Chapter 7: New Room

"Casey quick shakin' tha box!" Raph snapped. The turtles had told Casey Jones and April O'Neil about Leonardo's transformation and the two humans were more than happy to help out.

It had been 7 months since Leo got turned into an egg and every once in a while the egg slightly moved.

Donatello said that this was a good sign that Leonardo was slowly getting stronger and stronger each day and he was trying to break out the egg, but he was not ready just yet.

"Sorry 'bout that Raph, so how long's it gonna be till Leo hatches?" Casey Jones asked.

They placed the box filled with new toys in it down on the floor of Leonardo's new bedroom. Raph had spent a lot of time cleaning the room out so they could put the new furniture in it.

The room had wall paper that was a soft baby blue colour with storks and clouds on every wall.

In the corner was a white crib with a nice cushion bedding a white and blue fluffy blanket and adorable mobile above it with little white bunnies and green turtles hanging off it.

Next to the crib was a small night stand made of dark cherry wood.

On the night stand was a cute little night-light that was navy blue with prancing sheep, moons and stars on it. It played a sweet lullaby as well. At the other end of the room was a soft rocking chair and a cabinet full a of fresh diapers and bottles.

Though they didn't know if Leo would need a bottle or not with him being a turtle.

On top of the cabinet was a diaper changing area. There was a large closet full of different baby clothes such as onesies, shirts, pants and socks the colour either white or blue.

Next to the door was a large fan to help keep the room cool so Leo didn't get too hot at night.

In the another corner of the room was a small bouncer seat that was white with a tint of blue. Near the bouncer seat was a giant box full of baby toys such as rattles, teddies, things for Leo to sink his gums into and so on.

"Almost 2 months, Mikey's gettin' tired with waitin'." Raph said as they headed for the lab.

"Any word from Master Splinter yet?" Casey asked. Raph growled in anger. 5 months after Leonardo's transformation into an egg Master Splinter returned from April's apartment.

But after what he had done when he came home, he wasn't welcome there any more than he was in the lair...

(Flashback: 2 Months Ago)

April O'Neil giggled as she led Master Splinter into the lair.

Both she and Casey had already been told about Leonardo's transformation, but no one had told Master Splinter yet. They wanted it to be a surprise. "What is so funny April?" The mutant rat asked.

"Nothing Sensai." She chuckled.

Before Splinter could question her any further Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello came running out the lab. "FATHER!" They cried happily and wrapped their father in a hug.

"Hello my sons." He smiled and hugged them back.

"We have surprise for ya Sensai." Raph smirked as Mikey and Donnie began to push their adopted father to the lab. "Where is Leonardo?!" Splinter asked when he saw that his oldest son was no longer in the lab.

"Taadaa! He turned into an egg!" Mikey squealed and showed Splinter the incubator.

Splinter saw the egg and gasped. After he stared at it for a good long 5 minuets he turned to his three remaining sons with an angry glare. "What have you boys done?!" He shouted.

Everyone was shocked.

"What are ya talkin' about Master Splinter?" Raph asked. "Tell me how did my eldest son turn into a helpless egg?!" He shouted. Donnie quickly explained the Eris Crow incident.

But when he finished Splinter could of had smoke coming out of his ears.

"You made a reckless and selfish action just to get your brother back! Do you have any idea how this will effect our family?!" The rat shouted, scaring everyone in the lab.

"That 'thing' is no longer your brother. It is a devil."

Suddenly Splinter did the completely unforgivable. He kicked over the incubator. The turtles and April watched in total horror as Leonardo's egg tumbled out and fell to the ground.


Just before the egg hit the cruel stone a hand caught it. The hand of Casey Jones. Before Splinter could do anything else he was suddenly smacked in the back of the head by Slash's mase.

Casey and the Might Mutanimals had been heading to the lair with some more baby supplies when they heard Splinter shouting.

Casey handed the egg to Mikey, who cradled it to his chest, while Leatherhead and Slash held Splinter down. "GET OUT YOU RAT! AFTER WHAT YOU'VE DO YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE EVER AGAIN!" Donnie screamed.

With that LH and Slash dragged the mutant rat out the lair...

(End Of Flashback)

"No. And that rat better not show his face around here ever again." Raph growled.

Casey decided that it would be better to just drop the subject. "GUYS COME LOOK!" Mikey screamed, he was sat by the incubator. Everyone rushed to the incubator to see what was going on.

Leo's egg began to move again.

It wiggled around for a minuet before once again going still. "Awww." Mikey moaned in disappointment. "Be patient Mikey, Leo will hatch when he's ready to hatch. It takes time." Donnie said.

"I know." Mikey sighed...