Chapter 1: We Went Too Far

Raphael sighed as he stared at what used to be his older brother.

A year. One agonising year of watching his big brother, Leonardo, in a coma lying in a tube full of water, with an oxygen mask strapped to his beak and wire in his arms giving nutrients, blood ect.

Raph placed his shaky hand against the glass.

"We went too far big bro." He sobbed as hot tears poured from his green eyes. "Donnie says ya brain dead now and we're only causing ya more suffering. Mikey won't come out his room, sensai's depressed and I no better."

He collapsed to his knees.

"Everyone except me and Mike have agreed ta turn off life support, but I...I just can't go on with out ya Leo, heh, ya were my best friend and only big brother and look how we treated ya."

Raph continued to cry as memories of how he, Splinter and his brothers had treated Leo.

And how Leo attempted to kill himself...