Authors Note: I hope you're going to like this story even though it once again won't have much fighting but it also won't be quiet as sappy as the last one. Once again I obviously don't own Harry Potter or any other character apart from Hercules, (you find out who that is later if you read the story.) And now I hope you enjoy the story.

Snake brother

Chapter 1

It has been so long since he had left his home. So many years all alone and on a mission. He had been hardly more than a hatchling when he left his nest. Younger than most when they leave. Just about seven months old or so he had heard. He never understood much about the passing of time. Counting it was something those wizards did. But even though he knew that he was still young and that he'd miss her at first, he had to leave his mother.

He had to find his little brother, well little isn't the right word since he was born the same day he hatched, but as a wizard he matured much slower than him. After he had hatched, he had never left that child's side. He had slept in his crib and the warmth of the infant had kept him warm when his mother had been gone with the child's father to whom she was bound. There had been a war, or so he had been told and explained that a war was a fight between a lot of people who wanted something and a lot of people who wanted something else. The master to whom his mother was bonded was the leader of one of those groups of people and had been busy a lot of the time. He had been left with the child and some wizard or witch to watch over them.

It didn't take long for him to know that the child would speak the snake language just like his father could. Once he would be old enough to do it. After all, he had sang a lullaby his mother had taught him to the boy and he had always calmed. There was no doubt in his mind that the boy would one day really understand him and talk to him and his mind had been made up that he would be bound to him like his mother to the child's father. Just that they would be even closer since they were brothers. It didn't matter that they didn't have the same parents, it also didn't matter that they weren't even the same species. All that mattered was that they cared and he most definitely did and is sure that his brother will too.

Still, one day all had changed. There had been strangers in their room. They had fought the witch that had been watching them but they were many and the witch was alone. He tried to bite them when they came close to his brother, even though he knew he was too young to be poisonous already. He was still more mature then his brother and would protect his little brother or so he had thought. It still shames him that he had failed that day. After being hit against the wall everything had gone black and by the time he was awake, he was told that over a week had passed. Of course he didn't know how long that is, but he knew that it must have been long, since there was no trace of his brothers scent left and his mother had said that they had gone in a way that she couldn't have followed, so he wouldn't have been able either even if he woke up sooner.

It had taken him a long time to completely recover. Three weeks his mothers master had said but then he wasn't watched as closely anymore since he was healthy and old enough to be left alone for a while. He had used that and left to find his brother and that had been the last time he had seen any of them.

He doesn't know how much time has passed but by now he is much bigger. Big enough that he has to hide form all those wizards and witches around him even though it is strange that some don't seem to have a wand and use strange things to travel. They are different and sometimes he wonders if they are even wizards and witches or something else. All he knows for sure is that his ears hurt when he's seen because they always scream.

He's been everywhere by now and is on his way back to his brother's father to at least ask if they had found the child. Maybe he is long back by now and he is looking for nothing. It is his only hope by now since he has been nearly everywhere and there hadn't been even a bit of an old trace of the boy's scent. And of course no one could speak to him. He had known that it is a rare gift when he had left but not how rare it seems to be. But it's hard to find his way back since he doesn't orient himself as easily as those wizards.

He finally recognized something along his way and knows the way to his brothers parents home since a day. Not the one of his mothers master, but the other one and if he finds one of the child's parents the other will be around sometime soon and he can ask about his brother then.

They might not live together due to reasons that he never understood but had to do with the war, but they are close to each other and see each other often and both had loved their son very much and always been around each other, even though he hadn't seen this one after his brother had been taken. But that was probably just because that one couldn't speak to him and didn't want to be reminded of the child that was taken away.

He's not far away, maybe one or two rests and he would reach him soon, when suddenly something else hits his senses. Something familiar even though he had never smelled it this undiluted. He hisses angrily and instinctively follows the scent of blood. But not just any blood. His brother's blood. Whoever hurt his brother, would die the second he found him. He isn't a hatchling anymore. He's a big strong and poisonous snake. Not that he needed the poison. He's big and strong enough to strangle at least two fully grown wizards at once and since his mother had been magically altered before he was born they both were impervious to almost all magic.

Once he's close to his brother he can see an area similar to others he had seen. Kids usually play on the moving seats some that go up and down others forwards and backwards. Then there is a sand box that some kids like to dig in and something that spins. He knows all those things but the children in that particular area are older than most kids he has seen around such a place before. But they aren't fully grown yet even though one of them in particular seems to grow to the sides as much as he grows upwards.

Thinking that they might have acted out of youthful folly he decides to give them a chance to back off and simply rises up in between the boy that is about to smash his fist into his brothers already bleeding face and hisses Hit my brother again and you're dead.

His brother is dropped by the two that were holding him and all three boys are quickly walking a few steeps back. To bad actually, he had killed one of those strange wizards to defend himself once before and eaten him to not waste any of the meat. As it turned out, they are quite tasty. But since they're also rather intelligent and can be good, he refused to hunt them for food. He wouldn't have minded this tasty looking one though.

Once they moved back they are still staring at him, now all looking more pale all of a sudden and mumbling something to each other after the first hurtful round of screams had stopped.

He is about to attack just to scare them away when he hears something from behind himself. Don't hurt them.

He looks around and sees his brother looking right at him and smugly says, I always knew you'd one day be able to talk to me, brother.

The boy looks confused and then scared all of a sudden and nearly screams, Watch out.

The snake turns around and sees the biggest of the children, the one that has some of his brothers blood still on his hands, and a huge stone was flying from said hands towards himself. He moves to the side, certain that it won't hit his brother. His anger is rising and he's about to strike again just this time he is going for the kill when he once again hears his brother, Wait please.

Give me one reason to wait, he hisses towards his little brother, who is still kneeling on the ground and still bleeding from a wound on the side of his eyebrow. He hurt you and after I graciously tried to just scare them off he tried to wound me too. He deserves to die.

He did that because he's scared. He thought you'd kill him if he doesn't kill you and used you being turned to me. Please, I tell them to go, so just please let them go. His brother is saying from behind him but this time he keeps his own eyes on the three boys instead of his brother but agrees and hears his brother say something in that strange tongue that the other wizards always use. One he never learned. His mother understood it because she was bound to her master and maybe he will once he is bound to his brother. Once his brother has said something to those kids they slowly back up further, while his brother starts to talk in the snake tongue again. They are going now, I told them to move slowly until they are a little further away and that I would hiss to you to calm you. They already think that I'm a freak, so I don't want them to know that I can actually talk to you.

What is a freak? The snake asks his brother.

Someone who is different. The young wizard explains while the others turn and run.

If they are so scared of me and don't know that I can talk to you and mean you no harm, why did they just leave you? I really hope they're at least going to get you some help and you better think of something to tell them once that gets here. I'm not going to leave you again brother, so better have a reason for keeping me around. He tells his brother. I failed to protect you once my brother, I'm not going to fail you again.

What do you mean, you failed? You just saved me. His brother asks looking confused. Those wizards faces are really easy to read once you get the hang of it. And why are you calling me brother. Have I seen you before?

The snake looks at his brother for a moment before asking, Have you forgotten me? I know it's been a long time and you've been much smaller than you are now but I hoped you'd remember me.

The child looks at the snake for a moment before asking, Are you that snake from the zoo that I helped?

What is a zoo? The snake asks, this time being confused even though he doubts his brother can see it in his face. A snake's face never moves around as much as a wizards face does.

Never mind. The child says, You'd knew if you'd be that snake. But if you're another one, how do you know me? I don't remember talking to any other snake, well one in school but that can't be you since it was a viper I think and you're not. And I think Snape, well it can't be you, so why do you call me brother? Harry hopes the snake won't ask what Snape had done to the viper, since he really doubts that this snake will be very forgiving for killing a snake.

I call you brother because we sort of are brothers. You might not remember because you were so little when you were taken. But I hatched the day you were born and I was always with you ever since until you were taken away. The snake says.

You mean after my mom and dad died? The boy asks.

Died? The snake asks, They didn't die. You were taken when you were six months. My mother is still with your father, or was when I left to find you some time later.

I'm sorry, but I think you mistake me with someone else. His brother says, I lived with my mom and dad until I was about a year and then they were killed and I don't think my dad had a snake, so you really must mean someone else.

You're memory must be changed. The snake insists. I would recognize your scent everywhere my brother. You are my baby brother. Born within the same hour that I hatched and I grew up in your crib. I know for sure. I matured faster than a wizard child could and remember very clearly and my memory can't be changed, my scales are spell proof as your father used to say. He changed my mother to protect her and I inherited the changed scales.

You mean to tell me that I'm not Harry Potter, the son of James and Lily Potter? The child asks.

I'm not good with wizards names, The snake admits to his brother So I don't know about the names, but I know that you're my brother and I know that your father had my mother and that you lived mostly with him and only visited your other parent ever so often with me.

What do you mean? My parents were married and lived together. The child tells the snake.

No they weren't. The snake informs him. Someone must truly have done something to your memory, my dear brother. Harry? Is that right? You said that was you and I want to at least remember your name this time.

Yes, that's right, Harry says. What is your name?

I don't have one yet. The snake says, I wanted to wait for you to choose one for me once you would be able to speak.

I'm honored, but I really think you have the wrong one. Harry replies I'm just Harry and everything you just told me doesn't fit what I've been told about back then.

Told? You mean you have no memory of that time? The snake asks.

Of course not. The boy says, I was still too young to remember anything from that far back now.

Then it's clear. The snake says, They lied to you. I know you don't remember me and don't trust me yet, but why should I lie to you? I'm a snake and have nothing to do with other wizards now. Not even those that just hurt you. I just want to protect you.

The child looks towards the snake that claims to be his brother of sorts and wonders what to make of this. He doesn't want to believe it but deep down he wonders if it could be true? After everything that happened in the last four years since he started Hogwarts he wouldn't be surprised if it was. But what about Sirius, he would have told him, wouldn't he? The snake seems sincere but what if Voldemort had sent it?

Listen, he finally decides to say, It all sounds rather strange and I want to believe you but it's kind of hard to just believe that you're one person for nearly 15 years and now you're someone else. How about you just hang around and I go home for now and try to contact someone and ask about some more details, okay?

Why trust them if they lied about who you are up to now? The snake asks.

That's what you say. The boy says, I really want to trust you but right now I can't. Give me some time to find proof, one way or another.

What if that wizard shows up again? The one that hurt you just now? The snake asks.

Wizard? That wasn't a wizard. Dudley is a muggle. The boy replies.

He looks like a wizard. The snake says, Is every one that looks like a wizard but doesn't have a wand and uses those moving things to move faster a muggle?

I think so. There might be some that just hide their wand and like cars but most are muggles. They don't have any magic. The boy explains.

I still don't like leaving you alone. I failed protecting you once. The snakes hisses voice sounds strangely sad to Harry I don't want to see you getting hurt again.

How about you come closer to my home? There is a garden shed. None of the Dursleys go there while I'm here, so they wouldn't find you there and I can see you every day. Harry offers.

I'd rather be right with you but will accept what I can get for now. The snake replies and then follows Harry to the shed.

The next few days are quiet for him. Harry gives him a name the day after he found his brother again and now his name is Hercules. Harry had told his new snake friend that he had thought about it the whole night and that he had considered many names, some cool but kinda scary or Slytherin related but since he hopes to take him to school with him once he goes back there, he wanted the name to be something his friends would like and not fear but he also didn't want to turn into Hagrid and name something dangerous Fluffy. So he had chosen a legendary muggle hero who was supposed to be a half-god and protected others. Just like his snake friend had done for Harry the day before, so he thought the name would be best. And it's not like he had ages to think of a better one.

The rest of the week the snake gets more and more worried. His brother doesn't seem to get much food in that house. He can hear very well and knows that he is screamed at more than anyone else in that house. He also does a lot of hard work during that week. Something is off and he has noticed that the boy that had hit his brother when he had found him is around a lot too and sleeping in that house. And he has seen the snake talking with Harry after some time there. Harry says that a week has passed but that he hasn't heard of Sirius, who apparently would know if the snake said the truth. And he wrote him that he was told just that but not by whom and wants to have pictures of him before he was six months old to prove the other person that he really is Harry Potter but Sirius hasn't written back yet.

Harry and Hercules are talking about it when a man the snake has seen around the house many times shows up. He's even wider than the boy that lives in the same house as the man and his brother. The snake doesn't know what a baseball bat is, but it does realize that the object in the man's hand is made of wood and looks like it could be used to hit someone.

The snake also doesn't know what the man and his brother are arguing about in their language. Not knowing that the man is angry at Harry for having a dangerous beast in their garden and that he wants to kill said dangerous beast. He has no idea that Harry is pleading for Hercules' life with his uncle or that the uncle doesn't want to hear about his nephew being able to talk to the snake and know that it's not going to hurt anyone unless provoked badly enough. Neither does the snake know what it means when the man screams, in a way that is quite painful to the snakes sensitive ears, when he tells the boy that he won't condone such freakishness as talking to a snake in his house. However he does understand that swinging that wooden thing first away and then quickly towards his brother's head is not something that can be tolerated.

Luckily Hercules is taking his job as Harry's protector very serious and is always curled in a way to attack whenever needed. He moves his long and strong body to use it like a muggle spring and jumps towards the moving arm with enough force to push it back again. His body quickly coils around the arm and shatters the bones while his teeth sink into the soft skin of the other arm but not for long. Too much poison would kill him too quickly and this man deserves to die painfully and slowly.

Are you poisonous? Harry asks sounding fearfully.

Very, the snake replies proudly. He'll never hurt my brother again.

The snake has no idea what it means when Harry tries to explain to his aunt why he needs the key to his owl or the shrieks coming from that bony woman but he watches as Harry writes something onto parchment and gives it to his owl, that seems to be scared of the snake that is now following Harry's every move. Making it harder to get her to take the letter and bring it to St. Mungo's, not that the snake would know where it's supposed to go but eventually Harry manages to stop the owl from trying to protect Harry from the snake, who in turn is trying to protect Harry from a seemingly crazy owl and talks Hedwig into taking the letter and fly off in the hope that she does as she was told. After that Harry turns to Hercules. You need to leave now. People will get mad at you for biting him no matter why and I need you to be away when they come.

I'm not going to leave you with them. The snake hisses angrily. He could have killed you with that wooden thing and none of those people here have done even one decent thing for you since I'm here. I'm staying right where you are.

Harry whines for a moment before he hiss mumbles, Fine, then come with me. After that he quickly packs his things, happy that they aren't locked away this year, and pulls his trunk down hoping to be gone with the snake before Hedwig get's help for his uncle and still hoping that the help will be in time. Hercules is still following him when he turns around a corner of Privet Drive and hears multiple loud pangs, clearly coming from more than one wizard apparate towards his address. Hedwig must have gotten some help but Harry just walks on.

He's not far when Hercules asks, Where are you going?

I don't know yet. Harry replies. I don't think I can get to the Weasleys on my own and don't know anyone that would help me and lives close enough and I'm not sure if I can take you safely with the night bus. Not after what happened. They might have heard about it by then or still hear about it and tell people about you.

I know someplace. The snake says, It's a bit away but you'd be safe there. I don't particularly like the man there but he'd protect you.

Why do you think he'd do that if you don't even like him? Harry asks but stops to talk to the snake and figure out their next move.

I don't like him because he smells funny not because of what he's like and you wouldn't go to my mother's master instead, right? You told me last weak that if he's the one you think it is you don't trust him, even though he's your father and it's a long way anyway, I'm not even sure which way. The snake says, hoping to lure Harry the way he wants him to, certain that he'd be safe there but that he wouldn't go if he told him the real reason, so he gave him a secondary one. One Harry would believe but that was still true since he refused to lie to his brother. You said you're still going to that wizard school, he's teaching there or at least startet the year you were born. That's part of the reason he smells funny, he's making potions all the time and their stench hurts my nose.

Potions at Hogwarts. Oh please, not Snape. Harry whines He'd kill you on sight.

I'm a snake. The snake points out, He's a Slytherin. He'll listen and understand if you translate exactly what I tell you to tell him.

With a sigh Harry says, If you're sure about this. After all he has saved my live before, so I doubt he'd kill me at least even though he will be very pissed if I show up there and tell him everything but I'm not so sure what he'd do to you.

Don't worry. The snake tries to calm him. Magic proof, remember?

Better than freezing or starving out here. Harry mumbles and follows the directions the snake gives him still very watchfully of his surroundings, just in case the snake is lying after all and wants to lure him to Voldemort.

Authors Note: I know it's pretty obvious who his parents are and all but try to write a chapter that hints at it without spelling it out the way I more or less did!