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"Ladies and gentlemen!"

The crowd cheered enthusiastically, earning a grin from the thief. Inspector Nakamori could be seen from where KID was standing, shouting orders which were drowned by the fans' cheers.

"I shall be taking this beautiful topaz ring now~" he said, kissing the said gem somewhat seductively. Fangirls melt from that action alone, and KID looked directly at a camera on the corner of the roof, knowing exactly where it connects to.

"And Tantei-kun," he said to the camera, his voice low enough that the camera could pick it out quite clearly, but unheard to the cheering fans and task force watching him. "Be a good boy and stay at home," he winked and disappeared.

Shinichi growled and threw a pillow at the TV screen, as if that action could damage the thief somehow. He hated house sitting. He hated being shackled. And he hated being left alone just as he was entering hit heat phase.

"Kuroba-kun!" he growled angrily, trying to ignore the itch in his rear entrance. "Didn't I say that I won't come back unless you call me Kaito?" the magician said through a speaker. Shinichi rattled the chains binding him, trying to pull it off, but to no avail.

"What kind of guy are you?! To leave me like this…" he growled, but his voice becoming more of a whimper. "Tsk, tsk, tsk… Tantei-kun, it's your punishment! Take it with an open heart~" Kaito said gleefully as he evaded yet another team of task force who were charging at him, full speed.

"Oopsie," he said, dropping a smoke bomb which revealed some sort of sticky substance that made the group immobile. "What did I even do wrong?!" Shinichi growled.

"Well~ first things first, I don't llike giving freebies~! It's no fair if you get a head start on cracking my heist riddle~" Kaito said, jumping out of the window and using his grappling hook to go upwards. "KID!" Nakamori shouted angrily.

"It's your fault that you left it in my study! I would've found it even if I wasn't searching for it!" Shinichi tried to retaliate. "Second," Kaito said, ignoring Shinichi's words, "you've got to stop calling me 'Kuroba-kun'!"

"Why the hell would I call you Kai—by your given name?!" Shinichi said, blushing profusely as he nearly slipped out the magician's given name. No, he was still not ready yet, even after all those years (months?) of being with him.

"Aaw, so close there, Tantei-kun," Kaito said, the image of Shinichi blushing at the near mention of his name escaping his own mouth was distracting. Good thing KID could multi-task. He looked at the gem, aiming it towards the moon.

'Not this one, huh…' he thought disappointedly. "KID!" Hakuba called, opening the rooftop door. His hair was a rainbow-coloured mess, sparkling because of the glitter in it. His clothes were Aoko's clothes, Kaito taki—'Borrowing' some of those from her closet.

"That lacey dress suits you incredibly, Hakuba-kun," KID said with a smirk. Hakuba blushed and KID kneeled in front of him. "E-eh?! Wha—"

"How about I court you too, Hakuba-kun?" KID asked playfully, slipping the topaz ring secretly on to his finger, earning a growl of (what he expected to be) jealousy from Shinichi. "Now, now, I don't want to make an international war against you, Tantei-kun," he smirked, words directed towards Shinichi rather than Hakuba.

Hakuba cleared his throat and stuttered a small, "But I have a mate…"

"I know~" KID said, putting on Aoko's favorite hairpin on to his rainbow-coloured hair. "Perfect," KID said quietly, happily looking at his own creation. Pulling out his hang glider, he jumped. After a while of surfing the night wind, Kaito became unsettled by the quiet from Shinichi's side.

"Shinichi?" Kaito asked, landing and changing his outfit into a more normal one. A whimper from the other side made him tense. "K-Kaito…" Shinichi whimpered, his tone needy. That set Kaito running towards the Kudou manor, passing startled people and ignoring them completely.

Minutes later, he arrived at the second floor window of Shinichi's bedroom, letting himself in. His eyes were glued onto the bed in which he left Shinichi in, shackled and suffering from his heat. Within seconds, he shed off all of his clothing, pulling off the blanket which covered the detective.

Shinichi then pounced on him, pinning him down onto the bed, shouting, "What kind of mate are you?!" Even Kaito was surprised by the choice of words Shinichi used. He was even more surprised by the tears which streamed down his face.

Hey, it was rare enough for him to cry, let alone make a stream of tears down his face.

Kaito smiled and softly placed kisses all over the detective's chest, a hand on his back trying to calm him down. "Didn't I tell you that I'll come back once you call me 'Kaito'?" he said softly. "But that was just taking it too far!" Shinichi sobbed, his hands covered his face.

"Alright, alright… I'm sorry…" he said, a hand touched the detective's most sensitive places, while the other started preparing him for the intrusion which he intended to do to him. "A-and then, there was also you trying to court Hakuba-kun…"

"Yes, yes, I was joking, alright?" he said, slight guilt entered his voice. "Really?" Shinichi asked, hope and innocence on full blast, which made Kaito dizzy with desire. Gulping, Kaito nodded. The happy look the detective gave him satisfied the primal instincts within him.

Shinichi gasped in pleasure when Kaito's fingers made scissoring motions inside him and hitting his prostate gland, making his body shudder and his muscles wrap Kaito's finger tightly. Kaito moaned as he imagined what it would be like if he had rammed himself in the detective right now.

He decided to try anyways. As he slowly pushed the tip into the ring of muscles, Shinichi gasped. "W-wai—I-I'm not—" he started but stopped when Kaito kissed him deeply, distracting him from the pain from being not that ready yet. The magician hissed in pleasure when the tight muscles wrapped him little by little as Shinichi's fingers dug into his skin from pain and pleasure.

When they pulled out, out of breath, Shinichi's hand was guided by Kaito's to touch the place where they connected. "Feel that, Tantei-kun?" Kaito asked, a naughty smirk on his face as the detective shuddered when his finger felt the gap between his stretched muscle and Kaito's erect member.

Shinichi nodded, his eyes filled with lust as he felt himself adjust to Kaito's size. Leaning his head onto the detective's shoulder, he said breathlessly, "Is it okay to move yet, Tantei-kun?"

Shinichi nodded, yelping when the magician flipped their position. Now, Shinichi was below him, and Kaito was delighted when he saw his face in ecstasy, not giving him a chance to even think of covering himself from his indigo eyes.

Skin met skin as teeth met scent glands. Their two scents mingled, mixing together, going out at full blast. "K-Kaito…" Shinichi whimpered as Kaito's fingers stroked Shinichi's member gently, not exactly giving him the pleasure he wanted. "What is it, Shinichi?" Kaito purred lovingly.


"Close?" Kaito inquired, knowing exactly what to do for them to achieve mutual climax. Shinichi nodded. Kissing his forehead, Kaito said, "Alright." Picking up his pace, he wrapped Shinichi's member in his hand, stroking it in time with his thrusts, earning more moans from the detective, as well as (possibly) wounds from the said man's fingers which dug into his skin, hard, as the two climaxed.

In the afterglow, Kaito pulled Shinichi up so that he laid on Kaito's chest, his breaths tickling him slightly. "Hey, Shinichi?" Kaito said, catching the detective's attention, even though the said person didn't look up to meet his gaze. "Hmm?"

"I love you," he whispered fondly, making Shinichi get up in surprise, his face beet red. "I-I… Urm…" he stuttered, too embarrassed to say the three words consciously. "No need to push yourself," the magician sighed. It's been months? Almost two years since they bonded, yet he'd never heard him say it directly to him.

"B-but… I…" Shinichi looked away, a futile attempt to hide his blush from the careful eyes of the magician. Taking a deep breath, Shinichi's azure eyes met Kaito's indigo ones, determination clear in them.

"I-I-I…" he tried, his hands clenched the sheets beneath them, "I l-lo-lo-lo…..ve you." It was progress, Kaito decided, giving the detective a small smile. No matter how or what he tried, it was still progress. Running a hand through his hair lovingly, Kaito pulled him down into a kiss.

"Me too," he said. A happy and content sigh escaped Shinichi's lips and he let his head fall into the crook of Kaito's neck, breathing in the scent in which he let out. He wouldn't act this spoiled if he weren't in heat after all.

Feeling the even breathing of Shinichi, Kaito knew that he was asleep.

Gin stepped out of his car, a gun ready. Vodka motioned for him to come over, not calling him 'Aniki' was indication enough for Gin to keep his quiet (not that he's not stealthy at all…) "Hahaha!" came the laugh of the man they were supposed to 'take care of' tonight.

"With these, he won't even stand a chance against us!"

Gin peered inside, seeing a case filled with wires and blinking LED lights. 'A bomb, huh…' he thought. 'One that can take down a whole building if placed strategically…'

He contemplated between shooting this man on the spot, or follow through his boss' order, which consists of letting his beloved (sort of) detective handle him himself, which also means that he'd be putting him in danger.

'Well, if it's him, I just know that he'll be able to pull it off anyways… Besides, with Kaitou KID by his side, I'm sure he'll be fine,' he smiled fondly. For some reason, he felt like a father for the two, which left a weird taste in his mouth.

He decided to smoke to get the taste out. Walking further away from the man's place, he got into the car with Vodka who drove away silently.

Well after Shinichi's heat passed, he returned to solving cold cases, which had become a routine for him these days. When the doorbell rang, he looked up and saw Kaito walk past the open doorframe. "Coming~" he said, giddy from the chocolate cake he had (he forced Shinichi to have some too, even though he refused).

Shinichi went back to solving the case before he heard Megure's voice and Sato and Takagi walking into the study. "Kudou-kun, we need your help."

A glass of wine in hand, Shinichi watched as Kaito's eyes travelled over the whole table of sweets (strawberry shortcakes, muffins, rolls, chocolate chips, is that ganache chocolate over ice cream?), sparkling with interest. But Shinichi knew about the real reason why he was invited to the Inspectors' cousin's wedding.

The invitation contained the place and time, greetings and purposes. At least, that's what it looked like at first glance. After a whole night of mulling over why Inspector Megure gave it to him personally, he looked over the invitation yet again, and found that it was a code, a riddle.

Once he finally cracked it, he found out that the one who made the invitation was asking for help. 'A bomb will be placed in the wedding ceremony, but I don't know when. It's bad enough that the bomb is really powerful, but adding to the fact that the ceremony takes place in a hotel doubles… no, triples the number of casualties…

'Which is extremely bad…' Shinichi's mind wondered through the possibilities of what type of bomb will be used. His attention was then caught by a familiar silver flow of hair. "Shinichi?" Kaito called from the sweets table, his plate filled with the gourmet displayed there.

"Sorry Kuro—Kaito, I need to go meet someone," he said hastily, leaving a confused-looking Kaito behind. In the sea of people, he lost the silver glint which had led him to a door, leading to a storage room. 'In here?' he thought, carefully putting his hand onto the door handle.

As he opened the door, a hand covered his mouth, another immobilizing his hands. A foot went across his feet and he panicked from being unable to move freely.

'It's rare for boss to have a personal grudge against anyone…' Gin thought as his eyes calculated the man before him, small and bald and old. 'Let alone someone who looks innocent and plain weird like him… Hmph, boss' orders are still orders…'

"So," he said, cocking up a gun onto the man's forehead, "where are they?"

"T-th-they wh-who?!" he asked, terrified. Gin was a master of reading people like him, likewise Vodka. "Don't lie to me."

"I-I-I don't know!" he screamed.

"Good acting, but if boss said they're here, then they're here. Tell."

He pulled the safety lock on the gun, threatening to shoot him through his head.

"…" The man stayed silent, his eyes from terrified, changed into a murderous glare. Gin's eyes narrowed, his alertness heightened to a different level. 'He's planning something…'

"If you want to know that badly…" he started, his mouth twisting into a Cheshire cat grin, "then go ahead and shoot me."

"Alright," he said and off the gun went, red painted all over the man's forehead. His eyes showed an honestly terrified expression. "We were playing roulette just now…" Gin said with a cold smile. "I wonder if the next one is truly a bullet…"

"Alright! Alright! I set it up all over the building yesterday in the storage rooms in each floor! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't kill me!" he pleaded.

"Thank you," Gin said and shot him the remaining paint bullets. The man fainted from shock. "May I?" Vodka asked. "Don't bother," Gin said coldly, as if he didn't care about the man at all. "We got what we needed from him. Plus, we don't have to do all the cleaning if the bomb actually detonates. We just need to get out of the vicinity."

"Aniki…" Vodka said in admiration. From the corner of their eyes, they saw Shinichi and Kaito walk out of the room with shocked faces. "It's all up to them now, huh?" Vodka said with a smile. "Don't play the fond game with me now, Vod," Gin growled, not threatening him at all.

"Heh, don't worry… I was playing it a while ago."

Gin stifled a chuckle and the two walked out, leaving two tapes from their boss to put near the fainted man's body. Evidence. All that the police needed to put him behind jail.

"Good work, Kudou-kun," Megure said with a relieved sigh. Shinichi laughed sheepishly as he watched the small, old man get carried away, along with what seemed to be tapes in a plastic bag. "Thank you," the Inspector said genuinely, getting back Shinichi's attention.

Shinichi was silent for a moment, before he shrugged and smiled. He didn't trust his words to be sufficient enough to convey how relived he was also. "Couldn't have done it without Kaito's help," Kaito ventriloquized in Shinichi's voice. Megure smiled before putting on his 'police face' and walking towards a group of policemen.

Shinichi turned to look at Kaito in surprise. "Why the hell did you say that?! In my voice, no less!"

"Aww, come on… no harm done," he grinned, shrugging. "But—I—You…" Shinichi struggled for words but failed miserably. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he sighed. "…Thanks…" he said finally, looking at Kaito, a hand covered half of his face, trying to hide the blush that formed on his face.

"For what?" Kaito asked, not expecting the thanks. Shinichi was quiet for a while, searching for the right words to convey what he felt. "Just that… That was one of the things… No, I… Yeah, I wanted to tell Inspector Megure that too, but…"

The detective sighed. Even he didn't know what to say. Kaito got the message anyways (whatever the message was) and smiled. "What're Alphas for if he couldn't help their Omegas?"

"You mean mates?" Shinichi corrected, his blush taking a deeper shade than before. "Yup, exactly!" he said gleefully. "…. You're impossible."

"What's that mean?" Kaito asked innocently, possibly trying to realize Napoleon's quote. Shinichi playfully punched him on the arm, and the two smiled, subconsciously for Shinichi. "I know! How about we go to Hakase's tonight? I heard he got some new… aquatic beings for a pet yesterday…"

Kaito tensed. 'He doesn't mean…'

Shinichi only grinned mischievously as he happily dragged Kaito to his nightmare.


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