The whole Estate was abuzz with excitement as the day where the treaty ceremony between the Norther, Southern and Eastern Lands began, it had been a month, with three weeks passing by since Kagome had woken, since the fight with Akuto.

It had been difficult at first of course learning to work with new youkai as those that had been chosen to fill in the empty positions that had been left behind tried to settle in to their new life styles, but Kagome was certain it wouldn't be much longer until everything ran smoothly again.

"Good Morning Lady Kagome" Hoshitsu peeked her head into the room hearing the sound of cloth rustling signaling that the kitsune was awake, Kagome yawned sitting up fully upon the appearance of the water nymph.

Like she'd gotten use to, both Hoshitsu and Mitsumeru bustled into her room "Time for you're bath Milady" the tiger youkai ushered the kitsune from her bed while Hoshitsu folded the sheets and put away the futon.

Once finished with her bath Hoshitsu, who had pulled a dark blue knee length kimono from the closet was waiting for her, "Here Lady Kagome" the nymph smiled sweetly holding open the plain white under kimono.

Kagome slid her arms through the sleeves as Mitsumeru folded it just right, then came the light blue under-sash, of course the aquamarine under kimono for formality, and finally the outer kimono layer in dark blue.

Since Hoshitsu was behind her, the ocean blue obi was tied quickly around her waist "Thanks" Kagome breathed and her two hand maids smiled quickly tying her hair back in a low ponytail that sat at the nape of her neck.

"Don't mention it Lady Kagome, we are pleased to help you anytime" Mitsumeru smiled helping the kitsune slide her feet into the tabi socks along with the zori sandals, today was such an important day after all and everything had to go according to plan.

Now that she was all dressed, Kagome was finally allowed to leave her room, with Mitsumeru and Hoshitsu tailing her like usual as she walked down the halls to the dining hall where most likely breakfast was already in full swing.

Everyone paused in eating as the doors swung open and Lady of the Estate walked into the room, Touga swallowed his water a little to quickly and it went down the wrong hole, Sesshomaru sniggered at him, having lightened up considerably since he'd resumed his courtship with Eri.

"Watch it boy" Touga growled under his breath, though his golden-amber orbs remained glued to Kagome as she carefully sat down and Zengo placed her breakfast before her with a smile like usual, he didn't think he'd ever seen a more beautiful sight.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes "As I was saying, after the treaty ceremony and the celebratory dinner, do you want to talk to Kagome about getting a couple of months off to travel back to the West with me as we prepare for our mating ceremony" he returned to his conversation with Eri.

Excited to finally get to see what her mates home looked like, Eri nodded "Yes that would be wonderful, but after" she decided agreeing with Sesshomaru, Kagome would be busy the entire day and it was better not to bother her until everything had calmed down.

Next to him, Touga went rigid in his seat as Yaro's son, Yatsu pressed a kiss to Kagome's knuckles as manners dictated "Father don't go making a fuss over it, Yatsu-san knows that she will never want him" Sesshomaru warned.

Managing to tear his eyes away from the female he'd wanted since he'd been revived, possibly longer than that, Touga glanced at his eldest son "How sure are you, what if she's changed her mind" he was obviously panicking.

Inuyasha shook his head bouncing Fuketsu lightly on his knee as Hinoko attempted to feed their son "You're a little oblivious ain't ya Pops" he chuckled "Kagome's in love with ya, she innit gonna want any other insipid male" Inuyasha explained.

"Nicely said Inuyasha" Sesshomaru smirked and Touga let out a discontent growl, he realized that Kagome hadn't had much time to spend with anyone considering how busy she had been preparing for this day and helping others settle in to the estate.

But his father was behaving like a petulant pup who wasn't getting his way constantly, to be honest it surprised him and Sesshomaru wondered, if Eri hadn't agreed to allow him to court her would he be acting the same way.

A sweet laugh filtered towards them down the table coming from Kagome as she greeted the new heiress to the Southern Lands "Hi I'm Chorui" the little bird youkai introduced herself shyly half hiding behind her mother and holding out her hand.

"Hello Chorui-san, I'm Kagome pleasure to meet you" Kagome smiled kindly hoping to draw the child out of hiding, now she knew why Nagemasu had hesitated in naming his second born child as the new heiress to the Southern Region, she was painfully naive and very shy.

Her natural charm played a key part in getting little Chorui to warm up to her "You're very pretty Lady Kagome" the little female bird youkai exclaimed wonder bright in her dark red eyes and a blush on her cheeks as she said the compliment.

It was always a treat to watch Kagome interact with children "Thank you Chorui-san, I predict you'll be quite pretty yourself in the future" she patted the blonde on the head garnering an excited squeal from the girl.

Breakfast resumed after that and she was allowed to wander for a bit once she was finished, so naturally Kagome chose to seek out "Lord Touga would you care to accompany me on a walk in the gardens" she flashed him a pleading smile and gestured to the side doors leading out of the kitchen.

Touga jumped up so fast drawing snorts of amusement "Why certainly Kagome" he tossed a glare over his shoulder at his two sons before holding out his arm for the vixen to take, and with that she led him towards the exit doors until they were in another garden.

Once out of hearing range of most, Kagome heaved a sigh and slouched a bit "Ugh I thought the treaty ceremony with Sesshomaru was bad, this one's even worse" she pouted hanging onto Touga's arm not letting him move to far from her.

"Ah so that's why Sesshomaru was confident that you suddenly hadn't changed you're mind about wanting Yatsu" Touga breathed glad that at least some of his fears about Kagome suddenly not wanting him had been relieved.

Kagome shot him a strange look "Of course not while Yatsu-san is very nice, he's a little on the immature side for me" she patted Touga's hand fondly leaning her head against his shoulder as they walked around the garden.

Just then it occurred to him "You know I don't think I've ever asked this question and no doubt you've been asked this several times, by why are there so many gardens around the estate" Touga gazed around him at the multiple flowers.

A groan slipped through her lips "I love gardens and once it got out that I did, the Gardner Youkai just kind of went crazy" Kagome quipped "I had the blue rose bush put in the hedge maze garden though as it's my favorite" she sighed softly.

"I feel as if I must ask one last question before you're hand maids, or those two Lords Nagemasu or Yaro, come to whisk you away" Touga stopped suddenly and Kagome turned to face him confusion plastered over her face.

She swallowed thickly growing nervous "Ask me what Lord Touga, has something happened, do I need to call a meeting with the council" all of a sudden her nervousness turned into panic and Touga shook his head.

"Nothing that dire my dear, just that after the treaty ceremonies that are two weeks apart allowing for two weeks of celebration, not to mention the two births, I was wondering once this is all over, if we might be able to go off for a couple of months just us" he asked in a hopeful tone of voice.

Kagome's chocolate brown eyes lit up "Would I ever, kami I'll probably need the break after all this anyway, and I really do want to get to know you better, other than taking the random walk together" she chattered getting excited.

His lips pulled upwards into a smile and his golden-amber eyes filled with amusement "I think that's the first time you haven't tried to chew my head off for calling you dear" he couldn't help but chuckle and her cheeks turned bright red.

"Well my mother calls me that all the time and that's fine, just none of that my sweet kitsune crap, it's so gag worthy" Kagome lowered her eyes to the ground in embarrassment, kami she sounded like a lovesick schoolgirl all over again.

More chuckles and then his rough hand was there on her chin lifting her head up so that he could peer into her eyes "I promise" Touga murmured wondering if he could chance it, he started leaning forward ever so slowly and Kagome's eyes fluttered close.

Mere seconds away from brushing his lips against those oh so tempting ones, Yaro barreled through the doors and Kagome jerked away from him surprise "Guess I have to spend some time with Lord Yaro" she smiled heading towards the weasel youkai.

Touga clenched his hands into fists, 'Damn it' he cursed inwardly stalking away from the chattering pair, he wasn't the only one upset at not getting to make a move, Kagome had sounded almost disappointed as well.

Fifteen minutes later he stumbled across the little slayer village his future intended had, had built "You look like you're frustrated" Miroku was outside chopping some wood, though at Touga's appearance he lowered the ax he was wielding and waggled his eyebrows.

"You could say that, was having a good moment with Kagome and it got ruined" Touga flopped to the ground feeling frustration bubble within him, what the hell had he done in order to constantly be cock blocked as much as he had since he'd been revived.

It was like the fates and everyone else was screwing with him, "That will happen, Lady Kagome is pretty popular" Miroku chuckled keeping his ears perked up in case Sango needed him, she'd been put on official bed rest now that she was almost five months along.

Touga slammed his head on the ground and groaned "Thankfully though once this month is over, we will set out on our own journey that is perhaps the only thing I'm grateful for" he sighed after a minute and his head stopped spinning from the amount of force he'd used.

"Wonderful, but I feel inclined to warn you no doubt as Lord Sesshomaru already has, if you ever hurt Lady Kagome, I'll personally help Sango and many others in beating you're ass" Miroku stated suddenly.

Very wary of the monk and not having expected the man to be so protective over Kagome, Touga sat up properly "Duly Noted Miroku-san, that is if Kagome doesn't get a hold of me first" he chuckled prying laughter from the monk.

Miroku nodded and returned to chopping wood, if he didn't finish his own lovely wife would have his head for it being to cold in their home "True, Lady Kagome can be quite vicious especially when she's been hurt" he sighed reminiscing of the old days and the various Sit Commands.

"Lord Touga hurry or you'll be late to the treaty ceremony" Mitsumeru came barreling over the small hill and running towards them at a fast pace, Touga hopped to his feet and rushed passed her "Good Afternoon Miroku-sama" the tiger nodded to Miroku before turning on her heel.

Kagome and Yaro, who'd wanted to have the treaty done between the North and East done first, since he'd asked for a treaty long before Nagemasu had, and it had already been in the works since the first mentioning of it, were just preparing to sit down.

Nagemasu and Sesshomaru were stood off to the side as opposed to last time, with mostly everyone gathered in the hall to witness another momentous occasion, the only exceptions this time were that Inuyasha was there, and Miroku and Sango were absent.

Upon Touga's appearance, Kagome sat in seiza followed by Yaro, and Sesshomaru started the pre treaty ceremony speech "In as many months since Kagome has taken over the position as the cardinal lady of the east, this will be another momentous occasion" he began.

"Never before have all lands been in total agreement of each other, so I, Sesshomaru, Lord of the West, give my personal blessings for this treaty, may the North and East continue to grow with each other" Sesshomaru stepped back as he finished.

And Nagemasu strode forward glad that he would actually be able to physically take part in the treaty ceremony this time instead of being stuck in his own mind "May you both guide the new you're lands in total peace" he smiled.

"I, Nagemasu, Lord of the South, also give my blessing to Lord Yaro of the North, and Lady Kagome of the East, for their treaty, start the signing ceremony" he bowed to the duo sitting on the pillows, the chair having been removed as per Kagome's request.

Yaro took up the brush and dipped it into the ink well making sure there was no excess so it didn't drip all over the marble stone flooring "I, Yaro, Lord of the North, take this brush in hand and sign my name on this scroll accepting this treaty for all eternity" he signed his name in neat strokes.

Before holding out the brush, Kagome clasped her hand in his as she'd practiced and he transferred the brush smoothly to hers, then she was dipping it in black ink "And I, Kagome, Lady of the East, accept this treaty, never faltering in our new path" she finished.

"May our lands prosper and grow with each other" Kagome stood holding out her hand and Yaro shook it as opposed to the traditional kiss on the knuckles, and then they were facing the gathered crowd in the hall.

Cheers erupted at the completion of another treaty ceremony, with another in just two weeks, "Let us Dine" Yaro stole the words right out of Kagome's mouth, like before lunch had been skipped in order to get the ceremony out of the way.

People came up to them like they had when the ceremony between the East and West had been completed giving them congratulations and that they hoped for the best, all in all, it was a peaceful end to a very chaotic day.

Later on with just a few hours left of daylight Kagome sneaked out of her room without her two hand maids and creeped down the halls to the main hall, it was empty, exactly as she needed it and sat down in her chair closing her eyes.

After all that seriousness people were going to need a good laugh, and though it would be a little chaotic, a mischievous smile crossed her lips, they were sure to have fun with it, so working her fox magic, the entire estate was illusioned.

When she was done, Kagome scampered back to her rooms and managed to get back into her room without being caught, she was so excited that she could barely close her eyes, but in the end Kagome managed it falling into a deep sleep until the next morning.

Peels of laughter echoed through the halls waking Kagome from her slumber and she sat up on her futon rubbing her eyes, 'What the devil…oh yeah that's right' she barely remembered casting an illusion over the estate.

But now that she did, Kagome couldn't contain her excitement as she jumped from her bed and hurriedly got dressed shoving a comb through her short blue/black locks just to see how everyone was faring that morning.

It just so happened Hoshitsu, who always was the first one to check on her peeked her head into the room and Kagome had to bite her cheek not to burst out laughing, the water nymph had giant purple spots all over her.

"Pardon my appearance Milady, I seem to have contracted some sort of sickness, though I do not feel sick" Hoshitsu's cheeks burned bright red as she lowered her head in apology "Do not worry though I will still perform my duties" she continued.

Kagome waved her hands "That's fine and all" she managed to get out without laughing, "Anyway I'm going to breakfast" Kagome nodded grateful that she had a couple weeks before going through that ceremony ritual things with all the kimono.

Once she was gone, Mitsumeru, who was similarly covered in orange spots, shared a smile with Hoshitsu "This is Lady Kagome's way of assuring herself that everything is fine, she's quite mischievous" the tiger explained.

Hoshitsu's eyes lit up "You mean this whole thing is a prank" she gestured between herself and Mitsumeru and the tiger nodded "Wow hasn't anyone ever scolded her for it" Hoshitsu inquired wanting to know if their Lady had ever gotten in trouble.

"As far as I know, she hasn't, besides it's only harmless little pranks that she pulls, nothing dangerous and always funny, you know she confided in me and Natsumeru once about a prank she pulled on Jakotsu-san" Mitsumeru smiled in remembrance.

Getting interested now that it had been said, Hoshitsu leaned closer eagerly waiting to hear the details of the prank "Oh what did Milady do to Jakotsu-taichou" she prodded as they walked slowly down the hall to the dining hall.

Mitsumeru grinned fully in amusement, "Apparently when he was talking to another guard member before Higashigawa-sama mated with Satomi-sama, Lady Kagome gave Jakotsu-taichou bunny ears and a bunny tail" she snickered softly.

Just as they got to the doors of the dining hall, laughter rang out loudly from within the room and wanting to see her Lady in a playful mood as opposed to the serious mood she'd had for the last month unless she was dealing with the children, Hoshitsu scrambled in with Mitsumeru after her.

On the table, probably an illusion, the food was dancing and singing and everyone was laughing and trying to eat, and Kagome was sitting at the end of the table in her usual spot, obviously trying not to crack up laughing herself, but failing as her face turned bright red.

It was obvious though that everyone knew who had pulled the prank but no one was scolding her for it, in fact they were all thankful that Kagome had decided they all needed a break from all the seriousness and had pulled a prank on the entire estate.

No one was the wiser as breakfast finished and Kagome sneaked over to Touga who was fully enjoying himself at Sesshomaru's altered illusioned appearance, complete with painted nails, in hot pink, and pink bows in his hair.

"Lord Touga would you accompany me on a walk" she got out around her giggling and Touga offered her his arm like usual, Kagome took it leaning her head on his shoulder as they escaped the hall of amusement for a little while.

The minute they were outside Touga doubled over in laughter and Kagome grinned "I do believe you are a genius, I pity whoever pisses you off and you decide they need a complete makeover" he chuckled loudly.

"I'm glad everyone's taking the chance to relax and allow themselves to laugh, even the children have been kind of serious" the vixen shrugged lightly chocolate brown eyes twinkling with her mirth, happy that her gift had been well received.

Finally after five minutes, Touga managed to straighten holding out his arm once again "You really do love everyone here don't you" he asked kindly tilting his head to the sky as a breeze blew passed them ruffling his hair.

Kagome nodded as her mirth was replaced with fondness "Truly I do, the East has done wonders for me, and I will protect them as long as I'm able" she sighed softly leaning her head on Touga's arm allowing him to lead her.

"Don't get angry okay, but in all the time I've been here I haven't seen Hinoko-san leave the estate at all, she's always inside, why is that" Touga inquired after a moment, he'd asked once but the inuyoukai hanyou female had avoided him.

Her shoulders tensed "I gave her a command that basically forces her to stay inside, before I revived you, and though she was forced into helping Yaramaru kill the old Lord of the East, she still ran, thus I had to set a punishment" Kagome sighed.

Touga frowned "Perhaps it's time to let her be free Kagome, I'm not trying to order you around or anything, but inuyoukai love to run about and wander, no doubt she's longing just to travel again" he prodded lightly.

A wry smile came to her lips "Yeah you're right, besides I think Hinoko has learned her lesson, running never gets you anywhere, thanks Touga" Kagome smiled for once saying his name without that title and quick as lightning pecked him on the cheek.

Before he realized what had happened, Kagome was already gone running back inside to settle the matter and release Hinoko from her punishment, his hand came up and pressed against his cheek and a stupid grin formed on his lips.

When Sesshomaru came across him a couple minutes later Touga was still happily floating on cloud nine "You look idiotic with that grin on you're face Father" he raised a silver brow at the older daiyoukai, but the insult wasn't enough to deter Touga from his happiness.

"She said my name without that atrocious title" he stated in a sappy voice, and Sesshomaru immediately knew who his father was talking about "Not only that she kissed me" Touga twittered practically skipping and howling his joy.

Cringing slightly and wondering if this would be what it was like if Eri hadn't agreed so quickly to the courting or the mark, Sesshomaru eyed his father warily "Right well I'll leave you to you're thoughts Father" he inched back the way he came.

Kagome found Hinoko and Inuyasha with Fuketsu toddling about on his legs in the hedge maze garden "Hinoko-chan, Inuyasha" she skidded to a halt before the family of three, and took a deep breath knowing that she had to do this no matter what.

Hinoko looked up at her alpha with a kind and gentle smile, if it hadn't been for Kagome's quick thinking or if Hojo or Azayaka hadn't been around, she probably wouldn't be alive anymore "What is it Lady Kagome" she asked in a soft voice.

Inuyasha clasped Hinoko's hand seeing the seriousness in his best friends eyes and wondered what had happened "Yeah Kagome, usually you don't come bugging us" he joked and got a quick smile from the kitsune.

"I've been unfair to you Hinoko, especially when I set that punishment" Kagome started lifting Fuketsu into her arms when he reached up at her gurgling at her in his way "So I've come to rectify that mistake" she continued.

"Hinoko of the East, I hereby release you from you're five hundred year punishment, you are free to go wherever you like, no longer will you be bound by pack restrictions" Kagome let her words settle for a moment.

Then pulled the female up and into a hug "Be happy and make Inuyasha happy that's all I ask, and congratulations" she grinned placing her hand over Hinoko's stomach "Though you are still a member of my pack and I expect to see these little ones" Kagome giggled before skipping off.

Inuyasha was shocked "You're pregnant Hinoko" his eyes nearly bulged out of his head when she nodded hesitantly he jumped up "Oh yeah" Inuyasha cheered excitedly, he had missed all of Fuketsu's pregnancy and birth.

"Where do you wish to go Inuyasha-kun" Hinoko's fiery red eyes were filled with happiness as Inuyasha swept her and Fuketsu up into his arms and spun them around his laughter filling the air as well as his excitement.

"Anywhere so long as it's with you Hinoko-chan" Inuyasha crushed his mate to his chest being mindful of Fuketsu, who was sat happily in Hinoko's arms clapping along "I promise to be the best father to our children no matter what happens" he vowed.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Hinoko buried her face in Inuyasha's neck inhaling his familiar and soothing scent "Can we go back to the village by the well, as much as I love it here in the east, I miss that little village" she choked out.

He didn't hesitate "Of course, do you want to wait until after the next treaty ceremony or go now" Inuyasha asked as Hinoko passed him their son, who would soon be a year old, most hanyou pups didn't last very long, but Fuketsu would grow up with two loving parents.

Hinoko paused for a moment as they started heading back inside "Can we go now, I'm sure Lady Kagome knew that we would leave the minute she left" she pointed out and Inuyasha chuckled softly "But what do we tell the others" Hinoko frowned.

Cradling his pup comfortably in his arms as Fuketsu started falling asleep to the rocking motions, "You go on and pack our things, I'll go tell Sesshomaru" Inuyasha nodded decisively sending his mate off to their room in the estate, no doubt it would always be theirs and bounded off to find his brother.

Inuyasha found Sesshomaru talking to the new youkai on the council Hisaki "Oi Sesshomaru, when you get done I need to talk to ya" he called before leaving the room so that the two could finish their conversation without interruption.

Fifteen minutes later, Sesshomaru exited meeting room three a curious expression "I do believe that's the most mature I've ever seen you Inuyasha, however what did you need to speak with this one about" he teased lightly before becoming more serious.

"It's nothing serious, Kagome let Hinoko out of that five hundred year punishment or whatever, so me and her have decided to go back to the village by the well" Inuyasha shrugged use to his brothers teasing insults, which weren't really insult's anymore at least to him.

Sesshomaru chuckled "No doubt Kagome knew that this would be you're decision, I will let the others know" he nodded "In a few months would you be opposed to being a witness to Eri and I's mating ceremony" Sesshomaru paused in turning.

Shocked that he'd been invited to the Western Shiro and for his brother's mating no less, Inuyasha was quick to nod "Absolutely, wouldn't miss that for anything" he snorted in amusement though there was a grin on his lips as he leaped away to help Hinoko pack.

The minute she had released Hinoko from her punishment, Kagome had wandered around the Aoiro Estate for awhile humming softly to an unknown tune, as she was turning a corner though, someone rammed into her.

"Ugh, sorry Kagome" Kikyo's familiar voice registered in her ears through the pain in her backside, "Truly, I didn't see you there, though now that I have you alone I'd like to ask you a question" Kikyo started chattering a mile a minute.

Healing herself quickly so she had a clear mind, Kagome hoped to her feet "Okay ask away Kikyo, has something happened, are you unsatisfied with something" she frowned hoping the woman would just tell her.

Kikyo flashed her a small smile "I'd like to become a part of you're family, bearing the crests you know, though I don't want to be a youkai, and is there anything you can tell me about Hiten" she babbled before slapping a hand over her mouth.

Blinking slowly, a snicker slipped from between Kagome's lips "The family claiming ritual is easy and of course, since you've made you're decision, I doubt the fates will turn you into a kitsune, and Hiten, hmm" she tapped her lip in thought.

"Soten is his little sister, and he adores her, no doubt now that you're helping teach her a few things such as wielding a bow and arrow, Hiten will watch from the shadows, once he trusts you, he'll get closer and that's when you can strike up a conversation" Kagome continued.

"I know for a fact, he likes talking about different strategy tactics, or regaling the guard with stories of when he and his brother were the fiercest demons ever to live, a bunch of bologna if you ask me but the guard enjoy it" she giggled.

"And if you ask around anyone will tell you something good about Hiten, is that everything Kikyo" Kagome finished and Kikyo nodded looking a little shell-shocked "You like him, Hiten I mean, don't you" she peered at the raven haired woman.

Kikyo nodded slowly and shyly "Yes, though I haven't had very many opportunities to interact, let alone speak with Hiten" she was clearly frustrated "So when will we be able to do the family claiming ritual as you put it" Kikyo asked in a hopeful tone of voice.

Having already thought of that, Kagome grinned "How about next week, that way the celebrations will have died down and since I can stay away during the ritual, no one else will be horribly missed" she exclaimed.

"Thank you Kagome, you truly have become a good person/youkai, and I am honored to join you're family as a true member" Kikyo bowed her head and then shocked Kagome further by pulling her into a hug.

"I'm glad you're finding you're own path Kikyo, and I know Inuyasha will be happy to know that you are getting the happiness you deserve" Kagome breathed returning the woman's bone crushing hug until Kikyo released her.

Then they were walking passed each other going in opposite directions, halfway to her grandparents room, two nekomata settled on her shoulders 'Kagome-chan you're a marvelous leader, and kind to all' Kegawa's sweet voice filtered across the mental link.

'Thank you Kegawa-chan, I'm glad that everything turned out in the end' Kagome murmured across their bond reaching up to scratch the pregnant female nekomata behind the ear, Masshiro had been quite busy, with not only Kegawa, but Kirara as well.

A soothing purr emitted from the black nekomata and Kegawa rubbed her head against Kagome's hand 'I can only thank you for coming for me in that mountain what seems so long ago' she purred through the link.

*As can I, if Lord Sesshomaru hadn't found me, and had me brought here, I would have never found out where I belong, here with you Mistress* Masshiro decided to interject himself into the conversation by letting out a loud purr himself.

Kagome giggled and with her free hand reached up and stroked Masshiro's white fur, along with a gentle scratch behind the ear 'Don't thank me, I just healed you, besides I would have felt guilty if you had died and I'd done nothing Masshiro-kun' she smiled.

*Still I will always stand by you, for you are a kind mistress that I'm proud to serve* Masshiro rubbed his head against her face as they came to a stop outside Toya and Kaede's personal rooms, and Kagome nodded on the door.

Conversation with her two nekomata over for the moment, Kagome stood patiently outside the door of her young grandparents room, until she heard the cursing of Kaede, and Toya grumbling about noisy youkai.

A couple minutes later after a lot of questionable noises and stomping, Toya slid the door to his room open irritated, though he calmed down massively when he realized who it was "Kagome child, what are you doing here" Toya blinked peering around.

It took Kagome a moment to remember what she had come for "Oh yeah, next week we'll be doing another family claiming ritual, for Kikyo, she wants to be a part of the House of Hearts, though not a kitsune" Kagome snapped her fingers in remembrance.

"Ah thanks for coming and telling us" Kaede's voice called out from within the room as she struggled into a sitting position "Come in child don't stand there, say hello to you're aunt or uncle" Kaede beckoned her into the room.

Toya stepped out of the way knowing it wasn't a wise idea to argue with his very irritable mate, now that Kagome was there though, "Do you think we could speak to you about something" he rubbed his hands together nervously.

"Sure go ahead Gramps, anything you want" Kagome gestured for her grandfather to speak freely as she knelt down before Kaede and gently placed her hand upon Kaede's stomach, in response to her touch the kit within the womb kicked against her hand drawing a gasp from Kaede.

A euphoric expression spread across Toya's face before he remembered "After our child is born, would you be terribly upset if Kaede and I returned to the Village by the well, of course we'll visit periodically and you're always welcome in the village" he asked.

Surprised that he had just come out and asked, Kaede stared at her mate/husband with awe and relief that she hadn't had to ask for fear of feeling to guilty "Yes, just until one of those girls finish off their training and turn eighteen" Kaede continued.

Feeling as if she was on cloud nine due to all the happiness going on, Kagome couldn't refuse "I wouldn't be upset, just know this is always you're home, and these rooms with be yours so long as you want them, also Inuyasha, Hinoko and Fuketsu left earlier" she giggled softly.

"To the village" Kaede inquired and Kagome nodded "That's a relief to this Kaede" she leaned back on the mountain of pillows with Toya and Kagome's help, just one more month and the vixen would give birth, everyone could hardly wait.

Once Kaede was settled properly in the futon, Toya climbed onto the bed and threw the covers over the both of them "Well I'm going to go tell Mama, Father, Souta, and Shippou, so rest up Granny, Gramps" Kagome waved exiting their room quietly.

'I'm sure everyone's anticipated about that birth, all of us wondering what the babe will be' Kegawa's voice came over the link again as Kagome padded down the halls of her massive estate headed on a straight path to her parents.

Kagome smiled 'Now this is just a hunch and it would be absolutely hilarious, but I think it's going to be a boy' she giggled across the link to her nekomata's, for some reason she'd gotten quite good at guessing the gender of unborn babes.

Example when Kouga and Ayame had returned after their mating, to announce that she was pregnant, Kagome had accurately guessed that there were two, and that they would both be boys, and of course she'd been completely correct.

*Come to think of it didn't you predict that Miroku and Sango's twins will be girls as well* Masshiro asked in an amused tone of voice, making himself comfortable on Kagome's shoulder, pale eyes twinkling with mirth.

She nodded 'Oh yeah that's right, only a couple more months for those two as well' Kegawa jumped in to the conversation again before Kagome could respond to Masshiro's question and the vixen grinned soon the estate would be over run with children.

A soft giggle came from Kagome 'It's going to be so exciting' she grinned again stopping before her parents room door and knocked on it just as she had her young grandparents, as opposed to Higashigawa answering the door, her mother did.

"Kagome dear what a surprise, we thought you'd be off visiting with Lord Touga" Satomi smiled pulling her daughter into a tender and affectionate hug, before leading her into her room where Higashigawa sat on the bad waiting.

"Yes, I'm surprised after this morning's little prank, I thought you'd hide for a while longer than this" Higashigawa stated from the bed, peering at his step daughter curiously, Kagome predictably blushed but took his teasing with grace.

But she did tell them why she was visiting "Actually Kikyo asked if we could do a family claiming ritual, it's a good chance to claim you as well Higashigawa as my official father" Kagome grinned.

Not surprised as they had expected the woman would come around to the idea of being a part of their family "Is she going to be turned" Higashigawa inquired and Kagome shook her head "Pity, I bet she'd be an amazing kitsune" he pointed out.

"How is Kikyo-san doing, I haven't had a chance to speak with her any" Satomi, ever mom butted into the conversation wanting to find out how the woman who was about to become her aunt was doing with all the drastic changes that had happened.

Kagome smiled kindly "Kikyo's doing great considering the shock about not getting to be with Inuyasha, in fact she admitted to me just earlier about how she had her eyes on Hiten" she giggled preparing to leave but her mother had one last thing to ask.

"Dear, after the final treaty ceremony, do you mind if Higashigawa and I took a few weeks off to celebrate our honeymoon as we should have and travel across the lands, we feel confident enough in our abilities" Satomi asked sheepishly.

At the question Kagome whirled on her heels to face her mother and father "Of course not, you two deserve time off to celebrate what all newly weds get to do" she rushed her mother and hugged her one more time and gave Higashigawa a side hug before heading off.

By this point, Kegawa and Masshiro had left their perches on her shoulders as Kagome went searching for her kit, who she found with Ukeire in the garden "Lady Kagome" the bear youkai jumped up with a kind smile.

"Ukeire-san I trust everything's going well" Kagome paused to chat with the young bear for a moment and Ukeire nodded in that kind way of his and she smiled, "Good" then Kagome faced her kit and scooped him into her arms.

It was an off day for all the children too "Kaa-chan" Shippou laughed as she tossed him gently in the air before crushing him to her chest "What's going on you seem excited" he asked when he was safely cradled in her arms.

Unable to deny her kit anything "I am excited, Kikyo will be joining our family soon, though not as a kitsune" Kagome squealed happily drawing excited laughter from her son, and for the first time since the entire mess happened with Inuyasha she allowed herself to daydream of possible future children, with a handsome inudaiyoukai that she'd found herself in love with.

"Really Kaa-chan, Kikyo's gonna be my auntie" Shippou exclaimed green eyes wide in awe, Kagome nodded "Yay, does that mean she's over Inuyasha completely and has accepted her new life" he questioned.

Kagome smiled sweetly "Yes Kikyo is over Inuyasha, in fact she has her eyes on Hiten" she giggled and Shippou collapsed in a fit of laughter "It will be quite the chase" Kagome grinned "Now I've got to go find Souta" she placed her kit on his feet and watched him skip off with Ukeire at his side.

She found Souta on the training field with Hojo, both of them practicing shooting arrows charged with purifying energy, Kagome stood back for a moment watching her brother, who'd grown several inches since he'd come to the past, while Shippou had only grown a couple.

It was baffling to say the least and it made her wonder why were the two boys so different, resolved to ask later, Kagome started forward interrupting the two males "Ah Kagome" Hojo greeted in with a kind smile nodding as usual.

"Hey Hojo, how are things with you and Azayaka-san doing" she asked wrapping her arm around Souta as he fitted himself against her side sheathing Inazuma in his dragon skin sheath being patient for a moment as she spoke to Hojo.

Predictably his cheeks flushed at the question "Things are well, in fact I believe Azayaka-chan wanted to speed up the courtship a bit, since we got to know each other quite well while healing youkai" Hojo rubbed the back of his neck.

Kagome flashed the brown haired male a blinding smile "Good luck, just treat her right" she grinned before turning to Souta "Hey Souta-otouto" Kagome quipped drawing a laugh from her little brother who gave her a full hug instead of a side one.

"Sis, it's rare to see you wander towards this part of the estate, though after this morning you kinda disappeared" Souta bounced on the balls of his feel brown eyes wide and full of curiosity wondering why Kagome was there instead of hanging out with the adults.

Having expected the teasing and questioning "Well I was looking for you actually, and this morning's prank was my idea of trying to lighten the serious mood, as for why I was looking for you" Kagome stopped for a second.

"Kikyo has decided to join our family officially and undergo the family claiming ritual I created for us" she finished and Souta bounced around in excitement, having had multiple encounters with the woman who had mellowed out a lot since being brought to the East.

Glad to have another person join their family "Oh yeah now I can brag to everyone that not only do I got an awesome granny, but now I've got a famous auntie to" Souta pumped his arm getting into the moment "Wait, you didn't say if she was gonna be a fox like us though" he paused.

A sigh "Because she's not, Kikyo has made her decision to remain a ningen, though she will still be part of our family" Kagome pulled Souta in for another hug preparing to head back in for lunch, when the woman they were talking about appeared.

Kikyo stepped forward from the sidelines, she'd spent the last couple of hours rethinking her decision "Actually Kagome, I will be a fox, Kaede has assured me that I'll still be able to use my reiki and well" she fidgeted nervously.

"You sure Kikyo that becoming like us is what you want" she just had to make sure, Kikyo nodded confidently "I'm sure the fates will be more than happy to accommodate you're wishes then" Kagome grinned pulling the woman into another hug.

After lunch, Kagome snagged Touga for some more quality time and a few others paired off as well such as Ni and Yuka, or Ayumi and Naraku and even Hakari and Ishi, to discuss plans for their own future, and possibly having children of their own.

Until a week had passed and like Kagome had predicted the celebrations for the treaty between the North and East were slowing down allowing her and her family time to perform the family claiming ritual like she'd promised Kikyo.

"Are you positive this will work" Kikyo looked absolutely disgusted as Kagome clipped a lock of hair and a nail from her head and hand, adding it to the mixture of blood from all of them and doing the same for the others who had done this before.

"Positive, this is the second I've done the family claiming ritual, as opposed to the regular claiming ritual" Kagome nodded nodded to the others to pour their youkai or reiki/spiritual energy into the bowl, it was almost noon and they had to hurry they wouldn't make it.

Shippou sniggered softly "It's gonna taste good though that's all I'll say" he jumped in looking downright excited at the prospect of doing this ritual again, he was wiggling so hard he could barely sit still as he waited his turn.

Souta looked equally as excited though he was a little calmer about it than Shippou "Yeah last time it tasted like raspberries, what do you think it will taste like this time Sis" Souta directed his question to Kagome.

But Satomi decided to answer instead "I highly doubt Kagome dear can predict what it will taste like silly Souta" she patted her son on the head and he beamed at the attention, Higashigawa grimaced as it all pooled together in the bowl.

"If anything it looks nastier than before" Toya eyed it with caution in his dark brown eyes, he was tempted to poke the concoction but decided not to because he ran the risk of getting laughed at for his mostly unfounded fears.

Though Kaede did let out a little giggle before she thought of something to ask "Will this hurt my child in anyway" she frowned becoming wary of anything happening to her unborn kit, Kagome looked straight at her deep in thought.

Before finally shaking her head, "Shouldn't, the most that will happen is you'll rest for the entirety of this week" Kagome smiled reassuringly "The only person that will be completely affected by the ritual is Kikyo" the minute she said it she realized that only she and Souta knew of the woman's decision.

Kikyo's skin flushed in embarrassment as everyone looked at her "You mean you decided to become a fox as well Sister Kikyo" Kaede peered at her sister with excitement in her hazel eyes, and Kikyo nodded almost shyly.

"Yes that's right, because I want to be able to enjoy my new life and finally do whatever I want with it since the Jewel of Four Souls no longer exists" she cleared her throat sheepishly but there was a determined look in her brown eyes.

To reign everyone in and get them focused on the ritual again Kagome clapped her hands "Right then, we have to finish this within the next ten minutes or we'll have to try again in a couple of weeks" she called softly.

With that, everyone placed their hand over Kagome's down turned hand as they all poured their youkai/reiki into the bowl turning it into a thick orange color and began calling out the names of all her family.

"Kaede, Grandmother, Toya, Grandfather, Kikyo, Aunt, Satomi, Mother, Higashigawa, Father, Souta, Brother, Shippou, Son, now Kikyo we have to drink it, you and Higashigawa go first" Kagome handed the bowl over.

Her lip curled up in silent disgust, and with her free hand she pinched her nose shut before taking a deep breath, then Kikyo lifted the bowl to her lips and took a tentative gulp of the orange concoction the minute the flavor of it hit her tongue, her eyes popped open.

Higashigawa went next deciding not to make a big deal out of it and simply took a gulp of the concoction "That actually tastes pretty delicious" he wiped his mouth handing the bowl off to Shippou who was seated next to him.

Until it came to Kagome who finished it off "Don't you think it tastes like that sherbert icecream Sis" Souta mumbled leaning heavily into her side as he succumbed to the effects of the ritual, she nodded and his eyes slid close.

As the only one who could fight off effects of the family claiming ritual, since it was the third time since she'd done so, it was her job to make sure everyone got back to their rooms safely to rest away the week while Kikyo hopefully underwent her transformation.

Touga caught her just as she was heading to her own room to sleep for awhile "How did the ritual go" he asked offering his arm for her to lean on and Kagome gratefully took it leaning her head heavily against his shoulder.

"Oh it went well, tiring as usual, but at least I'm able to fight off the sleepiness and stay awake unlike the others" Kagome smiled sleepily at Touga who helped her along to her room and into the bed where Mitsumeru and Hoshitsu bustled about pulling the covers from the closet.

He smiled "That's good, now you get some rest alright Kagome" Touga murmured a deep soothing rumble filling the room nudging Kagome into a restful sleep, she'd been doing so much for them, it made him wonder if she had ever taken a break just for herself.

Though there was no way he was going to ask and risk offending her and so Touga allowed himself to be nudged out of Kagome's rooms by Hoshitsu and the door was shut firmly behind him, he chuckled quietly, before checking on her family to make sure they were resting properly.

That week flew by fast and Kikyo's transformation from ningen to fox youkai was taken well by Hiten who, even though he held no bias toward humans anything longer, definitely appreciated the sight of Kikyo as a fox sparking a long and challenging chase between the two.

Of course the minute Kagome woke on the final day of the ritual, her hand maids were there smiling down at her "Bath right" she sighed and Hoshitsu nodded pulling Kagome up by the hand and leading her into the bathroom to bathe.

While Mitsumeru pulled out a aquamarine knee length kimono, with dark blue obi, ocean blue under kimono for formality, plain white yukata with light blue obi, tabi socks and zori sandals, this time her hair was pulled up into a tight ponytail that rested nearly atop her head.

When she was deemed presentable, only then was she allowed to leave her rooms "I'm glad this is the last treaty ceremony I have to get dressed up for like this for awhile" Kagome sighed as the layers weighed her down.

"Now, now Lady Kagome the next couple of weeks will go by fast and soon you'll be able to head off with Lord Touga and take the vacation you want" Mitsumeru placated with a gentle smile and Kagome grinned in excitement, that was something she was really looking forward to.

Hoshitsu looked between her partner and Lady, "Wait why would you take a vacation with Lord Touga from the West" she frowned in concern, inu were known to be players unless they found their special someone which was pretty rare.

Surprised that not everyone had seen her slowly falling in love with the inudaiyoukai, Kagome craned her neck around to meet Hoshitsu's gaze "Because I like Touga, he's the one for me, soul mates and all that jazz" she giggled behind her hand.

"What really how come I never noticed" Hoshitsu waved her hands wondering how she could have missed Touga and Kagome's little walks, of course the Lady of the Estate was very sneaky and could practically vanish before someone's eyes.

Mitsumeru rolled her green eyes lightly in amusement "Ah that be because Milady is very discrete with her relationship with Lord Touga isn't that right" she giggled, hopefully someday she'd find her special someone, but of course Kagome would still be her top priority.

Five minutes later the three of them arrived in the dining hall where everyone was already gathered, and Kagome sat down in her chair at the end of the table, Nagemasu to her left, as opposed to how it had been the last two weeks, with Yaro on her left.

Now the weasel was on the right, with his son in between Sesshomaru, "Good Morning Lady Kagome, I trust you are well rested and prepared for this afternoons ceremony" the bird youkai immediately grabbed her attention.

"Yes, thank you Lord Nagemasu, I can barely wait for the ceremony" feeling giddy all of a sudden Kagome clapped her hands together in barely restrained excitement drawing chuckles from all over the table, though one was the loudest and her body easily relaxed at the sound.

Glad that the vixen didn't seem to have any regrets so far and still intended on going through with the treaty ceremony with him, Nagemasu relaxed slightly in his chair in relief, glancing to his side briefly to check on his daughter and see how she was faring.

Chorui hadn't come out of her shell much and mostly remained in the rooms they had been assigned while staying in the Eastern Estate, the only time the little female bird youkai really got excited was when Kagome paid her attention.

His lips quirked upwards at that, Kagome truly was gifted with children, considering how well she'd raised her adopted son, his red eyes trailed down the table just a little ways and spied the kit eating politely and still managing to keep up conversation with his new maid Ukeire.

After breakfast was polished off, even he couldn't help but smile as Kagome jumped up and walked over to Touga, Nagemasu chuckled as they disappeared through the side doors of the dining hall like usual, deciding he'd allow her a bit of time, he found someone to talk to in the meantime.

Instantly Yaro approached "I do believe Lady Kagome is most anxious to spend quality alone time with Lord Touga" the weasel youkai pointed out drawing snickers and sniggers from several youkai/ningen gathered in the hall.

"No doubt considering how much she rejected him at first" Sesshomaru joined the conversation staring between the two youkai, if Kagome had never been ordered by the fates, none of them would be standing around like this making a treaty with each other.

Nagemasu shook his head "I don't even remember the treaty between you and Lady Kagome, but I'm anxious to get it over with, I know physically what happened wasn't my fault, but mentally I keep blaming myself for letting myself get trapped by Akuto" he sighed.

Sesshomaru nodded easily understanding the bird youkai's fears "You feel as if Kagome might have some pent up resentment against you and that just before the ceremony is to happen she'll spite you and laugh in you're face" he stated.

Yaro eyed the inudaiyoukai warily "You understand Lady Kagome quite well, if I didn't know that you were the one who helped her on her way to greatness and to become such a great ruling Lady, I wouldn't believe my eyes" he chuckled.

"So you don't think she'd suddenly change her mind" Nagemasu got the conversation back on track and Sesshomaru shook his head, with that he relaxed even more, tension fading from his shoulders leaving them sore.

Outside "God, I can't wait until this is all over and then I can go out traveling and what not with you" Kagome was ranting and raving, though she wasn't pacing like she normally would because the kimono restricted her movements by a lot.

Touga chuckled softly and taking a chance grabbed Kagome's hand and spun her around, he managed to brush his lips against her's drawing a little gasp from his delicate looking future intended mate and just as he was about to deepen that kiss, someone had to interrupt.

Bankotsu froze and a shudder rolled down his spine hearing that soft inhuman growl "Uh sorry, I was looking for someone else" he really hadn't meant to interrupt and he had actually been looking for someone else, with that he fled not wanting to get ripped to shreds.

Kagome giggled "Just be patient a little longer Touga, just a few more weeks, because I have to stay for Granny's baby, and to see if my hunch about it being a boy is right" she drew his attention back onto her, pecking him quickly on the cheek.

He almost whined as Kagome separated from him "You have to go now and talk to Nagemasu don't you" he as close to pouting as she'd ever seen him and with a sheepish smile, Kagome nodded and headed back into the Aoiro Estate.

With a heavy aggravated sigh and knowing there was just a few hours left before the ceremony began, Touga trudged off to the little slayer village and this time met Kohaku "Oh hello Lord Inutaisho" the boy greeted returning to his task of gathering water.

From the little creek that ran through the village, Kagome must have had it created thanks to all the youkai with water abilities, "Kohaku" Touga nodded politely and sat down on the bank of the creek just staring at the water for a while.

Until unlike last time Hoshitsu came to fetch him "It's time Lord Touga, Lady Kagome and Lord Nagemasu are starting the treaty ceremony" she called and he stood bid Kohaku farewell and took off at a job bypassing the water nymph completely on his way back to the Aoiro Estate.

Upon their entrance in the main hall where all treaty ceremonies, or coronations were to take place, Kagome and Nagemasu nodded and sat down in perfect sync, the vixen looked so natural on the raised platform that Touga could barely keep his eyes off of her as the treaty commenced.

Sesshomaru and Yaro read their prepared speeches as they were supposed to, before Nagemasu took up the ink brush and signed his name on the scroll, rattling off some line about how he wished for the best and their lands could heal together.

Kagome smiled kindly and took the ink brush "May that be the same for you Nagemasu, our lands will grow and prosper together" she smiled and signed her name signaling the end of the ceremony, an early dinner celebration followed afterwards.

Later on Sesshomaru and Eri approached Kagome together "Kagome-chan" the ebony haired teenager called just as she was preparing to leave the hall and go to bed early, interrupted now and curious as to what the pair wanted Kagome turned.

"Yes what is it Eri-chan, Sesshomaru" Kagome peered at the courting couple wondering what they needed so late in the day, curiosity was clear in her chocolate brown eyes and Sesshomaru uncharacteristically fidgeted and Eri shook her head in exasperation.

Sesshomaru only spoke when his intended nudged him in the ribs, clearing his throat "Do you think I might be able to steal Eri away for a few months so that she can see the Western Shiro and everything" he asked in a strained voice.

She only just managed not to burst out laughing "Kami is that what is wrong, you don't need my permission Sesshomaru, Eri's your intended" Kagome got out around the laughter that wanted to come out instead of being able to speak.

Eri rolled her eyes "Told you we didn't have to ask Sesshomaru" she sighed "Anyway thank you Kagome-chan" Eri flashed her best friend a smile obviously excited about getting to leave the estate and visit another region with her youkai suitor.

~Two and a half weeks later~ Kaede had practically moved into the medical ward of the Aoiro Estate with Toya pacing up and down the halls as her due date approached, though she hadn't gone into labor yet.

Kagome sighed for the millionth time, she'd chosen to let Hojo and Azayaka handle Kaede's birth so she was sitting out in the hall with the rest of her family and ready to bind her grandfather to a chair because his pacing was driving her mad.

"Father won't you sit down, pacing like that isn't going to get you anywhere nor speed up Kaede's labor" Satomi spoke as she exited the birthing room that had been created just for those that had become pregnant and were nearing their own due dates, Sango and Noko.

Toya threw his hands up in the air "I know but this is the first time I've been forbidden from being next to her" he grumbled under his breath and sat down his leg bouncing as his anxiousness skyrocketed, before Kagome could snap at him.

A scream shattered the otherwise silent estate, no doubt waking everyone with the noise, it also signaled the fact that Kaede had just started her contractions "Ahhh" Souta and Shippou slammed their hands over their ears to block out the sounds.

Kikyo squeezed Hiten's hand, who'd promised to sit with her as her little sister gave birth to her first child, "Soon Kikyo that will be us" the thunder demon gave her a toothy grin and Kikyo blushed all the way to her roots.

"I can only hope" she winced as another ear splitting scream came before cutting off abruptly "But if it's all the same I'd rather wait awhile so that I can grow into my youkai abilities" Kikyo breathed cringing as snarled sounded from within the birthing room.

Hiten's and Toya's skin paled "Yes, that might be the wisest idea, to wait until you can truly understand all there is to know about yourself and you're youkai side" Hiten nodded agreeing with the woman he wanted to mate/marry in the future.

As it was they were taking their relationship very slowly and had only held hands so far and exchanged two kisses, that had been on the cheek or hand, so very minimal contact with each other, Satomi smiled and sat down.

"Perhaps once Higashigawa and I's honeymoon ends I'll be the next one in there after Sango-san and Noko-san" she patted Kagome on the hand, who immediately smiled along with her, "I can only hope I have at least two more wonderful children" Satomi sighed softly.

Kagome grinned "No doubt about that Mama, and Higashigawa will be a great dad to any kits you have right Father" she nudged the kitsune male in the side drawing his violet eyes onto them before nodding.

"Yes, if we do end up having kit's of our own, I promise to be the best Father to them" Higashigawa vowed taking Satomi's hand and Kagome scooted out of the way so that the mated pair could sit together.

Another scream and more snarled filtered into the air and Souta promptly passed out, while Shippou was barely hanging in there "It's okay Shippou-kun" Kagome soothed pulling her kit into her lap, someday she'd be able to give him brothers and sisters like he wanted.

"I just don't like Granny Kaede in any pain" Shippou sniffled rubbing his face in her neck shaking horribly as more screams sounded from the room and Souta grimaced as he sat up from his impromptu nap, before scooting into her side.

"Yeah, I can only thank the fates that I'm to young right now and haven't found anyone that has caught my fancy" Souta shuddered as threats filled the air, apparently Kaede was a screamer, none of them would have ever known if she hadn't been pregnant.

Toya swallowed thickly and resumed his pacing, this time no amount of soothing from Satomi could make him sit down and finally after eight agonizing hours, the screams tapered off just as a loud shrill cry filled the air.

Hojo came out "Toya-san, you can come in now" he beckoned the kitsune into the birthing room to see his firstborn child with Kaede, everyone held their breath in anticipation, until Toya returned empty handed before having his family come in one at a time.

Kagome was called in last, and she practically floated through the doors of the birthing room "Come closer child" Kaede beckoned her step granddaughter into the room holding a tightly wrapped bundle to her chest.

Toya smiled as Kagome approached the bed where his mate was resting almost hesitantly "What did you have Granny" she asked in a tentative whisper chocolate brown eyes filled with happiness and excitement for the new family member.

"Go on Kaede, show Kagome our child" Toya nodded when Kaede looked in his direction before unwrapping the bundle, Kagome gasped when the child was unveiled, black hair and light brown eyes and of course the House of Hearts Crests.

Carefully after getting permission to hold him, Kagome took the tiny kit into her arms and rocked him gently back and forth, her hunch had proven correct once again, not to mention he was absolutely adorable "What's his name" she murmured quietly.

Kaede and Toya shared a look "Well we've been thinking long and hard about this, though we actually had a girls name picked out, because Toya thought it was going to be a girl, but we finally decided on Aratahajime" Kaede announced.

Raising her head and taking her eyes from the tiny kit still nestled in her arms "New Beginnings, that's a perfect name Granny, Gramps, he marks the new beginning of peaceful times" Kagome smiled passing the kit over to his mother again and leaving the room to get some rest as did the others, and soon the entire estate was sleeping, even though it was daytime.