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The crowd screamed. Boo's and hisses echoed around the pitch, originating from the Slytherin's as the Gryffindor team entered the stadium. The wave of cheers and yells from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff overpowered the Slytherin. Harry Potter waved up at the crowd, his Firebolt broomstick clutched tightly in his other hand. Seven streaks of green suddenly made their way around the pitch, the Gryffindors cheers turned foul. All around her, Hermione heard boo's and rude chants.

"And here's our beloved Slytherin team!" Colin Creevy's voice rang out through the crowds, his voice monotone and cold. "Malfoy, Zabini, Crabbe, Goyle, Pucey, Davis, Nott, and Warrington," The Slytherins cheered wildly. The seven green clad Quidditch players flew around the pitch. The all landed in front of Madame Hooch and Gryffindor team, who all glared at them contemptuously. Hermione watched Draco smirked at Harry Potter before flashing the golden plate on the handle of his broom. He teammates followed suit, showing the Gryffindor team their brand new Firebolts. Each and every one of the Gryffindor players faces turned a putrid green color at the sight of the seven of the best brooms ever made sitting in the hands of their most hated opponents. Harry Potter and Draco stared each other down till Madame Hooch stepped in between them.

"Captains, shake hands." Draco stuck out his hand which Harry told. Their hands touched for less than five seconds before yanking them apart. "Now, I want a nice clean game," she said sternly, sending a sharp look in Draco's direction. She then kicked open the ball box, and in a flash of red the two bludgers entered the air followed by the golden snitch. The snitch whizzed past Harry's face then Draco's before disappearing into the cool air.

"Players mount your brooms," madame Hooch shouted. They all did so, the Slytherins with another flash of the golden plates on their broom handles towards the Gryffindors. The whistle blew and the quaffle was tossed into the middle of the group of players.

"And it's Davis with the quaffle. She passes to Warrington, who passes to Pucey. Slytherin scores!" A roar of approval came from the green clad section of the stands. Ginny groaned loudly next to her. Gryffindors all around them threw lewd comments onto the field below as the Slytherin team made a victory lap around the pitch. Ginny and the rest of Gryffindor cheered enthusiastically for their team. Hermione joined in clapping quietly alongside her housemates. The game carried on tightly. Gryffindor and Slytherin were neck and neck.

Hermione was pressed against the railing when someone flew by her. A green flash, with a mix of platinum white. Draco had just flown by her. She bit her lip and looked around. No one was paying any attention to her, they were all too focused on the game. She slipped her hand off the railing and into the pocket of her coat. Her fingered moved around feeling through the thick wool inside till they landed on something cool and round. She pulled her hand from her pocket, a gold galleon in her grasp. Hermione watched as Harry Potter slowly veered towards the Gryffindor stands. She took a changed. She released the galleon into the air. Letting it soar down towards the pitch. It gave off a golden glint which Harry saw. With a burst of speed he flew towards the glint of gold. Draco, who was on the other side of the pitch saw his own glint of gold and shot in the opposite direction of Harry. He sped towards the three rings on the Slytherin end, his arm stretched out in front of him.
"He caught the snitch! Draco Malfoy has caught the snitch! Slytherin wins 370 to 190!" Creevy yelled into the megaphone. The outbreak of screams and cheers from the Slytherin students washed over the Hogwarts occupants. Hermione watched from the Gryffindor side as hundreds of students ran out onto the field. Draco was being lifted up onto the shoulders of his teammates and the rest of his house sang his praise.

Ginny linked arms with Hermione, a fresh scowl on her face. Hermione watched as people filed down the steps of the stands and headed back towards the castle. She could hear muttered slurs and angry rants from students all around her. Ginny released a strangled groan and Hermione shot her a look.

"I can't believe we lost!" Ginny cried. Hermione chuckled softly and squeezed the red head's hand.

"It's just a game Ginny. Stop stressing,"

"But it's not just a game. Harry can play better than he did today! I don't know what happened!" Hermione nodded, her face void of all emotions. Ginny's words were going in one ear and out the other. Her mind drifted away with the strong breeze that blew its was across the grounds. The breeze that hit her face in cool gusts brought her back to herself. Hermione's hand went to her head. Her footsteps stalled.

"Oh, Ginny. I've forgotten my hat." Ginny, who was still ranting about the game stopped and turned to face Hermione.

"Okay. Let's go back and get it." Hermione shook her head.

"No, that's alright. I can go by myself Gin. You go inside and get warm. I'll be in soon," Hermione persuaded. Ginny tipped her head to the side.

"You're sure?" Hermione smiled and nodded. "Alright then. I'll find you later," and with a small wave Ginny continued on to the castle, leaving Hermione to walk back to the Quidditch pitch alone. As Hermione jogged down the hill back towards the pitch the wind began to pick up. It screamed as it danced past her. Her wild curls were tangled by the powerful gusts. When her feet hit the solid wood of the stairs leading up to the stands she slowed to a walk. She hugged herself in an attempt to keep warm against the harsh wind. Her eyes drifted across the empty pitch, she stopped at the spot where she had always stood with Pansy, Daphne, and Millie. The Slytherin section was decked out in green flags and silver and green twinkling lights. Hermione gripped the railing as she ambled down the row her a Ginny had stood in, her eyes still on the green section of the stands. When her foot landed on something soft her eyes darted away from the stands and down at the ground in front of her. She stooped down and plucked her gray hat off the ground and tugged it down over her head of curls.

She was heading back the way she came when suddenly she heard voices drifting up towards her ears. Her legs moved faster than she knew possible. She darted down the final set of stairs and she ducked behind one of the posts holding up the stands. She strained her ears, trying to catch the voices. She recognized those voices. She knew those voices better than she knew her own. Blaise and Draco.

"Come on Draco! Why are you being like this?" She heard Blaise shout at Draco.
"Blaise just drop it, okay?" Draco snapped. She heard Blaise let out a frustrated breath.

"Draco, Pansy told me what happened. Why'd you do it? I thought things were getting better between you two," Hermione sucked in her breath. They were arguing about her.

"I lied Blaise! Things were never getting better! She's scum! I hate her!"
"Draco, why? We all forgave her. Why can't you?" Blaise yelled. Hermione peeked around the edge of the her hiding place. Draco looked enraged, while Blaise looked annoyed. She watched as Draco took a deep breath. Then he screamed. A pain-filled yell, his cry of agony filled the empty quidditch pitch.

"Because!" Draco shouted, his body shook with rage, but then all in a moment he fell apart. "Because," he said through tears, "she was my best friend, I loved her and she lied to me! She cheated me and played me for a fool! She could have been killed! If my father knew!" He took a shaky breath. "Oh god Blaise. If my father knew, she would be dead. He would have killed her to save the pure fucking line!" It was like he folded in on himself. His hunched form retreated to the ground, shaking with silent tears. She missed whatever happened next, her mind blank. Draco's angry voice drew her out of her stupor.

"This stays between us, understand?" Draco coughed out. His voice shook slightly. Blaise must have only nodded because not a sound drifted towards her after Draco's uttered demand. She brushing a rough wool gloved hand over her cheeks in attempt to stem the flow of tears. As the conversation flowed through her extraordinary mind she could feel her heart rate increasing and breath becoming ragged. It was as if her knees could not longer hold her weight. She sunk down, her hands and knees pressed into the cool earth underneath the stands. She was making a feeble attempt to control her breathing, but her mind, still overflowing with Draco and Blaise's argument, overpowered her. If another person were to be with her there was no doubt they wouldn't have been able the hear the words that tumbled from her lips.

"Draco. Forgive me,"