The End

6 years pass

Tony is clearing up dishes from the table when the sound of laughter reaches his ears. He looks and notices that the sun is in its decent, the sky yet to change into colors, for now just the soft gold glow blanketing the house with its light as he approaches the sliding door that leads to the backyard. He smiles and leans against the doorframe. Tony watches his children running around all giggly and happy, Ziva chasing them about the backyard, playing a combination of tag and hide and seek. She wore light blue jeans and was barefoot, a light whitish gray zipped up hoodie with one of those pockets in the front, made of thin fabric as it rested on her thin form, her black curly hair partially up, the rest flowing behind her as she chased their son and daughter.

Her body had the signs of a mother, slightly wider hips and a super small bit of belly there, but she was just as strong and even more beautiful than ever. Little Tali laughed out loud in a high pitched squeal as her mother caught her and began tickling, Zachary laughing in triumph and hiding behind a tree. "Ha! You can't catch me Ima!" Ziva looked up at her son, playfulness in her eyes. "Oh yes I can Zach, but I believe that pleasure should be saved for your Abba." At this the boy looked to his dad, smiling and his eyes wide with surprise. Tony then took some steps out towards his son, arms out and ready. "And no one can outrun daddy." "Accept mommy." Tali chided playfully and Tony nodded. "Of course, only sometimes." Ziva's eyebrows rose as she got to her feet. "Only sometimes?" Tony stared at his wife, then before he new it Ziva had charged him and Tony was running around the yard, Tali and Zachary laughing hilariously as their parents ran around them after each other.

Tony ran behind the tree, peaking around one side, then the other, his wife watching his every move. She ran for the tree and he ran out from behind it, but Ziva was faster and caught the hem of his shirt and yanked on it, causing Tony to pull with his legs and dig his feet in as Ziva then just jumped on him and wrapped her legs around him and rode him a bit piggy back before Tony dropped to his knees and looked back at his wife. She smiled and leaned in and kissed his lips hard and deep. Tony closed his eyes a moment, feeling dizzy, then Ziva used her weight and flipped him to where he was on his back and she went on him, sitting on her husband and smiling in triumph, making a show for her children and crossing her arms over her chest.

Tony looked up at her as she leaned down over him and planted one on his lips. "Mmm." She pulled back and looked into his green emerald eyes. "I love you." He said softly to her. Ziva smiles back warmly. "I love you too. So much." They kissed again, and again, and again. Zachary made a face. "Eww!" Tali just giggled. Tony smirks as he and Ziva look to their kids. "Someday you won't mind so much Zack." He said, to which his son just shook his head. "Nope. I will never like girls." DiNozzo chuckles and looks to his wife. Ziva leans into him and kisses his lips again, Tony's hand coming up and resting on her cheek. "I love you." He murmured to her. Ziva smiles. "I know. I love you too. For forever." They kisses again and Zachary made a noise. "Okay, you two need a room!" Tony and Ziva busted out laughing.

Well that's the end. Sorry if it's not what the readers had in mind or wanted but I decided to leave it here. I'm sorry I'm a big let down. And I don't even claim o be a good writer. Lol! But anyway I hope this story was worth it. The person who had originally requested I write this hadn't been in contact for months so I just decided to write a little ending here. I'll by trying to work on my other stories this week. :)