(I'm going to be honest. I haven't seen Zootopia, yet. I've seen the first, 10 minutes I think. You know, from the play to Judy getting her badge. Anyway, I was surprised when I didn't find any Judy X Nick lemons, so, here's the first. FIRST! So, sorry to those who wanted me to update one of my other stories. Also, I apologize if I get anything wrong. I'm going off based on other stories I have read, and info I find online.)

Judy Hopps was amazing at her job. She might not of been as intimidating as a lion, or as big as a elephant, but she got the job done. Judy loved being a cop, she dreamed about it ever since she were a kit, and would often imagine what it would be like. Dangerous, chasing down criminals that would do wrong against her new home, maybe even taze a perp or two.

She loved being an officer of the law. And, it was even better when she was with her partner, Nick Wilde, ex con-fox and the newest addition to the ZPD. Sure, being a cop was fun and exciting. But, he made it, better? She couldn't put her paw on it, but when she was on a case with Nick, it just seemed more, thrilling. Her adrenaline started to pump through her veins at a higher rate, her heart would beat faster, she felt alive.

So alive that today she actually decided to hop and run to work instead of using the "clown car" as Nick put it, that she was assigned. It was much slower, and the traffic was unbearable. Although, it was strange. She hadn't seen many foxes this morning. True she often didn't see many, but she at least say 11 a day, including Nick. Who she hadn't gotten a call or text from.

Anyway, the doors to the ZPD slid open, allowing Judy to zoom inside and to the front desk, where surprise, surprise, Officer Clawhauser was scarfing down a box of doughnuts. She wasn't mad though, she loved Clawhauser, like the silly older brother everybody had.

"Hi Judy!" Clawhauser shouted, waving rapidly as Judy waved back with less enthusiasm.

"Hi Clawhauser. Any new cases today?"

"I'm sad to say honey that there isn't. Another slow day." He sighed.

"That stinks. Say, have you heard anything from Nick? I haven't heard from him since last night."

"Ooo, sorry to say hon, but Nicky's on a paid week vacation."

"Really? Why?"

"Because it's 'that time of year'."

"What do you mean?" Judy questioned. Clawhauser blushed at the question, and tried to think of another way to put it.

"Well, every year at a specific time for specific species, males and females have to get really close, otherwise they go a little, crazy." If she hadn't seemed lost before, she was now. "Heat, Judy. Nick's in heat right now."

"Oh...Ooo." Her face and ears started to go red from embarrassment. She wasn't ignorant about the subject. It just took awhile for her to finally 'get it'.

"Yeah, animals tend to go a little coo-coo when in heat. Especially the predators."

"Coo-coo how?"

"Well, predators tend to be a little, violent. And, depending on the species, the simple act can turn into a battle for dominance. Predators are especially mean when 'cross-mating'. That's when a predator breeds with another species."

"Wow, didn't know mating could be so, dangerous and complicated. But wait, I did see at least two foxes this morning and they seemed just fine."

"Oh, they must've gotten a 'head start'. You see, each and every animals seasons last for same amount of time; one week. But if some of the species were to breed as soon as the season started, then they are capable to be out in public without causing any trouble."

(Note: I feel like the next line doesn't fit in after everything that just happened.)

"So no seeing Nick for the next week?" Her ears dropped and she frowned. She and Nick had grown really close. It was so bad that if they didn't see or talk to each other at least 20 times a day, it hurt them emotionally, and weirdly physically.

"Unless you think your guys' relationship is 'at that point'. Because if he doesn't have good self-control, well, I suggest bringing some of that fox repellent you brought in the first day you came here."

"Well, I know Nick, and I know he has amazing self-control! After work I'll visit him and make sure he's a-ok!" Before Benjamin could tell her how bad of a idea that was, she was already gone. Practically racing herself to get to the bullpen.

"That little bunny's going to be torn apart...Many she's into that type of stuff?"

(Ignore the disclaimer or whatever at the top. I finally saw the full movie, AND I FUCKING LOVED IT. Just, oh my god that movie had so many stereotypes it blew my mind, AND THE ENDING! Oh my god the ending was so cuuuute! LOVED IT. Anyway, I pray to god there will be a sequel, because I've read two Zootopia stories that would be perfect for a sequel. And, I hope you enjoy.