White ~ Associated with light, goodness, innocence, and purity. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning.





Chapter 1: White.

"Nee-chan! Nee-chan!" Yuriko's head snapped up at the young boy who burst out of the Academy doors.

She smiled at the bright blue of his eyes that only shined so happily when around her, and his other few precious people. His spiky blond hair caught the sunlight and looked even more like a glowing sun. it didn't help with the amount of orange he chose to ware. His tanned cheeks stretched with his wide fox-like grin. His three whisker-like marks only made it more apparent.

She was Uzumaki Yuriko, daughter of the Yondaime Hokage and his wife, Uzumaki Kushina. The blond boy running to embrace her happily, was her younger brother, Uzumaki Naruto. She had been born five years before Naruto, just after her parents married. Having been five when the Kyūbi attacked she was known by the village as the child of their Hokage and his wife.

It was also known Naruto was her brother, but many fools believed she had simply taken the boy in to better control the bijū. How they could mistake Naruto for anyone but her parents child was beyond her. He was a little mirror image of their father, but with their mother's facial and eye shape.

She had taken after her mother with dark red hair, and green eyes inherited from her maternal grandmother. Her heart-shaped face, high cheekbones, and narrower almond shaped eyes were more reminiscent of her father. She was just lucky she'd bypassed the spiky genetics Naruto inherited.

Once upon a time though, she'd been known by a different name, and she supposed she had Death to thank for this second chance in a new dimension. The one thing dimensions had in common was Death, it was universal. There may be different legends or names for him, but he was the same wherever you went. Back then she'd not understood this completely.

Back then she'd been known as Hera Lily Potter. While she kept her memories of that lifetime, the short eighteen years of memories she had (she'd died at seventeen just a month shy of her eighteenth birthday), her magic had converted to chakra. She had kept a few traits from her magic, and that was connected to her animagus form.

She'd been a phoenix, a rare form reserved for the most powerful of witches and wizards. Merlin had been a dragon animagus for example, and it was said Morgana le Fay was a phoenix animagus. Her tears still had the ability to heal anything short of death, or at least she'd not come across something it couldn't heal effectively. It was considered a kekkei genkai manifested through her special Uzumaki chakra.

She'd left Hera Potter in the past though, despite looking relatively the same as her incarnation. Her hair was tamer and straighter, her eyes a little narrower, but otherwise she looked the same. Death had chosen her new parents well.

She still missed them even though they'd been dead going on eight years now. Unlike Naruto she was lucky to have those five years with their parents. She told him what she could of their parents when he asked, but it wouldn't make up for his lack of real memories.

She smiled happily when Naruto collided with her waist. At thirteen years old she was quite a bit taller than the smaller boy at five foot one. Thankfully, She was still growing – with a budding bust, curves, and the loss of the last bits of her adolescent baby fat, which wasn't as prominent in her as it was in civilians thanks to her rigorous training.

"Hello, Naruto," she said, returning his hug. "Did you have a good day?"

Naruto pulled away and smiled, but she could tell it wasn't a honest smile. She'd raised him since he was born, the orphanage they'd stayed at for a few months wasn't any help. By the time Naruto was six months old she'd had enough of the lack luster care he was getting.

Oh, they tried to go out of their way for her, but they pretended her baby brother didn't exist besides keeping him alive. It was amazing how little the human body could survive on, though she'd intervened where she could. She'd reported the matron and aids for their oh so 'helpful' care at the first chance.

After the Kyūbi attack there was a lot of rebuilding. The Hokage hadn't been able to see them for months. When he did she demanded they be given their parents old home, and that even if he had one of his ANBU assigned to them she would raise Naruto herself.

He hadn't wanted to allow it, she'd be gone half the day learning to be a ninja after all. She wasn't even six at the time. Considered a prodigy or not, Yuriko was still just a child at the time.

She'd upped her training, left shadow clones at home just to prove to the Hokage she could also look after Naruto while becoming a Kunoichi. In truth she would have left the clones anyway since she didn't trust many anymore.

Out of ANBU she could say she trusted three, Cat, Dog, and recently there was another with what appeared to be a feline mask, She didn't know his name, but he had soothing yet strange chakra. Within two years of the Kyūbi attack she'd graduated at the age of seven along with Itachi. The prodigal duo they were called.

She then delved into genjutsu (out of a lost bet at first), shattering preconceptions that Uzumaki's were weak to the art, and that those with over flowing reserves couldn't practice it. It helped that she had chakra control that rivaled Senju Tsunade, and only got better as she got older. That didn't mean she was any good at lower ranked genjutsu, they only worked a small percent of the time.

She figured she had Death and traits left over from her lost magic to thank for her precise chakra control. She decided as a genin she wanted to model herself somewhat after Tsunade, but she refused to be labelled as a medic-nin.

She knew the rule book for them back and forward, so she'd dipped into a scroll her mother had received from Uzumaki Mito. The original barer of the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which was actually created by Mito's own mother and taught to those Uzumaki who proved themselves.

It was something of a birthright anyway. With the death of her mother, she was the clan heiress, being the last of the main family and granddaughter of the last clan head, Uzumaki Kenshin. Uzumaki Mito was her great-great aunt as was known by few, but Mito had been a private woman from what her mother told her. Though Yuri had been young at the time her memory was nearly perfect.

She was still studying the scroll, but was making great progress with it. With that she wouldn't have to worry about avoiding battle, and while her ninjutsu wasn't terrible it also wasn't her strongest skill. No, her talent laid with weapons, taijutsu, medical ninjutsu, the Uzumaki chakra chains, and she was slowly growing her knowledge on fūinjutsu.

She was also no slouch in genjutsu, but she would never be good enough (even with her near perfect control) to really call herself a mistress of the art. She wanted to master fūinjutsu above the other arts, and she'd always been interested in healing even in her first life.

She fed her growing elemental affinities with the help of Itachi and Shisui. Both were better at ninjutsu then her, better at genjutsu which was expected being Uchiha, and had no problems helping their best friend in the areas she lacked.

Yuriko knew she lacked in certain areas of the ninja arts, but she still studied as many as she could not wanting to be anything but well rounded. She no longer had magic to bail her out of a sticky situation, and with her luck there would be plenty.

Years later she became a chūnin, and then followed Itachi into ANBU because even they knew they worked best together. Konoha was about teamwork, and they didn't dare break apart a duo who worked so well together, as if they'd fought beside each other from the day they were born. Maybe because they were born only a month apart, and had grown up with each other since Uchiha Mikoto was her mother's best friend and her godmother.

Unfortunately, this all meant she had less and less time with Naruto. He seemed to understand she had her duty to the village and Hokage. That she only did what she did to keep him safe and under a sound roof with everything he could need to grow strong.

He was smarter than most gave him credit for, in fact she saw a little of her father in him every time he was in a serious mood, it just so happened their mother's personality was dominant in her little brother. She wouldn't have had it any other way.

"It was fine," he finally said. "We had a test today on the founding of the village. It was just a lot of questions, mostly about the Senju and Uchiha clans."

She took his hand and they began to walk back to their modest home. She ignored the looks given to them by civilians, which ranged from anger, to solemn regret, and a struggle to accept the truth of who Naruto was. Eventually they'd have no choice, everyday he looked more and more like Namikaze Minato, just less flaky.

To hear her mother tell it she had gotten her fathers flakiness, but with her it actually worked. Her mother had been funny like that, before their sacrifice. And hadn't that hit her hard; she remembered how her first incarnations parents had died for her. Very similarly to how her parents had died for her and Naruto in this life.

"Oh, and who were the founders of Konoha, little brother?" she asked, curious of his answer. A frown overtook his face, which turned serious as he thought. He didn't want to disappoint his sister.

Finally Naruto grinned. "Senju Hashirama the Shodaime Hokage, and his brother, Senju Tobirama the Nidaime Hokage –"

"And?" she pressed, but Naruto frowned.

'I..I don't know Nee-chan," he replied and she chuckled.

"Well, you got two of them right. Senju Hashirama and Tobirama were two of Konoha's greatest shinobi and founders, but Uchiha Madara was also the villages founder, which is why your test had so much information pertaining to the Uchiha clan. I'm not surprised if he was mentioned little, other than his actions at the Valley of The End." Yuriko sighed and shook her head. "Madara and Hashirama were the ones who first thought of the village, and if it's to be believed, it was Madara who named our village."

"Really, Yuri-nee?" he asked and she nodded.

"I don't think Itachi's an unreliable source, nor are the records Mito-sama kept before her death," Yuriko told him.

It had been a long time since she'd been in the Senju compound, but she remembered what she'd read. The place was pretty much a ghost town these days though. Tsunade was the last Senju, at least by name.

There may be some distant Senju relatives spread through the village, but they no longer carried the name and had no claim to it either. The last time Tsunade had been in the village Yuri was turning four.

"That's cool!" he exclaimed, and then proceeded to drag her to Ichiraku's Ramen.

She smiled and laughed as he tried to drag her behind him, even though she moved willingly after him. Her white and red yukata seemed to gleam in the summer sun.




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