Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its Characters. They are all property of J.K. Rowling in which I am merely using to create my own story. This will be the only disclaimer for this story. This story was inspired by the many time-travel Harry stories that I've read on this, I cannot name them all or we'd be here forever. In this story Harry will be befriending the Marauder's and Lily, he will also be powerful and experienced. In this story, Harry Potter's appearance will change from Daniel Radcliff to that of Bradley James from Merlin for reasons which will be abundantly clear. Furthermore, the title for this story is inspired by Lord of the Rings and I acknowledge that it is property of Tolken.

Chapter 1: Return of the King

Where am I? Dead. Huh, so this is what being dead feels like? Harry thought to himself. He was in a white room and could see the letters B. O. S. S. S. on the wall with the words 'Bureau of Soul Society Services'.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, please come this way. The big boss wished to talk to you regarding your options," a man wearing a suit and black sunglasses over his eyes came into the room from seemingly out of nowhere.

"I have options?" Harry found himself asking curiously.

"Of course you do, now please. We do not like keeping the boss waiting," the man said irritated, Harry decided he had better follow and as such walked towards the unknown man and then followed him through a door of light which brought him into an office.

The walls of the room were a celestial white, there was a desk with a dark hooded figure behind it. It had a black raven feather quill in its bone-y hand and seemed to be writing on parchment when Harry was brought in.

"Sir, Mr. Potter as requested," the man said before bowing and then leaving the room.

"Sit," the voice commanded and Harry did as told and sat opposite the desk.

Whoever was behind the hood stopped writing and let out a sigh as it put the quill down and reached up and took off its hood. Harry tried not to stare at the figure he was sitting across, the hood revealed a skull which looked much like the grim reaper of the legends.

"No questions Mr. Potter?" the reaper asked and Harry shook his head.

"Strange, though given your case file I can understand why. It seems you know hardly anything that you were supposed to know," the reaper sighed before it opened a file and turned it around for Harry to look at.

"This is your case file; it details all the events that happened. However, as you can see the red marks are where things were supposed to happen but never did happen. There is quite a large amount of red on your file don't you think?" the reaper stated and Harry did notice the amount of red on his file.

"I'm going to simply explain everything to you, you will understand what I mean if you think about it. Now, as you can see you were supposed to grow up with both of your parents. However, a certain Wizard meddled with that and caused both of them to be killed, furthermore, in the case of their deaths you were supposed to go to one Alice and Frank Longbottom, but thanks to the very same Wizard both you and young Neville ended up as you did. After which you would have gone to Sirius Black, but you didn't, again thanks to the meddling of the same Wizard. After that, you were supposed to go to Andromeda and Ted Tonks, to grow up with their daughter Nymphadora as your sister, but of course that didn't happen because the damn Wizard sealed your parents will. If you couldn't go to Andromeda and Ted you were to be raised with Susan Bones under the care of Amelia who was a good friend of your mother's. But as stated, the will was sealed and you were sent to the place where your parents specifically stated you were not to go to. Now, does any of this make sense?" the reaper asked and Harry had to take a few moments to actually read the writing in red and look at the normal black writing before he found that he was pissed off, he was supposed to grow up in a loving and caring house, hell even Severus Snape was listed as a guardian if all of the others couldn't take him, but he was denied, eventually Harry nodded and the reaper continued with his explanation.

"Now if you had grown up in the places you were supposed to, you would already know and be knowledgeable in magic. However, the Dursley's mistreated and abused you, then given the magical blocks that have been placed upon you, your maturation was stunted greatly. This led to you appearing as you do now instead of how you were supposed to, it also led to you being affiliated with the banshee Molly and her two youngest who are not who they appeared to be. Molly and the meddlesome Wizard wrote up a marriage contract that gave them all the wealth that the Potter and Black families had due to you and Ginevra being in the contract, which, now since you've died, they get. Ron, gets to use your wealth for his own gains and Hermione gets into the Black and Potter library like was initially planned. You had been played your entire life, Mr. Potter," the reaper sighed as Harry grew furious with what he was reading.

"Who is the meddlesome Wizard that fucked over my life?" Harry asked, trying to keep his composure.

"Albus Dumbledore, worry not. His punishment has been harsh and he is being tortured over and over again for the rest of eternity. Now, enough about what's happened. I assume Alistair told you that you had options?" the reaper asked and Harry nodded.

"Good, now I have the file here that outlines your different options. I shall go through them with you, many of them are similar but a few of them are very different and your presence will change the outcome of many events drastically," the reaper opened up a black file and then turned it around, he then appeared right next to Harry who jumped a little bit but them focused on the file options.

"As you can see, you can go back right now if you wish. But, in the long run you would fight with your friends, then be forced to marry Ginevra due to the marriage contract. You would be unhappy and work as an Auror, eventually becoming an unspeakable without the knowledge of your heritage and then you would due in your sleep when Ginevra poisons you then takes your fortune and marries Cormac McLaggen. Not the best end if you ask me.

Another option is that you go back to your first day at Hogwarts, you get sorted into Slytherin and become friends with the Malfoy heir, then events occur and you eventually fall in love with one Daphne Greengrass, as well as forming a love bond in the form of a life debt owed to you by Fleur Isabella Delacour, the three of you would eventually marry after you defeat the Dark Lord. However, the three of you would later be killed when Ginevra, Molly and Ronald Weasley attack your home with the help of Hermione who figured out how to get past your wards. Again, not the best end either.

Now, the best option in my opinion is also the riskiest. The other options clearly outline the path you'll take despite your own individual options and feelings. You will be transported back in time with the identity that you were always supposed to have. However, you will no longer be Harry Potter and as such the files on Harry Potter will disappear completely. What Dumbledore kept from you is that you have the blood of three ancients within you, Arthur Pendragon, King of Avalon and all of England, Merlin Emrys and Morgana Le Fay formerly Pendragon. You would enter during the time before the First Wizarding War with Voldemort and of course you would have access to an immense amount of knowledge as well as being the King of Avalon, it entitles you to access to sleeping Knights of the Round Table that slumber in Avalon waiting for their King and the time they are needed again. You would also be required to have a wife for each title, the suggested three would ideally be sisters. The Black sisters of Andromeda, Narcissa and Bellatrix would be recommended by the Bureau. Furthermore, you would have the body you were originally supposed to have. Your opinion on the options?" the reaper asked.

"So, let me get this straight. Anytime I go back during this period of when I was alive as Harry Potter, I'll be killed by Ron and the others?" Harry asked.

"More or less, unless you decide to jump country," the reaper said thoughtfully.

"Then, I want to go back in time then and take my chances," Harry stated and the reaper smiled.

"I'd hope so, but worry not, we won't send you there without knowing any information. Please, follow me," The reaper stood up as Harry's original files burned signifying that he had chosen.

Harry did as directed and walked through another light door following the grim reaper. He then entered a room where four people were standing around waiting for him it seemed.

"So he agreed?" an older bearded man asked and the reaper nodded.

"I'd hoped he would," the only female in the room commented.

"Harry Potter, I'd like you to meet your mentors before you return to the world of the living. Arthur Pendragon, Sir Lancelot, Merlin Emrys and Morgana Le Fay," the reaper said and Harry's jaw dropped causing the four to chuckle.

"Arthur Pendragon will be teaching you politics as well as the uniqueness of his sword Excalibur which you will find in Gringrotts vault 1, he will also be teaching you what it means to be King. Sir Lancelot was and still is the best swordsman in history, he will be teaching you the way of the sword which you need to know to be able to handle Excalibur to the best of its ability. He will also be telling you how to access the Knights of the Round table when you're back in the real world. Merlin Emrys and Morgana Le Fay will be teaching you about magic as well as Wizarding world customs as they are the writers of the original law. You will be learning how to use magic without a wand as they did as well as traditions, rituals and of course, battle magic and elemental magic. You will train here until all four of them are in agreement with your knowledge of each aspect. You will also be working on getting the body you were supposed to have, then when you return to the world of the living, you will be King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon," the reaper explained and Harry just nodded not trusting his voice.

"When do we start?" Harry asked and Lancelot grinned and tossed him a wooden sword.

"Right now!" then Lancelot swung his wooden sword at Harry while Arthur, Merlin and Morgana took a step back, all amused at Lancelot's antics.

Harry, now properly in the body he was supposed to have appeared in the streets of Diagon Alley. It had taken him two years of being dead until his mentors and ancestors were happy with his performance. In this time he had been allowed to meet all of the immortal Knights of the Round Table for one reason or another, mostly Lancelot enjoyed him having his ass kicked for a good amount of time until Harry had learned to fight off a group of seven Knights at a time with only his sword. Harry had found that Lancelot was by far his favourite Knight and had become a good friend, which he would see again as he returned to Avalon once he was King and of course he knew how to use magic to summon the Knights.

Harry's second favourite person was Morgana surprisingly, the sorceress was kind and patient in her teaching and she was surprisingly skilled with a sword herself. Of course he had conversations with both Morgana and her younger brother Arthur and found out a lot about the myths that were incorrect, Arthur and Morgana were actually close and Merlin had discovered that Morgana had magic and revealed that he also had magic and that he would be willing to teach Morgana. The two eventually fell in love and when Arthur was king, he gave his blessing for the two of them to be married. Harry was actually a descendant of Merlin and Morgana but given that Morgana was a Pendragon it also meant that Harry was the last living Pendragon and thus King.

Harry (He now looks like Bradley James) walked into Gringrotts and walked up to the desk. The Goblin didn't even notice him to Harry cleared his throat and then spoke.

"Excuse me Sir, I'd like to request access to my vaults," Harry said, from his lessons with Arthur he had learned that Arthur himself was good friends with the goblins and he, Morgana and Merlin along with the Knights helped them build the first banks before the goblin wars.

"Oh, and who might you be?" the goblin was taken off guard by the respect the teenaged wizard had in his voice.

"I'm new to England having been living and training for most of my life, my name is King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon. And I am requesting access to vault number 1 which you know what is contained in," Harry said respectfully and the Goblin's eyes bulged open and he quickly left his desk and went out a back door. He sooner returned with an older looking goblin.

"Mr. Pendragon I presume? It has been quite a long time since we last saw a Pendragon in here. Please come with me, we'd like to first confirm your identity before we take you to your vault. Hopefully you can see why we must take these precautions?" the old goblin asked hopefully.

"Of course King Ragnok of the Goblin Nation, my ancestors taught me all about your customs and practices and their hand in it. For instance, my ancestor Morgana herself enchanted all of the runic knives you use for your tests. I understand perfectly," Harry said and the goblin was surprised by the use of his title and then let out a toothy grin with what Harry had said.

"I doubt we'll have a problem with your identity, your majesty. But for safety sake," Harry followed the Goblin King and the Goblin guards into a private room where goblins were rushing around to get the required materials. Harry just waited patiently and engaged in conversations with the King.

"Where may I ask, have you been?" Ragnok asked.

"I've been raised in Avalon by the Knights, my parents were killed in the great war with Grindelwald and as I was the last of my line, family protections kicked into place and transported me to Avalon where I grew up under the care of Kilgharrah the Great Dragon who guards Avalon. Along with training by the immortal Knights," Harry answered, having learned all about Avalon from his time in the afterlife.

"I see, very interesting. Ah good, we're ready, I assume you know what to do?" Ragnok asked and handed Harry the knife as he nodded and Harry made the cut and allowed his blood to drop onto the parchment before he sealed the cut with a druid healing spell.

Ragnok looked at the parchment and grinned, the wizarding world was about to change with the return of the King.

Name: Hadrian Merlin Pendragon

Titles: King of Avalon, heir Emrys, heir Le Fay


Vault 1 – Pendragon Vault

Contains: The Sword in the Stone – Excalibur, 100'000'000 Galleons accumulated over three thousand years, Crown of King Arthur.

Vault 2 – Emrys Vault

Contains: The tome of Emrys, the book of the wild, the book of the druid, the book of the dragonlords, 50'000'000 Galleons accumulated over three thousand years, staff of Merlin Emrys.

Vault 3 – Le Fay Vault

Contains: The tome of Le Fay, the book of the damned, the book of shadows, the book of Nevermore, 75'000'000 Galleons accumulated over three thousand years.

"We can see that you are without a doubt, King Hadrian Pendragon. It is a pleasure to be at your service, your majesty," King Ragnok bowed and every Goblin in the room also bowed and Harry smiled at them.

"My friend, I have been taught a lot about the history of my Kingdom and your noble race. Once I claim my sword and my crown, I wish to renew the vows that my ancestor, King Arthur and King Ragnok the first made to each other and realign the Pendragon name as well as the Knights of the Round table, to that of the great Goblin Nation," Harry said getting King Ragnok out of his bow and looked down at the Goblin as a mutual acquaintance.

"It would be an honour in which I, King Ragnok the Tenth shall greatly oblige. My father and his father passed on the stories of the Time of the Great King Arthur, the Warlock Merlin and the Sorceress Morgana. To have the heir here and as kind as they were said to be, I am honoured. Now, I shall take you to your vaults personally," Ragnok gestured for Harry to follow and he took a deep breath before he did.

As he entered the vault in which contained two doors, one held the millions of galleons that Arthur's money had become while the other held two things. The crown of King Arthur which could only be accessed once Excalibur was pulled from the ancient magical stone. Underneath the crown hung the golden scabbard that housed Excalibur.

Harry walked up to the stone and admired the sword, he had seen it in Arthur's memory but it was more beautiful than his memory shows. He grasped the hilt and closed his eyes, willing himself to be able to pull the sword from the stone. The sword was removed effortlessly and Harry noted that it felt light despite its size, the sword was magic after all. As soon as Harry had pulled the sword, the protections around the crown and scabbard fell and it allowed Harry to grab the scabbard to put Excalibur in and then with two hands he gently took the crown and turned to Ragnok.

"Would you crown me, King Ragnok?" Harry asked and the Goblin King was taken off guard again by the young King in front of him.

"The Goblin blacksmith Ragnok the second created this crown for King Arthur and King Arthur asked that King Ragnok the first be the one to crown him as a sign of trust and friendship. I was serious about renewing our friendship and I want this to be the first step," Harry said as he held to crown to Ragnok.

Ragnok took it gentle making sure to take absolute care with the ancient relic, Harry got down on one knee and tilted his head. Ragnok then placed the crown around Harry's head and Harry looked up.

"King Ragnok the tenth of the Goblin Nation, I, King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon do hereby wish to renew our vows with the Goblin Nation. Should the Goblin nation require aid, Avalon and I shall give it, I know very well about the Wizards and their attempts to control you and I vow that I will fight to gain you more individual power as a nation, this I swear," Harry said and golden magic swirled around him.

"I, King Ragnok the tenth of the Goblin Nation do hereby accept King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon's vow. And in exchange, offer the alliance of the Goblin Nation as friends and trusted guides, we pledge to aid the new King in all of his missions and his view for the world. Should King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon be attacked, it shall be considered an attack on the Goblin Nation and we shall defend the King and his charges, this I swear," Ragnok replied and the golden magic surrounded him before it disappeared signalling the acceptance of their vows.

When Harry returned to the front of Gringrotts he was immediately assaulted by camera flashes and he internally cursed. Someone must have heard him announce himself and gone to the Daily Prophet, he would be buying that now that he had a chance, along with other things as well.

"Mr. Pendragon," Harry recognised the man as a younger Barty Crouch who was the Minister of Magic during this period.

"That's King Hadrian Pendragon, Wizard," Harry had two Goblin guards with him and they pointed their spears at him threateningly, Harry gestured for them to drop their spears as Harry addressed the Minister.

"My friends are correct, you must address me as King Hadrian Pendragon, or, your majesty," Harry said coldly and he saw the press taking notes as the Minister paled.

"Be as it may, any visitors to Britain's magical community must register their visit with the Ministry of Magic. We are well within our right to fine you and seize your assets," the minister threatened and Harry laughed.

"Well then sir, I'll have you know that I own all of Britain as King. I'll also have you know that my ancestors were the ones who created the magical community to start with, your laws have no say, in fact, my word, is law. By my right as King I can pretty much enter your ministry and take over the government myself as written in the original founding of the magical council of Britain. Furthermore, I have command over the Isle of Avalon as well as the Knights of the Round table. Do you really want to threaten me?" Harry said looming down at the Minister who paled.

"Now, King Ragnok can you please fill out the required papers for my transition? I believe I have a wife auction to attend. Now, Minister, yes, I know exactly who you are. I will come by the Ministry and check how everything is being run myself, if I am displeased with it, I shall take over and correct things, so you'd better hope I am pleased," Harry said as he brushed past and moved through the crowd trying to ask him questions.

Harry felt a spell come flying at him from behind, he spun around with practiced speed, drawing Excalibur and battered the spell aside. The crowd gasped and Barty Crouch paled as he stunning spell was battered aside by the magical sword and he found himself at the spear tips of the Goblin guards and a furious King stalking towards him.

When Harry reached him, he grabbed the older man by his shirt and slammed him against a pillar causing cracks in it and glared at the older man, Excalibur again resting in its scabbard.

"Tell me, what were you thinking when you did that?" Harry growled.

"I-I…" Barty Crouch choked.

"Yes that's what I thought," Harry tightened his grip then he heard the familiar pop of apparition and the crowd were quickly parted by Aurors, he noted the head Auror walking towards him looked familiar.

"What is going on here?" the man demanded.

"Your minister sent a spell at my back, I want him locked up and I will pass judgement when I come to the ministry tomorrow," Harry tossed Barty to the Aurors who grabbed him.

"Who are you to order the Auror corps around?" the man demanded and Harry just glared back at him.

"I am King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon, King of Avalon and all of Britain. Your minister attacked me, I have the power to outright execute him, but I will not. Now do as I say or I shall have your head of Department give me your head," Harry snapped and the man stared at him dumbfounded but did as told and the Minister of Magic was taken away by the Aurors.

Without another word he walked out of Gringrotts followed by the crowd and the apparated away.

Harry arrived at the Black Ancestral home. Before he returned he was told about this fateful night, the one where Andromeda would be auctioned to the Malfoy's which prompted her to run away with Ted before she finished seventh year, Narcissa would be auctioned off to the Lestrange's and Bellatrix would have been auctioned off to the Rosier's but since Andromeda ran away, Narcissa became a Malfoy and Bellatrix became a Lestrange due to Cygnus Black wanting the alliances of Malfoy and Lestrange over Rosier. He knew what Bellatrix would become and if he could help all three sisters from the eventual torment they each would get, he would. Of course he knew that things would be very different now.

"Who are you?" someone at the door said as Harry approached.

"I am King Hadrian Merlin Pendragon, I heard there was some kind of event on tonight. Let me through," Harry said coldly, the man quickly poked his head inside to ask if he was allowed and at mention of his title, Harry was greeted by Cygnus Black III and Druella Black themselves, Harry realised Druella was in the bank when he first arrived and she must have heard his title.

"We were unaware we would be visited by royalty, it is an honour to have you with us tonight, your majesty," Cygnus Black said bowing.

"The honour is all mine, I've heard wonderful things about the Daughters of Black. I've come tonight because I heard of what was occurring and decided to determine whether or not I'd like a daughter of Black for one of my wives, as you know I am also Lord Emrys and Lord Le Fay," Harry said, he didn't like mentioning his titles but he knew during this time that blood and titles meant everything.

"Of course, you are a valuable guest and shall be treated with the utmost of respect in our home," Cygnus stated and opened the door for Harry who walked in and took note of everyone in the room, he would be considered the youngest in the room as he was technically 17 years old.

"Who's the runt, is this a cousin or something. Who does he think he is dressing like royalty?" the voice of a blonde haired male called out as Harry entered and Cygnus and Druella paled and quickly reacted.

"This is King Hadrian Pendragon, he has recently claimed his Kingship and has honoured us with his presence, please don't cause anything on this night," Cygnus seemed to plead, knowing very well the power of the legendary Pendragons, Le Fay and Emrys had at their disposal.

"Hah, I'll challenge that runt," a black haired male standing next to the blonde grumbled and pulled out his wand.

"Crucio!" he shouted and Harry reacted drawing Excalibur again and sent the curse back at the man only he sent his magic through Excalibur which added power to the spell.

When it hit the man who was shocked because his spell was effortlessly sent back at him, he started screaming as if his entire body was on fire, he dropped to the ground writhing in pain. Harry was pissed and he stalked forwards, many wizards and witches got out of his way as he reached the man, he picked him up as the spell wore off and the man's eyes found Harry's emerald green eyes.

"I should send you to Avalon and have my Knight's deal with you," Harry's eyes glowed and so did the crown as lightning struck inside the room and two Knight's in full armour appeared.

"My king?" one asked.

"This peasant attacked me unprovoked, Lancelot and Gawain, I want you to feed him to Kilgharrah," Harry tossed the man to the Knights who grabbed him.

"Lancelot, you remain here, Gawain have Percival help you," Harry said and the third and largest of the Knights appeared from another shock of Lightning.

"Yes your majesty," they echoed and Percival and Gawain disappeared with the man while Lancelot remained, his hand on his sword as Harry claimed a vacant seat. Everyone, seeing the display of power and also seeing the Blood red cloaks with the ancient Pendragon crest on the Knight's knew that the boy was indeed the King.

Druella paled at the display of power the boy showed and the benefits of House Black to have that kind of protection. She didn't rely believe in Voldemort but Cygnus did and as such many of the pureblood lords here were Voldemort's followers, however if House Black gained the protection of the King, they would be untouchable. Druella walked to the room where her three daughters were getting ready and entered.

"Mother, what is it?" Andromeda asked.

"Girls, listen to me. Sitting outside is a young man who just came to England," Druella began.

"So what, why is he interesting?" Bellatrix said going back to her makeup.

"He is King Hadrian Pendragon," Druella snapped and all three girls looked shocked at their mother's words.

"He's actually a king?" Narcissa asked shakily.

"Yes, now you can see how him being here would affect us, if one of you manage to catch his eye, House Black would have the protection of the King of Avalon and of Britain. Don't screw this up, he has already proven his power by sending Dolohov's cruciatus curse back at him with ten times the power, Dolohov was taken by King Hadrian's Knights and is being fed to something called Kilgharrah, do not make a fool of yourself or House Black, am I understood?" Durella said and all three girls nodded before they quickened up their getting ready, all three eager to see the young King.

"Dolohov was a ruthless man, for someone so young to be able to take care of him and essentially kill him, he must be powerful," Bellatrix commented.

"He's the King of Avalon, of course he must be powerful," Narcissa said.

"Girls, I know none of us actually want to be married off, but if one of us can catch him, perhaps that means that we can protect the others?" Andromeda said and the other two looked at each other.

"Definitely, personally I don't want to be a trophy bride, but if it's to a King then I don't mind," Narcissa sighed.

"Hell, if I manage to catch him I want him to teach me how he fights," Bellatrix said and Andromeda and Narcissa rolled their eyes but finished getting ready.

When the three Black sisters entered the room Harry was awestruck, he had remembered how Bellatrix had looked when she was a death eater, crazy and broken. Here, right now she looked a vision of beauty wearing an emerald green dress that hugged the right places. Narcissa was the youngest sister and even at the age of 15 she was gorgeous wearing a black dress and her blonde hair was curled properly. Lastly Andromeda looked a vision of beauty, Harry had remembered meeting Nymphadora's mother briefly and the woman was quite beautiful but seeing her now she was even more beautiful in a sapphire blue dress.

The Black sisters looked at the people gathered in the room, recognising many of them as the parents of their Slytherin peers who the three Black girls despised for multiple reasons. However, they spied the young King, sitting down with a Knight standing next to him with his hand on his sword. The young king, although he was sitting down was a good six two metres and more in height, he was fit and muscular yet he had a good look about him. He also had a rough looking beard but it wasn't fully grown, more stubble as if he shaved regularly.

"He is hot," Bellatrix whispered to Narcissa who nodded her agreement.

Harry himself upon seeing the beauty of all three girls had already made his decision. He would save all three sisters from their fates and hopefully be able to keep them happy. Perhaps they would be interested in learning how to fight from the Knight's.

"Thank you all for attending on tonight where we shall hear all proposals for the Daughters of Black, I would also especially like to thank King Hadrian Pendragon for gracing us with his presence," Cygnus said and Harry merely nodded his acknowledgement while the rest of the room remained silent and weary of the young king and the Knights who can somehow bypass any wards if their King requires their presence.

"The first up shall be my oldest, Bellatrix Black who will be in her seventh year at Hogwarts this year. She is an accomplished dueller having won the Hogwarts duelling championship three years in a row and having been in the top 4 of the European junior championships for the past 3 years as well," Cygnus stated.

"The Malfoy's offer 1000 Galleons and a villa in Scotland," the blonde from before said.

"The Greengrass family offers 1500 Galleons and a Home in Windsor," another man commented.

"The Lestrange's offer 2000 Galleon's and Our ancestral home as she would be marrying Rabastan," a dark haired man stated.

"House Black acknowledges the offer of Felix Lestrange, is there any counter offer?" Cygnus asked, Harry leaned over to Lancelot and said something then Lancelot spoke.

"King Hadrian offers 1 Milleon Galleon's and the title Lady Le Fay which will be given to Miss Black after they are wed," Lancelot announced and Druelle's jaw dropped, just how rich was this young king? Narcissa and Andromeda had a similar reaction while Bellatrix kept herself composed.

"V-Very well, does anyone else have a higher bid?" Cygnus said shakily, Harry knew that most of these lords wouldn't have anywhere near the money or power he had but he would let them think they had a chance.

"Alright, it is done. King Hadrian you shall have Bellatrix Black as a bride and in return 1 Million Galleons shall be handed to House Black and Bellatrix will be given the title Lady Le Fay when you are wed," Cygnus said and Bellatrix joined her sisters again, pleased that the young king had taken interest in her.

"N-Next up is the middle daughter, Andromeda Black, she is an accomplished potions mistress entering her sixth year in Hogwarts this year," Cygnus said, his head still processing the young king having offered a million galleons for his oldest daughter, that amount of money would alleviate the Black wealth by quite a lot.

"1500 Galleons and a villa in Scotland and France," the blonde haired Malfoy said.

"2500 Galleons, a home in Windsor as well as our Abraxian farm in London," the Greengrass lord stated.

"3000 Galleons and the Lestrange ancestral home along with the Lestrange manor in London," the Lestrange lord said.

Again Harry whispered to Lancelot who smirked at his King before he cleared his throat gaining all of the attention of the room before he spoke.

"King Hadrian wishes to offer 1 Million Galleons as well as the title Lady Emrys for Andromeda Black when she is wed," Lancelot announced and the eyes of everyone popped out of their heads at this young king's audacity.

"Surely one Black daughter shall be enough," Lord Malfoy said snidely.

"Perhaps 2 Million sounds better then?" Lancelot said casually and many of the wives of the lords fainted where they sat, Druella Black almost included while Bellatrix and Narcissa were speechless.

"V-very well… King Hadrian, you shall also have Andromeda's hand in return for 2 Million Galleons and Andromeda bearing the title Lady Emrys as soon as you are wed," Cygnus said hesitantly, knowing no one can match the young King's offer.

Andromeda sat back down between her two sisters with a smile and turned to Bellatrix. 'Looks like we get to stay together dear sister,' Andromeda whispered and Bellatrix seemed genuinely happy about that factor, she had been worried where her two sisters would go but now she knew Andromeda would be with her.

"Lastly, we have my youngest Narcissa Black. She is entering her fifth year in Hogwarts and while she doesn't have the magical prowess of Bellatrix when it comes to duelling or Andromeda in potions. Narcissa is a very social person by nature and is very diplomatic, she is also quite good at runes and charms," Cygnus informed proudly, clearly Narcissa was his favourite, not that the other two sisters really cared as they loved each other just the same.

"5000 galleons and the Malfoy ancestral home along with our villas in Scotland and France," the Malfoy lord shouted.

"10'000 Galleons and the Greengrass ancestral home, villa in Bulgaria, home in Windsor and Abraxian farm in London," the Greengrass lord shouted.

"15'000, the Lestrange ancestral home, Lestrange manor, along with the backing of the Lestrange house on any Wizengamot bills proposed by House Black," the Lestrange Lord shouted out.

"Very well, I shall accept your proposition Lord Lestrange…" Cygnus began but Harry stood up.

"Now hold on, I believe I should complete my set. I offer a further 3 million galleons for Miss Black's hand as well. I am also going to give her the title of Lady Pendragon and Queen of Avalon and Britain," Harry stated firmly and Narcissa fainted where she sat, Druella fainted as well.

"Surely two daughters of Black are good enough for you, boy, I doubt you can even keep up with one of them," the Malfoy lord said snidely.

"I can assure you Lord Malfoy, I am perfectly fine. Besides, you probably shouldn't bad-mouth me like your friend did. Dolohov wasn't it? Perhaps I should share with you what his fate is," Harry's eyes glowed gold as he waved his hand and in the air formed an image of what was occurring.

Dolohov was kicking and screaming as Percival and Gawain dragged him through the grounds of Avalon and tossed him into a circle without his wand or anything. Soon enough a large ancient dragon landed and looked to the guards before looking at Dolohov.

"What do we have here?" the Dragon asked and everyone in the room wondered how a dragon could speak.

"The fool attacked King Hadrian Pendragon, he wanted us to deal with him and he thought you'd like the taste of a wizard" Gawain said.

"I haven't tasted someone with magical blood in thousands of years, I shall have to thank the King when he next comes," the Dragon said before devouring Dolohov whole and gruesomely, everyone in the room who was conscious averted their eyes, except Bellatrix who seemed to hold a wicked grin which Harry noticed but decided he would bring up later.

"Do you wish to be next? Kilgharrah could use another meal," Harry suggested and no one said anything.

"Very well, I shall assume you'll accept Lord Black? I do not have all night. I have to return to my home to sort through some things before I return to your Wizengamot, pass judgement over your minster then I have to nominate someone to take over. Furthermore, I also have to look at your education system and determine if it's up to standard with the rest of Europe's," Harry said sounding annoyed.

"Uh, yes your majesty. Just the finance to be exchanged then you may take your brides and show them their home. You know by our laws what is required for the witch to be married?" Cygnus asked cautiously.

"I am well aware, lord Black. I am also aware that a King may marry his bride as young as 14 as within the magical community we mature at a quicker speed than normal humans, now, payment," Harry snapped his fingers and three backpack's appeared in front of him all varying in size.

"You will find that the first backpack contains 1 million galleons, the second two million and the last three million. I can assure you on my word as a king that the amount is correct," Harry walked over to the three girls.

"My lovely ladies," he said and kissed Bellatrix's hand then he kissed Andromeda's hand. He then crouched to where the unconscious Narcissa lay and gently picked her up.

"If you do not mind, I have somewhere else to be. The three girls will be dropped back tomorrow after I have spent the day with them getting to know them, Lancelot if you will," Harry said and Lancelot nodded and bowed before he grasped the arms of Bellatrix and Andromeda while Harry held Narcissa in his arms.

Then in a flash of lightning that left the floors marked they disappeared from the room leaving the guests upset while Cygnus had the house elves grab the bags and begin to count the amount of galleons.

When they reappeared Andromeda and Bellatrix had to steady themselves and stop themselves from hurling. However, when they go view of their surroundings they marvelled at it. They saw a glistening lake in front of them that expanded upon the horizon where they couldn't see any land. In front of them were ancient stone pillars and they could see Knights in full armour training. And sitting above them was a large dragon that they hadn't seen before in size. It seemed to be watching over the Knights.

"It's beautiful," Andromeda said and Bellatrix found herself agreeing.

"Welcome to the Isle of Avalon, My Queens," Lancelot said before he looked to Harry who nodded and gave Lancelot the go ahead to leave.

"Sorry for the abrupt way in taking you, honestly I didn't plan on anything that happened tonight. But I can certainly say that I am one lucky man to have been given the opportunity of being acquainted with you lovely ladies," Harry said with a bright smile while Narcissa was still unconscious.

"It is quite alright, your majesty," Bellatrix was the first one to speak, she took on a formal tone and bowed, Andromeda followed suit.

"None of that here please, you're guests here and soon to be my queens," Harry smiled and gestured for the two girls to follow him.

They entered the castle which was larger than Hogwarts in their opinion, Harry showed them to their guest room where there was just one large bed. He lay Narcissa down on the bed and turned to her two sisters.

"I know it was early that we left, please take some time to talk among yourselves. I will go and get dinner ready, I know normally those kind of negotiations would involve each of you spending dinner with your respective families that you were sold to. However, I do not have parents, only my knights so I will give you time to wake your sister up and talk and Sir Lancelot shall be along in an hour to inform you when dinner is ready," Harry said then bowed before going to leave.

"Thank you, King Hadrian for keeping the three of us together," Bellatrix said before Harry got out the door, this caused him to turn around and he remembered Sirius and Remus, the only family he really had.

"Sometimes, Family is all we have. Once I had decided upon the two of you, naturally the third had to come as well. I would not tear a family apart in such fashion, now I shall leave you my queens. If you need any help, Mips will be at your beck and call," Harry said and the young house elf popped in to introduce himself.