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Chapter 15: Lestrange and the King

Bellatrix Lestrange gasped as she was struck by Molly blood-traitor Weasley with a spell before darkness consumed her. It was dark where she was, but she could sense that there were at least 3 other people in the same darkness as she was.

"Welcome, chosen four. Unfortunate that you came to such an awful end. However, I have another chance for the four of you."

Two pure white glazed eyes opened in the darkness and Bellatrix had to divert her eyes from the blinding light emitting from the two orbs. She eventually put her hands up in front of her to allow her eyes to adjust to the place she was in, she could see three other figures doing the same thing.

"And you are?" another feminine voice spoke up.

"I command the White Horse, I am Conquest. I am Pestilence."

"And you four are my generals to wage war to this earth," its body came into view, white armour with black veins throughout its entire body. Its face was humanoid but the black veins on its neck showed that it wasn't.

"What if we say no?"

"Then you shall be handed to my oldest brother, and he isn't kind."

"And your older brother would be?"


Bellatrix didn't like the sound of being handed to Death, but, this being wanted her power and she would be useless when dead. So Bellatrix decided that she would be a weapon for this entity like she was for her lord.

"I will serve you," She said from her position.

"A wise decision Miss Lestrange."

"I'll bite, better than being dead," the other female said.

"Good, Miss Le Fey."

"Where she goes, I go."

"Excellent Mordred."

"And what of you Loki?"

"I shall accept the offer, but I will not call you my lord or anything like that. I am Loki, the Trickster God."

"As long as you follow my orders," the white entity spoke.

The four were then enveloped in the same white light as the creature's eyes before they were transported into some dark cave. As they arrived white flames lit up the area as a large stone temple came into view. Four large statues depicting entities on large ethereal horses stood, the one on the left was lit in white and four white flames lit up in front of it.

"Stand in front of a flame with your focus," the entity's voice echoed throughout the area.

Bellatrix held her wand while she saw that Mordred had his sword, the Le Fey woman had a special gem encased necklace that seemed to mean something to her while Loki held his staff. White light shot from the flames and hit each of them in the chest, white energy radiated from around them and slowly disappeared. Bellatrix felt a surge in her magic and pointed her wand as a nearby stone, she was about to speak a spell before only the mere thought caused it to shoot from her wand completely decimating the stone.

Each of the four tested their weapons out before smirking evilly and looking at the stone steps of the temple. One by one they ascended the stairs and entered the large stone temple of the four horsemen.

Destroyed, the courtyard of Avalon was almost completely destroyed. How long had this been going on? Harry hadn't kept count of when they started, all he knew was that Isa Slytherin had been trained thoroughly like he was. Durandal was a blade that could almost match Excalibur, and it certainly was a match or ever more powerful than Caliburn.

Bellatrix sat on the sidelines, out of the way, while the others talked. Andromeda and Narcissa had yet to return to Avalon given the events that followed the previous day, but she understood that her two sisters needed time.

"Are we just going to sit around drinking butterbeer while waiting for someone to decide what to do next?" Dorea Potter asked.

"Honestly my love, I am finding it very difficult to process everything we've just learned the night before," Charlus was already drinking and it wasn't even noon.

"I second that Charlus," Orion said raising another glass of firewhiskey on the rocks.

Orion and Charlus looked over at their fellow Lord, Thomas Marvolo Riddle-Slytherin was brooding with his hands clasped together while looking at Isa and Harry who were trading multiple blows at rapid speeds. Ingrid was on the edge of her seat almost threatening to pull the blonde hair from her head. Lily and James just sat there along with Remus, Peter and Sirius watching with wide eyes.

"You're getting sloppy Hadrian," Isa said as she managed to get her first cut on Harry's arm.

"Three hours we've been at this and that was your first cut. I would take a look at your own situation first," Harry replied gesturing with his sword to the girl.

Said girl was covered in cuts and bruises completely while they healed over at rapid rates she still winced when she moved. She did manage to roll her eyes at him and took up another guarded position gesturing that she was ready for more.

"Your majesty, lunch bes ready," Tippy popped in only to squeak as a spell narrowly missed him, Harry and Isa immediately stopped.

"Sorry Tippy," Isa said sheepishly to the small elf.

"Miss Isa, Tippy is sorry for getting in the way."

"Don't worry, let's go to lunch then," Harry laughed humourlessly.

Bellatrix sighed but accio'd a towel to her as she approached him and then handed it to him for him to wipe the sweat off of his body. Isa approached her parents and Ingrid was checking her over for her wounds, the young teenaged girl rolled her eyes at her mother but answered every question respectfully knowing full well that two days ago to her parents she had been five. While for her it had been ten years of independence while being taught how to fight and use her powers.

"10 years of training and I can't beat your dumb ass," Isa muttered under her breath.

"I doubt any of us could match Harry now," Tom mumbled.

"Not without the blessing of the four guardians, father," Isa replied, Tom looked at her with raised eyebrows but decided not to say anything about the comment.

"Which reminds me, Harry, best to leave it a few days before trying to speak to Andy or Cissy. They are after all, daughters of the House of Black and we tend to hold grudges when we have one," Dorea said sternly, Harry frowned at that but just nodded.

He had more things to worry about in the meantime, he still didn't quite know what was going through everyone's heads and was trying to predict what they'd do or say.

"They'll come around, they just need time."

Bellatrix Lestrange cackled with glee as spell after spell left her wand, she moved more gracefully than she could previously and revelled in her newly gifted powers. The screams of terror and pain that followed were like music to her ears. It had been two weeks since her return and finally she had been sent on a mission by her new master.

"A woman after my own heart," Bellatrix turned and gave a devilish smirk to Morgana Le Fey, the other female chosen by their master and the one who was to accompany her to this well-hidden village.

"Perhaps we should finish our fun here first," Bellatrix said licking her lips, the dark-haired sorceress wore a matching smirk.

"Of course," the sorceress's necklace lit up briefly before spells were in her hands and she sent them outwards to the scattering community.

However, the two of them had to dodge as they felt something flying towards them. They jumped back as large impacts hit the ground where they previously were. They looked at who had the courage to attack them, the ones who were destroying the village.

A small group of individuals dared to face them, two wielding curved blades, one with a staff and one with an enchanted bow. They looked scared but put on brave faces.

"Elves, so tiny and fragile. Yet you look like you have some courage to face us."

"We will protect our families with all we have!" the elf holding the bow shouted, she then drew it back and enchanted arrows appeared before she released the string and sent them flying.

"You Elves were irritating then; you're just as irritating now!" Morgana snarled as she waved her hand and flames erupted from them and absorbed the enchanted arrows.

Bellatrix growled as she cast spell after spell in rapid succession, never doing more than merely thinking the chain and her powers reacted. The two elves wielding swords dashed forwards and with their blades they cut and ducked through the spells making their way forwards.

The elf with the staff slammed it against the ground and sent a shockwave through the area. Immediately the flora surrounding the decimated village reacted and vines shot out at the two invaders.

"Call for backup, we'll try and hold them off as long as we can," the elf with the bow shouted to some of the escaping elves.

It had been two weeks since Harry had revealed his past to everyone, things had slowly calmed down somewhat. James and Lily had accepted who he was and while they weren't exactly his actual parents, they had spent up to an hour every day with Harry just learning about his life before he got to this situation.

Tom and Ingrid had permanently moved to Avalon because Isa was going to be spending most of her time with Harry now. While Hogwarts was still a week away things had taken priority over their schooling, and as such their thoughts were completely occupied.

Narcissa and Andromeda still had refused to talk with Harry despite his constant trying, and the pathetic begging he did to try and get them to talk to him. Bellatrix had talked to them and had told Harry that they were still coming to terms with everything. She did, however, tell him that she could feel that they were caving, that somehow they could feel the bonds between the four of them and were pained by staying away, but a daughter of the House of Black is stubborn.

Another thing that had changed was the closeness of Remus Lupin and Petunia Eveningshade. While Petunia had a lot of trouble with looking at Harry in the eyes, she had found some comfort with Remus who talked to her about his lycanthropy. Harry had made sure that she knew that he didn't blame her for Petunia Dursley's actions, however, that didn't stop her from feeling guilty about her future and alternate self's actions.

Despite the obvious shit-storm that had occurred, the world of Politics didn't wait for anyone to process anything, this meant that all of them still had very real work to do. The only distinct positive was announcing the death of 'Lord Voldemort' to magical Britain. Everyone in the entire Wizengamot took that news fairly positively, they were glad that the self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort was gone and his influence and threats had gone with him.

However, Harry had felt a feeling of unease ever since Isa Slytherin had returned to the world of the living after speaking with the men upstairs. When he got a message from one of the last and hidden settlements of the High Elves, he knew something was very wrong. Isa Slytherin, Harry, along with Lancelot, Gawain, Percival and Gregory had decided to respond personally. Bellatrix had insisted on accompanying them, which then caused Tom to also insist on going.

When they arrived at the place the found a completely decimated village waiting for them. Houses crumbled, buildings left in ruins, temples defiled. Flames soaking up all the wood. And they saw two elves locked in a battle with two individuals who radiated a dark aura.

Their arrival caused the two individuals to look at them, Harry's eyes immediately locked on the female holding a wand. They held a stare for a few moments before the woman's lips curled into an evil smirk.

"Well, look who what the Mudblood's dragged in," Harry's eyes and ears couldn't believe what he saw, standing there across from him was Bellatrix Lestrange, while standing next to him was Bellatrix Black.

"Aw don't look so surprised; I hope you've come here to play with us! You'll be more fun than these two. Itty, bitty, baby, Potter."