Title: One Side Of The Coin Rated: PG Characters: Shouldn't take too long to figure it out. Time: Season 3, no spoilers. Summary: This was a writing challenge to take a minor character's point of view in a scene. Disclaimers: Joss Whedon owns all BTVS stuff, including any thoughts about it. Feedback: Good or bad, love to hear it.
Okay, just breathe. Relax. You've made up your mind, there's no going back. Where is she? I can't believe I'm doing this. But what choice do I have? What was last night all about? No, Xander was right. It's been going on longer than last night. How stupid was I to think that someone as beautiful as her would really want to go out with me.
God, I think I'm going to throw up right here in the hall.
Was it something I did? The dance? Well, alright, that was big time stupid on my part. Why the hell didn't I ask her? And thank you Cordelia. But something's been going on long before that happened. There's definitely something she's not telling me. Yeah, she kissed me good night, but still she seemed to be in a hurry to go. Can my hands get any more sweaty? I can't do this. Even if there's only a small chance that she really likes me, I've got to hold on to that.
Who am I kidding? What the hell can she see in me? Xander told me there was someone else. Wonder if he's a jock? It's been so obvious lately. I talk to her and it's like she only hears half of what I say. This is gonna hurt enough as it is. If I hang around it's only gonna be worse for me later. And I can't go through that again. God, what a loser I am.
She's gonna think there's someone else. Maybe I should lie and tell her that there is. No, I'm not a good liar. And what if she asked who it was? No, let's just be honest. Xander's probably right. She likes me but doesn't want to hurt my feelings, can't figure out how to tell me...
Oh God! Here she comes. Oh, man, she looks great. What the hell am I doing?
"Hi yourself."
"We need to talk."
"We do?"
"I don't think we should see each other anymore."
"You don't? When did this happen? Where was I?"
Oh God, look at her face. How can I do this? I can't hurt her. I can't.
"Buffy, it's just...before we were going out, you, you seemed so...full of life, like a force of nature. Now you just seem distracted all the time and..."
"Yeah, I know, it's...I'm getting better. Honest. In fact, from here on, you are gonna see a drastic distraction resolution."
What the hell do I say? If I thought for a second there was a chance this would work out...
"Drastic distraction reduction. Try saying that ten times fast."
If I don't leave now I think she'll see me cry. Oh, that'll impress her! What a man!
"I'm really sorry."
Okay, just walk away. Don't look back. If I see her upset I'll just want to run to her and hug her. Smell her hair. This sucks. Maybe she's just on the rebound and I really do have a chance. No! It's done. Xander's right. Buffy's too nice of a person and just doesn't want to hurt me. Doesn't know how to tell me. I'll have to thank Xander later. Funny, if I didn't know better, I'd of thought he liked Buffy himself. Nah.
Scott Hope on his breakup with Buffy during "Homecoming".