She was nearing his apartment when her senses tingled and she froze. The moment Ziva knocked on the door she had a bald feeling. That something wasn't right. That she shouldn't have come. Subconsciously her hand went to her lower abdomen. The door opened and Tony was surprised. "Oh..Hey Zi. I was expecting the pizza man." There was a sound and Ziva saw exactly what she feared. It was Jane. Ziva somehow had secretly hoped it couldn't be true when she noticed Tony has distanced from her. She didn't say anything, just stood there with her hand on her belly, then it went into her pocket. Tony became concerned over her silence. "Ziva what is it?"

She looked back into his eyes, hers now shining with tears as one escaped down her cheek. "Well I was going to tell you that...that something has happened...and that I am scared..that I need you...but I don't anymore." As more tears fell her lip quivering, heartbroken, like an arrow had pierced her soul, Ziva dropped what she had in her hand. It landed on the floor as she turned and ran, her hair flowing behind her, tears flowing from her eyes as she felt her heart had just been ripped from her chest. "Ziva stop! Wait come back!" Tony called after her but it was too late. Jane came up beside him. "Tony what is it?" Tony stood for a moment, feeling like he had made the biggest mistake of his life, swallowing the lump in his throat. He bent down and picked up what Ziva had dropped. One glance was all it took. "Oh my God."

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