locked on her blue ones, she couldn't help but step closer to her grooms. Sensing her discomfort towards their strict brother, the five of them came to her defense in their own way. Subaru growled and clenched his fists as he stepped between her and Reiji. Shu sat up on the couch and looked at his brother with disapproving eyes. Laito and Ayato both moved closer to her while grinning at the prospect of challenging their older brother. Kanato's eyes looked absolutely murderous as he stared at the dark haired vampire.

To her surprise, Reiji calmed his glare as he observed his brothers' reactions. "It seems that your theory holds some merit," he admitted, though somewhat reluctantly. "Multiple grooms shall better protect yourself and our heirs. However, I do doubt your ability to control them should they get out of hand."

It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was going with that line of thought. As far as Kagome was concerned, this would probably be the only way for Reiji to save-face. So, with that in mind, she kept her expression inquisitive as she asked, "And how do you recommend I do that?"

"I will have no choice but to humor your improbable idea to ensure that you are not killed due to our possessive nature." Just as she was starting to smile at him, Reiji moved quickly so that he was standing before her and staring down his nose at her. "Do not believe for one moment that because we have all agreed to be your grooms, that it translates to you holding power over us."

Another giggle bubbled up in her chest as she smiled at him. "I'd never dream of such a thing. I've known what I was going to get out of this arrangement from the start: protection for my children and myself, affection from my grooms, a way to relieve my boredom, and assistance with my shrine. Any power I have over the six of you is only what you give me."

To her surprise, Reiji chuckled at her prodding before stepping away from her. The tension of the moment quickly eased and turned into something else. Kagome felt Laito's hand against her thigh as Ayato brought some of her hair to his face to breathe in her scent.

"Now the only question is, who gets to have Birdie first?" Ayato grinned before his tongue ran across his fangs.

That was actually something Kagome had thought of, should they have agreed to sharing her. Just choosing someone would have caused a fight, but she knew from her time in the Feudal Era that there were better ways to go about things like that. Turning to Ayato, she gave him a wink before stepping away from her grooms. "First one to have me will be the first one who catches me."

Then she was running. She could sense the six of them, they stood in shock for maybe two seconds before following her in quick pursuit. She didn't care who caught her first, it was the chase and the challenge that she was looking forward to. Right away, she could sense Laito, Kanato, and Shu gaining on her as they followed her scent and the excitement from the game she'd presented them. Not wanting the chase to end so quickly, she jumped into the sky, knowing that would confuse her scent trail.

While in midair, she saw a streak of black and white. Subaru was in the air with her and nearly got his hands on her, but she twisted her body to avoid his grasp. As they flew past each other, Kagome saw a hint of a smile playing on his lips. It thrilled her to know that she could make him happy, but she wasn't ready to be caught yet.

Diving into the trees, she swung from branch to branch like a monkey while touching them as little as possible. The next time her feet touched ground, she was near the lake where she'd spoken with Ayato. Speaking of the redhead, his scent and aura were quickly drawing closer and Kagome got a wicked idea.

As Ayato broke through the trees, he saw Kagome stumble towards the dock as though she'd landed wrong. Unable to hide his smirk, he charged at her before she could completely regain her footing. Just as he was about to grab her, she collapsed flat to the wooden boards and he went sailing past her and head first into the water. Coming to the surface, he shook the water from his hair and tried to glare up at his Birdie as she laughed with delight.

"You're a tease, you know that," he yelled from the water.

Kagome stuck her tongue out at him for a second before smiling. "Yeah, but you love the challenge." She was running before he could swim to shore or even respond.

Using her old trail, she doubled back towards the mansion. She could sense Laito, Kanato, Subaru, and Ayato hunting her, but they were a distance away. Shu had somehow nearly disappeared; she could just barely sense him but couldn't pinpoint his location. Reiji, however, was waiting for her on the trail as she approached the rose garden behind the mansion.

"Your antics are proving to be troublesome, as you are working them into a frenzy. Perhaps I should punish you for such actions." He told her as his eyes gleamed red with bloodlust.

Letting her own lust show through her eyes, she took a couple teasing steps toward him and smiled. "If you catch me, I'll let you punish me all you want."

A sinister grin spread across his lips, that Kagome would admit looked sexy as hell, before he advanced. She was ready for him, but he had anticipated her moves as he drove her back. She should have known that Reiji wouldn't be so easy to evade since he was the strategist of the brothers. And with the others quickly closing in on their location, she had to move or she'd be caught and the game would be over.

Kanato jumped out at her first, his impatient nature proving troublesome as she jumped away and was nearly grabbed by Reiji. Seizing his opportunity, Ayato came from the side as he grinned with excitement. Kagome barely side-stepped him and was glad for his usual over-exuberance since he went barreling into Reiji when he was about to grab her and created an opening for her to escape.

She skipped backwards as she continued to evade their grasps. A chuckle behind her alerted her to Laito, who had been laying-in-wait for her to get away from his brothers. Her feet pushed off the ground and his hands missed her by mere centimeters before grabbed a tree branch and swung herself into the leaves.

Their energy kept going higher with excitement and the urge to mate with her, she could sense it. Her grooms were enjoying their hunt just as much as she was enjoying the chase. Even as she continued to run, she was looking forward to the next time they would play this game.

It was as she was thinking that, she saw a flash of yellow and white. Her senses told her that Shu was finally making his move. Her limbs pushed off the tree she'd jumped to so she could change direction. She barely escaped being caught by the blonde when the scent of wet ground caught her attention. Her foot hit the ground and sank deep into the waiting mud pit. It slowed her down, put her off balance. That was all the opportunity Shu needed to wrap her in his arms and tackle her to the ground a half-second before Subaru arrived on the scene.

She was out of breath, covered in mud, and knew that her butt would be bruised from being tackled to the ground, but she couldn't help but laugh. I should have known that Shu was the type to set a trap and wait for his prey to come to him. Chasing me would have been to tiresome and hewonanyway.

Subaru growled in annoyance as the others arrived. Although angry, none of them could argue the fact that Shu caught her first. They would have to wait until the next time to see who would get her next.

~oOo~ Years Later ~oOo~

A pair of shrilled screams had Kagome rubbing her temples with her fingers as she climbed out of bed. Kimi and Nami had started arguing again, which turned into shrieking. She understood that the twins were young and didn't know how much their shouts hurt their mother's ears; but damnit, she was tired and needed her nap!

She hadn't gotten far when the door to the nursery opened. The toddler, a small girl with porcelain white skin, Kagome's blue eyes and a head of long wavy purple hair stepped out the door. Her right arm hugged Teddy to her chest as her left hand tiredly rubbed her eyes.

"Mama, sissys are loud." She mumbled quietly.

Kagome smiled as she knelt down to Himemiko to hug her. Her little girl was so adorable and the spitting image of Kanato, especially with Teddy in her arms. She could still remember the day her youngest was born. He had stared into the bassinet with such wonder before placing Teddy beside his daughter. She had curled around the teddy bear almost immediately and had since refused to let it go. Kagome had thought that Kanato would have had problems being separated from Teddy, but he remedied that by holding Himemiko all the time.

"I know, sweetheart. I'm going to talk to them right now, so you go back to your nap." She told the little girl as she ran her fingers through her purple hair.

"Okay, Mama." Turning back, Himemiko closed the door to her nursery.

Now, she was a bit upset. The twins needed to learn to quiet down. Kagome practically stomped down the hall to the music room where the twins were still screeching at each other. When she opened the door, her temper flared when she saw that their father was sitting there, watching the whole thing, and wasn't saying a word to stop them!

"Girls!" Her voice snapped, quieting Kimi and Nami right away. Their blue eyes went wide for a moment, realizing that they were in trouble before dashing to hide behind Laito. She could barely see the pair peeking out from behind him. If it weren't for the matching black bows pinning back their red hair, she wouldn't have seen them at all. "What did I tell you both about yelling in the house? You even woke up Himemiko."

Although she couldn't see their faces, she could tell by their auras that they were sorry. Probably hadn't even realized how loud they were since their father hadn't said anything to them. Speaking of Laito. Kagome turned her glare of the redhead, who was smiling slyly at her. "And is there a reason you didn't say anything before I came out here?"

Laito shrugged as he reached back to pat his daughters' heads. "Kimi wanted me to teach her Chopin, Nami wanted to learn Kreisler. They were fighting over me, and you know that I can't resist it when the most beautiful girls in the world are fighting for my attention, Miko-chan."

Translation, "They are so adorable and have meso wrapped around their littlefingers that I don't want to be the bad guy".Hense, I get woken up and come out here to be the bad guy and tell them to be quiet. Shaking her head, Kagome looked past Laito to her girls. "Keep your voices down, no more yelling in the house."

"Yes, Mom," they said together in voices that were much quieter than before.

"And Laito, play Kreisler first this time. Kimi got to pick first last time." There was a small cheer from the younger twin as Kagome left the room. A moment later, the mansion was filled with the sound of Kreisler's "Love's Sorrow", which had Kagome humming along with the music.

Deciding that she was thirsty, she started heading down to the kitchen for a drink. Passing by the library, she peaked inside. Just as she expected, Kae was curled up in an arm chair next to the fireplace. There was a stack of books piled up beside her, her glasses had slid down the bridge of her nose, and she could see a blanket carefully draped over her body and tucked around her shoulders. Even though she couldn't completely see her face due to the curtain of black hair, which was so much like her own, it was easy to tell that her oldest daughter was asleep.

"I told her to return to her room, but she wished to finish the chapter." A quiet, stern voice whispered into her ear.

Kagome chuckled as she turned her head to look at Reiji. "She gets that thirst for knowledge from you."

"Of course she does," he replied. She saw that smile that he reserved just for Kae and Kagome. He was so proud of his daughter, ever since she had started reading on her own when she was three years old. Before that, Reiji would read to her every dawn while she fell asleep in his lap. It was easy to see that he missed those times, but had quickly adjusted as he expanded his room so that they could do experiments and research together.

Kissing his chin, Kagome stepped past Reiji to continue to the kitchen. Now she was hungry as well as thirsty, and there was a fruit salad in the fridge calling her name. She was walking past a large window when she saw movement outside. Ayato had a practice sword in his hand was facing off with Saima. The young boy, just barely older than Himemiko, was awkwardly holding his sword with both hands as he practiced with his father.

Of all her children, her youngest son was probably the one that resembled his father the most. He had the same red hair, green eyes, mischievous smile, and overconfident personality that had the tendency of driving her up the wall. There were times that she thought that he was carbon copy of Ayato, but then he looked at her and his happy expression was so like hers.

Smiling down at the pair, she watched as Saima did a few practice swings towards Ayato and then rushed into an attack. He was quickly disarmed because of the bad grip. He looked ready to cry at his dropped sword when Ayato knelt down in front of him. She couldn't hear what was said, but it seemed to cheer him up. Saima grabbed his sword off the ground, fixing his grip, as he faced off with Ayato again. Smiling down at the father-son bonding, Kagome left them alone to practice as she continued to the kitchen.

There, she saw her oldest son eating the fruit salad that she had hoped to have for herself. Shion turned when he sensed her presence. His blonde hair was exactly like Shu's, but most of the resemblance ended there, the rest was all her. From the shape of his face to his dark blue eyes, he looked like Kagome would have had she been born a boy with blonde hair. His personality, however, was a lot like Shu's. He preferred the quiet and liked to rest a great deal, the only difference being that Shion had embraced his role as the eldest child. He looked out for his siblings and her, even though he attempted to hide that fact since he didn't like the attention.

"Good evening, Mother. Are you well?" He asked her in a quiet voice.

"I'm fine, dear. The twins woke me up so I decided to get a snack while I was awake." She told him as her eyes strayed to the fruit salad that he was still eating.

Looking down at the bowl in his hand, he nodded before going to the fridge and pulling out another bowl with freshly chopped fruit. "I was not sure when you would desire food, so I made you a fresh bowl and decided to eat this one so it would not go to waste."

Smiling with pride, Kagome walked around the counter to kiss the teenager on the forehead. His cheeks turned red from embarrassment while his eyes turned away. "I-I will get you some water as well. After you finish, you should return to bed. You need to rest."

"Thanks for watching out for me." She continued to smile at him as she sat on a chair at the counter.

He nodded shyly. "While Father is away with grandfather, it is my duty to protect you and my siblings."

"I know, dear. But you don't have to shoulder all of that on your own. You have your uncles as well, and gods know that they would tear the world to pieces if someone threatened you, your siblings, or me." Kagome told him as he set a glass of water and a fork in front of her.

"I need to be prepared should they not be here," Shion told her, his voice conveying determination.

"And I have every confidence in you." Taking a bite of melon, she hummed with delight at the fresh taste.

He smiled softly at her before turning to leave the room. "I shall retire for the day. Ranmaru should be returning from the shrine shortly. He wished to try and purify one of the lower level relics. Uncle Subaru accompanied him, in case something was to happen." Shion didn't stick around for her to reply. He left, probably for his bedroom, to lay down and sleep away the day.

I hope you can do it, Ranmaru. I have faith in you and your abilities... just don't over-do it and burn your father again. Kagome thought as she continued to eat. Her second oldest son, surprisingly, had taken after her in the way of abilities while physically resembling his father. He had the same white hair, although the hair at his temples and the nape of his neck faded from white to black. His eyes were like nothing she had ever seen before, normally red but would turn blue when he attempted to purify something or create a barrier.

They discovered that he shared her abilities when he accidentally burned Subaru when he was nine years old. Since then, Kagome had been training him and was surprised by the vast amount of power he possessed. But first, he needed to gain control over it. This need to gain control had forced Subaru to gain control over his own anger as he worked to train his son. Ranmaru was determined to protect the people he loved to the best of his abilities, just like his parents.

She was nearly finished with her snack when the door to the kitchen opened again. Subaru and Ranmaru came inside and Kagome barely resisted the urge to laugh. Subaru looked a little sunburned, although it was quickly healing, and Ranmaru was covered in dust and soot but looked very pleased with himself.

"I did it, Mom! I purified a Level 1 relic!" He cheered as he threw his arms around her.

"I'm so proud of you! I knew you could do it. But, it looks like you still need some work with control." Kagome winked at him before pointedly looking past him towards Subaru. If she had to guess, the relic blew up from an overload of power. That would explain how he got so dirty and how Subaru got the indirect burns.

Grinning sheepishly at her, he scratched the back of his head while his red eyes continued to spark with joy. "I know, Mom. But right now, I'm just glad that I could do it. I'll go take a bath now!"

She laughed as her son went running out of the kitchen, leaving a handprint on the door along the way. No doubt, Reiji would scold him later about making a mess in the house. Subaru shook his head as he approached her. His lips seeking out hers for a kiss while he placed his hand over her swollen belly.

"How are you feeling?" He asked her, his voice barely raising above a low rumble.

"We're both fine. I just finished my snack and was about to go back to bed to finish my nap." Kagome sighed with content as his hand continued to rub her belly. She always loved this part about her pregnancy. The father of her baby would always become more affectionate to her to the point of coddling. It made her feel loved, even though none of them had said it in so many words, her grooms had all shown their love for her and their children in one way or another.

Without prompting, Subaru scooped Kagome into his arms and began carrying her towards her bedroom. Since she was carrying Subaru's child this time, he got to share her bed until their baby was born in three months. They had discovered during her first pregnancy that she would crave the blood of her baby's father at odd hours and the father would become overly protective of her when it came to the other males. It made things a bit complicated, but they still made things work.

In all honesty, she hadn't thought that her life would become so complicated after returning from the Feudal Era. But with six vampire grooms and seven children with another on the way, she couldn't imagine a better life for herself.

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